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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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several important stories including wanting claiming a serial street shooter was behind bars. the focus article leading to setbacks in the investigation. >> a secret solar plant in arizona. >> the major company behind it and what it could mean for the valley. >> a father disciplines his daughter in public got to go to
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cliff. >> she is thankful to be alive. >> and arizona teenager worked on a cantaloupe farm and is moving up to the east coast. 12 news starts now. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. the big story, police, that serial street shooter, and family members are outraged. >> news you can trust, website behind a fake article. >> details on the murderer making the situation even worse. >> and a warning for everyone from monique. >> reporter: hello, this website really tries to make this article look real, we covered the fake suspects face because we do not know who he really is.
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of this information. >> that serial shooter caught in the united states illegally. the problem is that it is all made up. >> whoever did this, i don't know. >> >> complete shock after the article, the real shooter, viciously gunning down stephanie and melia, the family reading about the fake arrest online in an article from a boston tribune. >> i don't know what is going on out there. he called the detective and the tech and told her it was not true. >> the elected suspect even posted his picture.
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online. >> investigator's are not getting the tips anymore. they think he has already been taught - - caught. >> he remains hopeful that they will track down the real serial shooter. [ indiscernible ] >> we did try to reach out to the website but never received back. monique diego, 12 news at 10:00. >> several breaking news stories. clashing with police after a fatal shooting of an african- american man, demonstrations taking place near the scene of the shooting. many in that crowd chanting and
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they saw a suspicious man inside of the vehicle at the apartment complex, the man got out of the vehicle with a gun. one officer who shot at 43-year- old man is also african american. >> police are looking into an attempted armed robbery at a hotel near arizona mills, they tell us the suspect tried to rob the residents in near baseline, but did not get anything. there are no injuries, a now, let's go to more hot headlines across the states not, a 16-year-old boy facing adult charges after allegedly assaulting a female cast - - classmate. >> the assault happen five days ago. the victim said that she gave the boy a hug, and he began to grope her and to try to have sex with her, despite her
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found holes consistent - - that were inconsistent with her story. he admitted to touching her and said that he felt bad but also that he did not feel he had raped her. the school released a statement saying that male student has since withdrawn from the school. >> there were separate instant - - incidence of students owning guns on campus today. a seventh grader brought and unloaded gun to cactus middle school to show it off to friends. in the valley district, a no police custody after bringing a gun to school, it is unclear whether or not it is - - it was a loaded gun. >> and our rain chances continue tonight and into tomorrow, bringing a major cooldown by the weekend, matt is joining us now with an hourly breakdown. math? snoo hey, mark, it looks like we have a decent chance of rain if you live in the east valley,
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from the south, casagrande, light to moderate rain moving up north, and look at the east valley from gold canyon all the way toward tempe, we do have some light rain that is moving up toward the north, and i will show you that rain chances continuing, and will do so right into tomorrow, a 20% chance and by the 6:00 hour, 10% by 9:00 and later on, mark, we are talking about a digger cooldown coming into the forecast. new tonight, we now know who is building a plant in arizona. it is hidden in florence, generating what they call clean energy. kevin kennedy is in the alert center with the peak inside. >> it was just completed, they took more than a year and no one involved could tell anyone who was behind it. >> it might have been the biggest secret in florence. talked behind this 9-foot wall, surrounded by
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being built, no one seemed to know who was having it done. >> there was a nondisclosure in this case, in agreement that was in place. >> everyone involved was sworn to secrecy. not even the family that lives one stone throw away from this building. >> they were going to buy it. >> he has lived here over 50 years. his property has lemon, lemon, pear all next door. >> we - - we were able to finish construction. >> the tech giant has a 50- megawatt station. extra energy will spill into the grid, saving the company and the customer's money. >> we will provide environmental and if it's. >> raul teaches solar technology in high schools. >> the wells have gone down in
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no longer afford to farm this anymore. i would say it is counterpart. >> this plant will be capable of powering 12,000 homes. the biggest solar plant in the grid. it is unclear when it will actually be up and running, they have a 20 form year agreement and i talked to some people who were involved and they told me that they could not even tell their spouses. kevin kennedy, 12 10:00. now to decision 2016, because we are just 48 days away from the november election, the race for president is still neck in neck, the latest survey shows that clinton is ahead by five points among likely voters, her and trump will debate one another live on monday night at 6:00. and you can see that only right here on 12 news. >> and tim kane will appear on
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be his first daytime talk show appearance since clinton chose him. we are told that he will address clinton's bout with pneumonia. >> the curtain is closing, angelina jolie is seeking a divorce from brad pitt. they been together 11 years, married for two, and she is filing for divorce and seeking custody of the six children. the decision was made for the health of the family. and fans are posting names and find many - - videos with references to friends. she dated brad pitt until his affair. a local girl from arizona one over judges and hearts on the voice, but unfortunately she was eliminated during the live rounds. so, how has life been for her?
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>> reporter: she serenaded america with her smooth voice. [ singing ] >> it was overwhelming at some point. >> unfortunately, the last time we saw her, she was going home. so, how 18-year-old since her television debut? >> she graduated from high school. >> i missed three years and i had to get caught up so i could finish school on time. >> she starred in a local production of all of her, and the biggest change of all?
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for school. >> the girl from the cantaloupe farm now attending pace university in the big apple, studying music theater. >> i want to be on broadway, so what that are placed to study? >> she is just as modest as ever. >> coming to newark is very humbling. there are hundreds of thousands of people here who are doing the same things that i do. so iea reminder coming here. just because i was on the show for a little bit. but it does not make me better than anyone else. and coach blake, he is an incredible human. i was fortunate to have him as a coach. but he is very busy. it is not like i can call him up whenever. >> she's looking ahead if she - - and of course if she ever
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not very good either. [ music ] >> i feel so blessed to have had an opportunity like this. >> a father disciplines his daughter in public, did she go to far? >> a hiker falls 60 feet and incredible survival story. >> baseball and college football. >> and your exclusive look behind the scenes of this is us. >> bread may be the key to turning back the clock this tuesday night. >> and now here is jimmy. >> we have surveyed - - sophia
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>> dietary supplements may now - - not be as safe as you think. that is tomorrow at 10:00. >> don't go anywhere, we will be back in just 60 seconds. we got married in june... ...on tunaday. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. every day a different six-inch sub for just $3.50 at subway? every day of the week. her name is teri... ...she was born on
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tonight, our photo involves a man caught on camera holding onto a shopping cart and driving - - tracking heard daughter - - his daughter behind her head - - by her criticized for the way that he had disciplined his daughter, the man tells the shopper to mind her own business. go to facebook and let us know what you think about this whole thing, and then share the photos and videos with your friends and your family. hiking alone is dangerous. bad things can happen even to the most experienced hikers. now on 12 news, crystal
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with death and her incredible survival story. >> reporter: every hikers worst month - - nightmare, and yourself heard and alone in the wilderness with no way to get help, what if the accident you survived turned out to be a blessing in disguise? those guys were the rescuers who save the 25-year-old from certain death after a fall of 60 feet. >> we remember and i remember falling back. >> avery was out there with no cell service and justin sos we can. >> i realized i had not fully charged it. i tried turning it on and i pushed sos and then it shut down. >> with no idea if it had been received, she went with another plan. >> to try to go up onto the ridge and traverse the ridge and go to ac for area, for a safer way to get down.
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hopes of getting through. >> if i got out, i would be spending my night there and there was a likelihood i would die of exposure. >> her situation turned to the worst, worst, she slipped and fell about 60 feet. >> i could have kept rolling. there would have been a fatal drop. >> she suffered a fractured radius, a broken eye socket, a headur cell service. >> i wasn't sure if someone was helping me. >> then helicopter. >> i had a visual on it. i started to cry. it was emotional. that feeling. you could see it in the video,
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so many things happening at once. >> avery was in the hospital for a week before she was released. >> she did say this accident was the - - it was going to be something that could not stop her. an amazing story. >> our favorite tuesday night game show is here. and we are here with your host bruce cooper, and cooper is going to reportedly getting ready to clean house as soon as the season ends. and tony has such a phenomenal pedigree in baseball, would you fire him at the end of the season? >> mark, i would not fire him at the end of the season. and here is why. the diamondbacks need to establish front office stability, if tony goes, dave stewart is right behind him.
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and the general manager is reaping all of the praise. and it deals where they lost 101 games, in the second year, losing 96 games, losing 89 games, losing 89 after that, and the diamondbacks should know that they are that are off keeping stuart and establishing front office continuity. >> they head to buffalo for their first road game of the season on sunday. rex ryan cannot help himself, could this be the soundbite that becomes bulletin board material for the cards this week? >> this might be the exact team that we need to play, the best team in the league, maybe this is the exact team that we need to play, we will see how we measure up against the best in the league here. >> his comments could become
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team. super bowl or bust for these cardinals, tackling more than one occasion front office to the locker room, so, as any and off-the-wall as rex ryan can be, will they use his comments for motivation? >> coupe, could there be dissension in the pueblo? brandon dockins, should he remain the starting quarterback even with solomon getting to return sometime soon? >> well, absolutely, look, solomon has been the starter for three years, and dockins makes the wildcats running game lethal with his added ability to run the ball and throw extremely well on the run, in fact his mobility has opened up the wildcats entire attack, they are much more explosive with him under center, and solomon, i'm sorry, i think you
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>> coupe, another exciting edition. >> famous since 1959, i think. >> if this whole thing does not work out, you have a bright future as a game show host. does he not? >> he sure does. >> okay, everybody, did you watch the new show? it is called this is us. not, you are missing out, they posted an exclusive look inside the show from the creator and some of the cast. and here is the sneak peek. >> we can finally talk about the twist. >> we just kept trying to get promoted. >> you can't write that, not with me.
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you could get blacklisted. >> someone left a a newborn at my fire station. i didn't know what to do, so i brought him here. >> all of these great actors wanted to do it. and then you shoot it, and this was this weird come to jesus moment. i brought day. >> i i read it, i saw it, something happened to me. you didn't like that to be that way, you wrote it to be seen. i was so moved.
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lives. >> go to our websites and check out more of the online series after 10:00. you can see new episodes every tuesday at 9:00 here on 12 news. >> i actually saw some tears rolling down your cheek. >> very emotional. it could be from that or the fact it was no rainfall this week. phoenix and sky harbor only saw a trace of for more, this monsoon, to point to 1 inches, now below average by .31 inches, the rest of the state did well, especially if you live near brisket, north of chino valley, 1.73 inches in the last 24 hours, flagstaff came in with half an inch of rain fall, now or our attention turns to another storm system, left over rain, 20% chance tomorrow, and this cold front is quickly
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rain in the high country, severe weather from flagstaff northward into the valley, wind, and by the time that moves out on friday, very cool air moving into our forecast, and for tonight, tonight, 70s in tucson, 77 in phoenix, 47 degrees and accept got 50 at the grand canyon, on the cool side tomorrow, 67 in like staff, 91 91 in yuma, ch temperatures, 89 degrees by friday, low on saturday morning will only be 66 degrees here turn back the clock tuesday, is rated the solution to freshen your feet? >> and the mvp of the night, coming up next in your sports report. stay with us, we will be right back. >> 12 sports is sponsored by your valley hunt a dealers.
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time to look into the mvp of the night, let me say i don't think i am feeling this one. >> you've heard of it, making a good situation out of bad. well, i'm giving some love for that. 32 games on first place,
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they are finding ways into the dugouts, putting cups on top of each other, down in the bullpen, the old hat, bubblegum bubble on top the head of the - - and unsuspecting teammate. they don't clue him in. and the comedy of bad play continues, fans have seen enough of this kind of play all season, and i'm giving them my they are trying to have fun in spite of a horrific season. are you feeling me? >> absolutely. >> tonight, a delight away to freshen up your feet. summertime means sandals but it also means corns, calluses, rough and hard skin on your
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cider vinegar and plastic wrap. take stale bread, soak it, wrap the whole thing on the ball of your foot with plastic, then, cover it with a sock. the callous will be softened, ready to file, or gone by morning. >> the count of monte christo started doing this, they named the sandwich after him. >> i was thinking blue creek - blue cheese grilled sandwiches. >> don't go away now that you have thrown up. mark wahlberg is joining jimmy on the tonight show.
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a kentucky couple got an unexpected surprise, headed calf born on their farm. they named the animal lucky. they believe she has one brain and sees with the eyes on the sides of her head, the ones in the middle don't seem to work. but they love her. >> she needs a big stomach to eat all that food. thanks for watching, everybody,
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eally tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg.


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