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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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hopefully they can get it together later on. henry cejudo's new mission eight years after winning unexpected gold. and the omg bridge implosion you have to see to believe. 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. we are less than 24 hours away from the first national debate between presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. sparks already flying over who the two may have invited as their guests. trump critic mark cuban or bill clinton's mistress. gennifer flowers. >> this happening as a new nbc washington post poll shows the race is tight. donald trump is at his trump tower headquarters prepping for monday night's debate after meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. while hillary clinton prepares near her home in chappaqua, new york. clinton has stirred things up by inviting trump critic mark
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saturday he might ask gennifer flowers who had an affair with bill clinton to attend. >> mr. trump was putting them on notice that we could invite guests that may get into the head of hillary clinton. but we have not invited her formally and we don't expect her to be there as a guest of the campaign. >> reporter: the clinton camp denies it is trying to rattle trump. >> mark cuban is one of the business leaders who is never involved in partisan politics. because he thinks she'll do better for the >> both campaigns say the candidates will focus on the issues. >> hillary clinton thinks this is an episode of shark tank but this is america, chris. serious business. >> meanwhile here in arizona the debate will be watched very closely as the vote here could be crucial in this election. team 12's monique griego joins us with what a panel of local analysts are expecting tomorrow night. >> reporter: when it comes to
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believe there's too many wildcards to try and predict. >> who knows? is it going to be the childlike donald trump from the primaries? or the adult donald trump? >> reporter: experts anticipating the debate to be one of the most widely watched in recent history. estimated 100 million people expected to tune in as donald trump and hillary clinton, two polarizing candidates finally face-off. >> the most striking juxtaposition is going to happen monday night when you see the ultimate politician standing next to the schwarzenegger. and i think it's going to be a very good night for him. >> reporter: many acknowledging clinton is under unique pressure as the first woman to make it this far in a run for the white house. >> she needs to make sure that she's showing she can be a real person. she can be authentic and she needs to show voters that she has a little bit of that obama- like passion. >> i think hillary clinton will be really strong if she continues her message of bringing people close together. show that compassion. >> reporter: monique griego, 12
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>> remember you can watch the debate tomorrow night only on 12 news with "nbc nightly news" lester holt moderating. after that stay with us for an all-new episode of the voice. and then 12 news at 9 and 10. the curfew has been lifted in charlotte after four nights of protests, some of them turning violent. people in the streets again has more protests continue, security heightened after a long day of trying to keep the peace. have been peaceful. earlier today protesters demonstrated outside the panthers game demanding change and justice after the shooting death of keith lamont scott. >> why are being -- why are we being restricted? police have released photos of a gun they say was loaded and had scott's fingerprints on it. scott's family still denies he had a gun. the fbi is now investigating.
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instead of playing a team with two girls. the move causing controversy. trisha hendricks joining us live from scottsdale. from the field where the game would have been plate. trisha? >> reporter: the foothills academy college prep boys soccer team was supposed to play mesa faith christian here at scottsdale sports complex on friday. but that didn't happen and now it's going national. >> we didn't think this would ever happen. >> reporter: usa today picking up an az central article and video showing sisters alyssa and colette talking talking about the controversy. mesa faith christian forfeiting the game against the foothills academy college prep boys team when foothills academy would not bench the girls. a grandmother of a faith christian player says she thinks faith christian made the right decision fearing for the girl safety. >> there's big guys on them soccer teams. and they run into trying to get
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my grandson tore his acl because somebody ran into him. so that could happen even maybe worse to a girl. >> reporter: in a statement faith christians administer tells 12 news, we have chosen to not compete in games against schools that include girls on there boys teams. we respect the decision of school that chose to include women on their teams and only ask for the same in return. foothills academy college prep saying we all know that boys and girls are the statement goes on to say respect goes to our team, stay strong, blackhawks. alyssa and colette proud of their teammates who vowed not to play unless the girls were on the team. >> discrimination is still going on and the main lesson is that the boys like [ indiscernible ] support us. >> reporter: this is the second
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case. we are live in scottsdale, trisha hendricks, 12 news at 10:00. >> thank you so much. here is a look at tonight hot headlines. a woman in serious condition after escaping from a domestic violence attack. it all happened near 15th and mcdowell. officers telling 12 news the woman was cut by a man who managed to escape the apartment but not for long. police were able to track down the suspect at a different address. people are recovering tonight after a crash near chandler. medics taking four patients to the hospital including six-year- old child and two teenagers. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. developing tonight, dps investigating after a woman was assaulted along the freeway. that woman had stopped to help four people on the transition ramp near the loop 101 and u.s. 60. that's when they say she was attacked and robbed. all four of the suspects are now in custody.
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happened to the cardinals in buffalo? you know this did not resemble the team that many are predicting to be in super bowl 501. coupe joins us with more. >> yeah. it was bad. cardinals supposedly fixed all the bad in last weeks blowout win over tampa bay. they said all the right things headed into buffalo to play a winless bills team but with this head coach on the hot seat, the cardinals are clearly 18 out of sync right now. the game turned right here on this high-end candidate in the third quarter. a field goal would have put the cardinals of sit to 20-10. instead aaron williams with the scoop and score. stretching the bills lead to 30- 7. that changed the completion of the game entirely. candidate on the sideline no doubt feeling that but long snapping has become an area of concern. the cardinals did have a chance to make a big play. tyrann mathieu forcing a fumble. if he can scoop and score, the cardinals can cut the deficit
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on the ball. it goes out of bounds, the ball remains in possession of the bills. yeah. it was that kind of day. the bills had the cardinals their second loss 33-18. the final. >> we talked about getting off to a fast start. it's the slowest one we've had in four years offense of the. >> there's a lot of football left. 13 games left. we have a big division game at our house next week. so we need to find a way to improve and if there's one thing this team does its work >> not like you're not going to a gunfight with a knife. i mean we have fully loaded arsenal of weapons. we're just not playing up to our kid abilities as players. that's what we have to address. >> wow. next up for the cardinals, divisional game against the rams next sunday at university of phoenix stadium. how about this? the rams are now tied with the seahawks atop the nfc west division. not the cardinals but the rams at 2-1. can you believe that?
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loss. so how does the team address it? find out on 12 sports tonight coming up at 10:35. >> sounds good. of course some cardinals fans are just as disappointed tonight even perhaps some of them even more. i don't know. >> i think so. i know i am a little bit. right? team 12's ryan kelly joins us live from a very quiet scene in glendale. hey, ryan. it would have been quiet regardless of what happened earlier today. because the cardinals lost to the bills, 2200 miles away in buffalo, in fact no football here at university of phoenix stadium. there was an rv show earlier this afternoon. still a very somber mood at local bars and establishments. and in living rooms all over the valley. where they watched the same team that put up 40 points against the bucks last week dominated by a team that came in 0-2. this is the cardinals
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super bowl or bust. right now, i think it's safe to say that fans are a little shocked. not really sure what happened in orchard park. >> they definitely need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what's going on. because i don't know what kind of performance that was. that was pretty ridiculous. >> it was rough. it was ugly. that was not good. it's not a winning team right there. not good at all. >> reporter: the bright side is nobody seems to be jumping off team just yet. someone we spoke to said the cards will be just fine because the seahawks are not as good as they usually are. remind you that the seahawks won big over the 90s today, but russell wilson the quarterback did suffer a sprained mcl so we'll have to see his availability moving forward next week and then in that game right here in a month when seattle comes to town on sunday
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kelly, 12 news at 10:00. a little smarter, being a little more methodical. i'm a little wiser now. >> reporter: henry so does new mission -- henry cejudo's new mission. inspiring all of us even before they graduate high school. and the omg bridge implosion you have to see to believe. we've also seen a little bit of a high temperature it at phoenix sky harbor, 95. but the cooldown and a chance of rain moving to our forecast. details coming up. 12 news is your source for decision 2016. and the only place you'll see the fireworks fly. as presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald trump take part in their first debate. you'll see nbc nightly news lester holt moderating that live on monday night only on 12
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then join us for an all -- on new episode of the voice and 12 news at 9:00 and then only on 12 news at 10:00 new apps that let your kids talk to each other in secret without you even knowing. what you need to know to keep your kid safe. that's on monday only on 12
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, avel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. only on 12 news it's been eight years since henry cejudo won gold at the beijing olympics. >> he was the underdog not expected to win but he didn't.
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desire helps propel him from childhood adversity to olympic gold. but the story does not end there. team 12's matt mauro discovered what new passion is driving this was an athlete toward the future. >> reporter: they often fade off into history. they have reached the top of their game. however, when henry cejudo decided to hang up his wrestling shoes, it was just the beginning of a new chapter in his quest to become the best in another sport, mixed martial ar just eight years removed from winning olympic gold in wrestling, and henry cejudo is training to be the best in the ufc. >> missed martial arts, wrestling with punches and kicks. with submissions. >> currently ranked number 2 in the world with a 10-1 record. >> reporter: his competitive fire still burns but much differently than from his wrestling days. >> i still have that competitive nature in me but
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rather than just that hungry kid that was just hungry. >> reporter: henry puts 30 hours a week in the gym but also doing plenty outside of the octagon. he earned a college degree in religious studies. he threw out the first pitch at a dance back -- at the diamondback game and he speaks at cool -- at schools once we helping to inspire kids. >> to live the american dream and i compassed my dreams. new fighters, the ufc ranks as a coach on the tv series the ultimate fighter season 24. >> you get a chance to see their line and what they sacrificed and what they do to get into the ufc. >> reporter: henry's next big fight is december 3 against joseph benavidez with the winner getting a shot at the current champion. life has been good so far and he still has his eyes on the ultimate prize to be the best he can be, both in and out of the octagon.
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the sport, but i want to be a good person in life. >> reporter: henry's nickname is the messenger because of the effort he puts into inspiring others. we are wishing him the best. and in case you're wondering about his gold medal, he says it belongs to his mom he dedicated it to. matt mauro, 12 news at 10:00. >> sounds good. thank you so much. from an inspirational athlete to students thriving, even before school. >> gabby running a tech support center applying their tech and on your skills to help people in the community learn their devices. dee dee gatton shows what generation tech is all about. >> what is 4g and why do we need it? or they see hashtags across the bottom of their tv and going what is all of this? >> reporter: grandparents aren't the only ones with tech issues. >> people come in for a lot of different reasons.
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their ipad. >> reporter: thanks to them, we have generation tech support a concept born in the classroom at shadow mountain high school. students run the center, kids mastering their craft while also learning how to be a boss. >> pretty much nothing has been outside of our scope. >> reporter: offering a range of services to those who need it most. >> i don't know how to use half of the apps on my phone. i have so many of them. >> they get it a lot. >> iphone, kindle, >> reporter: they have big plans for the future. >> kid tech which is our employees teaching young children how to use different technologies and devices and how to program so we're really fostering the next generation to be it people. >> reporter: in north phoenix, dee dee gatton, 12 news at 10:00. of course drop your iphones and enjoy the weather outside over the next couple days. check out this forecast for
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but 75 degrees to start the day, cloudy skies throughout the entire time period, 89 degrees, that is our forecast high temperatures with about a 20% chance of rain. moving into our forecast. you can see mainly clear skies over phoenix but look over towards the east, a lot of moisture starting to work its way in why it is going to be cloudy by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. you can see a little bit of rain in the southern portion of new mexico. that's going to push towards tucson later on tonight into tomorrow morning. what's going on. look at the low pressure center just south of arizona, that's what's driving the moisture directly into the state. futurecast shows this very nice. look at the forecast, clouds moving into the central portion of the state by tomorrow afternoon. most of the rain focused into the southern portion of the state for tomorrow. 10% chance here but look what happens on tuesday. that really begins to spread in towards the central portion of the state. also into the northern regions
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chance of rain out there so certainly active period not expecting heavy rainfall, that's why the monsoon meter is fairly low. one in the valley. three in southeastern arizona. monsoon officially comes to an end by the end of the day on your friday. seven-day forecast certainly looks more like fall out there. fall started last week. 89 on monday. 91 on tuesday. we'll clear the skies and dry it out by next weekend, 96 degrees. >> the three of us living those 80s. coming up next, celebrating an a+ teacher in the valley who went back to his own school to
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have you ever been somewhere and you loved it so much you just had to go back? team 12's j.r. cardenas introduces us to a teacher who went back to where
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>> michael is one of the finest men i have ever met. he has a heart of gold. from the very beginning i was really impressed by the fact right in his interview he told me when he was a kid he used to come over to saint matthews and clean the classrooms with his uncle. >> reporter: michael knew he had to work hard. >> i would clean the closets and clean -- i would sweep and have to empty the wastebaskets. >> reporter: where it started. >> he got himself through high school and asu. got a teaching credential and talked for a while in public school. when he heard there was an opening he came and interviewed. it was the same year i became principal. so we've been here for 11 years. >> reporter: he does this to pay back what teachers did for him. his actions have made him a great instructor. >> i wouldn't say great. i would say i'm as good as my principal, and as good as my
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>> reporter: mike has never forgotten about his past. he continues to pay it forward. >> the thing that i get out of it is when i have a 21 or 22- year-old college student come back and that they remember. that's all i need. i don't need much more than that. >> i value you friend. i think of him very much as a son a lot of the time. but i also deeply respect him as an educator. >> do you guys like mr. guerra? >> yeah! >> he could clean his desk a little more often. >> reporter: j.r. cardenas, 12 news. we love hearing about a+ teachers. next on 12 news at 10:00, our omg video of the night. where this was happening in
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because every great accomplishment takes courage. because one person can't do it all. because dreams are worth chasing. midfirst bank will always be true to your money - with proven services that support all of your endeavors.
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of the night everybody. adot sharing the demolition of the hells canyon bridge up near prescott. the 62-year-old bridge went out with a bang on friday. after it no longer met state and federal safety standards. bye-bye. >> it takes years to build. seconds later it's gone. >> yeah. progress. right? absolutely. hopefu hoping the cardinals will make some in the coming weeks. >> yeah. yes. right? >> right, coop? >> they certainly better make progress. they got a fan base that's on egg shells right about now. >> all of us here too thank you very much. >> no doubt about it. back in august if i told you -- late in september, would you have believed me? 12 sports tonight starts right
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?? >> we're going to be good. 4-0. >> no. like last year. >> the dodgers have clinched the division. ?? >> mercy. nothing was clicking for the cardinals today. carson palmer was pressured and harassed throwing four interceptions. defensively they give up over 200 yards rushing and teams, oh, those errant snaps can be costly. >> we talked all week about getting up to a fast start. it's the slowest one we've had in four years offensively. >> from the 25, palmer going deep, looking for john brown and it is nearly picked off by corey graham! >> disappointed in the way we played. disappointed myself and the way i played. >> able to bring pressure. the pass on second and one is picked off! by gilmore.
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left. 13 games left. so we need to find a way to improve. if there's one thing this team does is play hard. we are going to pound it out. figure out ways to improve and get ready for a good football team coming to our place. >> palmer steps up and throws, it is picked off! >> a couple 50-50 balls. they made plays and did a good job. >> palmer fires and it is picked off by corey graham! palmer pump fake, throws, to the end zone, it is intercepted! >> some miscommunication a couple times. it's one of the things we need to iron out. >> just continue to make mistakes in all three phases. >> high snap. catanzaro chasing after the ball, still loose! >> gave up the 50-yard run to tyrod, let him go out on -- get out on the scramble. things we emphasized we could not do and it's not easy.
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weeks of preparation. practices are hard and physical. couldn't ask for anything more. just not showing up on sunday. when you find that out, each team. >> all right. let's talk more about this cardinals disaster with arizona rattlers head coach kevin guy. the rattlers have been in the arena bowl championship game five of the last six years and of course nfl insider jay taylor and while i have the coach, let's talk about this number 1 thing on my mind right off the top. games this season, have yet to find the scoreboard at all. as a coach, how do you fix something like this? >> you've got to go out and work your way out of it. it's about execution. you've got to go out and practice and get your timing down between quarterback and receivers. they put their time in the off- season trying to get the timing down. for some reason struggling this year but i think they'll come out of it. they've got a talented roster
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>> you've said the time between the receivers and quarterback which to me is just i mean, i watched michael floyd run behind receivers, or defensive back six use me. and i watched carson palmer look like he is thrown to spots but his receivers aren't there. jay, both you and coach, talk to me about this. >> part of it has to do with what the defense sees versus what the offense sees. as a defender when you see a receiver run a if you know you have inside help, like on that pass to floyd, looked like he had inside help so he jumped outside. as an offense, you've got to think more about where do i need to put the ball? because we're pressing. you watch the game, cardinals were pressing a lot. they've got to come back to the sideline and look at the last series. i thought he was doing this but he did this. so let's cut this route shorter. because the buffaloes -- the buffalo bills did a great job of not getting behind them.
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not getting deep, let's go underneath and that's probably what they should've done. >> how do you fix it? just as simple or easy as going back to practice trying to correct things? i hear that in coach speak a lot but seriously, cardinal fans right now are beginning to panic. they are jumping on that panic button right now. how do you fix a team that is lacking in execution? >> you've got to get out and work your way out of it. get yourim practice. put that practice time in. i don't think there's any reason for the cardinals fans to hit the panic buttons. there's a lot of football left to be played. but when they get to work they have to turn up their tempo a little bit. and get their timing down. >> that's a crucial point. people got to realize the first four games of the season are almost like the preseason because what they don't get done in preseason they are getting worked out now. not necessarily how you start, it's how you finish.


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