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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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that is the treatment they have received. taking their message to the streets. they claim that the department of child safety is ripping apart families. kids are taken away from parents and accusations of being falsely abuse. >> they came and destroyed with the head of thmi >> reporter: she is a mother of three and says that they took away her children after it was discovered that her instead had several broken ribs it would not stop crying. >> she and her husband were accused -- or asked whether they had broken the ribs and they said no. >> reporter: she had a difficult labor and has proof that she took the child several times to local clinics. doctors kept telling her that
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have never harmed their children perfume she and her husband did not do anything wrong.>> reporter: the group says that the figures being printed -- the fingers being pointed at innocent parents. and those who do not speak english are vulnerable. >> their given paperwork. in english, so they do not know what is going on. >> reporter: in a statement to 12 news, dcs target hispanic families but many caucasian children were removed from homes. they stated that they do hire several spanish speaking caseworkers and court documents are translated into spanish. we are alive, i am charly edsitty,
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maricopa county sheriff. and paul penzone announced that they are suing sheriff joe aparo. here with the details. >> reporter: he opened up his news conference with a flat out denial. >> there has never been a time in my life where i've heard, harmed, anyone. >> reporter: the joe aparo saying that he assaulted his wife during 2003. and in 2012 sheriff joe aparo ran a similar ad. issued a sworn statement saying it was inaccurate and misleading. >>sheriff joe aparo took the bait. >> reporter: he says that sheriff joe aparo set him self
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>> this lawsuit is a political stunt. >> reporter: he says that that's claims was based on police and court records. >> the sheriff joe aparo has every right to be court records and tell the public what they found in the records about paul penzone. >> what you are saying, with these dual press conference is cut the fact that both of them trying to try this in the court of public opinion. tv as the core battle goes on. that was brahm resnik reporting. tim kaine will be here in the
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fundraiser here in the valley. today, his running mate, hillary clinton held a campaign event in iowa. hillary clinton urged her supporters to cast their ballots there as soon as possible. >> we are starting to vote in iowa today. >> [ applause ]>> and i saw my good friend, ruth harkin first person in line to vote today.>> hillary clinton is going to hold two campaign events in florida tomorrow. donald trump was in new hampshire today. it's the fifth time that he has been there. the latest poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton in the swing state. and he claims that she receives special immunity from the fbi. and saying that america has had
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and clean future. >> donald trump will be campaigning for votes in prescott valley on tuesday. the campaign says that doors will open up at 11 am. you can watch the vice presidential debate here on 12 news. it starts at 6 pm. after that, stay tuned and then 12 news at 9 pm and 10 pm. let's get a check of your weather. it was a jury start of the day. some places seeing rain. things cleared up as we headed into the afternoon. the same story in the high country. they were dealing with some rain as well. expect -- as far as what you can expect for the rest of tonight, let's take a look at the radar right now. it is quiet out there right now. it's a different story than him
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developing yesterday. but not at this case at the moment. were dealing with some temperature -- were sitting up below average temperatures right now. 93 in glendale. we will carry a chance of an isolated shower tonight. tomorrow, we will continue as will have a chance of rain in the forecast. it's a 10% jan d'atri a.m. on up to 3 pm. we clear out as we head into the evening. guys, i will send it back to you. there was an unusual discovery , a dog wandering around on the roof of a home. patrol was able to get the straight down with some help. >> unbelievable. taking a visit to the homeowners feet -- to the homeowner. she is pictures you have to
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in the some heard some scratching, he went outdoors to try to figure out where the sound was coming from. it turns out, there was a dog on top of his roof.>> is a funny story i don't know if the judge would believe me. i took a picture. >> reporter: he assures you he is not some lawyer telling a tall tale. >> i looked and it was a dog on my roof. cat was on the ground. >> reporter: he does not know how it got up there but you says that the straight could have jumped over his girl. >> i have given the dog hot dogs and cat food over the past couple of days. last night, i almost had him off the roof. >> no luck, he already contacted the maricopa county animal control. and then when they arrived they had trouble. >> i said i cannot go up the ladder because i had spinal surgery.
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with stray dogs animal bites. so we really do not have authority to go on private property, climb up armbrust. >> finally, thursday morning, between the humane society and animal care control we were able to get the dog off the roof. scheme i've never had a dog on the roof. people thought it was making it up. >> the good news, this little guy is safe and sound at the maricopa animal care and control. if no one claims him in the next 72 hours he will be put up for adoption. dee dee gatton he is a very lucky boy. coming up on 12 news at 6 pm. it was shocking video that gained national attention. plus, deadly disaster, with passengers said that would happen before the commuter
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new york city. tonight, only on 12 news at 10 pm. on true crime thursday, the training it takes for experts to tell the difference between human and animal bones. that's tonight on 12 news at 10
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right now, let's take a look at your hot headlines. investigators are in new jersey tonight to figure out what
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crash. >> the train never slow down as it entered into the station. it went through a barrier, jumped off the track, and then slammed into a wall. one person was killed. two teenagers are in custody, they robbed two businesses at gunpoint. one of the 17-year-olds was wearing a clown mask when he held up a taco bell and a domino's on tuesday night. they're looking to see if they were involved in other armed robberies. a not guilty plea, the man accused of running done three phoenix police officers in a car. this happened earlier this month outside a quiktrip store. he faces three counts of attempted murder. used to back in court in november. of the officers involved are okay. still ahead on 12 news at 6 pm. how to make a better couple of coffee. the school teaching the best. which valley city tops the
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working moms? the rams like to play physical defense get what you would not expect about the next component for the cardinals,
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it's time now for our
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single moms? >> scottsdale is the best place in the valley for them. three other cities, experts looked at things like the highest income for single mother, the most playgrounds and the lowest cost for a babysitter. >> interesting. >> yes. did you know that today is national coffee day? the us drinks more than 100,000,000,000 cups a year. >> i would. the best priestess in the country are trained to right here in the valley. >> that's right the international barista school is located here in the valley. they have coffee down to a science. >> use the rate water, the rate coffee, -- use the right
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>> you do not have to go pro to make a good cuppa joe. >> it's always -- you drink coffee? >> yes. >> it's always the first cup of the day that's the best. >> i just want to say, this morning, it was up every time for a great cup of coffee with that cooler weather. >> it was. at this hour everyone's whining down. it's our hour coffee to keep us going through the rest of the day. it would be a nice evening to have a cup of coffee. we have some clouds that there. and here in the valley things are winding down for us so to speak we are not completely done yet. here is the view from all of our valley web cameras. you can see from the south west valley, that's a clear shot. you do not see anything in terms of clouds. you see a little bit better with the areas looking to the
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the high country, it is fairly quiet. flagstaff, you can see the sun setting. and sunrise park resort, you see some nice conditions. here is a look at the satellite radar, not much is happening here. were in the clear for the dinner hour. that's a completely different story in southeast arizona. now we are talking severe thunderstorm warnings around the tucson area. that surround 6:30 pm. they have the potential to put out some damaging winds. as you can see, those are moving up to the north. so if you are in grant county, all of that is moving right towards your direction. and also greeley county. all of this is moving to the opposite area. the snow concern for us. we have some concerns around the grand canyon but nothing that looks serious. heading into tonight, there is
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overnight, and we will have a wave of energy coming through our stay. there is a slight chance for an afternoon shower or storm, then we are in the clear. your weekend is looking good. temperatures below 100 degrees. that is always nice. today we were at 93 degrees. the mountain meter, we're getting ready to wrap this one. tomorrow, if you are in the high country, weight mountains you have a better chance to see -- white mai high temperatures will be in the 80s. we get down to 84 degrees on tuesday. now back over to you. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyudai dealers. >> we will get some run averages in this one.
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simple. david johnson, second year, he is considered one of the best. cardinals are ranked 20th in the league. you can bet that the rams will run early. the question, can the cardinals stop them? the cardinals are hosting the rams. >> now it's time for the thursday scouting report. the rams got shut out by the 49er they will come to arizona. >> there was disappointment
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asu is looking for the first 5-0. a big reason for this success with the offense, harry, the chandler product has made three touchdowns in his first three games. >> asu was the first college i had been to.
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he is a hometown dude he is doing his thing. it is a blessing to be able to be to be in the same position that he was when he was a freshman. >> catch the full story this sunday after sunday night football. kick off usc saturday. 12 sports will be there in la. >> how great would 5-0 5-04 the devils? >> it is good for them. they have proven that to everyone.>> what a difference? >> thank you. next on 12 news at 6 pm. the special gift that the team gave to president obama at the white house today. on 12 news today. the two things that the gate must do for a victory. the valleys going to get a spooky transformation.
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woman wants to hear. >> i wonder what they are? i will take notes.
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here is a look at what is coming up tonight on 12 news at 7 pm. vickery place, chicago med is on at 8 pm. and blacklist is on it 9 pm. and and stay tuned for 12 news
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the president spoke about how the athletes hard work, dedication, has had a ripple effect all across the country. >> the purpose of the olympics is to do your best. michelle, joe, and i want to thank you for doing your best and also inspiring our best. and also leaving by example. >> what a great bunch. the group presented them with surfboards. i don't know when they will be using them. surfing will join the olympics for the first time in 2020. >> that is cool. >> that is very cool. that will do it for us for 12 news at 6 pm. >> we will see you at 10 pm. >> have a great night,
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you are watching 12 news, arizona's team
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did angelina really find photos of another woman on brad's phone? >> every rumor, every outrageous headline. we're breaking them all down now on "extra." >> brad and angelina in top secret meetings to hammer out a divorce detail. new details on brangelina's half billion break up. did a jealous angie really comb for brad's phone? who's got the kids? and kate hudson's crush on brad revealed. >> trump's trouble with women. >> if you want to increase your numbers with women, just stop tells how fat we are. >> the donald taking new heat
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fat-shamed, the shocker just uncovered from his past. >> new video that brought down to fox news chief gretchen carlsson facing cameras for the first time. since the victory. >> and justin theroux just past the one year marriage mark with jen. what doesn't he want us to reveal? >> don't tell anybody. >> in the "extra" fooed, tom and gisele's postcards from italy. battle between matt and benn. >> let's ask tebow and see who's better friends with. >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey everyone. welcome to "extra" i'm mario lopez. coming up kim kardashian snapchating in a super sheer dress. just wait till you hear her big


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