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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. ea the stories that matter the most. >> you may be posting racist tweets and messages on-line without knowing it. >> we reveal the list of racist code words used on social media. we are hours away from trump's latest viceit to the valley. >> ready terror for trump but is trump ready for what he is about to see in prescott valley? trump teaing with
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he made about veterans and ptsd. who is spying on your baby? if you have a baby monitor hackers could be watching your child's every move. our big story at 10:00. a secret road for racism on- line is are revealed. >> the code is for social media users to be able to say whatever they want, spread their messages of hate without being sensorred -- sensorred. >> a list,
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>> -- puts racist slurs without people knowing. >> they are meant to be coded but to still deliver the impact that is intended. under the code, skittles are not candies, they are muslims or arabs, skype is phebgs begans and google that mexicans and goggle is the n- word. people are posting activity linked to terrorism. >> they are not trying to crack down on free speech or on people expressing their opinions what i think they are responding to are words or a language meant to create harm. >> reporter: still saying getting rid of all hate speech is impossible task on the
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problems with harassment when twitter started losing people. many thought it was because they could not stop trollers from -- harassing them on- line. trump is now accused of suggesting that american soldiers and veterans it that commit suicide do so because they can not handle the post traumatic stress of war. >> some say the comments were taken out of context and twisted by the media. take a listen. >> when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and can hand teleit but -- handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. >> reporter: >> first reaction from local veterans. >> reporter: david monroe knows their names.
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not come home. he did. now suffers from ptsd. >> it is hard. once you get used to doing it all of the time it is not as hard. >> reporter: he served 8 years in the army. he knows soldiers who committed suicide. that is why he is protected when comments abouts his friends are made. >> they should thank them for what we have been through and what we have seen before he says anything like that. >> reporter: for even the -- even to make people think it they are weak. >> no two people are the same. some people are conditioned to take it. some people are conditioned not to take it. >> reporter: severe ptsd he has tried to commit suicide he does not take over tpoepbs what
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not prepared -- on offense to what trump said. >> some can't because we are not prepared. >> his wife his caregiver. >> once you have been over there it does not matter what condition you came home in, you are strong. you are our heroes. >> reporter: she would like to see more done to help our heroes before more veterans are lost. >> reporter: kevin kennedy, 12 news at 10:00. well, only 35 days left election. the race between clinton and trump is nasty and negative and now add this to the list. vandals targeting a trump billboard here in phoenix. painting swastikas on the massive ad near i-10 and i-17 near sky harbor. >> it comes a day before he returns to arizona. he will be stumping for votes at the prescott valley center tomorrow. the rally starts at 2:00 a.m. doors open at 11:00 in the morning. crews are already in place.
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us with now with what we can all expect. >> the talk of the town in prescott valley. republican headquarters here is as there could be as many as 20,000 people at the event center on tuesday afternoon. a venue that only holds around 7,000. >> i came at 2:00 and hay said if they fill up you will not get in. >> reporter: that is why jill is not taking chances. >> there is only is not alone, either. >> that is right. >> let it snow, let it snow. [ laughter ] >> reporter: meanwhile, inside volunteers work on signs that will line the streets come daybreak. >> this is something so special for prescott to have trump come to our little town. >> have he said things hard to defend? yes he has but he changed the way we think and he says a lot of what is on people's minds.
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the west. [phone ringing ] >> reporter: sandra can not keep up with the phone calls. >> i don't think most of the people who live here have ever even come in close contact with a presidential canidate or the potential president of the united states. it is quite exciting. >> reporter: trump is the 4th presidential candidate to viceit pros cot valley over the years. there is goldwater, john mccain and gorge w. bush. all here in what is a conservative electorit. >> back to you. all right, thank you very much. meanwhile, rival hillary clinton tonight she has been seizing on trump's tax bombshell trying to undermined his message that he is a good businessman. >> during a campaign stop she slammed trump over reports that
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and may have legally skipped paying taxes for 18 years. >> what kind of genius that loses $1 billion. >> i think we need a law. ifyou become a presidential candidate you need to release your tax returns. >> they are hoping they can swayed by new trump controversies. tomorrow, the vps have a debate. then after stick around for "the voice" and then the news. 24 hours to go before california's earthquake warning runs out. the officials noticed a swarm of small earthquakes on the south end of the fault. only a couple hours from the arizona boarder. that was enough for them to issue a warning that a earthquake 7.0 or bigger might
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experts here in arizona say if it hits you definitely will feel it. >> the longer motion will be dominant. bigger buildings, swimming pools, you know, you might see the water move. >> but experts say the chances of the big one happening go down the closer we get to da crossed for that for sure. taking a look at the tracking systems. here is all of the quakes that happened in the past 24 hours. these are the swarm of earthquakes that prompted that warning. take a look just to the west of the arizona border and basically south of palm springs area you can see several earthquakes that have been reported there just in the past several hours or so. and then northern los angeles. we have had a couple of
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2.0 there. it occurred at 7:00 or so this evening. looking northward we got a lot. a dozen or so quakes that happened mainly along the coast of northern california. again, crossing our fingers that big one does not occur. guys sending it over to you to talk more about the card -- cardinals. >> gentleman it has been a bad and disappointing start for the arizona cardinals, a season even worse possibly without palmer now. >> palmer knocked out of yesterday's game with a concussion midway through the 4th quarter. coop is here, coop, look, we all know and we are concerned about concussions in the nfl. what is the word on carson some. >> well, mark we still don't know that. still to be determined. going through the league protocol before he can be cleared to play. now, that may or may not be completed by thursday.
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it was drew taking on the first string reps, he will start if palmer is not cheer to play. he painted a promise -- clear to play. he painted a promise today on thursday night and add that palmer does not need to practice to play in the game. >> no he does not. he does not practice on wednesday any way. not doing something he has not seen before. he would be more than ready to go. >> for those of us that are part of the media, locker room, organization know how tough he is. if he can play he will find a way to play. but i will give him space. i will not pester him. i will get ready as well. >> now, he will continue to practice as the starter. meantime, quarterback zach geiser will be promoted up. the diamondbacks making news and headlines today firing
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93 loss season. despite backing up the truck and opening up the wallet including shelling out there 2.6 million for a pitcher they were 10 games worse this season than last year. in two seasons the skipper, he post aid 143-176 record. stewart was criticized for giving up too much value in a couple of trades, the shelly the hardest. >> it is the result of business. we are in a situation where again we believe it is time for improvement. we are not twoing to criticize them or sit up here and talk negatively about those guys. we do really care for them. thank them and applaud them for the hard work they put in. but it is time to turn the page
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direction. we ow thaerbgs to -- we owe that to the team. >> at some point the diamond backs have to look at establishing stability. >> that is a lot, coop, no question about it. >> thanks. >> thank you. arizona news anchor a child was found with cocaine in the system. some say the judge let them off easy. >> hackers may be using baby monitor to spy on your family. money saving monday. three tips to put money in your
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not spend a day in jail after cocaine was found in their baby's system. they took their daughter to the hospital in may after she was breast fed and went into distress. tests found cocaine in the 4- month-old's body and the police learned the couple had a party the night before. the couple could have been sentenced up to two years in prison but charges of child abuse and drug possession were dropped. they got slapped with probation and community service. new information released tonight sheds light on the deadly crash that claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy over the week tphaoepbd 19-year-old telling the police -- weekend 19-year-old telling the police he drank before getting behind the wheel to visit a girl. >> he ran a red light at 40th street and broadway. slamming into a pick up truck
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children. the 6-year-old died from his injuries. >> during a jail house interview he was shocked to learn about the little boy's death. [speaking in spanish] >> i did not know. i would like to ask for forgiveness. it is was not my intention to do it. not my intention for that to happen. >> he told the police he did not see the red light because his sun visor was down. >>am >> right now, two caretakers near custody after the police say they left a 5-month-old baby boy in a hot car for about four hours. the little boy died. his uncle, 18-year-old and his 23-year-old girlfriend now facing child abuse charges. according to court documents the couple agreed to baby-sit the child and forgot to take him out of the car when they
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peoria. the car was not parked in the shade. neighbors say they heard a woman screaming for help. >> everybody was in a panic. i go in, she was like can you help me, can you help me? i tried to administer cpr to the baby. the baby was dead. i tried any way. >> court documents also revealed the uncle tried to revive the baby by holding him up to air-condng only hear on 12 news. when it comes to your family's safety you never can be too careful. >> we have a warning tonight about a twice that nearly every parent had at their home at one time. talking about baby monitors. >> if you happen to have a wireless device you should listen up. team 12 explains why. >> reporter: she asked us not to show her face or use her name. >> it is definitely scary.
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>> you can not blame this young mother for being overly cautious. especially after the discovery she and her husband made. >> were they watching my daughter? watching me? why were they looking through her room? >> for more than a year she used this baby monitor mounted a buff her crib to check in on her when she is sleeping. >> the type of camera only connects to your cell phone so you don't have a separate device. >> so they thought. >> no issues up until probably two weeks we noticed the light was blinking white that means another user is logging on to see her camera. >> then, the unthinkable happened. >> we were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden the camera starts moving through her bedroom. >> a terrifying reality that does happen. >> i breastfeed her in that
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>> reporter: a forensic examiner that works with law enforcement. they say they are vulnerable, through the monitor and through your router. >> reporter: this family could have been hacked. it for now they unplugged and they are taking extra know. >> that was scary. >> yes. terrifying. think about all of the devices. we had a story about the home seckity twices. so they can obviously tap into that noyes -- security devices. so they can obviously tap into that. >> yes. i feel we are not even safe in our homes. >> pluses and minuses to technology. >> scary stuff indeed. new tonight, facebook is looking to make buying and
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calling marketplace. >> the social media giant says 400 million people use its site to shop locally through groups. so, starting today users can tap on the shop icon at the bottom of the facebook app to start exploring. >> the most popular items users buy and sell over the social network include furniture, cars and clothes. it is money saving monday here on 12 news. and we got 3 tips to help you get your finances track. the tips come from america >> first, save your loose change. putting aside 50 cents a day over the course of a year will allow you to save 40% of a $500 emergency fund. second, keep track of what you spend. put what you think you should spend for the month labeled transportation and entertainment. only use what is there and put the leftover cash back in savings.
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advance. the thoughtful gifts are not the most expensive. you will have time to look for the sales. >> i need to follow it. [ laughter ] >> i know. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> the yes. >> now, now to our video of the night. nasa releasing dramatic images from space of hurricane matthew. the hurricane intensified today as it neared haiti. packing 140 mile-an-hour winds and could drop up to three feet of southwestern haiti tonight and move into cuba tomorrow and florida governor rick swot warns people if the hurricane were to change said path and hit the u.s. east coast the potential damage could be catastrophe. >> it looks like that is holding on to its powers. >> it looks like that is holding on. we are still several days out to really know if it is going to hit the united states. for sure we know it is hitting
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on the weather computer. now, more on the statistics with that. take a look here and put it in motion. right now we are looking at 145 mile-an-hour winds with the storm. it is moving north at seven miles an hour and currently it is still hanging on to that cat gore 4 hurricane status. again, as it continues to move through haiti. parts of eastern cuba there 5. making the way closer to the united states coast. it will be a category 3 hurricane. that is the end of the week. getting closer to friday. so, again, areas throughout the bahamas and haiti will see up to 25 inches of rain. a cat cat area for that area. here in arizona we are dealing with a different day. compared to when we have the rain moving in the things are in the cheer across the valley.
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east. you can see the northern plains dealing with the rainfall and winter weather conditions on the backside of the system for montana and wyoming. 86, all we got up to today. we were several degrees cooler than we should be this time of the year. if you go out there now it feels a little bit on the chilly side. i am going to say it because it does. we are sitting at 68 degrees right now in fountain hills, spent in mesa. 63 in gilbert. we are going to average temperatures here over the next few days as we stay under the influence of the trough. the end of the week high pressure build in. that is when you will see the temperatures start to climb up again. we will keep it in the 80s here for the next 3 days and make it up in the 90s by friday and stay all of the way through the beginning of next week. they put in the work in flagstaff and tonight opening
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suns are back in the valley, opening up. i can not believe it. the preseason schedule. all right? now, rookie first round draft pick, chris, he can run the
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happen. they win the opener, 91-86. booker leading the way with 19. the arizona coyotes on the road tonight in vancouver. check out the speed of anthony. wow! coyotes win 4-2 in preseason play to improve. well, tonight marks the end of the blind auditions on the voice. a chandler man made the cut. >> now, faith in me. [singing] >> sounds good, doesn't he? >> blake, miley, and adam all
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blake. getting the last slot. >> a big call. emwillly joins jimmy on the tonight show. that is right after 12 news at 10:00 o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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vice president hopefuls go
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pen -- pence and kaine debait. then after that "the voice," and then on 12 news at 10:00. a new feature aimed at protecting infants in safety seats to the test. that is tomorrow only on 12 news. finally, happy update to a dog found on the roof of a home. >> the homeowner has decided to the dog will stay at the shelter tonight for his surgery to be neutered and then head to his forever home tomorrow. >> it is still a mystery how the dog ended up on the roof to begin with. we are not sure if he will keep his name just yet. >> how can you find a better name? >> he should. >> yes. lucky. >> maybe? >> i said shingles but someone said it does not sound -- on you like it? >> that is good.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emily blunt.


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