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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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police pursuit. team 12's bryan west is on the scene in
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the biggest story in the country and likely the world.. is going to be hurricane matthew. the fiercest caribbean storm in almost a decade.. hit cuba and haiti with winds of well over 100 miles-per-hour and has pummeled towns. four states are already under a state of emergency. several states are evacuating the coastlines. the governor of florida has activated the national guard. team 12's nico santos is here with how some people from phoenix are heading to help those hit by disaster.
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already had a huge presence in haiti after the 20-10 earthquake. now they're down there helping the people affected by this hurricane. staff from this phoenix- based organization are working in a number of ways beyond supplying food. they're helping with shelter clean waterand the over-all safety of the people there. they're also monitoring the situation for secondary effects like rivers over- flowingand water-born diseases such as 'cholera'. some of the people of the organization actually ?live in haiti. so they, themselves, are facing the risk of mudslides and other threats while they work to help people affected by the storm -- some of whom are just paralyzed by fear. gary edmunds / food for the
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worked in other countries such as the philippinesand nepal. the website is now pushing its 'support haiti' campaign. there's more information on 12-news dot-com if you'd like to help. nico santos 12 today a-dot is looking for ways to alleviate traffic on the i-10. the plan is to build a new freeway and use it as a toll road. the freeway would stretch from the i-17 at the durango curve west to state route 85. the state would charge a fee for drivers looking to take the new route for a smoother.. quicker commute. a-dot says they'll be in -- but it wouldn't be until 20-25 that they have the funding they have the funding needed to start building. a superior court judge has sentenced a casa grande man to life in prison. luis martinez received more than 283-years behind bars. than 283-years behind bars. he was convicted of molesting 10-children over the course of more than 30-years. police have charged two kids in connection with clown threats at mesa schools. one is charged with disorderly
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investigators found none of the threats were credible - but they still want to warn parents to be aware of their child's activity. what may seem like a funny post.. email or text associated with a creepy clown can cause fear clown can cause fear and exhaust valuable police resources to determine if the threat is credible. the prosecutor who tried jodi arias for murder is appealing discipline handed down last week by the discipline committee of the arizona supreme court. "the arizona republic" reports that martinez is reports that september 29th decision that recommended he be placed on probation for one year. flu season is here. a lot of people have mixed feelings about getting vaccinated and there are plenty of myths out there.but what do doctors say about it?team 12's jen wahl is live this morning with information this morning that
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?? toss to morning juice ?? police in new police in new zealand...they're good.real good... at social media.heck - they were the ones responsible for kicking off the 'running
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now... they've come up with something else.take a look... we're not saying they're trying too hard... but they did hashtag this...
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invitation to challenge, says nz police recruitment in a comment on the video - but they do say.. when the music hits... you just have to roll with it! last week it was prince william and pricess kate in the spotlight. this morning... it's prince harry. he recent showed his he recent showed his knack for working with kids... and the ability to melt kids... and the ability to melt the hearts of their worked a room full of children during a charity gala. it benefitted seriously ill youth and the people who take care of them. the prince is a patron of the wellchild
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time for your juicy question of the morning.the average man will do this seven times a week.the average woman will do this three times a has something to what is this? time for your
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time for your juicy question of the juicy question of the morning. studies show that 70 percent of people who have this.... exercise on a regular basis. what is this.----------------- what is this.----------------- five years since steve jobs passed since steve five years ----------------- five years five years since steve jobs passed away.but his company?it's going strong this morning.wer'e talking about apple and steve jobs' legacy... that's in three minutes... monsoon is over for us...but the rough weather in other parts of the country?it's still going strong.details on this big line of storms...
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let's get to your 12 today trivia. we're giving you the very latest with hurricane matthew tearing through the caribbean and threatening florida. and our question to you.. what is the strongest atlantic hurricane on record? think about it and guess. half hour. today marks today marks today marks today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of steve jobs.steve jobs' passing on was seen by many as the end of apple.and nothing could be further from the truth.since his death we've seen the i-phone screen get bigger.the i-pad go smaller.and the invention of the is the the is the
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worth over 600 billion dollars. in our morning mix.... steve jobs has been referred to the man that has changed the world. but is the company stronger than ever... five years after his death?steve jobs once said: "being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me."are those great words to live bygreat words to live by
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to live bygreat words are those me."matters to me."are
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it looks like an empty space now...but one open lot in downtown phoenix could be the start of something big... the first game of baseball's post season..ends with more excitement than we've seen in a while here...walk-off anyone??? anyone???
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than we've excitement than we've seen in a while here...walk-off
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hurricane hurricane matthew, the fiercest caribbean storm in almost a decade, hit cuba and haiti with winds of well over 100 miles-per-hour yesterday pummeling towns, farmland and resorts and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to take cover. early reports and footage suggested that cuba had not been hit as hard as haiti. president obhe updates on hurricane matthew. the president will track the storm and meet with officials at the federal emergency management agency. he had been scheduled to campaign for hillary clinton in florida today, but the strength of hurricane matthew --- the most powerful atlantic storm since 2007 --- made mister obama change his plans. matthew is now heading for florida, georgia and the coasts of both carolinas. a strong storm triggered severe thunderstorm warnings
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with wind and hail several trees and powerlines were reported downed. in the central part of the state... streets in the town of valley center flooded, stranding some drivers. the town was without power for much of tuesday evening. a thrilling finish to the american finish to the american league wild card game in toronto last night...extra innings now, orioles and blue jays tied at two. bottom of the 11th, runners on the corners and one out. edwin encarnacion - drilled a run walk-off home up for the jays... game one of the division series against the rangers on thursday afternoon.the san francisco giants and new york mets square off in the national league wild card game later today. still ahead on still ahead on 12 today - we're tracking hurricane matthew this morning. it's headed toward the u-s after thrashing the caribbean. we'll introduce you to some people here in arizona that are headed to help those in need.
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jimmy's guest forecaster and look at how our weekend is shaping up. the vice presidential debate got heated last night.but what did arizona voters think of the candidates?find out who they'd prefer to see in the white house at 6:30. and a country and a country and a country music power couple is headed on tour.and that's not all.the hit nbc show tim mcgraw and faith hill will be joining - real s ####break#### today.watching 12 you're real
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?? grandkids! noooooo! freaky fast thank you, sweetie who wants a cookie? jimmy john's much more in a minute but first we begin with your forecast. >> look at this outside. right now the skies, just


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