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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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?a woman severely hurt in a phoenix house fire. team 12's bryan west has the latest in just minutes.. on this top story.. ?plus.. michael phelps is just like the rest of us - kind of. we've got photos of the olympian's trip to the m-v-d. ?and you could he beiber. vanessa is talking about the new competition show coming to n-b-c - that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather a first a first alarm fire sends one person to the hospital in ?extremely? critical condition.. team
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19th avenue and dunlap with
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later this morning.. the man accused of kidnapping and raping an unconscious woman in scottsdale - goes before a judge. team 12's jen wahl is live outside superior court. he did not make his court appearance last week and his lawyer told me it was because of medical today... we expect to see rodolfo ramirez stand before a judge after facing serious sexual assault and kidnapping charges. was locked up at the end of last month.gruesome charges out of old town scottsdale.the awful acts caught on camera through jaw-dropping surveillance photos that have been shared around the world. you see what police say... ramirez picking up a girl who was passed out... throwing her over his shoulder... taking her to a nearby parking garage in old town... and sexually assaulting her.police say her friend left to get their car... but when she got back... the victim was gone and with ramirez.police then say ramirez took the girl who
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outside of a dorm. investigators released photos revealing even more evidence markers inside the parking garage... foot prints and a deeper look inside the suspect's home. the victim told police she was out drinking with a friend at a scottsdale club and her next memory was waking up to a man she didn't know.. sexually assaulting her.we expect to see him in court at 830 this morning.we're live in phoenix. jw. 12 today. checking your hot headlines now.. mesa police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. it happened near adobe and lindsay roads. investigators say he was possible driving a gray or silver four door sedan. a former phoenix firefighter charged with sexually assaulting a woman in glendale - has pleaded not guilty. jeffrey wilson is being held without bond. he's accused of threatening the woman at gunpoint before assaulting her. gas prices in arizona are
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according to triple-a arizona.. the average regular gasoline price is at 2 dollars, 17 cents a gallon right now - which is 4 cents higher than last week. tucson currently has the state's lowest average gas prices. the metrocenter mall is set to be demolished. the development group that currently owns the mall plans to tear it down and replace it with office spaces and apartments. still no word on when the demolition will begin. the metrocenter in 19-73. even the greatest olympian of all time - can't avoid the m-v-d.. yesterday.. michael phelps was spotted at a local m-v-d.. supposedly to get his official ?arizona? license. but unlike the rest of us - phelps was in and out in a flash. he was even escorted to each station by an employee. speaking of phelps - he's
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scenes footage from intel -- phelps is filming ads for the company.. using what he's known for -- being fast.. and making a pitch for intel's "faster processing" computers. the commercials will start airing monday. it's been nearly two weeks since carson palmer was taken out of the game under concussion protocol.. but he's since returned to practice and is expected to play this monday against the jets.. 12 sports insider and former al this was the ?first? concussion of carson's career- he's 36. is that unusual - or do you think it has something to do with the nfl getting more strict about
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last night.. the broncos took on the chargers - and lost -- 21 to 13. this is the second consecutive loss for the broncos - who won the super bowl last season! do you think fans will start to
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still ahead on 12 today.. our neighbors to the north bracing for dangerous storms this we've got your hot headlines.. headlines..your hot headlines..
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adele and n-b-c's new show have in common? we've got the answer coming up in the morning juice. 12 today is back in two minutes. ###break###
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###break### ###break### checking checking checking your hot headlines now.. the pacific northwest was hit hard by heavy rain and strong winds last night - but it's not over yet. people in oregon and washington state are bracing
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system will hit around noon tomorrow. samsung has issued a second recall of the galaxy note seven - after even more reports of the devices exploding. nearly two- million original and replacement phones should be returned to samsung as soon as possible - but you can't just mail them in. samsung must first samsung mail them can't just mail them in. samsung must first send you a fire-proof return kit - as required by the government. the kit includes a thermally insulted box and has a ar this recall is expected to cost samsung around $3-billion dollars. for the first time ever - playboy magazine is being made available in the itunes app and google play stores. readers can pay either $6- bucks for one issue or subscribe for the year for $20 bucks. this is a big step in playboy's move toward a men's lifestyle brand. earlier this year - the magazine ditched nudity in its
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???toss ???toss morning juice is there such a thing as too much harry potter? that's the question fans are asking this morning after author - j-k rowling announced the new spin-off will consist of not one - or three - but five movies!!! "fantastic beasts and where to find them" was originally planned to be a trilogy.. but yesterday.. rowling said adding two ext can properly plot out the story line. the first film is scheduled to hit theaters on november 18-th. n-b-c is looking for the next justin beiber.. yesterday.. the network announced a new reality competition series to find the biggest social media super-star. the show was inspired by stars like beiber and adele who got noticed from their online videos. they're calling it "the stream". so this is how it works -- anyone can upload
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streamed musicians will be invited to perform in front of music industry titans. the so-called "star-makers" will then choose 30 artists to work closely with for one week. at the end of the week - they will choose and sign their three favorite artists. you don't want to miss ellen this afternoon. bryan cranston is on.. and so are his tighty whities - made famous in "breaking bad." you can catch that right here on 12 - starting at 3 o'clock. time for that juicy question of the morning. studies show coffee is the most recognizable smell... so
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???toss weather ???adlib weather
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???adlib weather
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???adlib traffic traffic still ahead on 12 today.. ben affleck returns to theaters in "the accountant." team 12's jay taylor has his preview - that's coming up at 5-15. donald trump plays the victim card. why he says his accusers are out to get
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more from the campaign trail - when 12 today returns in three
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###break### donald trump is on the attack - claiming the women who accused him are lying. team 12's brian mooar has the latest from the
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the netflix hit show "arrested development" is getting political in a new parody of the first debate. if you've never seen it - the
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checker".. take a look... trump and trump and trump and trump and clinton go face to face in their third debate next
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here on 12 news. coverage starts at six -- then stick around for an all new blindspot and 12 news at nine and ten. he's the sworn enemy of "the joker" - and during this clown craze -- he's out patrolling the streets. we're talking about batman - yes.. the actual batman. that's coming up in the morning juice.
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so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? a dangerous situation a young woman...pulled from a burning latest. qthe story of that mma fighter accused of sexual assault... just won't go away. we have the latest developments in that case... and the gloves... are really coming off in the race for the white house.what michele obama... is saying about donald trump this morning. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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weather weather???adlib ???adlib weather our top story this morning...a woman dies... after she was pulled from an apartment fire. team 12's bryan west is live


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