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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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weather our top story this morning...a deadly apartment fire happened near 19th avenue and 12's bryan west is live with the latest... four in total. phoenix fire just updated us and said the woman transported to the hospital died. original call around two o clock to the apartment you see behind me. the walls from this vantage black and charred from the damage. neighbors tell us smoke was billowing out of the initial apartment. the fire was contained but there is some smoke and water damage to the other three units... the two straight
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when fire crews arrived they found the woman who lived in the apartment. firefighters were able to get her out and she was transported in critical condition where she later died. one neighbor - brandon bohacek says he was awoken by noises on the roof. then investigation is now investigation then investigation is now underway as phoenix fire looks into the cause. again phoenix fire tells us the woman who lived in that apartment did not make it . live near 19th ave and dunlap. the story.... sickening.the story.... sickening.a former mma fighter...accused of raping a woman he picked up scottsdale bar...the details... bar...scottsdale
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details... just horrific.that guy... scheduled to be in court 12's jen
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checking headlines now.. mesa police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. it happened near adobe and lindsay roads. investigators say he was possibly driving a gray or silver four door sedan. a former phoenix firefighter charged with sexually assaulting a woman in glendale - has pleaded not guilty. jeffrey wilson is being held without bond. he's accused of threatening the woman at gunpoint before assaulting her. phoenix police are investigating a drive-by
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yesterday afternoon... police say a car drove by and someone inside fired shots at the victim - who was taken to the hospital. ?? toss to morning juice ?? have you decided what you you are going to dress up as this halloween?feeling the pressure of finding that perfect costume?worried about breaking the bank on it?well... we found a couple of costumes... that won't stress you out... or cost you an arm and a leg. these ideas come to us from the awesome folks at yourself...and the degree of difficulty?almost zero.there's the flower....pretty self explanatory...----you can also go as an avocado...just need a green t-shirt and some glue for that...and safety pins... alwyas need safety pins...---- then there's the cactus... silver pipe cleaner and green sweatshirt... could you possibly mess this one up?-------the pencil... always a good look...yellow t- felt...and a glue gun.if you can't get this
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foam that is then layered on top of an i-p-a after it's poured. time for that juicy question of the morning and your answer.. studies show coffee is the most recognizable smell.. so what
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time for that juicy question of the morning. half of men surveyed say after 20 minutes of doing this - they are exhausted. what is this? still ahead on still ahead on still ahead on 12 today - bill and ted's excellent friends once partied on at this valley mall ... but that party is over and so is the mall.who's
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time for some 12 today trivia. no doubt.. a lot of people will be heading to queen creek and schnepf farms this weekend for some fall fun. so that got us wondering.. what was the original name of queen creek? think about creek? think about it and take a guess.. we'll have your answer in a half hour. the metrocenter mall is set to be demolished. the development group that currently owns the mall plans to tear it down and replace it
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apartments. still no word on when the demolition will begin. the metrocenter mall opened its doors - back in 19-73 ?? ad lib about metro center mall ??// shot
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bill and ted's // shot part of
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mall ?? // shot part of bill and ted's excellent adventure at metrocenter ???adlib & toss jimmy
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?? traffic ??
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still ahead on 12 today -the creepy clown craze is the creepy clown craze is hitting an american that's just the beginning. so what is this craze and will it ever end?we go in search of answers... at 6:45. attention parents ... leave the candy to the kids and seek out some treats of the adult variety.where you can enjoy a glass of wine and hunt for treasure this're
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####break#### it's fun friday and just call us kathy lee and hoda ...if you're and hoda kathy lee and just call it's fun friday it's fun friday it's
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it's fun friday it's fun friday and just call us kathy lee and hoda ...if you're looking for some adult looking for some adult themed fun this weekend ... you may want to check out queen creek's ?vintage and vino.
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-- combination shopping -- combination shopping experience and wine affair-- designed for those who -- designed for those who love antiquing and treasure-hunting-- mostly, let's talk wine!
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still ahead on 12 today - a woman dies in an a woman dies 12 today - a woman dies in an apartment fire in 12's bryan west will have the
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cool nights will give way to toasty afternoon 12 's krystle henderson will have our weekend forecast. mentor versus protege.bruce airans prepares for a monday night showdown ... with the man who use to run the who use to with the man showdown ... night showdown ... with the man who use to run the cardinals defense. and see you later alligator. why folks in texas had to help find this monster a new place to're watching 12 today.
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. right now on 12 accused of kidnapping and raping an unconscious woman in scottsdale. he goes before a judge. >> a 50-year-old woman is dead and three people displaced after a fire in an apartment. >> the average temperature dropped to 89 degrees. don't know fooled. the temperatures we're tracking. >> and a flight with no children kicking your seat or crying in your ear. one airline is making that a reality but not everyone is happy about it.
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partner today on monday night football. and jay taylor has more on how they will stack up. it's 5:59. and check in. >> and get ready to rev yourb gin again. starting things out in the mid- to upper 60s and we'll call it that and climbing to 75 degrees throughout rush hour and another morning where you can throw the windows down and roof en time you're sitting and stuck in traffic on the way home, 95 degrees is that expectation. 88 degrees by the 7:00 hour and we're three for three here in temperatures of temperatures and keeping that above average temperature through the weekend and beyond with more sunshine than anything and overnight lows in the 60s and we'll break down the weekend forecast more coming up. vanessa? >> and thank you, crystal.


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