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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. good morning, everybody. we have a jam-packed 6:00 a.m. hour ahead. the workweek forecast is looking good. >> and monday night football as in glenndale and the cards. they rolled last night. >> and presidential politics are about to roll right into the valley. >> we'll get to that and more in a nt who is -- we begin with jimmy q who is back in town. a gorgeous start out there today. >> you know what? the orange matches mai-tai and tram's dress much a gorgeous condition out there. a couple of light clouds in the area. oh, it's just beautiful to start things off. the temperatures, of course, will just be quite cool. 66 degrees outside right now. dew points, 46; and winds are light at about 6 miles per hour. as far as the rest of the area
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66, bartlet lake and 66 in glendale. the high pressure is going to dominate and pick up, though. we're going to heat up here by thursday or so. especially into the north of us. for today, 86 to 91. warm and sunny with light winds out there. the zest winds about five to 10 miles per hour -- southwest winds about five to 10 miles per hour. there you have it, gorgeous skies and that will continue here for just a bit. great conditions, crystal. we still on the ramp from the 17 southbound to the 101 eastbound. you can see the backup here. the stretch of brake lights. so, not the worst idea to hop off of deer valley and to the 101 you go and that will help you zig zag around the west. we have building time here on the 10 westbound. you know it's the same old thing into the downtown area. breaking that down by the numbers now. on the 60, we're looking good
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an hour. 41 and it changed into the red zone. a 19-minute ride from the 101 to the stack and on the 17th southbound, some of the numbers update. and it's basically off of the gas pedal at times. basically from northern to indian school and super slow from stack to split, 10 minutes for that stretch. >> thank you, crystal. new this morning, several people are displaced after a jen. and good morning to you, the scene is quiet now. there are no emergency responders here. it's anything but a calm morning for five people who were inside two apartments in tempe. a scary wakeup call. the fire starting around 1 8:30 a.m. it was put out quickly and there was not much smoke. a lot of water poured from the sprinklers inside the apartments, dampening the
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water damage inside of the two apartments. as a result, five people can not go inside the two homes this morning. the good news is that everyone made it out safely and no one was hurt. we're live in tempe, jep wall error error, 12 today. and arizona has not been considered a swing state in two decades but things might be changing. a wave of powerful democrats will work to make things blue in arizona. brian west is ve aboutitol ticks. hi, brian. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the democrats said they're working hard to do a push to turn our state. this will be the second time in the state's history this would happen. the first being in 1996 with bill clinton. they're bringing in three powerhouse speakers to help push sway the vote towards hillary clinton. we have bernie sanders today at 2:30. he's going to be at flagstaff
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speak at the arizona state museum. on wednesday, we have chelsea clinton coming into town and she'll be heading to arizona state university to speak on tempe's campus and this is part of an early vote event happening out there and michelle obama, yesterday, she announced she is going to come into town on thursday. we don't know the location, but she's coming here to try and push more support to clinton. hillary today, two events in colorado and the governor in north carolina. brian west, 12 today. and today, trump has two rallies set for colorado. he was in wisconsin last night. he fired up supporters, alleging that people who died are still voting. that undocumented immigrants are casting ballots and that voter proud ismon and that the
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clinton. >> a new report from the center of public integrity shows that 96% of so-called turn hadallists and reporters gave their money, gave themselves, gave everything to crooked hillary clinton. can you believe it? [ booing ] >> they even want to try to rig the election at the polling boths. they say there is nothing going on. people who died 10rs illegal immigrants are voting. >> billy bush is now unemployed after his infamous donald trump tape. nbc fired him from "the today show" for his part in the stained -- taped conversation. billy bush is said to make $3 million a year with his today deal. no word how much nbc paid out on that settlement. as news of billy bush's firing came out last night, donald trump's wife melania blamed billy bush for the
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bush egged on mr. trump and defended her husband's comments. >> egged on. from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> mrs. trump went on to call the crude comments boy talk. she said accusations of sexual misconduct against her husband are lies created by his opponents. and a new poll shows hillary clinton has a slight lead over donald trump in arizona. according to high affairs, miss clinton is up 38- 36%. that poll was taken off of 400 arizona voters. don't forget, the final presidential debate is tomorrow. watch it live here on 12 news. the best political coverage starts at 6:00. and this election season has been unlike anything we have seen. feel are ready to vote.
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during the presidential election. in case need a reminder, look at that. it was based on these events. the arizona commission for election and accountability formed after the presidential preference. that was back in march. they're going to be sending monitors to polling sites in phoenix and the tucson area for
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they're going to be at different polling locations to make sure voters jar not misinform -- are not misinformed. the president of the commission worry that some voters, particularly minorities, won't be treated right or that poll workers are not able to give the right information. right now, there is about 100 volunteers where they plan to monitor 120 sites in maricopa and pima counties. the recorder's office saying there is more than 700 polling sites in maricopa sounds like it should be enough. they anticipate it to be no more than 30 minutes at any given polling location. the monitors will be at the polling locations. they're looking for more. to sign up, there is more on nico, thank you. let's talk sports now at 6:08. after a slow start, the arizona cardinals back to the
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annihilated the jets, crushed them 28-3 on monday night football. david johnson ran for over 100 yards and three touchdowns. after the game, the coach said he was proud of the team. >> that was a good team win. >> yes, sir. >> i will see you wednesday morning. ready to roll. big division game coming to the house. a short week. make sure you're prepared when you hit that door monday morning -- wednesday morning for a big, big game. great job. really proud of you. >> make sure we understanded this. call is on 3. one, two, three! >> go to it, guys. next week, the seahawks trying
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nation. make sure to join us this sunday night. the cardinals, says tram mentioned, host the seattle seahawks. we have a pregame special on 12 news and this friday morning, 12 today will give you >> i am worried more about the -- [ indiscernible ] >> oh, i am worried jimmy can do that without the costume. >> that is true.
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your rsvp in. ahead in the morning juice, the movie that wants us all to get naughty that this holiday season. >> and the 6:00 a.m. hour. traffic is building up on all of the valley freeways. crystal is working to prepare your 12 today exclusive traffic
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. your arizona cardinals demolish the jets send the pics to us on and do it this week. the cards get ready to destroy on 12 news. >> and card nats -- cardinals fans looking good. >> 6:14 is the time now. >> jimmy, is that orange juice in there? >> that is a t. i finished my juice. >> okay. >> and i'm ready to go. >> and we're starting the morning juice with name
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anatomy" is on ellen this afternoon. >> they talk about their good friend jt, besides jesse. on the show is -- . >> shia lebeouf? >> yes. >> and justin timberlake tweeted about it. >> yeah, yeah, my friend as well. >> great guy. >> yeah. >> and so -- >> it was not a battle. it was sharing. >> no. >> yeah. >> and i know -- . >> he's also my friend. >> yeah, but i know him. i'm closer to but -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. meetings with people whose name start with j. >> yeah. >> and when is the last time he texted you? >> three days ago. >> yeah, yeah. >> mine was yesterday. [ laughter ] >> i love that. >> well, besides jesse, also on the show, shyia lebeautiful after -- shia lebeouf. >> i love jesse's eyes.
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>> yes. >> and very easy on the eyes. >> the hottest new show on television returns tonight. this is us. it's a critically acclaimed getting more viewers every week. rebecca and jack take kevin, kay and randall and quickly realize each child is going through their own struggles. o the show, they talk about the deep issues of race. this is airing at 8:00 before chicago fire. check it out. and come december, a ton of people are going to run out the two theatres star wars film. >> this morning, the internet is buzzing about new clips about a new holiday movie. i think i like this. a star-studied cast that may have got their inspiration from a previous 12 news christmas party. i heard stories i might have attended. this is called office christmas party. >> if you're going to have
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property. the right aid parking lot. >> we're talking about right aid, baby-making all night. >> oh, my gosh. >> this movie is not for children. at all! it's called office christmas party. simple plot. the mean corporate ceo against the employees having fun. the employees can't listen. shenanigans then happen. the movie stars jennifer aniston, jason baitman, kate mckinnon and a top of others. >> i am going o see that movie. that looks hilarious. i am so excited for that. >> i love it. it's going to be a stupid christmas movie that is way over the top and can't happen without losing your job 12 times over. it's fun to go and fant suicide about that. and time for your juicy question of the morning. studies show that 80% of us are happier if we did this and this is a hint. when we have time for this, several of us will do it. what do you think it is? i said exercise.
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>> i think nap, too. and lots of people weighing in and yoga, watch the cards win. and laughter. >> you can make time for laughter, no. [ indiscernible ] >> that would be nice. >> okay. >> and that makes you happy. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> i want to say exercise. i just think that is too easy. >> yes. >> it fits. 80% and makes you happy. when you have time, you want to >> i don't know that it necessarily makes me happy. it's more of a chore. i feel better afterwards. >> and it makes some of us happy. >> you eat more. >> and the days after exercising. >> yeah. >> that is an instant gratification for me. what do you think? >> play with your puppies. kitties. >> oh. >> the blocker. >> and making me happy. >> makes me happy or not have to sit in the big old jam on the freeway. >> yeah.
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brakes here near ray road 10 westbound. you know what? it's 6:18, after all. that is kind of the same, old, same. right now, it's an 18-minute drive from queen creek road on the 10 westbound to take that downtown to seventh street and that is just a quick drop in speeds here to 33 miles per hour where we showed you that a- dot camera and picks up. 45 miles per hour where that meets up with the 60. also, the usual crowded commute there on the 70 southbound around the downtown area and a couple of miles there where teens on the 10 eastbound. and now, getting you ready for the 7:00 hour. drive. we have more for the 10 westbound and eastbound. speeds, 32 miles an hour and approaching the 51 on the 101 eastbound and 30s here for the 101 northbound and the 60s westbound, when you hit stainly road and you're hitting the brakes. >> all right, thank you,
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phenomenal weather. i don't know how many words i will be using the next eight months. phenominal, fantastic and gorgeous. i don't mind it at all. that vocabulary drops off into june, july, august. the hot season. right now, 66 degrees and that is going to be the warm spot across our area. we can see the temperatures into the 60s. a couple of 50s. 59 degrees in maricopa and, of course, buckeye representing at 59. and just love the site of these teur on the hot side. across the superstition mountains, you can see wonderful weather beyond and into eastern arizona, greer, show low, and beautiful, too. 91 degrees, currently is the high temperature for today. the average is 88. and this is continuing to go down. remember, thered in 2003 was 103. and i think we have an early start to fall here in phoenix. simply because we had the early cooling from the storms a couple of weeks ago.
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region. you want the stormy weather. they have had trees knocked over in parts of portland. higher elevations in the cascades and dealing with snowfall right now. the midwest, clear skies into boston, new york, washington and clear skies as well to invite you there. this is for our area. today, the low pressure into the north of us. a ridge of high pressure is going to start to build for the next couple of days. this is what the big picture looks 76 day thursday and hold flew the weekend. >> we like that chance of showers. 6:21 is the time. ahead on 12 today, sometimes after seeing the ratings, we start to cry and that gives us puffy eyes. vic, did you write this? seriously. the one remedy you may want to try to get your eyes back to normal. >> and maybe he through a split- finger fastball. it's not often in a baseball
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-- viral. this morning, someone is talking about that. bloody, really bloody finger. ouch. we'll take a closer look when 12 today comes back. >> warning. you don't put lighter fluid on a gas grill, do you?!
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freaky fast. bam. ? can't stop loving you! ? genius!
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sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law, making us all less safe. there's a better choice -- diego rodriguez, a career prosecutor who believes in tough sentences and equal justice under the law. vote for diego rodriguez. a county attorney for us all. . good morning, again. welcome back to 12 today. gorgeous start to this day. 6:24. take a look outside of downtown phoenix. let's get to your 12 today trivia. we're in the halloween and fall spirit.
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activity originated from pomona? the goddess of fruit trees. any last-minute guesses? and i gave tram the hint. i love this. i am not done -- i have not done it in years and years and years. >> play in the fall leaves? >> oh, that is such a good answer. >> it's wrong? >> it's wrong. >> oh, man. >> the answer is bobbing for apples. >> oh! that would make sense. >> i do love playing in the leaves. you have to dive in and find th it-yourself trick on this turn back the clock tuesday. >> what you want to do is soak a tissue in iced tea or half and half and hold it against your under eyes for just a moment. you see caffeine and milk fat are a quick and effective at shrink baggings. when putting on makeup, makeup experts with allure magazine recommend tapping concealer on the shadow under your bags, never on top of them as you
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appear more even. you want to be sure to skin the -- skip the line or the lower lash line. it makes the bags look worse. >> are you fascinated by this, matt? >> i think i have that same concealer. >> oh, really? yeah. >> and what concealer do you use, then? >> the jane ayerdale concealer. it's 2:00 a.m. and you need everything you can to cover up the circles. >> in this business, it's about concealer and lightings. your best friend. >> thank you for the ma pink for breast cancer awareness month. >> yesterday, a special jet was unveiled on the flight desk of the -- deck of the uss lexington in corpus christi, texas. the fighter jet has been painted pinking for the month. look at this. the first plane exhibit ever to be painted pink and displayed on the lady lex. once october is up, the jet will be power washed and restored to its original finish. >> that is a beauty.
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they mixed dish soap with the latex paint so it's not permanent. they spray it down. >> imagine seeing that in the sky? >> that would be super cool. >> very, very nice. ahead on 12 today, politics and comedy is not always the best combo. amy schumer gives her views of the election and hundreds of people leave her show. >> plus, fifa gets thunder struck. how the rock band ac/dc is changing policy for the world cup. >> and should students be paid it's a very controversial topic. we're going to be talking about that in the morning mix in just 15 minutes. i can't wait to dive into this. we want you to tweet us your thoughts and share it with us on facebook. we may read them on the air.
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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good morning. talking politics, democrats prepare to storm arizona. plus, we have a new presidential poll. >> and more money, more problems. should you pay your kids to get good grades? >> and a pinky swear won't happen again. a baseball game becomes a bloody mess. youch. >> that is hard to look at. we'll get to that in just a moment. first, we want to talk about the forecast. jimmy, you're advertising us with a slight chance of rain
6:31 am
until then, you'll have a clear sailing here. is this could develop. sometimes things start to change and can move up more. and that is still a ways off. until then, across to horizon and duke. you have clear skies, 66 degrees and light winds outside. we did have 50 degrees in buckeye. and 59 and you're up to 60. 59 for maricopa. everyones, you're at 57 and the high pressure will continue to move up and into our region. it's maxing out here by thursday. the temperatures move up above average. until then, 86 to 91. considering 91 degrees, that is our high temperature most of afternoon and into the 80s. and it will pop gown again. christ -- pop down again, crystal. we have a ramp here. sixty westbound at power read.
6:32 am
i don't think you need an alternate. could be your plan b. instead, notice the cars can go right or left and it's just the center lane you have to take out of the equation. we're feeling rush hour everywhere here, talking the 60, 101 and the 10. light break that down. shall we? 23 minutes from the ride to scottsdale road. the slowest speeds dropping to 35 51 southbound, not too bad. and five minutes for that short stretch of 101 northbound. between the two 202 east, you might find yourself letting off the two gas pedals there and right there, 12 minutes. all right, crystal. 6:32. and time for the hot headlines from around the world. right now, iraqi and kurdish commanders say they have paused their advance on mosul, following the start of a
6:33 am
islamic state-held city. the front lines are quiet a day after forces advance to a bar -- amid a barrage of u.s. air strikes. russian announced that they're halting air strikes on the besieged city of aleppo. the air strikes have been suspended to prepare for the opening of the window of opportunity for rebels to leave aleppo. it's supposed to open on thursday and last for eight hours. opening statements are beginning this morning in the defamation trial against ro discredited story about a gang rape at the university of virginia. the article told a harrowing story of a woman verify -- identified only as jackie who claimed she was raped by seven men in a fraternity initiation. they found no evidence to back the story. a man accused of opening fire inside a colorado planned parenthood last year will be in court today. his mental health is expected to be discussed at the status hearing. -- a mental hospital since
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that attack. to decision 2016 and now this morning, we have the results of a new nbc news survey monkey poll just released. this survey shows if the election was held today, hillary clinton would defeat donald trump. also, there is a chance that arizona could go blue the first time since 1996. that is why senator bernie sanders, first lady michelle obama and chelsea clinton are heading to our state. team 12s brian west is live with more on good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. democrats are trying hard and pushing to turn this state blue. that is going to be the part of the strategy to have big speakers come to town. and today, we have bernie sanders. he's going to head to flagstaff around 2 there are to speak at northern arizona university. then down to -- then down to tucson at 7:00. tomorrow, chelsea clinton will
6:35 am
voting event in tempe in the afternoon. on thursday, you have first lady michelle obama who announced she's going to head into town. we don't know where she's going to speak but that she will be coming on thursday again. three big speakers to try and sway voters and possibly turn arizona blue the second time in the state's history. the first time happened in 1996 with bill clinton, now hillary's opponent donald trump has events in colorado and governor mike pence carolina. >> thank you. is three weeks before the presidential election, and he's dramatically expanded the ad buying in seven battleground states. he has a couple of rallies in colorado and continues to call the system rigged. >> i'll tell you. look, i will tell you. there is one of the great miscarriages of justice in the history of this country. >> yeah. >> the final presidential
6:36 am
12 news. >> the election is three weeks away. the arizona commission for election accountability is working to make sure that we do not have another voting disaster. nico santos has our team coverage of decision 2016. good morning, nico. >> reporter: we're at one of the popular polling places in the valley. this is the church of the be attitudes. give you a reminder here, if i can walk to the right, that is where you presidentual preference, but the line went past the other building to the sidewalk and around the corner and stayed that way for hours. some people waiting for more than five hours. in case we need to jog your memory, video shows the lines from across the valley out of the door and around the building. the coalition is planning to send monitors to sites in phoenix and tucson to be some are specific, in maricopa
6:37 am
and they formed after the presidential preference in march. come november 8th, you will see some volunteers at the polling locations to make sure voters are safe and they're not misinformed. the president said this is a movement to protect all voters, particularly minorities who perhaps would get bad information from poll workers. they have 100 volunteers and they looking to monitor 120 sites in maricopa and pima county. they need more volunteers. locations and anticipate a 30- minute wait tops. even then, they're going to have volunteers. if you plan, you can check out all of the information on >> thank you for the update. 6:37. politics are making more noise right now and vanessa and jimmy have that in your morning juice. >> uh-huh. good morning. so amy schumer learned the hard way that some fans get touch
6:38 am
politics. >> yeah. hundreds of people left a recent show in tampa. this morning, video is being shared of the incident. you want to see this. >> if you yell out, i will say thrown out. okay. so, everybody point to the people booing. [ laughter ] >> okay, so go. >> okay, so get this. the comedienne made some comments about people in her audience that supported donald she said he's an orange sexual assaulting fake college- starting monster. >> whoa. >> when some trump support every objected, she invited them to leave. believe it or not, hundreds of people did. she later asked security at the arena to toss others out who continued to complain about her anti- trump rant. >> wow. >> and really interesting. >> very bold of her. >> there were people at converts who have -- bono was talking about his causes and
6:39 am
causes, do your music. maybe it's the same thing for amy schumer. they talk about everything, too. they're supposed to. >> that is true. we keep it safe here, though. >> we keep it ac and dc. >> yes. and call it the ac/dc rule of international soccer. fifa banned rock concerts and other soccer event -- non- soccer events for two months before the 2018 tournament in russia. so ac/dc played a show in france weeks european championship match in june and france's coach called the tour a disaster because of the concert. and that is so true at chase field. when they have concerts over there, our foregrounds crew guy grant gets so upset. the grass gets messed up. >> and they're multiman at eats -- athletes, you know, you don't want them to twist an ankle or anything as well. the next story, you like the wizard of oz? this is fascinating. dorothy's ruby slippers need an injection of green. the smithsonian's national
6:40 am
kick starter campaign to save the famous red slippers from the wizard of oz. you remember those? the museum officials say they need $300,000 to repair the shoes and preserve the ruby slippers worn by judy garland in the 1939 movie. donors can get perks like posters, t-shirts and tote bags. experts note that movie props like ruby slippers weren't made to last. the colors are fading and the sequins are falling off. i love those red slippers. i can't ev they were worth 300,000. they need 300,000 to preserve them. >> i am sure they'll get the money. >> and we time for the juicy question and answer of the -- and time for the juicy question and answer of the morning. eighty% of us are happier if we do this? this is another hint. this could be the reason why many of us here in the studio have a small on our -- smile on our face? what is this? >> go on vacation. >> take on vacation now that i am thinking. >> yeah. >> and getting a massage would be way too easy.
6:41 am
indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> no way. >> we don't hang out at all. really. >> well, maybe not with you, jimmy, but the rest. >> the rest of us hang out. >> when i found out about the big party at your house that weekend. >> you didn't get the invite? >> she always puts it in the mailbox the -- mailbox the monday afternoon. here it is. >> oops. >> that is what happens when you snail mail. sports said they were about blood, sweat, and tears last night. one baseball player went a little heavy on >> and also, all parents want their kids to try their best in school, right? should you use cash as an incentive? this sparked a lot of talking debate. we're going to talk about it more in the morning mix.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
. good today morning, it's 6:44. in the morning mix, should you bribe your kids to get good grades? some parents on our staff do it and others on the shift are completely against it saying it hurts kids in the long-run. and so this morning, let's talk about cash en-- encontributives for as and bs and for jimmy, cs. >> bad, bay, no way. i group you with my tiger mom
6:45 am
get good grades, you need to get them anyway, regardless.
6:46 am
future and goals they want to achieve. bad grades, nothing will be achieved. their choice. >> and think abouto. my parents would say you get all cs, we will get i five school and got it from my mom. >> oh, yeah. >> it wasp acceptable. >> you had all as? >> so amazing. >> what is the reward going to be if you get the good grades andm didn't get paid? >> grades don't translate to income. >> yeah. >> if you get money, you get to buy your reward. >> yeah. >> either way.
6:47 am
with crystal. >> and there is a solid wall on the eastbound. what else is new at 6:46. and this crawl takes you downtown, the 35-minute ride from the 101 to downtown. that is all stop-and-go and search starting to feel the pinge of rush hour and in particular, we're going to break down the continue westbound. why not. 25 minutes. some of this speed dropping to state miles per hour and that is as you make yo 68 and starting out at queen creek and slow there from the 60 to the split. 202, red mountain now. once you hit the 101, you're hitting the brakes to 48 miles per hour. 12 minutes to take that to the men stack and pushing 20. it's back to the top speeds after that. for the future cast. this is the computer rendition for the 8:00 hour and this is what we think it's going to
6:48 am
getting longer, the mod slowing to the 101 and 60. and brakes to the 10. 31 miles an hour and touch and go, 101 northbound. eastbound and the 32 miles an hour before the 51. jimmy. looks like a high pressure forecast for us. outside, if you look live outside, the beautiful skies and i will show you that in just a moment. the high pressure, though, a nice dome sitting over our area and that can remember, because where we're sitting this time of october is not bad. that is above average. you can't complain about that. most of the afternoon is in the 8s and to 91 at 3:00 in the afternoon and fall into the 80s. the nights and the mornings will be cool. you will need sunglasses if you're driving around to the west or east. you're driving away from the sun and have that reflection from the car in front of you picking up that sun from the east. so, 91 degrees for the high. your average is 88. and we're not getting ripped off too bad. i will round up and say we're right there at average.
6:49 am
half and just pretty dry. more showers into the north. portland, oregon, pacific northwest, i love this weather. snow for the higher elevations and the cascades, that is mount shasta there and moving into mount bachelor, the snowfall there and good for the ski areas and the mountains and trees. omaha, nebraska, wichita, look for clear skies over there. of course, clear conditions from boston no e northbound into the mid-atlantic. for us, sunny skies and dry weather. so, what is going to happen, the storm track is probably through most of the next six days or so. things will start to change. we look to the northwest the next storm system is going to move in this time of the year. all the way through fall, winter, and early spring. bust off the weather, temperatures into the 60s, a cool and comfortable start for the kids. i am thinking short sleeves still. here we go. 45, good morning to you. flagstaff, winslow, 43 and a plethora of sunshine, temperatures spraying us to about 96 degrees for thursday
6:50 am
though, by next monday. all right, thank you, jimmy. somebody better call the folks in denver and tell them the cardinals are rising up and looking to become the next superbowl champs. the cards dismantled the new york jets last night on monday night football. the final score, 28-3. fantasy football owners loved david johnson and his three touchdowns. the quarterback carson palmer was also impressed by the running game. >> the way we ran the ball against that rush defense was incredible. and those guys are really, really good up front in the run game, and i think they're number one or two in the league in rush defense and ran the ball extremely effectively and finished out the game on 3rd and 10 with the big first down. don't think we had a sack all day. an unbelievable job up front. >> and glad to see carson palmer bounce back from that concussion. after the game, the coach praised red sea and tweeted the energy in our crowd was electorate tonight.
6:51 am
louder next week. of course, that is when we're going to be a part of the bird gang nation. join us this sunday night. the arizona cardinals host the seattle seahawks. we have special pregame coverage at 3:00 on 12 news and we'll give you an exclusive tourist cool sunday night football bus. and we have a warning for you this morning right here. dare to look here. the video that has been shared over and over on social twitter still. cleveland indians pitcher and former arizona diamondbacks trevor bower had to leave the game last night because of blood that was just dripping from his pinky. on friday, he cut himself working on a drone and he needed 10 stitches. apparently, the stitches broke open in the first inning of the game last night and he -- taken out. i can't imagine how painful that must be. >> oh. >> oh, my goodness. hopefully wish him the best
6:52 am
cleveland up 3 games on zero in the american league championship series. our producer jeff going crazy over this. >> go tribe. and game three, the national league championship series happens tonight in los angeles. tram's dodgers and the cubs are tied at one game apiece. the game starts at 5:00. for those who like to wager, the cubs are slightly favored even on the road. >> and my husband is so happy right now. the time now is 6:52. we have a final check of weather and traffic head on tout -- out to start the day.
6:54 am
6:55 am
. welcome back to 12 today. 6:55 on this victory tuesday. we want to see pictures of the bird gang nation gang. share them with us on twitter, facebook, and instagram. not just today from the big win last night, but all of this week as we look forward to taking on the seattle sea soy hawks and that -- seahawks. that is sunday night football on 12 news and in glenndale. light get a final check of the traffic. here's crystal. >> the hov lane is no longer an option on the 02 red mountain westbound on the mini sack because this is holding things up. that is causing a domino affect here and we have a slowdown
6:56 am
now. it's 15 minutes to go from the 101 to the mini stack and push to 20 minutes here pretty soon. so, expect kind of the delays to keep mounting here. in the meantime, we have a red zone on the 101 northbound right around ray and warnerton. westbound starting things off at chandler boulevard. ten eastbound, it's just very long stretch there. so, breaking that for you, about 50 minutes ago from the 303 to downtown. some of the speed readings are in the teens, by the way. 17 southbound, 34 miles an from 101-stack and 25 from stack to split. jimmy. and this morning, 45 degrees in flagstaff. the winslow, a beautiful cool 43 and 52 for show low. this is the rest of today, 90s throughout south-central arizona, 88 for stafford, showlow, a high of 71 and mostly sunny skies. 64, sunshine and beautiful for flagstaff. 75 for prescott. sedona, 78; 89 for lake havasu. clear skies, smooth sailing for the next seven days.
6:57 am
we're going to watch the low pressure coming in by next week. tram? >> and thank you, jimmy. this is news that you can really use this morning. why do tomatoes lose flavor in the fridge? >> a new study said it's because some of their jeeps are chilling out and that discovery might help scientist solve a problem. cooling tomatoes can stop them from making certain substances contributing to the taste. that robs the fruit of the flavor, whether it happens in a home refrigerator or cold re grocery store shelf. the researchers are thinking about breeding to natos that resist that problem. and just also know, too, a bit of more news that you -- tomatoes that resist that problem. >> and just know, that when you get them back from the grocery store, don't put them in the fridge. put it on the counter and let them ripen more getting the juices flowing and it's delicious. there is nothing better than backyard tomatoes. >> oh. that you throw from your own garden. >> and bringing my backyard's tomatoes, the best.
6:58 am
>> we have grown them before. that is the way to go. and final takeaways, the smithsonian needs $300,000 to repair the ruby red slippers from the wizard of oz. at last check, checked a few moments ago, they're at $36,000 on the kick starter campaign. >> yeah. >> they have a ways to go. >> jimmy? >> and that was nie start there. i was amazed by that as well. the takeaway. >> so much. >> and they were not real but they were props. not made to last. >> yeah. >> and lots -- lots of sequins. >> falling off there. >> andow win? >> yeah. >> and that is my takeaway. >> mine is the new christmas story with jennifer aniston. i'm excited to see that. looks funny. >> looks great. so does bad santa 2 coming out. i need one of the masks to get a date. >> oh. >> speed dating. >> it's about personality. >> what is that is about. don't forget, 12 news is always
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. fight to the finish. >> people that have died ten years ago still voting. donald trump defiantly sticks to his claims of voter fraud even as high-profile members of his own party say melania trump addressing for the first time those accusations and trump's lewd comments on a hot mike. >> sometimes i say i have two young boys at home. i have my son and my young husband. while hillary clinton's e-mail scandal comes back to bite her. did a state department official try to strike a quid pro quo deal with the fbi to have an e-mail sent to her marked unclassified. direct hit.


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