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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop, starts now. 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. it is the most talked about 12news story in the hours. dogs going missing in an east valley neighborhood. and, the owners believe a neighbor has them. tonight, that woman defends herself saying she has no plans to give the dog back. >> hero cops who jumped into the water who save the man trapped inside. speaking now to 12news. >> as we arrived, i saw the white suv. >> mom packs her lunch every day with a special message. years later see the special
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high risk beauty. why some women are paying for manicures using potentially dangerous scorpions. >> and we go behind the scenes with cast members of this is us. what they are revealing about tonight's episode. our big story is one that continues to top 24 hours later after we exclusively first told you about it. two separate families in a santan valley neighborhood convinced r >> tonight, the woman admitting to 12news she does have one of the pets. and she says she will not give him back. >> tonight, authorities say because of that, they are opening a criminal investigation. team 12's monique griego has the very lathest from both sides. >> reporter: she also defended herself saying she didn't steal the dog. that she feels attacked and has no plans to give the dog up.
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and they got a confession. >> just so grateful they are giving us the chance to really show them everything that we have to prove that it is snoop. >> reporter: last night, 12news told you how snoop, the four- year-old boston terrier disappeared from their yard in june. their suspicions he had been stolen gained momentum after he was spotted at a house known to have multiple dogs around the corner. carly todd says the elderly woman who live theres refused to >> it was an alternate excuse that was used for law enforcement to not have to get involved in a sticky situation. it seems a bit ridiculous to me. if they have information that a crime has been committed, it is their responsibility and duty to investigate the crime. >> reporter: it is state law after six days of searching for the owner, the dog or cat is automatically theirs.
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go to court. that changed when the woman we are not identifying confessed that the dog belongs to the neighbors. she found notary snoop, didn't see any of the missing science and has no plans to give the dog back. two neighbors defended the woman saying she is a good person and would never steal the dog. >> i don't want any harm to come to her. i don't, i just want snoop the way he was, h and i want him back with my family. >> we will continue following this story and let you know what happens. reporting from sant iana valley, monique griego, 12news at 10:00. we are following breaking stories now. about 18-year-old is in critical condition tonight after a possible gang shooting near 17th avenue and buckeye road. witnesses telling police shots were fired during a fight involving a group of men. and a desperate search is
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disappearing over the weekend in honolulu off the coast of hawaii. he was with their uncle when their small boat capsized. the uncle was able to swim ashore, but locklard never surfaced. we brought you in story last night at 10:00 of a dramatic rescue after a car plunged into a pond in chandler. the driver who had just suffered a heart attack was trapped inside. >> that is when a wis sprung into action. and tonight, we are talking exclusively. >> i ran back to my car. got my tire iron. jumped into the lake again. broke through the window. pulled his foot off of the accelerator and i started doing chest confessions. that is when the police officer arrived over here. >> tonight, we are talking exclusively to those chandler police officers who helped pull him out. >> it is a story you will only
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[ sirens ] >> we had in idea what we were getting into. all we knew is there was an accident. and we were responding. >> there were a couple of citizens on the shore saying hey, they are over there, kind of thing. >> as we arrived i saw the white suv half submerged in the bond. >> stripped our gear off and jumped in. >> and to see someone in i have to get him out. >> it was a little bit of a struggle to get him out of the vehicle. >> we both appreciate the civilian's help and travis being able to pull the gentleman out. without him, we couldn't have done it ourselves. >> at the end of the day, our job is to serve the community. >> one small glimpse at what we do and the ability we have to do people, that is why we put the uniform on. and here is some more hot headlines across our state
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interest in connection with this massive blaze that ripped through a construction site over the weekend. it happened near gilbert road and guadeloupe. and investigators are releasing video of atf agents combing through the clues. they are looking for a young man seen in the area wearing a maroon asu sweatshirt with dark gym shorts. if you have any videos of pictures of gilbert fire. and we are getting a look at a suspected burglar. 23-year-old jordan lemons allegedly punched the cop in the head several times after being escorted off a bus. the officer then used a tazer to subdue him. and peoria police are warning people of a jury duty scam where someone calls saying they need to pay for failing to appear in court. they say police will never ask for payment over the phone. so, don't fall for it.
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see on 12news tonight. a tempe mother has taken her gift of drawing and turn it into something that will put a smile on your face. her art is on display every day, but you have to go to our daughter's school to see it. kevin kennedy has the story. >> reporter: she will tell you her heart is a bit rough. full of mistakes. but all she cares about is having her little girl get excited just for a few seconds and in doing that, she shows all of drawing and a message can go. every school day. >> all right! >> reporter: joanne packs a lunch for her daughter. eight years ago, joanne learned this bubblely little girl with the pink glasses has down's syndrome. life would not be like most. and that is okay, because special is good. >> she makes me think about each day as being precious. >> reporter: when you look at
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you can't help but smile. >> she is worth every second. >> reporter: and like many parents, joanne wanted to share that love. so every lunch she makes comes with a special napkin. >> kind of brighten her day. let her know i was thinking ant her. >> reporter: she spends ten minutes drawing a picture. some have messages. maya drinking out ever a cup for the first time or tackling the stairs. many start the that happiness she brings me. >> reporter: what started three years ago with this sketch back in kindergarten has become something amazing. 462 tiny napkins later joanne created a memory book on the simplest canvas. >> they became more about her life. and what she does every day. >> reporter: napkins cover the walls. others stacked on desks. more in shoe boxes. but, the first place they go
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maya doing the honors. >> good job, baby! >> reporter: joanne now chronicling all of them. every napkin photographed. >> i really feel a lot of joy. having her. and, i want to share that with the world. >> reporter: that joy shared every school day. on of all things, something most of us throw away. now, joanne's napkins will be on display for all to see coming up in november. dozens of sketches and messages will be framed an hunged at the milette house gallery in mid november. it is appropriately titled happiness is .... great mother. great daughter. >> yeah. wonderful story. and, she is a good artist. >> wonderful. the best part of this whole thing, i say maya let's get a picture. she puts an arm around me and she wanted a selfie. >> of course she does.
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great story. you are supposed to avoid scorpions so why are some women using them for beauty purposes? >> after you watch this surveillance video, you will never turn your back again at the gas station. >> and coming soon to 12news ... >> do with me what you want to uncle sam. >> welcome to the army! take your time! >> one, two. >> i'm here to serve you. life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness. i >> have you ever been scared? >> you know, that sheer moment of terror? well, spread that out to about two-and-a-half years. i felt like i had died. and, i was in hell.
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>> i was committed to taking my life. >> sitting on a river bank with a gun to my head. >> when i woke up after my suicide attempt, i was treated like a criminal. >> we were losing more to suicide than we are in battle. >> sir, our computers say you are not a veteran. and who the hell?
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>> here are more hot headlines across the country. the judge was shot in the head
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the judge presides over el chapo's case. they held a moment of silence for him. a brazen theft in broad daylight and it was caught on camera. a woman in florida pulls up to a gas pump and seconds later another car pulls up to another pump next to her while she has her back turned. the other driver crouches down, opens her car door and takes her purse and just drives away. they stole about $600 in and merchandise, plus the woman's keys. and samsung is trying to prevent fire from galaxy note 7 phones from getting onto airplanes. they can bring them to tables like this one at reagan national and exchange it for another phone or even get a refund. airport officials say only a handful have been turned in so far. but, travelers say they are glad the phones are not gets on
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around the country will be waiting to hear who will be our next president. >> and on the eve of their make or break final debate, donald trump mocked hillary clinton for prepares. >> but, he aimed the bulk of his attacks on the media and the system in the wake of more unflattering fallout from clint's private e-mails. >> you can't believe anything you see. i don't even believe the polls. >> as trump doubles down on his claims of election fraud, indiana, home of running mate thousands of names and birth dates have been changed on election forms. it is not clear how or why. >> but, president obama says that cheating won't be trump's undoing. >> it is time for trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes. >> trump has invited president obama's half brother to the debate. malik obama has a home near the nation's capitol and he says he is voting for trump.
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mothers of people killed in the benghazi terror attacks. >> democrats are here trying to get our state to go blue for the first time in decades. bernie sanders rallied at the u of a campus for hillary clinton. he talked about minimum wage, climate change, and college tuition in flagstaff. but overall, his message to the crowds of thousands was very clear. clinton is the only candidate fit to he said "dare say there had not been in the modern history of america or the entire history of our country, a person less qualified from a character point of view or a policy point of view than donald trump to become president." and, two other big names are headed to arizona this week to campaign for clinton. tomorrow, daughter chelsea is attending a rally at asu and first lady michelle obama will
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tomorrow night. you can watch it live right here on 12news. coverage begins at 6:00. then stick around for an all- new blind spot. then on 12news at 9:00 and 10:00. a body language expert will be breaking down the candidate's performances and we will have reaction from the voter panel. and we are counting down to jimmy. we have less than 15 minute to go until the tonight show kick off right after 12news at 10:00. >> tonight, his guest who earned a bachelor's in business from asu in the 80s and the cast of stranger things. >> here is an exclusive clip from what jimmy has planned for you tonight. take a look. >> oh, you can't do that. >> let's see if you hit. >> i don't want crap. >> isn't this fun? [ laughter ] >> well, well, well, what's up little dudes?
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virgins and dragons? >> so, they go onto play a hilarious game together called stranger things. >> yeah, and if you are a big fan of that netflix hit, if you happen to see it, it was a lot of fun. if you are thinking of dressing up as the stranger things creature for halloween. >> listen up. there is a costume tutorial and it is horrifying. it shows you how to create incredibly realistic open mouth mask of the creature that terrorized the small town in the show. >> it will take some commitment including two hours of prep time, another 30 minutes for application. but apparently, it is well worth it. >> looks like it. the list of needed supplies include wire, masking tap, liquid latex, and of course, some fake runny blood. >> that looks like a lot of work. but there are some really creative people out there. so i bet you, that looks pretty
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show this is us, it had its emotional second episode right here on channel 12 tonight. >> following 12news at 10:00, visit us at to continue the journey with a new online journey called this was us. >> and here is another special inside look from the creator and some of the show's cast. >> jack is in the spot where he is wanting to do the best he can as a father. and make things fun. and like, i can dad made things fun when i was a kid. he was a goofy dad, but at the same time, i know my dad always had an eye on us. this is the moment in the fourth episode where jack, he has to focus more on kate than he did on ken. when we were doing that, i still ... there were moments when parker was in the pool and i'm sitting on the side. i see you pal. and i sit down. but then i glance back over my shoulder just to get one extra look.
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get that one extra look. i will know that he is there. >> yep. >> i will know where i last saw him. but getting completely distracted into another moment of rebecca worried about these kids and we are eating lunch and she is not eating and this note comes out. as a parent, that has to be hard, too. >> hey, we are interested to hear from you to share your comments with us about what you think. on our 12news facebook page. an remember, watch a new episode of the show every tuesday at 8:00 p.m. all it is one of the great things about being in the press. the ability to pick things apart after they happen. it is what we do here every tuesday night on would a could a should have. bruce cooper joins me tonight. we are starting with asu and the would a. would you have left manny wilkins as quarterback saturday night against colorado? >> uh ... no vanessa, i would no have
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night. look. it became blatantly obviously that manny was not the same quarterback we saw the first four games when he was healthy. his mobility is a big part of his game. without it, he was not even a threat to run the read option. he also lacked a zip on his pass simply because he was not able to plant or push off on that sprained ankle. look. you have already burned a red shirt freshman dylan sterling. play the kid. give him reps and experience. last saturday was a perfe before this season ends. >> all right, moving on. now, apparently, there is a controversy again over asu stealing signs and it is once again reared its ugly head. but, with the defense playing so poorly, could they really be benefiting from doing something like this coop? >> yeah. [ laughter ] if you are stealing signs, that could certainly play to your advantage. and you no doubt expect to see that play dividends on the field or even on the
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worst pass defense in the conference and one of the worst in the nation says one of two things. either asu is really bad at stealing signals or, there is not a lot of depth to these accusations. >> oh, i see. all right, and now, let's switch over to the cardinals. a nice win certainly over the jets with a lot of production from the run game. now, let me ask you this. should bruce arians embrace this new approach on offense? >> absolutely yes. should embrace this new approach. make no mistake about it. david johnson is a beast and one of the best running backs in the game. so, feed the beast. especially with the cardinals passing game out of sync and not producing. oh, by the way, i have david johnson in my fantasy team. so yeah, that is another good reason. just saying. >> just saying right coop?
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could have. thanks coop. remember everybody, this sunday, it is the cardinals and the seahawks on sunday night football. and that is right. the game is on us. we have special pregame coverage starting at 3:00 on 12news. and then, right after the game, you can watch 12 sports tonight overtime for all of the live post game coverage. from the stadium. caribe? >> thanks vanessa. just like today, we are going to have a fantastic day across the valley tomorrow. waking up, a nice fresh start there at 67 degrees. 74 as we head into hour, by lunchtime, probably, nice to do lunch on the patio, temperatures will be at about 84. and then, we are topping out tomorrow at 92, so, still, above that average, of about 87 degrees. today's average was 88 and we hit a high of 90. so normally this time of year, we are about the hottest place across the nation, but not the case today. today, we had highs around 92 in dallas. 91 in jackson. we have a strong ridge of high pressure that is producing those really warm temperatures.
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moves in and starts to cool things down gradually. meanwhile, we have snowfalling down in the rockies just north of denver, stretching all the way up into cheyenne, wyoming. and yet, another disturbance moving through that part of the country. meanwhile, we stay nice and dry here in the valley as high pressure kind of protects us from that storm track. it keeps it well up to the north. and in the meantime, we will just see our temperatures actually increase a little bit so we are looking at a high of 96 we come down a little bit for the weekend. looks great. but next week, we have a storm that makes it in and it brings us a 10% chance of rain on monday. don't go to bed just yet. still to come on 12news at 10:00, a risky beauty trend that will make your skin crawl. >> and, our omg video of the night will have you on your feet. 12news is back in less than
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message, because you deserve leaders you can trust. >> time for coop's mvp of the night. and coop, i don't think all of our wonderful cubs fans will like your choice. >> i guarantee you, cubs fans will not like my choice. but they have to deal with it. hey, my mvp of the night is the dodgers pitching staff.
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the cubs' bunt. 6-0 the final. that is 18 straight scoreless innings. 12 of which the cubs have been retired. dodgers lead 2-1. in the alcs, the toronto blue jays beat the cleveland indians. the indians are still in a great position though. mike smith falls back. injures his left knee. ha w ice. cold off the bench, 12 seconds later, chris kelly lights the lamp. a close 3-2 game is turned into a 7-4 win. coyotes lose their first of the season. record walls to 1-1. this one, threw me for a loop. it is turn back the clock tuesday. and here, we have a potentially risky beauty trend that we need to tell you about. >> yeah, it is just outside of mexico city. a new nail fashion craze is
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manicures. >> that's right. check this out. the process consists of having a scorpion glued to one or two of your fingernails. now, garcia is a scorpion enthusiast. she started it in her hometown of durango, mexican. she buys dead scorpion babies and inn venomous after they die. well, don't go away.
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>> it is our omg video of the night. a dancing police officer, he nails beyonce's moves at a high school pep rally in virginia. >> he definitely nails them. now, according to mashable. he learned the entire formation dance from beyonce the night before this rally. are you kidding me? >> he is also a motivational speaker and works with relationships between the community and the police. now you see why. >> goodnight. >> captions by:caption
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade, the kids from


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