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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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sequel to this viral story. ???adlib & toss jimmy
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right now we have breaking news along i-17 near carefree highway.authorities on the scene of a crash that was caused by a wrong way driver. e're told the driver appeared to be impaired and was going to going in the south lanes. thankfully... there are no serious injuries.these a live let's go over to now.... let's go over to krystle
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fresh off the third and final debate -- presidential politics returns to the valley. first lady michelle obama is coming to downtown phoenix. team 12's jen wahl is outside
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as expected... donald trump was busy tweeting in the middle of the night.four hours
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ohio. thank you america- i am honored to win the final debate for our movement. it is time to drain the swamp for everything that was discussed during the debate... all across america people are talking about immigration. donald trump sticking to his plan to build a wall... and then he used the term -- "bad hombres" as las vegas prepared for last night's debate...the threat of a taco truck take-over became a reality...opponents of g-o-p
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wall of 35 taco trucks in front of the trump international las vegas hotel. the protest, organized in part by the culinary workers union, came together after a trump supporter warned that the expansion of latino culture in the u-s could lead to "taco trucks on every corner." hillary clinton rallied supporters at a watch party in north las vegas shortly after the debate wrapped up.and as she did during the debate, clinton spoke strongly about immigration reform in 15 minutes in 15 minutes we will go live to las vegas for more reaction to last night.and you may not realize this... clinton and trump will this... clinton and trump will again share a stage tonight.. though in far different circumstances, as each appears at a charity dinner in new york city. in sports... it's game
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series between the chicago cubs and los angeles is tied up at two games a piece. game five tonight is in los angeles. this is what it this is what it could look like at 12 news.... if we are number one in november sweeps.the celebration the celebration was flowing last night as the cleveland indians advanced to the world se only station with a reporter who was at the game.for reaction... here is team 12's dave chudowsky in toronto. toss to the morning toss to
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toss to the morning juice.... juice....morning toss to the
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the morning juice.... we start the morning juice talking politics.during the debate last night... meghan mccain was all over social media.she tweeted out that quote:"america is the loser" shortly after that -- she was done talking about issues and turned to instagram and snapchat.meghan... the daughter of senator mccain... made both the candidates,
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filter... maybe helps the candidates look more likable to the american people.chris wallace is the real winner of this debate. america is the loser. at least this one was substantive this one was substantive and stayed on topic amy schumer is sorry - sort of - for what went down at her concert in tampa, florida earlier this week. she has issued a sarcastic apology for the flap which she criticized donald trump. she says she is sorry for trying to have a conversation about her views on politics. she vowed to go to rehab to learn how to please everyone. and guess who is back?this giant inflatable pumpkin.a year ago... this video from peoria was shared around the world as the 25 foot pumpkin tore through the streets.we even brought the pumpkin to the 12 news plaza.pumpkin to
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learning that the pumpkin will return to peoria's annual halloween festival on october 29th. time now time now for your juicy question of the morning.. a recent survey found this is the biggest turn off for millennials when it comes to relationships. when it comes to our parents and our relationships.. this is not seen as such a big deal. what is this????adlib ???adlib this????adlib do you ever feel over-worked? or does the boss constantly change your schedule?still to come... we look at whether it's okay to take a sick day out of spite. and we are going live to las
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political world by refusing to say whether he'd accept the outcome of the election. ####break#### ####break#### ?? traffic ?? ?? traffic ?? ?? traffic ?? ####break#### ?? traffic ?? ???adlib
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how many times have you gone onto facebook... seen a friend post something... and you want to scream "stop sharing this... it's not real"still to come... a professor at a-s-u talks about the growing problem of your friends being fooled by news... that is not really news. you saw the candidate clash last let's look two minutes we go to las vegas to discuss the next two and weeks of the
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campaign weeks of the next two and discuss the vegas to discuss the next two and weeks of the campaign trail. ####break########break#### ####break####
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####break#### the last presidential debate is over, and this morning there's reaction to donald
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the election results if he loses. team 12's tracie potts is live from las vegas.... ////// what's standing out this morning with the fact-
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for more reaction to the presidential debate.... stick around for the today seven o'clock both mike pence and tim kaine will deliver their talking points. and come this sunday... relax on the couch and turn us on. the cardinals host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football.we have special pregame coverage starting at 3 o'clock on 12 news... then after the game, watch 12 sports tonight overtime for all the live post game coverage from the stadium. plus... tomorrow morning on 12
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the sunday night football bus. also tomorrow morning... we want to send you to the game. cardinals fans -- you can win two free tickets to see the sunday night football game in glendale-- live in person-- by just watching krystle, matt and jimmy!watch 12 today-- tomorrow morning during our 6- am hour -- for your chance to win! we need you we need you to join team 12 in ano battle between cards and hawks fans -- to answer the question -- which team has the best fans? all you have to do is show your spirit by tweeting or instagramming shots of you, your family and friends geared up for game day -- using the hashtag bird gang. and this saturday... the a-s-u sun devils are going back to the past,the sun devils will wear their maroon and gold sparky uniforms for the homecoming gameasu's old- school helmets will feature the classic sparky today's college football... we are used to seeing teams now
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uniforms.stacia.. you're a big college football fan... do you like old school or new school when it comes to your teams.... your teams.... (adlib) ahead in our next half hour of 12 today:some of the most absurd excuses used by people to call in sick.and is it ever okay to call in sick.... out of spite? plus how gullible or naive are your friends?too much fake news is ending up on facebook.
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this half hour overworked and unappreciatedare those ever good reasons to take a sick day?plus in less than an hour... a huge christmas delivery for the valley.and what is the top halloween candy in arizona. ???adlib & toss jimmy


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