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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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a women ready to protest a man who made some comments about the article of clothing. plus... a shift in demand. the difference arizona's largest electricity company is seeing thanks to rooftop solar panels.and she's already playing the super bowl. today... is the anticipation is over.lady gaga drops a new album. right now... check out this severe weather video.this morning... winds have knocked out power in parts of pennsylvania .a gas s the town of lamar served as a shelter from the storm for some drivers.that is until lighting knocked out the power. the wet weather is expected to continue throughout the day.jimmy... thankfully we don't have anything like this coming towards the valley ???adlib weather
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???adlib traffic hot headlines from across the images coming in this morning... as large clouds of black smoke can be seen billowing up from a strategically important iraqi town, northeast of mosul. for hours... new airstrikes have been ongoing.this is all part of the offensive to recapture the city of mosul from isis. this morning a strong earthquake has shaken japan. the quake has a preliminary magnitude of six-point-six... shaking the country's west.the earthquake shook buildings including a city center, injuring some people.there
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at nuclear plants. you might not like the candidates... but many are interested in what they have to say.for american voters, it was the ultimate reality tv show: the three-episode face-off between hillary clinton and donald trump. the ratings support the idea that people found the presidential debates to be must-see tv. the wednesday night debate and the first one in the series have become two of the three most-watched debates in u-s history. the debate two nights ago... drew in more than 71 million viewers. donald trump is still avoiding a firm commitment to accepting the november election results if he loses the presidential race to hillary clinton. he would accept "a clear election result" but has reserved his right to "contest or file a legal challenge" if he loses. he vows he won't lose. new this morning... two men... hit by a car.. one of them is 12's bryan west is live with the still developing
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hot headlines across the valley a pedestrian is dead after an overnight happened near 36th avenue and bethany home road.police say the victim was crossing the road when he was hit by a vehicle that sped off. today... two people are set to be sentenced for the death of a two year old girl.back in 2012... 'savannah allison clement have both pled guilty to second degree murder caught on camera... tempe police chase down a suspected thief.body camera video shows the suspect fleeing through alleys and backyards with the officer in pursuit.the officer was finally able to catch the guy and bring him under arrest. stick around... coming up at 6:30.... team 12's kevin kennedy talks to the officer
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average time for peak power demand in the summer is significantly later than from four years ago, largely because of the increasing popularity of rooftop solar. a-p-s. says the average summer peak during 2016 was 5:15 p.m. that's 45 minutes later than the 4:30 p.m. average peak during summer months in 2012. the later shift in demand for is when the sun is descending and solar power on the declining. and this morning... the sun is shining on the newest member of the 12 news family.emma jade and her husband are welciming their daughter beverly to the family.beverly weighs in at 7lbs, 4oz, and just under 20 inches.and big brother eli was excited to meet his little sister!
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in the morning in the morning juice right now... something big is dropping.jimmy is considered a little monster who's had a few bad romances.... which make you wonder if he was born this way.lady gaga's fifth studio album, joanne, is available this follows 2013's big disappointment... artpop, her to date. gaga, 30, has scaled back the pageantry and doubled down on authenticity. she says the album helps reinvent herselfand now her little monsters will have new music just in time for halloween
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looks like janet jackson may have a royalty bump to go with her baby bump. and she can thank donald trump.when donald trump tried to put down hillary clinton as "such a nasty woman" - it meant an upward spike for jackson's 1986 hit, "nasty." spotify says streams of the song are up 250 won't release specific numbers - but it's clear that people online made the connection between trump's attempt at an insult and jackson's song. janet has not commented on the song's resurgence. time for your juicy question of the morning.studies show that a majority of children
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do this. but you don't a study to tell but you don't a do this. but you don't a study to tell you that this is not going to stopwhat is this? time for your juicy question of the morning.surveys show that 60 percent of people think men should never wear
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it's an experience unlike any other.the nbc sports sunday night football sports sunday night football bus has cruised into the valleyand we are taking you and what does snoopy have in common with people who work in t-v news?after 30 years of service... the corporate folks send you into retirement.we'll tell you why snoopy... is now unemployed. ####break####
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your 12 today trivia is all taylor is out with the sunday night football bus. so our question to you.. what arizona cardinals player is featured on the sunday night football bus? think about it and guess.. no cheating online. we'll have your answer in a half hour. as if you need a reminder.... the cardinals host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football.we have special pregame coverage starting at 3 o'clock on 12 news... then
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all the live post game coverage from the stadium.. the sunday night football bus is already in town.jay taylor has left the studio this morning... and is live over in
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don't forget... we want to send you to the game.cardinals fans -- you can win two free tickets to see the sunday night football by sticking with us this morningwe are going to give two tickets away during our 6-am hour. ?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic
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weather if you haven't made plans for halloween yet -- then come down to the 12 news plaza for our kids and pets costume parade.just make sure your kids and pets are all dressed and ready to go by 3:30pm on halloween -- here at 200 east van buren.anyone is welcome to come out of the doghouse and now out on the streets.still to
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plus... the argument over yoga pants.should they stay in the gym... or can you wear them to the grocery store? ####break#### store?grocery store?
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####break#### ####break#### wall street will look to end the week on a positive note. the nasdaq may open higher, thanks to microsoft's strong
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the stock could open at an all- time high.there's no economic data today, but look for more earnings from the likes of general electric, honeywell and mcdonald's. good grief - and good riddance! snoopy has become the latest layoff victim. the lovable peanuts character has been cut loose as the face of insurance company metlife. the beagle has been part of the metlife ad campaign for 31 years - or 217 in dog years. but the company is banishing him from the because it is ditching its domestic retail life insurance business to focus on corporate clients who don't care about snoopy. a florida state trooper comes to the rescue and saves an injured bald eagle. dash camera video shows trooper julio velez picking up the eagle and taking it to animal control. it was hit by a jeep on a busy highway.
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again. the trooper had a couple puncture wounds from the bird's talons. he says he has no regrets and will proudly bear those scars. this weekend.... yoga pants-wearing women plan to parade through a coastal rhode island town. listen to this. they are protesting a man who says the outfits look tacky and ridiculous. the providence journal reports sunday to show they can wear whatever they want. their outrage is in response to a letter that someone wrote to the local newspaper in the town of barrington he said he can't stand seeing yoga pants on "mature, adult women." the women the women are calling his comments sexist and are planning to parade down his street -- and stand in front of his house...
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it was a massive fire that could be seen for miles.people had to evacuate their homes. and this morning... investigators say the inferno was no accident. bryan west live tease and it's one of the most iconic american flags of this ur 9-11... will fly high... across the valley. and guess who is coming back to daytime television this afternoon?only on 12 today... why oprah will sit down with t-d jakes.
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right now on 12 today, two dogs trained to help others, now need your help. after they were taken from their owners and dumped in a park. >> >> plus can oprah turn the tide in the presidential erection? only on 12 today, what she's


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