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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on 12 today, two dogs trained to help others, now need your help. after they were taken from their owners and dumped in a park. >> >> plus can oprah turn the tide in the presidential erection? only on 12 today, what she's
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polls. and that chunky hue jackman, old and worn out. say it aid and abet so but we have a sneak peak at his new movie head coming up. >> we begin with jimmy q and your forecast. it is a warmer than it has been and is this a sign of the things to come. >> yesterday from middle 90s today upper 80s today. still dark outside at 6:01 oh, making plans for weekend as we want things to go nice and slow. it is a great day. high temperature today i want to get to the state temperatures off the bat. 81 in presscott. lots of sunshine and 95 today. 93 to 97 a nice mild start but by this afternoon, we are heading up top ten above average. there's rain on the way i will
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>> the way i rook at that is we're three away from tipal digits. this is nonsense, jimmy look at the -- there's a career at 95th avenue. it is left but boy is it roy see, reenforcing the gawk y action to slow you done down even more than you would expect. also things picking up on the 17 southbound. how mer sect is this? i have the drive times for both, 26 minutes the 303 to downtown averaging speeds in the 30s. there's some stop and go where you are drop swag if 20s. that's just the average. 15 minutes that right and for the 29 southbound, 29 minutes 47 miles per hour, after the stack on the 15 it is minute ride. one certain dead after being run over by a car. team 12 brian west is live with the latest.
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what are police telling you about this case. >> very chaotic scene out here p. you can see fbi gas pumps. it is very letter and open for business i have tell you there was crime scene tape all around this area. phoenix police full egg us the driver of a pick up instruct the doe of a lip began arguing and fighting in this lieutenant. he pulls out an air mistoll looks like an r-15 the girlfriend to man who was getting calorie beat, she slides to driver's seat and slams on the gas running over both men hitting them with the car: wear told they were transport today hospital the woman's boyfriend is in ucu. he has head injurys from the air pistol and from the car bumper. the driver of the pick fun was
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extremely critical condition. we are told he has died. say the has has been deep bocked charge. he investigations to 1112. who hits athis is that a huge fire at an apartment lex gilbert was has been ruled a form of carson and reregard top 30 orthotics dollars for pep -- >> the also this morning a former mmm fighter is set to be coin with form of mirrors is facing a lot of charms. last month he allegedly assaulted a woman in scottsdale. he picked up a passed without
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parking garage and sexually assaulted her inside. a form ernie sa police officer arrested for second degree murder. 12 news will have a reporter mr. room for today's hearing. office area a stands accused of shooting around pam. the trial is set to begin in may of next year. >> an american flag that has become an iconic michigan will in ear arizona. flame whichprops move testify -- it is set to be raised at 2:00 by new york city fight fire fighters. >> if phoenix couple making a heart-felt play too the man who stole the dogs and dumped them in a park. >> the enore ifs think got out while the house cleaner was
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they're service dogs, trained it hem with anxiety-f -- after searching all night and offering a $200 reward. someone called saying they saw someone dump thanksgivings a. cary hit chat which a leaving herrier her head, leg and eyes. >> my all right emergencyment i have had to keep it with me hand to keep it inc they hope someone will come forward and do. we're of course also here at 12 noon playing for a seat recovery, no plans for the weekend? let's see if we can change that. >> we will see what's happening all around the valley. >> my question to you then is how often do you lay down and dance?
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my favorite country music art impart brooks. you are watching 12 today. -- artist, gather brooks.
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i learned as a police officer and a business ople's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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>> good morning. a gorgeous look at a friday morning. it is 75 degrees. we will talk about how warm it will get in a few minutes but first at 6:10. we have your morning juice. >> reporter: he has got friends in low places and knows how to make the thunder roll. we could go all day long. of course, we are country music icon garth brooks who stopped by ellen today to talk about his tour and new musicking. >> when he came out of retirement he was actually terrified nobody would come and sew -- would come and see his show. >> you would think you would lose some audience. i mean 14 years is a long time. >> it is. everything moves on and everything has its time. so when we announced chicago the opening city, i didn't know what was going to happen.
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>> well, about four or five minutes into the on sale, you get phone call that's never good, okay. it is like oh crap. i look and i go, they're in the third or fourth show in the fourth or fifth inning. so we end up doing 11 nights. >> look at that. >> oh yeah. he has way more than enough hits to go almost classic tours rig on hawaii catch ellen today for an exclusive lay down and dance. >> it is all coming up at 3:00. he will perform new music. >> i have to say i want to he his show face in se kiss cardiovascular cuss. he takes song request requesting i did an extra minutes. does he industrial a good range, voice still sound the
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phenomenal. wolverine is whack and older and wiser. aka wolverine three droped and remarking up mull millions online. >> -d millions online. >> someone has. >> i will make you. ? i ? i would find a way. you still have time. >> ? this guy is a machine. hugh jackson says it will be the last time fans will see his him as solve even. >> he's losing self healing powers but has found his successor, law who who refinds to protect out the rid the
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theater in march. >> what do you think? you are a mu vie buff. >> he is maybe hacking it up at the right time too. surveys show that 65% think men should never wear this to work in an atractive look for them. >> sports jerseys? i they're meant for sunday or whatever day your favorite team plays but not for work. >> i am thinking an athletic pants that looks fancy but are not acceptable. >> a hawaiin shirt. >> flip flop, what about flip flops. >> i don't know i like the hawaii shirt now that you said that. that's a gear one.
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traffic is building -- dragging its heels on the satellite. starting about glenn when you leave the house it is probably a good game plan for this morning. there's no crashes in your way on the 17 but ton 10 we've had a double whammy. an earlycrash in tunnel long since gone. we have gleaned the plate of that. it is lucky lous brick enforce. it is 25 to the 101. that is a glitch on the 10. just a really model's slowing on. if you are going to be heading out of town perhaps heading out to california here. one lane will get you by to state route 85. this going to lass from --
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can get, broadway take you to and hop on the so from there. alts all leans off bach is going to detour. avoice that use new you haydenton and use the 51 or -- the cones are going to be pulled up saturday or sunday afternoon time frame. plans on sun. in mean tile you will second out the 6 show pay cos -- temperatures for today about ten before. it is going to be a mile start but by this afternoon we do warm up. i still like to morning and night this time of year. we do have a cool down heading our way. this big area of low pressure is going to really start swirling and we look in the
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these big storms originate, the bulk of them. it bring us showers and forrain to northern california. they're going goo year five of the drought, not a lot of relief there. >> we are going to be ten degrees above parch we're in a hole as far as rain deficit, 1.74 below average for this time o typically we usually catch up around monsoon. that's over so has been we can get a little more rain. but we're not doing that great. better chances of rain up north. it is happening on sunday, a 40 to 60% chance of rain, maybe a 30% chance but still a chance of thunderstorm, pollen count is dry. a lot of things are starting to bloom. it will move up on friday, saturday and sunday.
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around the region. >> more stoma's cross the middle of the country and back here at home, still on the dark side. 7-day, we're going 97-degree, so ten above average today, not much better for tomorrow at 96- degree, but at least i am still saying the morning, the heights will be -- hike also be fine, just toasty for the afternoon and sunday late in the day a chance of storms coming in, it will continue through monday, scattered storms and then things start to taper off on tuesday, at least the highs get back and wednesday, something to look toward to on the beginning of the work week. >> >> if you. jimmy, definitely ready for some rain. open wants you to go out and vote in an exclusive you will only see on 12 today. what sheathes say about the impulsive america as we count ton today. >> >> another ere on the football
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players. don't go can. that's coming up gangbang bent whether he --
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good morn. welcome back. it is 74 degrees and a beautiful sky here in phoenix on this friday morning. your 12 today trivia is all about football. we have a sunday night football with us. what two cardinals features are features on the outside of the sunday night foot >> i am going with fits. >> palmer. >> crystal busy with traffic. your answer one of the player, by the way you are both wrong. right there. right next to russell wilson. the other player on the outside testify bus, right there thoney badger, tie roach matthew right
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hanging out with an exclusive look at the bus. there's patrick. you can go inside and outside. >> he totally deserves a spot. it is fun friday here on 12 today as we gets you ready for a beautiful fall weekend. there are plenty of fun pumpkin festivals some last through the end of october, others through november. here a look at this weekends thingss to do. >> if you want head north for the do be humbled area. every weekend in october, you can have fun at the 40-acre pumpkin patch and 15-acre corn maize, there are hayrides, entertainment approximate more. general admission is $15. kids two and under are free. if you want to stay in the value he, go west to glenndale, they're celebrating the pumpkin days and corn maze until november 6th.
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tracks and more. tickets are $10 for people two and up. there's mcdonald's rach annual pumpkin festival until october 31st. there's a petting zoo, train ride, hayridea western games and more. if you go friday, it is $10. saturday and sunday, it is $12. kids one and under are free every weekend until november 6. play giant jump pad, mini zip complain more. it is $89 a person. kids two and younger get in free. . so in fun things to do. the convention of daytime talk is sitting down with tj jake, oprah wants you to get out the vote in the upcoming election. >> in this interview you will only see today, she talks about why she has not been -- in the election this cycle.
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what united us. >> yes. >> you brought all types of people together that would normally not be together. >> that was my goal. >> how are we going give that back in this country. >> you got to show. right now, this is the only show that can do that because you are talking to real people everyday. there's no platform for public discourse the reason why i haven't been focal other than saying i'm with her is because i didn't know what to say that all the noise and the chaos and the disgusting -- that's going on approximate actually be heard. >> it is scary. it is scary, at that time that leadership so critical. >> there really is no choice, people. all the people talking about they can't decide. >> this is what i want to say. >> when i am 30 years -- here is what i want to say. this is what i really want too say. all the people i hear this all the time.
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same conversation, where people say i just don't know if i like her. >> yeah. >> she not coming over to your house. >> [ laughter ] >> you don't have to like her. you don't have to like her. do you like this country? >> i hear you. >> do you like this country? you better get out there and vote. >> i love this country. >> [cheering and applause] >> do you when i'm 30 years in i am going to comment. >> to you like freedom and liberty? do you like this country? >> okay. >> you can watch the show right here on channel 12 at noon. still ahead on 12 today, a tempe police officer chases down a suspect, and it is all captured on his body camera
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that arrest. >> the a woman hits her boyfriend and another man her car killing one. we will tell you about events after the break. >> we are giving away two tickets to sun in glenn dale
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. caught on camera a pool in glenn dale, what the homeowner told us about this crazy crash.
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stadium, on the sunday night football bus. 12 sportsic cider jay taylor takes us on an excretion ever tour. >> ? but i want to know for sure. >> oh they love the wild thing in cleveland and indians fans everywhere have one question for charlie sheen, what are you doing on tuesday night? details coming up in your morning juice. we will goat that and more, but as way approach 6:17. jimmy, yet was a little bit toasty. are we in for a repeat today. not just a repeat but maybe a little warmer, close to rip the triple digit numbers. that's air shot at tempe. they're really firing things up with a good game on saturday. 723 for sun city west.
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we will have 82 in globe, 80 for payson, mostly sunny and 71 in flag staff. 90s along the river. 93 to 97 tit is a mild start, warm this afternoon, again for tomorrow but look at this. high pressure is going to maximum out today. it will stick around tomorrow and look at that, high pressure is coming in. it will mean some rain to the forecast as well, crystal. we will wait for that. we will check the chance for rain when i come back. >> that's a nice change of pace. >> this kind of it is 6:30 i remind you and the traffic map doesn't look all too bad. just a little modest slowing here and there, mainly ton 10 and 101. the rest of you in east valley look green. top speeds, same old same on the 10. all crashes cleared: all of the aftermath has ere hack alleviateed and things are looking at pretty much like usual. 10 is eastbound starting to pick up between the 71 and nothing you can't handle.
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you. aberdeen in that, or all it is 7 ath avenue to scottsdale road looking good 51 southbound, 101 northbound here, just modest slowing from the freeway to mountain. for 7:00 by comparison on any other given work day we would be showing you a lot of red on the ten. there's a tiny spot of red there in either spot. so not too bad. the 17 is pretty much clear until you get downtown. again, east valley, the 10 is probably the worst maybe a little hit and miss and we start to get some relief and everything eases up but still a couple of spots on the 202 past the 101 and 10 westbound there. matt. thank you, crystal. new this morning, one person is dad, another is badly hurt after being hit by a car. bryan west is live with details on a very chaotic scene.
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>> it was incredibly chaotic at this circle k but if you look behind me, it is open for business right now, and the scene is cleared. here is what we are told happened around 10:30, phoenix place say there were two drivers involved the driver of a pick up and the driver of a lincoln. they began arguing and fighting. that's when the driver of the pickup truck pulls out an air pistol that looks like an a r- 15 and begins physically beating the lincoln driver. he doesn't fire the weapon. of the lincoln and girlfriend to deliver of the lincoln, she scoots into the driver's seat and slams on the gas hitting both men with the car. we are told both men were transport today hospital. the woman's boyfriend is in uci. he had head injuries and the driver of the pickup truck was also transport today hospital. extreme condition and phoenix police tell us he has died. the woman, we are told was
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related to dui. phoenix police do believe he was under the influence and also to charges of homicide. we're live at hatcher and 11th avenue, brian west, 12 today. all right. thank you, brian. chening your hot head line a former mmm fighter accused of kidnapping and -- will be held in court. he allegelily picked up a past out woman carried her parking garage and sexually assaulted her inside. >> this massive fire in gilbert, investigation say, was set on purpose. nan award has been offered to finds whoever did it. the damage is at $10 million. now to unbelievable video you saw first on 12 news.
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adults were inside the house at the time. >> a tempe police officer reliveed it day he chased down the burglary suspect, all captured on his body camera. >> he raced through backyards, hurdles fences until they grabed it guy fbi back of shirt. kevin kennedy spoke man in uniform. >> hands behind your back. >> that's how it ends for best. this is where it starts on campus f. i positioned my vehicle hopefully to cut eight you have. >> tep police, they found out he spots best. >> i knew he would return. >> just like that the chase is
6:35 am
guess what's coming. >> a five foot gate. >> the suspect up and over. he was right behind. >> uragoga the unknown and expected to adepartment real quick within spend. >> a quick spill and back up and over again. >> this fence about six feet. >> when we get foot pursue suit, it is going a hundred miles per hour and take care of the situation as quick possible. >> another gate jump. >> i put my body. heart pumping and dogs. >> i heard him breathing heavily. >> the end about to come. one more try at jumping but he's there. >> i threw him into the wall and took a few strikes. this chase lasted just 31 second, an adrenaline-packed half minute where anything
6:36 am
>> he rested best for burglary, just another day as a tempe police officer. >> when he jumped the first fence he landed on his rear, he can laugh about it now because he was able to get up pretty quickly and still track the suspect down. >> that's incredible. >> still ahead, on 12 today, so tell me what you want, what you really, really want. the spice girl who is bringing her clothing line and indians fans are going wild for charlie sheen and he has responded. details coming up in morning juice, minas way right here on
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. >> >> 12 news tracker is out and about sitting in traffic on this friday morning. we will find out where the trouble spots are just a few
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check and get some more juice with jimmy and general. >> i have great stories here as well. >> we are practicing our best spice girls impression. tell me what you want what you really really want. >> i like that. >> jimmy, continue. >> you are suppose today go. >> if you want to be my lover, you can -- >> i am sorry you had to hear that but it is friday. so we're having a blast. >> it is. a new reason to shop at target the retail giant just signed up another big name celebrity to help with line. >> we're going somewhere with this. it is victoria beckham otherwise known as david beckhams wife. they will begin selling it next april for women, girl, toddlers babies, soft pastels, wrightbright pops of color and pretty spring prints. i didn't write that. target did. it is in the press release.
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>> i know we haven't done very well against this guy but i have got a hunch he's doomed. ? [ music ] ?? . ? wild thing you make my heart sing. >> the city of cleveland and indians fans everywhere are going wild for rick vaughn. fans have been tweeting charlie sheen saying they wanted him to throw out the first pitch at a game, at game one of the world series in cleveland on tuesday night. sheen plays ricky wild thing vaughn in the movie. sheen actually responded on twitter saying major league continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. if called upon i would be honored however the indians responded telling
6:42 am
participate. that's a bummer. >> oh. maybe they wonder, if it is going be a distraction or not, too much of one. >> i don't know, sometimes maybe listen the to the fans, it will get them even more pumped up. >> that's a great series. >> time for the juice question of the morn, surveys show that is 60% of people think men should never wear this to work. oddly, in think it is okay for a woman to wear this to work. >> i have got it. i have >> yoga pant. >> yoga pants. >> i have worn my yoga pants to work. >> i know. that's why it is okay for the women but not okay for the men. >> my lula lemon. >> matt, we love that. >> one of our producer. >> he has got nice leg. >> he does. you can pull off shorts any day. >> still ahead today, nintendo
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the incredible new system they're getting ready to drop. >> get on the bus, 12 sports insider takes us on a tour of sunday night football bus and we're giving away ticket it is between the cardinals and minute ifs we are live in glenndale as well. you are watching 12 today on this friday morning. our traverse will cover the valley like nobody else. what's high school football without the bands and her leaders? we will take you into the game with all the interview, now let's get this party started. it is friday night fever leek you have never seen it before. >> catch friday night fever sponsored by nissan only on 12
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on sunday night football. we have special pregame coverage starting at 3:00 on 12 news and then post game coverage from the stadium. >> sunday night football bus is already in town and our gang is there. >> it is. jay taylor has left the studio this morning. he's live in glenn dale. what's your favorite part about all of this. >> my favorite p experience that people get when they get on this bus. adam is going to tell us a little story about what happens when this bus travels cross the country and people see it. >> we will stop at gas stations and fan also be like is this the snf on nbc bus. >> yeah, this is it. no way. they will take a photo. they will be on the side of the bus. this is asless as they get to footballment we go through small towns here and they love every bit of it.
6:47 am
footballs would it take for the length of this bus. >> it will take 50 footballs in leng, lay them out the measure the length of this bus. that's something fun there. >> had you how in footballs weight wise. >> it would be 46,000 footballs is the weight to have bus. there's some fun facts right there. >> it'd definitely is. >> as we look at the side of the bus, this is what happens after every game, cardinals are on there for the first sunday night game after the thursday night game. what's it like as you guys get prepped up to do these things and print out for next game to get it ready. >> it is great. people go by and it is like oh wait, that's the player of game. on the driver's side of the bus, there it is they all sign the game ball. here fans can guess who's going to be the player of the game. >> it is really fun. it is another thing that makes
6:48 am
is going to be today and tomorrow. >> today chandler high school from 4:30 there's kick off at 7:00. we will be hitting -- farms got that right this time, over at 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 tomorrow and we will finish off tomorrow at tempe marketplace from 4:00 to 6:00. find bus, we will be there for you. >> fans come out and they can do tall ting, come on and take pictures and mess with the dial. >> in >> this weekends match up, just have a good time. we be here. >> thank you. we will throw it book you. >> we know who's going to win. there's no question about it. >> it is the cardinals: another another battle between birds. we need you to join team 12 to answer the question which team has best fans. we're still behind so all of you cardinals fans, all you
6:49 am
by tweeting or instragraming tweets of you yourself, your family geared up for game day. use the # bird gang. >> we're giver ago way two tickets to sundays wig game in glenn dale. be the 12th call tore 602-260- 1000. >> you can enjoy all the action live and in person. again the number to call for seahawk this is sunday night is 6,022,601,000. >> good luck. let's get a final check of traffic. it is 6:49. how is it looking out there. >> now that everybody is on the phone trying to get tickets. you won't miss a lot. nothing is going to slow you down here this morning. we just have the same old same rush hour deal. it is 6:49. there's a crash off to side, worth the mention.
6:50 am
traffic. we're starting to see building volume off of the freeways, we do have a closure eastbound camel back. this is at and around. you will notice emergency crews on scene here, road blocks, aroid this area, and make your way to indian school or where ever you need to zigzag around that or to where you need to go. all the crashes we're tracking here all off to side. so the slowing is just the usual here, for you. right drive on the 10 eastbound from the 101 to the stack or to the downtown area, and now let's break down the 10 westbound here for you, 23 minutes far ride taking you to office downtown, some of the slowest speeds there at the get go in the 40s there. 202 red mountain. i start today see traffic hitting the brakes just after the 101 and you will see slower speeds to the mini stack, ten minutes and 202 in great shape,
6:51 am
this one definitely could trip up travel this weekend, all lanes on the 101 are closed from -- to say. you will want to seek out the 51 or 17. perhaps you are going to university of phoenix stadium for big game. don't take the 101 around. avoid that take the 10 westbound, just know that it is going be very, very busy as you make your way toward the game. also 202 is going to be closed heading eastbound from gilbert to hugley the cone also be up by saturday evening, th heads up, you can seek out the 60 pay coast,alesville. any of those streets in the nearby area. all right. we're watching the skies, very closely as crystal said, we're keeping our i didn't on the sky. it is very nice. a little sun rise, gold and sunshine to just finish off this work week. outside, relatively comfortable, but not as cool as it was the past couple of days, the web cams and valley, sun
6:52 am
flagstaff increasing sunshine, -- the sun just starting to pick up there and if you are going to get on the rim country, 37 for shiloh, pay son a little mild. you move in up toward -- and temperatures drop substantially: we have 36 for winslow. 28 for flagstaff and 64 for lake -- today we're warming way above average. 96 a nice mild start this afternoon. it will really warm up. currently, so that's when it gets cool to chilly. it is all 60s and 70s. there's your big dome of high pressure: it is going stay with us, it maxes out today. we get to 97. it will move a little more for saturday. it will still be around. a nice warm day for saturday and we have a big low pressure system that's coming down pretty typical for this time of year. these fall storms start to lynn up a little rain coming off of that. nice little bands that aelect
6:53 am
late sunday. a slight chance on sunday, better shot on monday. 10 degrees above average for the day but the record is still 103. hate has been warm in the past. better chances for rain this weekend up north, 40 to 60% chance by sunday, cooler temperatures and even some thunderstorms possible. if you hear that don't get caught off guard and go indoors with that. pollen count is up too. for today, 6.5 high levels for saturday. a lot of people say why, it is fall. well, remember, our temperatures the pollen cuts off well above 100 but as we come back down, people planting gardens and nowers our weather is perfect in fall and winter sometime sos the pollen count can be highopposed to south. so this big dome of high pressure just sitting over here and there's that low pressure system just spinning right there. there's all that moisture and
6:54 am
the clouds mainly toward the north just dry skies across southern california, the four corners region, even denver a couple of high clouds, some cooler weather around north and south dakota. that's expected for this time of year. more storm activity. it is one of those days where the leaves are starting to change in north and we are seeing those rainy conditions and stormy weather as well. we like to talk about how slick it can get when those map down the road up 97 for today, a lot of sunshine and the sunshine is going to continue right in toward saturday, even sunday it is it is going to be a great day for tailgating no matter your activity. go ahead and by monday, a slight chance of storms we could see an isolated thunderstorm and they will be coming in from north and northwest. temperatures finally coming back down to the 80s for high. more normal and then a little warmer and drier by the middle of next week. all right.
6:55 am
jimmy. hot headlines across the valley. a pedestrian is dead after an ever night crash near 36 agent avenue and bethny. the victim was crossing the road when he was hit by a vehicle that sped off. two people are said to be sentenced for death of a two- year-old girl back in 2012. that's when savannah cross died while at a day care center. both have pled guilty to second degree murder. >> >> caught on camera, tempe police chase thief. it show it is suspect fleeing flu alleys and backyards with the officer chasing him. the officer was finally able to catch the guy and bring him under arrest. stick around. actually, kevin kennedy already had the story. it was amazing you saw it a few minutes ago. >> it will be on 12 kevin talks to office. >> the largest electricity provider say it is average time for peak power demand in the summer is significantly later
6:56 am
>> largely because of increasing roof top solar. the average summer peak during 2016 is 45 minutes later than 4:30 p.m. average peak in 2012. >> if later shift is because the sun is descending and solar power is declining. >> the more time your kids spend using the digital devices the less likely they are to complete their home hours a day on digital media had a 23% lower thanover finishing their home work compare today those who spent less than two hours a day on it. >> although social media can be a great way to share the successes of our children, parents need to be careful about including too much information. >> researchers at the university of florida remind parents to protect their child's online identity by knowing the privacy policies of the sites they use. >> and remember, consider your
6:57 am
and this won't be here in time for christmas but check this out. nintendo has the switch. it is a six inch switch tablet with a detachable two controllers that lets you switch between mobile and stationary gaming. it will be available starting in march. a treat for lady gaga fans as her new album joann officially hits shelves. she named it for her late aunt and critics call i authentic gaba who was scaled back ton wild out fits as she tries to reinvent herself. >> if you have not made plans for halloween, come for kids and pets costume parade. mange sure your kids and pets are all ready to go by -- here at 200 east van buran. anyone is welcome to come. we cannot wait to see you and all the amazing costumes we
6:58 am
the candy dash that's hidden in this station. >> today's take aways. >> mine of course just be careful about what you are posting about your kids on social media. >> that's a good remainder. >> garth brooks on the road. he will be on ellen today. >> we can win the battle against the seahawks before the two even hit the turf use the # bird gang on social media, and we can beat them. >> okay. my take away is stall about football. first congratulations sandra w game. take some pictures we will show them to you monday. sunday night football. big coverage, our game starts at 3:00. the sunday night football bus is in town. you can check it out the weekend. jay taylor is out there live. go seahawks and don't forget 12 news is always on. >> oh wait a minute. >> go cardinal. >> you meant to say go cardinal. >> oh. >> i don't know --
7:00 am
. good morning. dinner served cold. donald trump and hillary clinton trade jabs at a charity event. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> this is the first time ever, ever that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> but trump jokes fall flat. even drawing boos. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate commission. [ booing ] >> this morning we'll talk to


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