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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 vanessa, caribe, and coop, starts now. >> she was in prison. in a pack and play. with a pillows in there to make it to where she couldn't lay down. >> our big story at 10:00 tonight, a couple geting the max sentence in the heinous death of a beautiful two-year- old phoenix girl. >> little savannah cross was weeks away from her third
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of her final moments on earth, simply unforgivable. >> when you read the court documents, the abuse this little girl endured is sickening. her mom leaving her with these monsters for days at a time. her dad out of state unaware. breaking down during sentencing as the long journey for justice is finally over. >> reporter: it happened at this phoenix home. an in december of 2012, a little girl just two years old is brutally killed. >> i will never get over it. i will never forgive it. >> reporter: police arrested ryan reed and allison clemente, day care workers who were supposed to protect her. a few months after the arrest, the prime suspects were released. a report for the medical examiner was not finished in time. >> it is an unusual
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>> reporter: it would take several months but both would be rearrested and charged with murder and child accuse. savannah tortured in a house of horrors. >> i don't get to call my daughter on the phone and wish her a happy birthday. >> reporter: savannah's dad and grandparents talked about the giggly girl who died with bruises and burns. >> i can only imagine the pain she endured. >> reporter: left for days in this home by reed accuse of the violence while clenente watched and did nothing. >> she deserves the maximum for letting this child be tortured and died. >> reporter: it has taken years for justice. >> she has been driving this quest for justice. she has been driving this chain. >> reporter: today was about savannah. and protecting little kids like her. ryan reed was sentenced to 35
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allison clemente, 24. savannah's dad who signed off on the plea deal says his little girl got her justice. kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. only on 12news, this october marks the five year anniversary of the murder of five-year-old shockley. matt mauro takes a deep valley's heart strings. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> i ain't buying it. it is either somebody you know and you know where she is, or you are not willing to talk about it. >> i loved my baby and i miss her. >> reporter: it is a story that shocked the valley and sent chills down the spine of a nation. this beautiful little girl seemingly vanishes without a trace and her own mother
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suspect in a mystery that morphs into a murder case. >> breaking news as we begin tonight. >> reporter: it was 2011 and jesse shockley was stealing the hearts of everyone she encountered. the five-year-old girl from glendale was pretty in pink and bright and bubbly in blue. but on october 11, that all changed when her mother, sharice hunter called 911 to say her daughter disappeared. >> i went to the store and came back. my oldest was watching m where to be seen. so glendale police scoured the apartment complex where the family lived while the commuter prayed for a miracle. hours passed, days drag onto weeks and weeks turned to months with no sign of the little girl. jesse's mother blamed glendale police for dragging their feet but they were womenning a case
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black woman didn't do nothing to her child. >> reporter: police didn't think it was a case of race, but child abuse. they think she killed her little girl and put her in a suitcase and threw her away. hundreds of heavy machinery combed the landfill 96 days but could not find jesse. and eventually, investigators solemnly conceded they never they found the hiller and almost a year after jesse disappeared, they arrested her murder on first degree murder and child abuse charges. she pleaded not guilty. prosecutors did not have a body, but they had a solid case and one of her other children planning to testify against her mother. >> she had seen jesse in her mother's closet with bruises covering her body. her eyes blackened. deprived of food and water for days. >> reporter: for weeks, prosecutors laid out their case
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jesse's blood inside her closet and they said cadaver dogs found evidence of decomposition in the landfill where they thought her lifeless body was dumped and even in jarice's car. but her defense team fired backdropping not one, but two bomb shells from neighbors who testified in court, but could not go on camera. one originally told police he saw jesse on the same day she disappeared. then changed his story. >> you really remember jesse on october 11, 2011? >> not that i can remember. i really don't. >> reporter: and another neighbor claimed she did not kill jesse, but instead saw the girl get abducted. >> and the next thing i know, the little girl is put in the car, the woman gets in, the door closes and off they go. >> reporter: was jesse indeed stolen by a stranger? or murdered by her own mother? it was now time for a jury to decide.
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two-and-a-half days. then reached a verdict four long years in the making. >> we find the defendant on the charge of count two, first degree murder as follows. guilty. >> reporter: hunter was calm and emotionless when she heard the words and that infuriated her own family when she was sentenced two months later. >> your baby is dead and you don't have no emotion! >> i hope you burn in hell. >> i know i have been convicted of a horrible crime. a crime which i not commit. i beseech you judge ross to bestow a lenient sentence upon me. >> reporter: but the judge did anything but that and sentenced hunter to life in prison. sadly, there is nothing that can bring jesse and her bright smile back to life. many wonder where did her body end up and will it ever be found? truthfully, we may never know. but at the end of this harrowing and heartbreaking case, jesse did indeed receive
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all right, thank you matt. first, on 12news tonight, a phoenix couple hopes someone recognizes the man in this video. caught on camera trying to rip a rainbow flag off of the front of their house. >> the flag displayed as a symbol of gay pride and police are labeling the act a hate crime. >> team 12's trisha hendricks spoke one on one with the couple who now has their home surrounded by cameras. >> reportehi still the gibbs's rainbow flag at their home. it happened once before a month ago and two nights ago, the criminal struck again. >> the alarm went off because somebody was tampering. we put the alarm on the flag pole in case anyone tampered with it again. >> reporter: this man was trying to pull it down from john and blair's home. >> i called out to my husband. we both came out. he took off running and ran down toward central. if i would have caught him, i
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to the ground. >> reporter: they couldn't find him so they called the police. >> he was not able to steal it this time. >> he is trying to rip the flag off of the clips. >> reporter: you can clearly see what he was trying to do four feet away. >> he has an issue obviously with gay people which is sad. the next time it could be something different. >> reporter: they posted about what happened on the next door website hoping someone will recognize the man. >> we feel violated. it is like this is a symbol of diversity. >> reporter: in the meantime when people drive by and see the rainbow flag, they want everybody to remember something. >> just accept everybody. you know? it is a different world. we all should respect one another. for his sake, i hope he doesn't come around again because i have a baseball bat. >> we originally put it up when orlando had the horrible incident and it need to stay up. >> reporter: they are hoping someone turns that man in and
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trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. thanks trisha hendricks. week seven nfl games, don't get better than this. cardinals for seahawks on sunday night football. right here on 12news. >> so we have team 12's bruce cooper joining us now. and coop, the cardinals have health concerns coming into this one. >> yeah, they do. but hey, let's start with the good news. starting left guard. mike practiced in the last two days and appears ready to go after missing monday night's game. and carson today. bruce arians said he look great. palmer has been battling a ham spring injury suffered late in the monday night win over the jets. he was given the day off on wednesday and didn't practice thursday for precautionary reasons. meanwhile, john brown has been dealing with leg pain for two- and-a-half months. now, he thought it was just sore ham springs but it turns out, brown carries a sickle cell trait. now, sickle cell trait is far
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anemia which is far different and could be fatal. they are likely to experience muscle break down when doing intense exercise. it is not curable but it is treatable. >> no, it is something that could show up sunday night and be fine. his body is just getting rid of lactic acid and his red blood cells are working properly. i have no idea. >> how is john handling the found out why his legs are hurting so bad. and, it really started pregame. before the game the other night. >> again, that affects the muscles and it can have an arthritis like feel. it is cardinals and seahawks on sun night football. the game is on us. we have special pregame coverage starting at 3:00 on 12news. after the game, watch 12 sports tonight overtime for all the live post game coverage in the
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you fire up the grills and cook all the burgers and dogs? outside the university of phoenix stadium, matt pace has a look at the tailgate forecast. >> looks like things are going to be pretty nice out there. fortunately it will be on the warm side. look at the forecast as you are heading out there. around noon for tailgating. in the 90s . in fact, 92 degrees out there at the university of phoenix stadium. things will cool off a little bit by kick move in. and then, by the end of the game, 81 degrees out there. mostly cloudy. make sure you stay hydrated if you are going out during that afternoon for the tailgating but a chance of rain moving into the forecast. i'll have those detail coming up. a dad busts his son getting out of bed and doing this while everyone else is sleeping. >> thieves swipe $13,000 worthover iphones. >> only on 12news, a half million dollars home raffle
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fortune. when the winner says she cannot move in. >> what are jerry seinfeld's plans for trick or treating? >> and coop gives us a look at the high school football in the valley. >> seth rogan and i go head to head. music from jason derulo.
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>> the game kicks off at 5:30. >> join us after the game for 12 sports overtime. we will bring you the interviews overtime and stay up late for 12news at 10:00. >> we hope to see you on 12news and our social platforms during the >> go cards! >> now to your hot headlines happening across the country. first, a massive fire burning in ontario, california east of los angeles. this is a cardboard recycling center. the high winds could spread the fire to nearby buildings. >> in massachusetts, a group of people stole $13,000 worth of eye phones from an apple store.
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tonight. in it, you could see seven people standing around the phone. then they suddenly run. taking 19 iphones with them. >> and this wasn't on the lesson plan for some high school students in new jersey this morning. surveillance video caught a deer running into a parked school bus before rushing inside. cell phone video then shows the frightened animal actually running laps through the school lobby before losing its balance works eventually coaxed the deer out and it ran back into the woods. >> poor thing! turning to a story you will only see on 12news tonight. she needed a break in life. a colorado woman with a disability won a half million dollars home through a charity raffle. >> but she can't move in because of a serious obstacle. team 12's jeremy explains. >> reporter: if there is anybody who could use some good news.
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basically, the back of my brain is deteriorating. >> reporter: eventually, she may end up in a wheelchair. >> everything was how i would have made the house. >> reporter: when she saw the saint jude dream home raffled on tv, she took a risk hoping for something good. >> i could never imagine living there. >> reporter: crystal bought 50 tickets, $100 each. >> too many, maxed out my credit card. >> reporter: that five an she won. >> i was going for it. i couldn't stop smiling for like three days. >> reporter: as she packed up to move into the $550,000 house in aurora, that dream became just a dream. >> and i just have been really depressed. i was on cloud 9 for so long. >> reporter: she can't have the house. nope, a letter from saint jude
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wants a cut. about $180,000. saint jude says in a letter it needs the money from crystal so it can pay the irs. >> just really depressing. >> if you receive a prize under code section 74, prizes and awards are income. they are gross nkemdiche and you are taxed on the income of the prize. >> if i can't come up with the money, i will just move on. >> reporter: you may be asking at this moment, what about a loan? >> i just went on disability last year. there is no way i would qualify. >> a winner? not really in the end. a very unfortunate fortune. >> having a nice big place like this ... oh, it just would have made it so much easier for me to get
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their responsibility to pay taxes and it is clear you can find that disclaimer on their website. if crystal cannot come up with the money, she has to forfeit the home and she gets nothing. now, to desis 2016. a according to the latest nbc news survey monkey, voters thought hillary clinton won the final presidential debate by a margin of 9 percentage points. the final, 46% to trump's 37%. another 17% simply said nehe >> and we are counting down to jimmy now with just 15 minute to go until the tonight show kicks off right after 12news at 10:00. >> tonight's guests are comedians jerry seinfeld and seth rogan. >> seinfeld made an appearance at president obama and first lady michelle obama's last state dinner. both mr. and mrs. obama looking really incredible as they walk out onto the north of the white house.
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shimmering rose gold chain mail gown. >> so seinfeld may be famous but he has to deal with real life dilemmas like where to take his children trick or treating. he was asked about his family's halloween plans. >> they are getting to that point where they are like what's the easiest way to get the candy? you know? it is not ... they are not so into the character. they are just like, can we just maybe hit a couple of buildings it up? >> seinfeld has a 16-year-old daughter and two sons ages 11 and 13. he says he hopes they follow his footsteps into the entertainment industry. >> you don't often hear that. usually they are saying do something else. yes. week nine of the friday night fever season is here. you hear the music? that's also part of it. >> it is. >> and it is crunch time for a lot of teams. coop? there are some great matchups out there tonight. >> a great matchup up and down
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don't worry about it. we got you covered. our friday night team is covering games all across the valley starting with kelsey perry. >> reporter: hey coop, the broncos started 7-0. but lost the last two in a row. hoping to turn things around. the wolf are red hot looking for their fifth straight win. now to robbie baker. >> reporter: they guys. it is senior night. a special night for me. i'm back in my alma mater. the pioneers taking ridge tonight. and they will be in the studio for friday night fever. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks a lot robbie. i'm here with a face everybody in the valley should recognize. former hamilton star receiver played in the nfl for a bunch of teams. gary taylor. coach, you are here, your first year here. no better person for these kids to learn from than you. we will show your game tonight.
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>> thanks. arizona lutheran. guys who is going to win? >> arizona lutheran! [ screaming ] [ screaming ] >> coop, we will send it your way! >> wow. >> are they excited? hey, we are excited for them. in addition to the game of the week, the bulls and the broncos, we have a stacked line up for you on the fever. a pair on the the pinnacle pioneers join us in studio. oh,. >> be a believer, catch a fever. i just love saying that. >> the best thing about friday night fever, everyone thinks cooler temperatures. football games. but unforduh gnatly, look at this. the high temperature for today, unfortunately 97 degrees out at phoenix. the happiest place on earth. anaheim, came in at 99 the
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last couple of days. 96 degrees out there. the average for this time of the year, 86 degrees. the clouds will start to increase sunday. we have a weather disturbance right off the coast sweeping into the region sunday night into monday. resulting in a big change in ourwet weather so here is a look at the timing. the best rain chance monday, from 6:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night. and we could see some heavy rain out there. even isolated strong to severe thunderstorms that we will obviously keep you updated on rit but unfortunately, it will keep the temperatures fairly warm as well. 89 degrees monday and tuesday. and then we warm it right back up to 94 by friday. don't go to bed. in moments, our mvp of the night revealed. >> plus, what this kid tells his dad when his late night
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>> welcome back. we are just about an hour from the fever. but for now, coop, who is your sports mvp? >> we dip into the friday night fever show to bring you tonight's winner. check it out. it is from the pinnacle mountain ridge game. pioneers quarterback wants the d ball.
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great catch. he will be a hot shots nominee on friday night fever as well. rattler, hatten and the rest of the pioneers join us in studio at 11:35. over to you stacia naquin. >> okay coop. thank you. time for our omg video of the night. >> a texas man's surveillance camera shows his son's overnight fun. >> he checked the footage when he was surprised to se >> he is running around the living room, jumping on the couch, punching it. turning the lights on and off. he does cart wheels and flips around the room. >> the boy's mom writes that he and his brother are not supposed to jump on the family's new couches. she posted a picture of his face, the last image captured right before the camera was unflinged. [ laughter ] >> oh, caught. [ laughter ] dylan's response when his parents showed him the video was i told you i get up
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and when you tell him not to get on the couch, it is almost like an invitation. >> let's be honest. dylan is all of us when it comes to this moment right here. when you are alone in thelying room. maybe you are just punching the pillow. maybe a cart wheel or two. no one is judging. [ laughter ] all right, don't go away.
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>> finally, trending tonight, this picture is giving us the feels. you are looking at a picture of a service dog getting a characterture drawn. >> it explains the pup na yahoo received the image from her parents. it has been retweeted more than 54,000 times. >> according to buzz feed, the organization training yahoo took her there to train among the crowds. so sweet. >> that is cool. >> and training to be such a help and a service to someone too. >> thanks for joining us.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jerry seinfeld,


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