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tv   12 News Today  KPNX  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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horses river today posse will be sheriff's maricopa sentenced helping plot state of supporting an arizona an arizona man convicted an arizona man convicted of supporting the islamic state terrorist group and helping plot an attack in texail county sheriff's posse will be out at salt river today after 3 horses were shot last week. and game one is officially here... as the cleveland indians host the chicago cubs in the 2016 world series. ???adlib welcome
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taking a look at some of your hot headlines this of your hot headlines this morning... the d-backs and chase field have a little bit longer to negotiate the of chase field. the maricopa county board of supervisors has extended through january 16th for private investors interested in buying the stadium. negotiations for potential buyers of chase field had been scheduled to end in 6 days. an assistant u.s. attorney in phoenix has been assigned to lead the justice department's elections department's justice to lead the justice department's elections oversight efforts in the state.... he'll be responsible for handling complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses along with officials at the agency's
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its effort to ensure free and fair elections relies on citizens to report specific information about discrimination, voter intimidation or election fraud to either the federal prosecutors or the fbi. the city of casa grande is saying "no".. to an overnight medical marijuana festival that's supposed to take place on halloween weekend. the permit application reveals the festival would not be selling pot-- but people could bring and use their own. however-- the board of supervisors is unanimously rejecting it -- because of the event's proximity to the attend. if you're registered for an early ballot, you should have gotten one in the mail by now. yet, we continue to hear from many of you who say it's still missing. we checked in with maricopa county recorder helen purcell . she says, if you are expecting an early ballot, but haven't gotten one... either you think you are registered for an early ballot for this election, but you are not in their system. or your address or information is incorrect. happening this morning.... sentencing is set for an arizona man convicted
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helping to plot an attack at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest.cartoon contest. team 12's nico santos is live downtown. the day has come where he will learn his supporting in federal court phoenix the jury found him guilty of helping to plot an attack at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas.abdul kareem's conviction is the second time a person was tried in charges related to the terrorist group.abdul malik abdul kareem was accused the guns used suburban dallas back in he also hosted two friends who were islamic state his home to discuss the the 45-year-old moving company owner testified that he had no knowledge about the attack. whether the attack was islamic state carried out in response to an ordef grou-rocursavasd is upton this morning... arpaio has
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we hate to bring it up again...bring it up we hate to we hate to bring it up again... but we promise -- it's for a good reason. and in case reason. for a good promise -- it's but we again...bring it up we hate to morning. we hate to we hate to
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we hate to bring it up again... but we promise -- it's for a good reason. and in case you didn't talk to anyone yesterday -- let's remind you -- cardinals kicker chandler catanzaro missed a 24- yard field goal that would've put the game away. and team 12's kevin kennedy attempted to field goal -- live on the air. take a look. he failed -- but called after that live shot and said once the pressure was off --
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we wouldn't have believed it! ?adlib ?adlib do you think you could do -- by joining the heated debate on our 12 news facebook page!
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but the biggest sports story today... is the start of the 2016 world series. you're taking a live look inside progressive field in cleveland, ohio where tonight the bs face off in game one of the world series. the american league champion cleveland indians are hosting the national league winning chicago cubs. history is on the line as the two franchises hold the two longest world series title droughts. the indians have not hoisted the commissioner's trophy since 1948. and the cubs have not won the series since 1908. and the last time the cubs were even in the world series was in 1945.series was in 1945. we want to share
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average american earned about 24-hundred dollars a year. a new house cost about 46- hundred dollars. a car -- just 1-thousand dollars. and, gas -- less than a quarter for a gallon. when the cubs last went to the world series in 1945, world war two had just ended. harry truman took over the presidency af and 50 nations signed an agreement creating the united nations. consumer reports' annual car reliability survey is
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american auto maker is coming in 3rd. plus the artist that's celebrating 10 years of chart-topping hits and sold out concerts. you're watching 12 today...
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for the for the an american car company has made the list of most reliable car brands. buick ranks third in consumer reports' annual car reliability survey. topping the list again were toyota -- and the company's lexus brand. the survey is seen as a key factor in influencing american car buyers. avocad-oh-no! a shortage of avocados is causing prices to double -- and in some cases triple -- from a year ago. the supply here in the u-s has gone down because of a
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produce experts say the high prices could last until after the super bowl -- when demand for guacamole soars. spending a decade in at the top of the music charts is hard for any artist. but jimmy and vanessa are talking about one artist who hasn't seem to had an issue staying on 10 years ago -- this song hit the radio... and the music industry hasn't been the same
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on her self-titled debut -- with a collection of songs that the then 16-year-old wrote during her freshman year of high school. she's come a long way since her days as the curly-haired twangy nashville teen. over the last 10 years -- her songs matured and her sound evolved with each new chart-topping album. and sold out countless concerts. she built a she built a massive following using social media -- with more than 80 million followers on twitterne interactions that keep her fans happy. so what's her secret to success? in a usa today interview in 20-10 she said: "i have this formula for music. if i continue to write songs about my life, and my life is always changing, then my music will always be changing." it's been two
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if you're hoping to catch up on all those gilmore girls episodes before the series returns on netflix in november... but won't be able to watch all 153 episodes before then... e news has a list of all the episodes you need to watch before then. the good news -- they claim just 45 episodes will catch you up on everything you need to know. they even have a binge watch guide so you know which episodes are very important if you've never seen the series. you should re-visit if you've seen the whole series. gilmore girls: a year in the life will be on netflix friday, nov. 25. the four- part event series takes place about 10 years after we last saw lorelai and rory. time for time for your juicy question of the morning...
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traffic next on 12 today... what the n-t-s-b says likely caused a deadly bus crash in california... plus -- new tests by the insurance industry reveal some important news for millions of drivers. you're watching 12 today... ###break###
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the national transportatio n safety board says speed, fatigue, or a medical emergency may have played roles in a deadly bus crash in california on sunday. the
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expect the investigation to last about seven days. officials say a passenger bus collided with a tractor trailer along interstate 10 in palm springs killing 13 people and injuring 31 others. injuring 31 13 people and injuring 31 others. the bus was on its way to l-a from salton city when the crash happened. new this morning -- most pickup trucks fared poorly in new headlight tests by the insurance institute for highway safety. among the eleven small and large pickup trucks evaluated... only one large pickup... the honda ridgeline... earned a "good" rating... and that's only on vehicles with the most expensive trim levels. all four small pickups earned a "poor" rating.... as was the case for three large pickups. the tests also found, out of the 23 headlight combinations available on the pickups evaluated, 14 created excessive glare for oncoming drivers. the i-i-h-s will include headlight ratings as part of its criteria for its highest award... "top safety pick"... beginning next year. election day is two weeks away. we're heading live to washington with what new
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-- that's not a random bush crossing the street... there's a man under there... we'll tell you why these officers arrested him!
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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right now on 12 today - sentencing day for an arizona man... accused in a terrorist plot in texas. focusing oor trump in the sunshine state today - trying to brighten up their polling numbers.... ??? ad lib ??? and if you just can't get enough of those girl scout cookies thin're in luck.breakfast anyone???the story behind that... in your
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