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tv   12 News  KPNX  October 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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prescott. you're watching 12 news, if winner of the rocky mountain emmy award for best evening newscast. thank you for joining us for 12 news at 6:00, a big day in arizona, as republican presidential nominee donald trump pays his 7th election. now crowds of people waiting outside of the phoenix convention center, to hear trump's speech in his attempt to win arizona. political insider brahm reznik was at the rally and joins us live with what trump's focus was. brahm. >> reporter: polls show the trump-clinton race is tied in arizona, but donald trump might have a tie- breaker. whatever it is, the fbi is
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starts of his 1-hour speech ripping hillary clinton and got new material with the fbi announcement friday it's reviewing e-mails that might be relevant to the now closed and you trump said education her corruption must be stopped." this is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifullyiv donald trump got surprising endorsement today from carl mueller of prescott the father of kayla mueller the aide worker killed by isis in sierray and told the crowd to big cheers he has already cast his vote for donald trump. live at the phoenix convention center, brahm reznik, 12 plus,. thousands of supporters came to see their candidates speak again in the valley. this was the scene outside of the convention center before
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you would expect, there were also dozens of protesters on- hand. 12 news was in the middle of it all. team 12 kennedy with more on both the support and the criticism the trump rally brings. ken. >> reporter: you said it, thousands of people came to downtown phoenix this afternoon to watch the republican presidential candidate try to rally support in a state that has become a bit too close for republicans. the large crowd showed up early for today's rattly and many on- hand brought flag and wear red- white-and-blue shirts and battleground state, which is why trump has spent a lot of time over the past couple months. supporters obviously outnumbered protesters, but those who don't like trump came with signs denouncing the republican candidate. the protesters were not as big as the supporters and it wasn't as big as we have seen in the past. today both sides on her best
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she should not be in office any longer. >> we need change, and donald trump is the guy, i believe, that will change america and do it the right way. >> this guy is out of control, to me he is like a jim jones and hitler combination and that say helluva mix. you put those two guys together, they are going to take us comcast phoenix police were on-hand, but thingsry mined relatively crowd and no arrests and issued. one other interesting note, dozens of trump supporters actually showed up exercising their second amendment rights while walking outside the convention center. kennedy 12 news at 6:00. thank you, kevin, trump's opponent, hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in the swing state of florida. friday's revelations of even more e-mails being investigated bit fbi have put the clinton campaign on its heels. news of the fbi re-opening its
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campaign. tonight team 12 monique greigo spoke with the former fbi special agent who says no one should be celebrating just yet. >> reporter: nearly four months after saying its investigation hillary clinton's e-mail server was over and recommend nothing charges, the fbi now re-opening the case after new e-mails came to light. >> this is standard fbi investigation. the fbi is known for being very thorough. >> reporter: johnf the former fbi special agent. >> i because they are not going to be political. they are not going to wait after an election, because if in fact, anything criminal is found, then the excuse and complaint can be well the fbi should have opened it sooner. >> reporter: some people question the timing of the investigation, just two weeks out from the presidential election r-he says none of that matters to the fbi. >> any investigation of a politician is going to be seen as political. one side is going to be very happy with the investigation, the other side is not.
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friday the fbi director said the e-mail surfaced in an unrelated case and that the agency cannot yet assess whether or not the material is significant, and that agents will now determine if the e- mails contained classified information? fbi investigators telling nbc news they have no idea whether the e-mails could change the previous rule interesting that clinton committed no crime. >> look at how long it took for the initial investigation to go through all of mails. it is doubleful they'll have anything prior to the election. s taking a look at today's hot headlines. phoenix police are investigating a delayed bar shooting that happened overnight. one person was killed, two others hurt. this at the break room bar near 48th street and mcdowell. this happened at about 1:00 this morning. police are still looking for the suspect. a toxicology report on miami marlins pitcher josi fernandez shows he was drunk nearly double the legal limit and had cocaine in his blood
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accident last month. at this time, it's still unknown whether fernandez was driving the boat. more gas pump credit card skimmers have been found in arizona. the department of agriculture found 30 new skimmers in past two months alone. in years past they have typically found about 5-10, but this year, they have already found 78. we're just two days away from halloween and if you are looking for a cool place to check out to get in spirit, there is the perfect spot gilbert. this is why we find team 12 matt pace. >> reporter: it doesn't feel like halloween, but check out the house in gilbert, 3504 east melody lane in gilbert and they have gone labors allout. over 10,000 lights and entire graveyard as we continue to walk down the block and the creator, all right here, this is robert. robert, i have to ask, you look at a house and we came out here
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big eric, what is the inspiration behind it? >> it start with the hoa contest we lost and we saw all the people coming to our facebook page and youtube channel and seeing videos that we have on-line and it grew from there. now i wouldn't say it's an obligation, but it's fun to do for all the quids in the neighborhood. >> reporter: they are turning out as well and we're going showcase a lot more, but check out the temperatures out there. i mentioned it doesn't feel a whole lot like halloween and right now in phoenix still in the 90s, 19 in phoenix, 55 in flagstaff. later on tomorrow, things are going to warm-up even warmer than what we saw today. in fact, the high temperature tomorrow 94 degrees out there. but trisha, coming up in a bit, that is just one of the scary things you are going to see out here -- a lot more in just a little bit. >> have you seen any ghosts or goblins? [ laughter ]. >> oh, there is some out here. >> nice, we'll check back with you in a little bit. thank you, matt gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender don't
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to the 12 news plaza for our costume parade and anybody can come by, just be ready by 3 oughts 3at 200 east van buren. it's a big game night for valley sports fan and robbie baker is here to kick off our coverage. >> trisha, we got some afternoon asu football and no need to stay up tomorrow morning to see how the sun devils fare? all thee this become a fest. so we start with the good. how about the new asu helmets? i'm a uniform purist myself, but i can't fit another emojis on the screen to do these guys justice. the bad, this sums up the season. grown man stiff arm -- my goodness, nobody left to beat, but the goal line. take a closer look in slow
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actually dropped the ball before the goal line. why do players keep doing this? it kills me. back and forth all afternoon between the devils and ducks and how about this? the touchdown pass alert. asu are down one score, and they are in business, but now it's unfortunately asu fans time for the ugly. asu can't get the defensive stop they needed late. tony brooks james go-go superspeed and turns on the jetses and that would prove to be the knockout punch in this one. ducks win 54-35, oregon snapped a 5-game losing streak and asu on the other hand has lost three in a row and puddles will be in my nightmares thanks to this halloween costume. injuries certainly taking a toll on the devils this season, but hey, coming up in ten minutes the cardinals return to their house of-hours, if of
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which social media app is going away soon is in the ghoulish new drink to dry at starbucks
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only on 12 news a teen lives in a disease causing an insatiable appetite and no matter how much
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pounds. even the bread box pantry and refrigerator have to be lock up. it's called prodder willy syndrome and there is no cure. >> she has no control. she is just -- imagine if you were hungry all the time, 24/7. and couldn't eat? and even if you did eat, you are still starving. >> her mother fears without the proper treatment, hannah a weight will get even more out c daughter the care she needs for a disease that a team of doctors here say they don't truly understand. the teen who can't stop eating monday on 12 news at 10:00. well twitter has announce its shutting down its short form video sharing service vine. the service will shut down in the coming months, it debuted in 2013 letting people share their 6-second video clips and twitter says users will be
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are made. well, starbucks is getting in the halloween spirit, launching its most frightful frapulla, made up of laser of white choate and milk and ice with a drizzle of raspberry sous to give it a ghoulich finish. check it out right there in stores for a limited time. i think i'll have to give it a try. it going back out to matt pace at the halloween house in gilbert and looks like where the spirit of the holiday is bringing the neighborhood together, right matt? >> reporter: that is right, the entire neighborhood is coming out here and supporting the halloween house in gilbert. and i have to tell you it's absolutely incredible. look behind me at some of the things that were added this year, just an incredible seen again it's at 3504 east melody lane in gilbert and you want to come back to the creator.
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most impressive thing is the zombie house and two fog machines and six fire and ice lights and shed made of wood and foam. >> she impressive and a lot it is made of foam. i have to ask your wife, what is it like living with someone who is crazy with halloween? >> he spends a lot of time on the garbage making it and the comp w but wound warriors has a donation box and can you come and donate. as we go to weather, check out the crowds here. these are just some of the neighbors that we have out here are that all supporting this house and also dealing with very warm weather and, in fact, it was 96 degrees at phoenix sky harbor and that brought the record of 95 set in 2007. and tomorrow, it's going to be warm as well.
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weather and means that the temperatures will continue to be warm. check out the clouds to the west of the california. these are going to move in and we'll see a cool down tuesday and wednesday. there you can see it on futurecast. by halloween night we could be dealing with mostly cloudy skies around the region and temperatures generally in the 80s. for tonight's, it's going to be another warm up, 70 in phoenix, 56 in sedona and the seven-day forecast, look at that wednesday. a slight chance of rain out there and we'll start to warm those temperatures right back up by friday and saturday. trisha, to get in holiday spirit, you have to be, yes, a minion, not only the house, but the weather house is dressed as a minion. >> that is amazing. i like the dishes actually the whole thing, head-to-toe. can you do a spin for us? [ laughter ]. >> reporter: probably can't. >> maybe pan the camera down
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i love it. all right. thanks so much for that. now after halloween remember you can donate your leftover candy for our treats for troops campaign to thank our military members. bring your donations to any hungry howards locations november 1-4 and to find a hungry howie's location had he near you head to santa clara treat. there is not a much painful place for the arizona cardinals than playing in tomorrow, team 12 cameron cox is in carolina when
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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it's tipped again -- for the touchdown! continuing to run -- he is in for the touchdown! . boy oh, boy, only fitting on halloween weekend tth a haunted house, but a house that haunted thimthe past two seasons, in charlotte with the cardinals and more. >> reporter: welcome back to the scene of the crime, the memories are about as scary as they come for cardinal fans, their super bowl dreams crushed a little over nine months ago here in charlotte, but thankfully there is no snow in sight, so i'm already having a better time. guy it's human nature and yes,
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and means don't heal that fast. the cardinals were 60 minutes from achieving their life-long dream and i'll never forget the loss to the panthers, many players in tears including larry fitzgerald and that is something that we don't see out of fitz. >> i have been to thailland, a subpoena-hour flight, but the flight from carolina was the longest flight -- on four hours, but those type of things you don't forget those. >> it was a long, disappointing ride back home, because we put everything into the season last year and, oh, so close. so we have to try to do it again this year. we're definitely trying to go back and get the bad taste out of our mouth. >> reporter: i asked him what the plane ride back from charlotte was like for him, he said was fine thinking about next season. well, next season is here and both teams just need to win.
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saturday night conversation, one-on-one with chandler jones. in charlotte with the cardinals, carlon cox, 12 sports. a huge game for the cardinals tomorrow, kickoff 10:00 a.m., an early game here and 12 sports overtime has total postgame coverage coming up after sunday night football on 12 news. >> we're ready, go big red! next a special surprise for a valley kid how he was honored during last night's world
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you may have soon cubs shrugger carol schwarber and campbell suffers from a rare disorder that makes it difficult for him to walk and stand, but even though he has so much to overcome he always has a smile on his face and the bracelet recommends is he part of campbell's crew and to his buddy. love that. >> unbelievable story. we're going to have more with campbell coming up in our overtime show and we talked to him day. >> wonderful. >> it's a phenomenal story and watching such a big thing, of the world series and to see that tie to arizona, really neat. >> and what a great picture of the two. >> absolutely. >> 12 news is always on and on the 12 news app. we'll see you back here at
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the ghosts which haunt the buildings. we also do three separate ghost hunts, one at the bisbee inn, one at the copper queen, one at the oliver house bed and breakfast. and then we do our spooktacular haunted pub crawl. if you're heading out in search of spirits, you might want to have a ghost host leading the charge. have you ever seen a ghost? mm-hmm [affirmingly] you have? i do a ghost hunt at 409 about a dozen times. the town of bisbee is a mile high, but today's tour is taking us six feet under. a hearse that's covered in glitter, that's a first for me. [laughter] it's a first for me riding in a hearse, while i'm still breathing,


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