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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12news at 10:00 is tracking the big picture for you tonight. up first, a mom finds a razor in her kid's trick-or-treat candy. buckeye water rose. >> homeowners with skyhigh water bills demand answers from the mayor. >> -- should recreational marijuana become legal in arizona?
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legal. and a dog come a buried alive, rescued from the rubble. >> the 12news inaction for you. >> 12news starts right now. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. our big story tonight , you are going to say why would someone do this? a mother makes a disturbing -- a disturbing discovery finding a razor blade in a snickers bar that her daughter got while tricre they had actually been joking about looking for hidden dangers when they came across the blade. >> it is truly something most of us never think we will see.>> monique griego joins us with the moment the family noticed the candidate with normal . >> reporter: like a lot of families, last night they had a big bowl of candy laid out on the table but when the daughter went to grab a chocolate bar, she noticed something about it didn't look right.
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we have never come across anything like that. >> reporter: a creepy cautionary tale turned real- life mystery in mesa. kids had just wrapped up a night of trick-or-treating and were about to dive into their sweet spoils.>> the first thing the father says his make sure the candy is not poisoned and make sure there's nothing in it. of course, you never think there is anything in your candy. >> reporter: but it never hurts to check. >> i picked up a snickers and it was slightly open at the bottom. she opens it more and she just sees metal and she rips out the metal and it just comes apart and you see a giant metal razor. >> a full-sized razor blade hidden inside the mini chocolate bar. >> i was in shock. they couldn't believe that somebody would actually do that . >> reporter: the family called
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immediately last night telling officers to be aware . >> reporter: detectives now investigating which house the candy may have come from. >> it could have been really tragic to have a child end up with that in their mouth. >> reporter: while these cases are rare, police say that doesn't mean they can't happen. >> i don't know why anyone would want to put a straight razor and candy to injure children.>> reporter: the only report police have received was near s so if you live around that area, check your candy. if you notice anything weird or suspicious, call police. back to you in the studio. we have parents who now because right before christmas, they have had to pay thousands of dollars and water bills. now they can't provide christmas for their kids. that's disheartening and unacceptable. >> developing now, buckeye homeowners, taking their water
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12news was the first to tell you about dozens who saw massive spikes in their bills. >> tonight, they are venting frustration and amending answers. ryan cody was at the contentious meeting. is there any movement from the mayor's office? >> not enough to make the three dozen or so residents who packed this chamber leave with a smile. this fight has a long way to go. some residents say they are being charged for $60,000- $70,000 of gallon -- water a month. >> i just want to speak to the frustration of the residents here and hope that we can make some sort of headway . >> reporter: standing room only inside council chambers. the first face-to-face meeting with mayor jackie mac for dozens of residents fed up with skyhigh water bills. >> 53 gallons per hour. >> we all know what we can consume and me and my household
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80,000 gallons of water. it's certainly not a leak. i was also told it's a possibility that it could be a leak underneath the home. if that's the case, i would think i wouldn't have a house. it would be a boat . >> reporter: the city is offering free services to figure out what's wrong. >> we are setting up appointments with everybody that wants us to come out and what we have done, the city has determined there is hiic when we go out to do above and beyond work for the customers. we are waiting that right now . >> reporter: but those people say they are not here for $35. some paid at -- some paid upwards of $800 last month for water. >> we want that money back . >> reporter: the mayor says he hears the problems loud and clear and will begin coming up with a plan to figure out the root of the billing issues.
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all right, you want to talk about insanity? someone but two seats right by the cubs dugout for game seven of the world series on stub hub for $19,900 a piece. that doesn't include the next game tomorrow night. the cubs are making sure that winning -- making sure that by winning game six tonight. addison russell's 3rd inning grand slam gave the cubs a commanding 7-0 lead. russell also delivered a two run double. two days ago, the cubs were down in the series 3 games to one. now, they have set up tomorrow night's winner take all game 7. let's go to decision 2016 and the battle over arizona. we are now just seven days away from election day and
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stretching his lead over democrat hillary clinton. the new poll from data orbital shows trump leading clinton 45% to 41% in arizona. for the first time in decades, we could be considered a swing state making at ground zero for politicians sparking a steady stream of heavy hitters to capture last-minute voters. >> here are the campaign stops just over the last four weeks. bernie shall obama, donald trump junior was here twice, michael pence, tim kaine twice, hillary clinton wants, and donald trump twice. clinton and pens were -- will both be here -- michael pence will both be here tomorrow. would you like to be part of our voter panel? if so, just email desk@news desk arizona's marijuana legal
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shows 45% of people voting yes to vote for recreational weed while 57% will vote now. >> 4% are still undecided in arizona tonight. should arizona legalize recreational marijuana? you can tell us what you think and interact with us live right now. >> just go to to weigh in. you will see the re real-time at the bottom of your screen on that graphic and we will have the final results at the end of the show. there is no doubt that legalized marijuana is a controversial and very contentious issue. next tuesday, six states including arizona will ask voters to decide whether or not it should be legalized and then taxed and regulated much like alcohol. i recently traveled to colorado with chad brooks to find out
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is working out. there are images of drug use you may not want your children to see. we have all seen the ads for and against legalized pot in arizona. >> empty words . >> reporter: it's '205. and in just a few days, arizona voters will have to decide whether pot, which right now is only legal for those with a medical card, should be available to anyone over the age of 21. is it the right thing or the wrong thing fo we decided to go to colorado where america's experiment with legalized marijuana began three years ago to verify. >> reporter: a southwest airlines flight and a final approach to denver. home of the broncos, mile high
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>> innocently they dance. innocent of a new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. marijuana, the burning weed with its roots in hell. >> reporter: in the call classic reefer madness, america was warned about the dangers of marijuana, which interestingly was legal and tom i-237. >> they look like harmless cigarettes . >> reporter: 79 years later in colorado, it is agai sure that it works correctly van andrew freedman. how does your family react to saying my son this -- the pot star? >> reporter:'s actual title is marijuana director but everyone knows him as the pot czar, the man who oversees the vast amount of rules and regulations tied to colorado's pot law. >> personally, how did you view this proposition before it passed?
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mainly because being the first in the country to do anything, there are a whole bunch of knots in the process and i think my main nervousness was the unanticipated consequences like we would turn this on and some loophole that we haven't thought through was going to create a massive problem. >> reporter: in just three years, pot has become one of colorado's biggest industries. >> last year, it was $1 billion industry. to put that in comparison, craft breweries were $1.1 billion. this year, it will probably outpace craft beer but it's right on par with craft brewing . >> reporter: part of colorado's windfall comes from put tourism. this is what the tourism looks like. a big party bus with people
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lead. >> hello hello. i am going to be your colorado cannabis tour guide for today. is everyone excited? all right, awesome. i like to hear it. i'm going to get some music cranked, get some joints passed out and get you guys a little high for your cannabis tour experience . >> reporter: the people on our bus ranged anywhere from the 20s to their 70s them were from colorado. >> it was actually because of the tours that i decided to come. i was telling my friends i would do it and i finally said i'm going to do it. your i am. how are you? >> i'm mark. >> where are you from? >> alabama . >> reporter: it's safe to say mike was feeling good. remember those days of going to concerts where the smoke was so thick you could cut it with a
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over the course of the next four hours, we saw how they grew, and sold it. there was a lot of sampling but in colorado, and it will be the same in arizona if it passes, you cannot smoke in public. >> i am 100% va disability from vietnam. and it's really like a medicine to me. see, i can't sleep so when i smokme for like 40 something years, i have been isolated. i've been out in the woods and stuff. i don't socialize with nobody but my dog. this is unbelievable. [ laughter ] i love it. truck but not everyone shares his enthusiasm. >> we have >> into hundreds of parents. they say i smoke a little pot in college and i turned out
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>> reporter: penny didn't want to see pot legalized in colorado. now, she heads a group called smart colorado. >> some of them are very attractive . >> reporter: her mission is to educate parents for their kids. >> we have gummy bears and lollipops and soda. we have lotion, lip gloss, that all contain highly potent thc. i don really focused on that and it wasn't really mentioned in the campaign. arizona at least has a landscape to go off of work as -- whereas coloradans had nothing to go off of . >> reporter: so these smell just like gummy bears. >> exactly like cambi. >> reporter: this is the chocolate? >> chocolate peanut butter fudge. took the edibles seemed to be
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>> we just hope arizona will really look and fully make a good decision about what you are voting for. this isn't about politics. it's not about one party over another. it's about our kids. it has unintended consequences. >> reporter: in this public park not far from coors field, kids, a lot of them homeless, openly get stoned, which again technically is illegal. but the kids tell me they are never hassled by police. this is which has been nicknamed stoner hill. when pot became legal in colorado, did it open the floodgates for anyone and everyone to start smoking? >> absolutely not. not to be kind of judgmental but i have been a denver native all my life and denver especially has always been a pot capital since the 70s and 80s. denver is a weed city. we have actually seen not a decrease but an increase of
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legalization of cannabis because it's not illegal anymore, it's not something to be feared. it's an industry. it's something kids can go to school for. they can get a high paying job doing it. it's not something to be feared as much as respected and understood . >> reporter: the park was developed by mayor wellington webb, who you have probably seen in the vote no on 205 commercials airing in it didn't take me long to find out why he is so against it. >> i have three kids, to our lawyers and one is part-time homeless, who has always been addicted to marijuana. and every time someone says to me that it's not harmful, all i have to do is look at him. on the days i see him. my testimony is looking at a 50- year-old former high school,
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down to 160 pounds and sleeps in neighborhood parks. >> that's your son? >> that's my son. can't nobody tell me about the addiction because i've seen it up close. >> reporter: obviously, he has a very personal reason for his disdain but he never imagined when he pushed to build this park that part of it would become a haven for smoker norm. in fact, the denver i expected to see, people walking around getting high and the smell of pot per meeting the rocky mountaineer, wasn't what we found. it seems that coloradans, even those against it, have quietly started to accept it. mason, who authored the pot law and is now working on arizona's initiative says pot isn't going away so why not
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instead of spending $3 billion- $4 billion a year according to the aclu on incarceration? >> i think colorado is really demonstrating that you can end prohibition and successfully regulate marijuana. the state is still seeing hundreds of millions of dollars in marijuana sales but they are taking place in licensed businesses . >> reporter: do you have any regrets at all there is absolutely no justification for marijuana prohibition. we do not need to arrest countless adults who are responsibly using marijuana in order to prevent teenagers from using it . >> reporter: tell me if this is true, 202 mcdonald's in the state of colorado, 322 starbucks, 424 pot dispensaries. >> and several thousand liquor stores. imagine if you couldn't have a glass of wine with dinner or grabbing a sixpack for dinner,
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if you could find some alcohol and maybe it's safe, maybe it's not. maybe the person selling it has more dangerous products with them. that's not a good public policy . >> reporter: even anthony friedman from earlier acknowledges that coloradans have always had a love affair with weed. >> people are pretty eager whenever marijuana shows up. but our data says a lot of people used marijuana before. thatot failure and the people of colorado decided to take a risk and legalize it this way. i think there are a lot of potential benefits to regulation. i think there is some downfalls to commercialization. our job now is not to second- guess the wisdom of the voters but to actually make the positives of regulations outweigh the negatives of commercialization and we are
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as we can do that and i hope it works. and the governor hopes it works. nobody sticks by whether they were for or against legalization. it's now, we want it to work for colorado and we will work as hard as we can . >> reporter: he also says the no one 205 campaigns are misleading. trip the arizona add says at one point "denver schools were promised millions of dollars and got nothing." what the ad doesn't say if they reconstruction last year and $40 million will go into at this year. we also paid for afterschool programming. >> reporter: what about the teenage marijuana use in colorado is the highest in the country? >> so, unfortunately there are two different surveys. the one we use, which is a much larger survey of about 17,000 kids, shows that if you go from
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from two years ago to now, it's a slight increase but it's statistically insignificant. it's a flatline and on par with the national average. >> how successful would you say after a couple years, this has been? >> i would say we are between a seven and and eight for the rollout and it's a big not applicable for long-term success. we won't know for a while. >> what do you think? you can see those numbers at the bottom of your screen right now. so far, 800 if you have weighed in and you can see the yes to legalize it is about 60% and 59% right now. 41% are against it. you can go to got vote to take part in our live, interactive poll. we will continue to track the
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of my investigation coming up on friday night. if you are still undecided, check out for a special marijuana page with stories on both sides of the issue so you can decide which way to vote next tuesday. and now, only on 12news at 10:00, this is an alert for parents. your teenagers may be playing a game that isn't necessarily new but the trend is growing. >> they are using belts and neckties to cut off circulation to their brato it can turn deadly. it happened to 14-year-old carson steel whose parents are now speaking out, hoping to save lives. >> when i opened the door, i stood there for a couple seconds because i didn't know what i was looking at and when i saw his feet not touching the ground and saw a belt around his neck, i mean it just took me a minute, a couple seconds for it to register . >> reporter: at first, carson's
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suicide but investigators say after looking through his cell phone recordings, he was actually taking part in the choking game. >> that is not the only thing that kids are doing. a closer look at the deadly teenage trends, a 12news parent alert tomorrow only on 12news at 10:00. incredible images of a dog buried alive, rescued from the rubble. rain on the way? should arizona legalize recreational pot? go to www.12om to let us know. whoopi goldberg is my guest tonight. we have music from the fray.
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tonight's video of the night. this showcases italian firefighters. take a look. they are rescuing a dog from underneath the rubble of collapsed building a day after a mega-earthquake varies him alive. the rescuers used their own sniffer dog to guide them to the dog who thankfully appears to be okay. taking a look at our cameras from our downtown phoenix roof camera, we have a cooldown coming off the warmest october in phoenix history. that's take a look at the seven- day forecast. that is exactly where we were today. we are going to keep temperatures in the low 80s for the next few days but the biggest change will be the fact that rain is going to be coming into our forecast. 20% chances of rain for thursday and friday and better chances in the high country. drying back out and warming backup for the weekend. should arizona follow colorado's lead and legalize marijuana? just go to
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more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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the arizona coyotes have gotten off to a slow start large -- in large part because of the six-game east coast field trip in which they lost
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ricky lawson breaks a 2nd period tie with his first career goal. the coyotes take down the stanley cup finalists. the rucki is my mvp of the
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before we say good night, we want to give you a live look at our interactive poll shut -- poll. 1700 of you voted tonight and 58% to 42% say yes. >> thanks for watching 12news. for the latest news, whether or whatever you need, we are
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran.
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"o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi goldberg,


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