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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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the eve of this election. in less than 13 hours the polls will open and your votes will be cast. hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning right up to the last minute. you are looking live at bruce springsteen stumping for hillary clinton. all of this, clinton and trump to earn a spot into the white house as the next president of the united states. arguably the most important job on the planet. >> hillary clinton is live at a rally in philadelphia. she is being joined by president obama and the first lady. bill and chelsea clinton as well as bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi. >> donald trump is also what a rally right now in manchester, new hampshire. there is mike pence. they are speaking and trying to get those last few moments before the polls opened up tomorrow and trying to get out the vote.
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season. >> every minute counts as we count down to one of the most polarizing collections of our time. we have team coverage for you. >> we have a behind-the-scenes look at the process. >> we could see record voter turnout to mourn the and maricopa county and some long lines you can think the election fiasco for a plan >> long lines, and must mean election and maricopa county. voters waited for hours last week to cast early ballots ahead of tuesday's presidential election. the march presidential primary disaster and possibly a preview of tomorrow's vote. >> i don't think we've ever had a presidential election that we haven't had some lines there >> the top election official says she is ready.
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electronic poll books are replacing paper records which makes it easier to search of voters history. credit for many of those changes go to a lawsuit filed after the primary. she created a wait time reduction plan. >> we are hopeful that the county lives up to the agreement. >> there will be 300 volunteers watching >> in march something we saw something we don't want to see again especially in this very historic election. >> the republican party has set up its own watchers. she will be running for a term against adrian fontes. live in the newsroom, 12news. meanwhile governor doug ducey telling us that he endorses his republican friend joe arpaio for sheriff.
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the hot races to look at, his job could be in jeopardy. >> former phoenix police sergeant paul penned zone is trying once again proved to unseat joe arpaio. he's continuing an ongoing tradition by the popular law man not to appear publicly with any of his political opponents over the past four election cycles. >> i say shame on him. it matters to our community. >> would've been plenty of issues to discuss. >> there was alleged waste at the facility which opponents say should have been shut down because it's no longer needed. he has brought up the 400 neglected child abuse cases dating back to 2007. >> those cases not being handled properly didn't happen overnight>> this time around he's touting the support of
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help from republicans. >> i couldn't in good conscience vote for joe arpaio nobody in any jurisdiction anywhere comes close to costing the taxpayer what joe arpaio has cost us. >> for his part, joe arpaio is relying on a base of conservative voters who report his stance of illegal immigration. he defended the legal causes office has accumulated at the expense of taxpayers. >> you know what, my lawyers are handling that. one day the truth will come out on that one.>> here in america we all have the right to vote. it is part of what makes our country so great. you have the right to choose whatever you feel is best
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fois never take for granted and that is exactly what people told us today when we asked them about voting. not about the candidate specifically but as our role as americans being part of this great democracy. >> it is really important to vote for your morals and wear your heart sets instead of just going with what everyone else express your opinion. >> it is a right that has been fought for forest for a long time. >> to exercise our god-given right to vote. and especially considering some countries where they do not have that opportunity and that freedom. >> we need to make a difference. every vote counts. >> remember, 12news is your source for complete coverage of tomorrow's decision night in
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news at 4:30. complete coverage starts at 5 pm our time and we will see the latest on any problems at the polls and local results every half-hour on 12news. get real-time coverage on the go on and and join us for 12 news at 10 a clock without commercials. disturbing the details in the case of the alleged south carolina serial killer who has ties right here in the valley. it has been four days since authorities discovered a 30- year-old chained up inside of a box on 45-year-old property with three other bodies have been discovered. investigators have charged him with the deaths of four people stemming from it 2003 shooting that was never solved. we dug into decades-old court records detailing the heinous act of sexual assault that he admitted to doing what he was
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that's how a neighbor in this to the community described a 16- year-old todd cole had who admitted he waved a 14-year-old girl. the victim was his classmate and neighbor. the victim says he attempted multiple times to get her to come outside of her home claiming her ex-boyfriend wanted to speak with her. the girl's parents were gone and she was watching her siblings. after refusing multiple times she finally agreed and so she met him at her back gate with a pointed a gun at her head and forced her to walk down this alley towards his house. >> she says he took her to his
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her clothing and forced her to have sexual intercourse. she says he wants her back home and threatened to harm her family if she told police. documents reveal a history of the head of real problems with trump 13 his father stating his son could only feel anger and his mother stating she was not surprised but maintained her son is a good kid who needed help instead of prison time.>> to plea-bargain and received 15 years in prison for kidnapping. as part of that deal he was required to offender. still to come, a big award being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the death of a salt river horse. a deadly hit and run on a valley freeway. today was nice the temperatures really quite a bit above normal. tomorrow we will crank up the heat a little bit more to near record temperatures. your full detail forecast is
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here's a look at your hot headlines. police say a man allegedly tried to stay so death of his girlfriend as a suicide.>> the detective was telling me it was self-defense. she shot herself. i didn't stab her arnesen. that doesn't make stands -- says. >> the shooting that happened after the couple had a fight. a 26-year-old is facing a manslaughter charge. his bond was set at $750,000. the department of public safety is searching for a driver involved in the deadly hit and run. a motorcyclist was killed after
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. it happened on us 60 at country club. of award leading to the arrest of the shooting death of a baby horse is at $25,000. the horse was found shot and mutilated near the salt river. two other adult courses were injured but our healing. still ahead, what city do you think is ranked number one for the best place to live for veterans. the push to joshua tree forest. you know what time it is here on monday night. is time to honor the best from the weekend in sports and i will hand out some
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this friday is veterans day. the website wallet have just le help you support our brave men and women who served honorably. >> today's social sound of question, what is the best place for veterans to live? coming up is the best place is their own scottsdale. 21 key metrics were looked at ranging from percentage of military skill related jobs the housing affordability and availability of being a health
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voice of a new documentary aimed at preserving arizona's joshua tree forest. she joins us now with why these magnificent trees the protecting now, more than ever. >> here at the desert botanical garden is about the only place you will see joshua tree survive in the phoenix valley. increasing threats are putting their home in danger. the joshua tree which only goes in the mohave desert region of arizona, california and nevada was giving its name by mormon settlers who crossed the mohave in the mid-19th century. it does not produce a truck with annual rings but instead its trunk consist of thousands of small fibers. the trees that survived the harsh desert conditions live up to 200 years with an overall height of nearly 50 feet. the largest joshua tree was atv or 24 meters tall and estimated
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the arizona joshua tree forest has been recognized as an area of special significance since the 1930s. this area is in need of protection to preserve its value. there are increasing threats touches stripping the left the gravel pits, removal of trees for road construction and construction of precious minerals. flights over the forest by several helicopter tour companies through the forest are drawing increasing numbers of visitors to this captivating area. now is the time for good decisions to be made to ensure the area's future appeal and survival. you don't have to live that the joshua tree forest to get involved, donate and volunteer. find a link on my social pages and our website. at the desert botanical garden, crystal henderson. a good job by crystal.
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botanical garden. how great it's been to enjoy that in the valley. >> it is so nice out there. take a look at your evening forecast. this is the best time of year for us. your 7:00 temperature, 79. we will stay in the 70s to 9 pm and then we will head into the 60s past the 11:00 our. tomorrow, a big day and we will have some of the best weather that will be a bit on the warm side and we will see temperatures starting off at the 60s and increasing into the 70s for late morning and then topping out with temperatures near 90 degrees or so will. -- we will have preview conditions and we are expecting a nice cooldown. here's a look at your satellite
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not much going on except for a high pressure bringing us the warmth and it will keep us sunny for the next few days and then we will have a low pressure towards the end of the week that will bring us the cooldown as we head into the weekend. is a look at your temperatures. 31, flagstaff. 39, prescott. 67, when slow. a gorgeous day in sedona. down to the south a little bit warmer. here's a look at your forecast. we will keep the breezes until about wednesday. you will notice a dip in temperatures and then slightly climbing up as we head into next monday. here's cooper with sports. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. things a lot. how did you enjoy your bye weekend cardinal fans? may be spent the day outsider
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you just sat in front of the tv and watch football without the stress of dropped passes a missed field goals. the cardinals actually one by not playing in this weekend. there in the 11 spot in with the eagles and packers losing, the cardinals are within a game and a half of grabbing one of the two wild-card spot in the conference. of all the teams currently ahead of them, they would play and seahawks and many the cardinals control their own playoff destiny. if the seahawks lose to buffalo tonight, the cardinals will only be one game out of first place and that something patrick peterson is well aware of. >>'s staff to put our finger on it but were still one game out of our division.
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if we can take care of business, we are still right there. we just have to get into the playoffs. everything else doesn't matter. so we're stacking the chips to get enough when smack to get into the -- to get enough wins to get into the championship. we're looking forward to this uphill climb that we go forward through. >> cardoso's the 49ers this sunday. it is monday night which means it's time to hand out the best from the weekend in sports. by getting your money's worth we have to go to travis kelsey after complaining, the flag does come out of this for unsportsmanlike conduct and then he gets his money's worth by doing a towel at the raft. that gets him in ejection and an early ticket to the shower.
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they love steph curry wide- open. normally that's not a good idea but he missed all of the shots that he normally makes in his sleep. but we have some coopies to handout. ball george for kicking a ball into the stands and hitting a young lady in the face with it. george apologize to the fan but not before earning his first ejection. >> another goes to chris sw of off sidekick attempts. it didn't even travel a yardstick -- a yard. >> the life of a kicker. >> that is painful>> i'm not kicker, but i can kick it at least an inch. >> we know you can kick it.
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a good night sleep tonight. the polls open at 6 am. things a lot for watching 12
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>> carson: tonight 20 become 12. welcome. i'm carson daly. we are live on "the voice." mr. adam levine. for the first time with the live shows, mylie cyrus. another first timer with an awesome new album out by the


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