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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> i pledge to of our land that i will be president for all americans. and this is so important to me. [ cheering and applause ] for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people. i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and
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as i haves from the beginning, ours was not a campaign. but rather than incredible and great movement. >> and that movement has put donald trump in the white house. he has been elected the 45th president of the united states. and arizona is one of the many states that chose trump. nico santos is live with results and reaction. good interesting time here and for a couple of weeks, it was considered a tossup state with candidates favored back and forth but looks like trump is taking the lead here and some supporters taking to social media last night sharoning their excitement for what looks like to be a within for him and some using the #for trump and there is a couple of people who
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be for the fut -- future of the state and country. as of this morning, trump has 49.8% of the vote with almost $932,000 ballots cast in his favor. and clinton is behind there at 45.2% and this is giving trump about a four-point lead over the democratic candidate here and so, it happened despite a projected latino voter turnout of 70%, which is huge, and that is largely democrat and that compares to 30% of where latino voters showed up to the polls and in arizona, two counties voted blue in the election. during his acceptance speech, he talked with hillary clinton on the phone and congratulated her and added it's time to bring a very much divided country together.
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we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it's time for us to come together as one united people it's time. >> and in fact, his time will come in january when he's inaugurated. we'll see what he has in store for the country. he promised as part of the speech, to represent every government serves its people. and more election coverage on and from jubilation to tears, hillary clinton supporters in shock when reality set in. their candidate didn't win. many of them were in tears. >> and there is a lot of reaction coming in and trump is tweeting himself and said a beautiful and important
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we'll come together as never before and we were asking you a simple question on our poll. trump's campaign slogan has always been make america great again and that is on ur question. do you feel trump will make america great again? seventy% of folks voting are saying no and 30% are saying yes and have your voice heard. go to and we'll update the results throughout 12 today. and itty is aches -- it's 04 live in scottsdale. good morning, jimmy. >> reporter: and it's nice and cool out here. we're feeling a good breeze and temperatures have dropped. there is a windchill. when i left this area early this morning, up here in north scottsdale, we had this breezy weather and it was pretty warm and not -- now, the temperatures have dropped and that is chilly. have the swan sleeves on now to
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today and not as warm as yesterday and that is going to be breezy throughout the day and temperatures are going to slowly drop and tip into the lower 80s and we're going to stay above average the next six or seven days and with 81 degrees, you can't complain and just a gorgeous forecast overall. hopefully the traffic is better. jen. >> and good morning to you and thanks. traffic is looking good on the west valley on the 101 stadium and we're getting ready to get on the 10 eastbound and see the 101 northbound lanes, nice and clear this morning and this will switch up -- you can see the traffic is backing up as you get on that interchange over the 10. as far as the rest of the valley goes, we're not seeing major crashes. where there was one this morning, a deadly crash just north of wickenburg by 50 to 60 miles. four people dead, 93 is now
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some time and we'll keep you updated throughout the morning here on the valley roadways. >> all right, jen. thank you so much. and there is a new sheriff in town. maricopa county voters spoke and picked paul penzone. and he end the arpaio's 24-year reign. nicole has more. >> reporter: we we spoke with paul penzone last night, him telling us the victory is still sinking thousand deputies waking up the first time in two decades knowing they're going to have a new bus. arpaio and, rather, penzon ran against him in 2012 and lost that election. and penny zone telling us the -- penzone telling us it felt like a longshot from the beginning and this race had a different energy. arpaio faced mounting odds after being charged
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in court against the sheriff's office and faced growing resentment from the latino community. this is what penzone told us last night. >> there is a lot of notoriety and embraced it for the hispanic communities and other communities suffering in some capacity, it's time for us to get back on a principled professional law enforcement community. >> and as for penzone's plans for the shers sure we'll be learning more about that in the next few days and back to you. >> thank you. 607 emergency now. and still ahead, donald trump shocked america, winning the presidentual election over hillary clinton. >> and reaction is coming in both good and bad. coming up in two minutes, team 12 ages tracie potts is live -- tammy 12s tracie potts is live
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. more decision 2016 in an upset, trump will be the 45th president of the united states.
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with more. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. and good morning, everybody. a lot of people are waking up to the news that president- elect donald trump has won more than the 270 electoral votes that he needed to win and we could picture he may go to the white house tomorrow and who learned that president obama invited him down for a transition team meeting. and the president is expected to speak today. speak in an hour and 20 minutes or so and we did not hear from her last night and her supporters very down and sad faced as they saw all of the blue states like pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan go to donald trump. and he did very well in rural areas and with white voters. they turned out in droves and made a difference in this being lections.
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its. but we wait to hear the concession speech we didn't hear from clinton last night, plus, president obama who said in a statement this morning he wants to do something to reconcile the country and bring together the divided nation after a very brutal election. >> obviously, so many people waking up to quite the surprise. if is they went to bed early last night. a question that a lot of people are talking about is how did the polls >> reporter: well, the analysts and pupped its, all of those poll -- pundits, all of those polls giving clinton the edge and they were all wrong. almost all of the polls and they all wrong. there is going to be a lot of more questions than answers at this point about that, but clearly, there were areas of the country. again, we can't re-emphasize enough, rural america turned out. and in terms of areas that didn't turn out, hillary
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this motorcycle expected but not -- might be expected but not as much or more than president obama did and so the balance of that clearly landed in favor of trump. >> and tracy, one more quick question for you, you're in new york down the road from wall street. the futures for the dow are horribly low and some have it down as much as 800 points. what is the reaction there and why so bad? >> looks like we're down to a little bit from that and at a way, is worse than 9/11. the days after 9/11 and that is when the market reopened. we saw the same thing with asian markets overnight and the same thing with nasdaq and the s&p and this might not be something that lasts but something that made investors nervous and itery while this is happening. why? there was so much uncertainty and investors don't like uncertainty and while this was
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and as the market opens, we'll get a sense of how serious it might be. is it a one-day thing or do people need to grab on to the 401ks and get ready for eye wild ride. and it's -- for a wild ride. >>. and i let's get a look at how roads are shaping up. >> andgoning, jen. good morning, tram. we're back on the i-10 eastbound and in the far west valley. we looking good this morning. we're seeing vehicles stack up here and that is going to get busy area over the next hour at 75th avenue and the eastbound lanes are moving. we know here in the next mile or two, we're going to have to start decreasing speed. it looks like the next half a mile. and westbound lanes are still clear this morning and they will continue to slowdown. look, guying guys, we're hitting basketball lights here
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of the valley and light give you a look at the rest and as far as slowdowns go, we know the 10 into phoenix does start to jam up pretty good each morning, especially closer to the 7:00 hour. and the 51 southbound and 17 southbound, once you're around camelback and into indian school, definitely slow some as well and the 60 is not bad yet. once you quiet to rural, they will see slower speeds and i want to mention that the 93 is open and the southbound lanes were closed this morning and that is because of a deadly crash that took the lives of four people. so, authorities are still investigating that and i will let you know if anything happens here on the local freeways. guys? >> and thank you for the update at 6:15. we want to go to scottsdale where jimmy q is this morning. and i know it's chilly, but yesterday, we hit 90 degrees. tells that you is not happening again? >> i know. you know what, it's going to be
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the winds of change have finally blown in and it's breezy out here right now. we're in north scottsdale around frank lloyd right and the 1 haver 1 area. first -- and the 101 area. we're going to talk about the weather and what you can expect. light to medium jacket. i didn't think that this morning but it's since dropped a few degrees. long sleeves are good for the kids this morning. later on, they can take a light jacket off. expect temperatures today at 85, which really is good, as far as the numbers are concerned and then tomorrow, we're going to drop more. the nights and the mornings are going to drop to chilly levels again and back to the 50s and into the 60s. so, be sure and wear your light to medium jackets v them handy or some long sleeves or something that you can slowly put in here and this is what we're talking about. we're talking about an, vent called a pitch for life
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foundation that you have put together? >> sure. in 2006, so 10 years ago, i lost my father to a brain aneurism j. >> and your father? >> crow. >> the padres, asrows -- . >> he did. he played for seven different teams. >> okay. >> and 22 years in the majors. very expected, passed away from a brain aneurism. i was unaware of the situation and really wanted to learn more about why this happened to him. the mo discovered that there was a need for providing support for families and patients and research. so i started a foundation in phoenix that multiplied across the country, and we have 34 support groups across the nation and online community of went thousand people. and that is to connect one another to let them know it's okay what they're going 32 you and it's okay to feel the pain and the issues that they're dealing with and this is part of the recovery process.
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>> yes judge and we're here with seveneral survivors and we're making a difference in the fact that treatments come a long way over the last few years and many of these -- everybody here, actually, was treated here in phoenix. and which is what the proceeds from saturday night's, vent benefit, which is the neurological institute. >> and talk about the event? it's at the biltmore on saturday? >> and starts at 6. and you go into the program. all of the tables an athlete and have to bring in the baseball. >> absolutely. >> and some football players, a wnb applier and that is a really neat event with highs and lows and that is an emotional event and something that i want people to leave, not only understanding more about the cause, but saying, hey, i want to come to this next year, too. >> and we're going to talk about the event the next half hour and stuff that is happening where you get tickets as well and that is coming up. and that is a wonderful event there. >> and thank you.
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social media outlets on the planet. do you know what snapchat is and how to use it? >> is come get ready to pick pick a fitter and snap. >> and the season that seemed to go on forever. our 12 today trivia question for you, what mr. itical party started campaign rallies as we know them today? and take a guess. the answer is two minutes away here on 12 today.
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. welcome back to 12 today at 6:22 and we're following breaking news this morning. sky 12 is above a big hazmat situation and this is going on fields and that shopping center near there. you can see dozens of fire trucks. we're working to get you more information and figure out what this particular hazmat stay with us is and we have a crew on the way. you definitely want to avoid the area. again, this is the shopping center by the salt river fields in scottsdale. we'll update on you 12 today and and let's get to the 12 today trivia. this election season, the one that seems like it's gone on forever is finally over.
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what political party started campaign rallies? think about it and take a guess. we'll have your answer in a half an hour. and we'll fast forward a half hour to right now. the wig party. that is the party that started political rallies as we know them. >> and way back a couple hundred years ago. >> it used to be you could e- mail a person and they would answer you and you had to text them and now they don't answer text, so my son refuses to engage in a streak with me. nobody wants to have a streak with mom. >> let's snapchat him now. >> okay, really? talk. >> her i am on the ellen she, snap chatting and there she s. and look at that nice kitty. >> and it's all the rage, isn't it? actress julianne moore having fun on ellen recently. and talking about snapchat. if you have kids, they are using it. a lot of it.
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snapchat is and how it works? if not, you're in luck. this month, we're giving you 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life easier for you. >> and at number 18, how to use snapchat and brian west uses it so much, we nicknamed him snapchat and that is brian to show us how it works. >> reporter: users of snapchat view 8 million vetoes and videos every day and every morning, i probably post half of that and most common questions i am asked about. how do you incorporate music? it's simple. you find a song, push play and record when the song hits the part you want or use an ipod or someone else's phone to play music while you record. and number two, how do you come up with material for daily stories. and you go from there and you look at the face pilotter -- filters which, you activate by
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or right with the filters and spied things up or slow them down. and number three, how can you tell who views the stories you post? and if you click on the option, there is an eyeball next to theer number and it shows you all of the users who watched and if you want to watch ridiculous snap chatters slash struggling comedienne, search for bt west brian west, 12 today. >> and this is another pro at coyco. >> it's a necessary evil in my business. >> really? and i do a lot of colleges and the kids want to communicate with the comediennes. >> uh-huh. >> and used to be twitter and instagram and facebook and now snapchat. >> all about it? >> and i don't know what to say in 10 seconds or less but i do the best of it. >> and you're doing that now? >> i am. >> and cocoa brown 1 funny marine corps and there you go. i use it with my kids to poke
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>> right. >> and mia son loves it and learned how to use it. he's four. >> does he have his own account? >> he had his own phone. >> what? >> i couldn't get a phone call for a car going across or a trowel or something. [ laughter ] so i had to get him his own phone. >> at four years old. >> hey, he can't call anybody, but he can download a game or two. >> there you go. he's not spoiled. >> no! >> it's a flip phone. [ laughter ] >> and i and for a complete look at each life changer, go to and time for the second juicy question of the morning, more than half a -- half of women surveyed will kiss a guy on the first date if he has this going for him. jimmy q often has this going for him. >> and that goes along with my legitimate guess, too. >> what is it? >> -- you jerk on the first date a bit.
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>> i kid aboutna. >> all of the shallow things i was going to say went out of the door. >> okay. >> and she is the one drinking. >> okay. >> i kid. i kid. >> and on this show? >> you have 15 minutes to get the guesses in and still ahead, celebrities supporting hillary clinton said they would leave the country if donald trump wins the presidency and light see who is packing his and her bags. >> and the voted for recreational marijuana in arizona goes up didn't flame out in other
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. ours was but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hardworking men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and family. it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs who want and expect our
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and serve the people it will. >> donald trump will serve the american people as the 45th president of the united states. in one of the biggest political upsets in american history and, in fact, we recently got word that trump will be meeting with president obama come tomorrow morning at the white house. and arizona still not called yet but strum ask leading here. it's the other swing states that ed president elect. and nico santos is live with all of the reaction. >> reporter: let's bring it home. arizonans are waking up, even though the numbers are preliminaries, looks like arizona is a red state and that is after a number of weeks. we were calling it a tossup state, arizona, and polls were going back and forth between hillary and donald. a number of people are taking to social media and celebrating
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they're using the #s like arizona for trump and latinos for trump. let's break down the numbers a bit here and again, it's not called. these are preliminary numbers. as of this morning, trump has 49.8% of the vote with almost 932 pam on thes casted in his fave. that -- ballots casted in his favor and hillary clinton has 45.2% of the votes and this actually happened despite a projected voter turnout, excuse me, of about 70%. latinos which, are largely democrat and in previous elects, we have seen 30% of latinos showing up to the polls. they didn't make a difference in arizona and look says like it's red. coco 19o and pima counties -- coconino and during his acceptance speech, he talked with hillary clinton before that on the phone and took a moment to congratulate her for a well-fought campaign and for all of the service she's given
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should say, and he invited the entire country to do the same, finishing his speech by adding it's now time to bring together a very much divided country. he's promising to have a government that represents its people and we're going to continue the election coverage on 12o news and and the coverage will continue in an hour at 7:30 our time. hillary clinton will speak and you will see that on 12 news. and to reaction pouring in from social mediai scott baio, a big trump supporter, he said great faith in god works. i am proud to call you president of the united states. and now on a lighter note, some of the tweets coming in, jim said this is exhausting. i think we need a rain delay being tweeted out last night during the middle of that epic political coverage you saw here on 12 news and nbc. so, our question to you this morning, what is your reaction to the results?
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donald trump's campaign slogan has been make america great. you think he really will? weigh-in and let us know we have a answer coming up. more than 6, 000 people have changed in and so far -- have chimed in and 68% said no and 32% said yes. it's 6:34 and let's go to horizon park in scottsdale where jimmy is out live. good morning, jimmy. >> reporter: good morning. and -- great people here and just enjoying i really would not use the word chilly as of yet, brisk maybe but long sleeves will help you out. you need a good, good jacket. if you're going to be exercising, it's phenomenal weather, too. the sun is coming up, clear skies and not seeing much in the way of cloud cover. yesterday, about 90 degrees. i don't think we're going to get there for today, which is nice. we'll be about 85 for the high temperature and it's going to be breezy, too, for today. you're feeling it this morning
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number the wind will do on your hair, but for everyones, i am liking it and you will like my seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that and a great event happening this weekend at the biltmore called a pitch for life. i will tell you more about that and what it means. how are you doing out there, jen? i hope you're not lost in traffic. >> reporter: hey, jimmy, unfortunately, we are stuck in traffic. i wish i had a different story to tell, but we have been trying to get up to scottsdale, and it's taking us e eastbound through glenndale and into phoenix the last 20 minutes at least. and check out the row of brake lightens 41 front of us. i can zoom on for a few miles here. all you're seeing is a lot of red with our exclusive bird's- eye view through our 12 news tracker cam. to the left, we have vehicles adding up on the 10 westbound. no major crashes to report this morning, but there is a lot of
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yet. as far as other valley frys go, the 17 is starting to jam up as well as the 51 southbound. the 10 westbound in from chandler, the 101 northbound and the scottsdale from chandler are all going to slow you down this morning. and we'll try to stay positive with the brake lights out here and if you see anything along your commute. and jen wall 12 news on twitter. >> thank you. and there is a new sheriff in spoken and they picked paul penzone. ending arpaio's 24-year reign. nicole is live with details. nicole. >> reporter: good morning, tram. and one of the big of the races in this state. if not the biggest and this morning, maricopa county residents are waking up to a new sheriff after more than two decades. we spoke with penzone last night and he told us he wants to bring back, quote,
6:37 am
the sheriff's office. he is coming from a law enforcement background himself. he was a phoenix police officer for 21 years. since then, he's retired from law enforcement and became a security expert. we'll be learning more about his plans for the sheriff's office in coming days, but one thing we may see going away, tent city. he told us back in october that he doesn't see a reason to keep it open. now, whether or not he goes forward with the plan, we'll find out. penzone did for sheriff in 2012, and he lost that race for you're -- four years ago. in his victory speech last night, penzone talked about his vision for the office. take a listen. >> and when i came from a private event with family and friends and i told him at the time i didn't want to hear numbers until this was a done deal. i wanted to appreciate the moment that i was in just like this. i am so grateful for what is going on now. >> you felt that love there.
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i am at a loss for words. >> and of course, we'll learn more details about penzone's plans for the sheriff's office. coming up in the next few days and weeks. back to you. >> thank you, nicole. and there were several other contested races across arizona, including the u.s. first congressional district between paul baboeu and o'halloran. >> he brought in 50% of the vote compared to 44%. and ray parish brought in 5%. >> and in the race for the u.s. senate, john mccain is heading back to washington. he defeated ann kirkpatrick in a contest he described the race of his life. it was not that close with senator mccain taking home more than 53% of the vote. >> and one more hotly contested race is for county recorder here in maricopa county. helen purr cell is losing to a political newcomer adrian
6:39 am
polling places earlier this year in march. >> and another big talker here, proposition 206, the measure to raise the minimum wage here in arizona has passed with 59% of the vote. it will increase the base wage incrementally from $8.05 to $10 an hour and rise next year and increase every year until 2020. that measure allows workers to earn one hour of paid six time for every 30 hours worked, depending on the size of the of the proposition to legalize recreational marijuana are disappointd this morning, to say the least. prop 205 went down in defeat last night. supporters of legal pot said it would have eliminated black markets, freed up police and raised money for k-12 schools. opponents said legalization would increase drug traffic. growers in arizona would be able to sell to other states where it's legal. and still ahead on 12 today, hold on to your 401k.
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we'll check the big board board on wall street. >> and seemed like the entire entertainment world was pro- hillary. not so. those who voted for trump and those claiming they're heading for canada coming up in the
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. 12 today is following more breaking news on this wednesday morning at 6:43. sky 12 is over the lower buckeye jail at 35th avenue and buckeye road where an inmate kicked out the back window of a transport van and escaped. he is 25 years old. his name is michael hoffman. mcso is currently searching that area for him. again, we're going to a description. an inmate kicked a window out of a transport van and escaped this near the lower buckeye jail. we'll keep you updated here on 12 today and let's get some morning juice with the ladies. >> thank you, matt. and watching the race for the white house unfold, you probably thought what celeb itty -- what celebrity is not voting for clinton? it a few actually. they were wide ranging from musicians like kid rock and
6:44 am
kiss rodman and -- dennis rodman and terrell owens. >> and i don't know. like i said, this is the washed- up tour. i will hash tag that all day. >> where are they now? >> yes. >> and, you know. >> i will leave it there. >> and bless their heart. and we have heard it many times before. if trump wins, i am moving to canada. this morning, several celebs are packing their bags. these first up, cher. she's been very outspoken about her thoughts on this election saying that she's heading to jupiter of all places. [ laughter ] >> and then there is brian cranston last month break bagged, which i worked on woo- hoo. the starrs he didn't think trump would win but if it happened, he would leave for vancouver. and, of course, amy schumer, my girl has been one of the most outspoken celebrity supporters for clinton. she said during one of her
6:45 am
would be to learn spanish and move to spain. >> wow. >> okay, girl. hola, como esta. >> i wonder if she's on the plane right now. >> seriously. really. >> and when you -- with brian cranston. >> yeah. >> i don't know how far back that was, but did he get political and talk about this? >> he would talk political a little bit. >> really? i was star struck, one of the first gigs in l.a. was getting on break bagged. he would talk politics around lu sit and listen. >> not show you at all then. >> and not at all. >> some people dot got it like is that -- some people got it like that. >> yeah. >> and it's time for the juicy question and answer of the morning. more than half of women surveyed said they will kiss the guy on the first date if he has this going for him. this 6 treatmently important, say women. what is this? >> and we're going to get our answer in a moment. i think it's like charm or, you know. >> good breath. >> definitely.
6:46 am
>> altoids. >> yeah. >> he smells good. >> jimmy. >> and he brags about wearing his stetson. >> yes. >> and jimmy. >> and muy guapo, jim. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> you could say that. i believe jim gets a kiss on the first date zero times out of 10. >> oh, no. >> guys, wear that cologne. you will score. >> yes. >> and 6:46. all right, ladies, st ahead on 12 today -- colbert from the stress of the election night to ask america to remember all of the things he can't agree on. it's funny, relevant and we want to know what you think
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. all right, good morning to you guys. we're on the toll eastbound. all lanes are cleared here but pan over with the exclusive bird's-eye view and show you the a few more here, where the huge trouble spot is in morning, the 10 eastbound from the west valley. and that is a parking lot at times, especially around 67th to 51st avenue. and also, the 101 northbound into scottsdale and slowing down. the 10 is from chandler and heading westbound, starting to back up a little bit. and we are heading to scottsdale to check out a hazmat situation. and we'll bring you more information on that. and here on 12 news
6:50 am
>> all right, thank you. and it's amazing what can happen on live television, especially when covering a presidential election. last night, stephen colbert ended his election special with a poignant moment. it may resonate today and beyond and stopped joking around to address the anger and frustration here in america about the election. how it stirred up frightening images captured during the campaign. he decided to remind americans what they don't fight about. listen. >> no matter where yo hillary's private server, everyone agrees that work e- mail sucks. >> yes. >> and also, no matter what your age, race, or political party, every american can agree that kit kat should be eaten in segments and not bitten into like a normal candy bar, you animal. >> and every red-blooded american knows that if you're ordering a bunk of pizzas, there is no reason to get a veggie one. no one's going to eat it. for christ sake, plain cheese
6:51 am
gas light on your dashboard is not a warning but a challenge to see how far we can get on whatever amount of gas is left. >> and i take issue with the one about the vegetarian piece afternoon. >> and matt will eat it. >> i know. >> and that is what it's about. it went on for 9 minutes. it's poignant and touching and hilarious. and he drives home the point of listen. there is some division in this country now. and it's hard to say it's not the presidential election and the campaign showed that and e that is what we have to find now. >> yup. >> and one of the favorite moments in it, not that scuffle there. from the presidential campaign, i believe that is from a donald trump rally and we buy cool whip to get free tupperware and that reminded me of being a child. >> and our mothers? >> yes. >> no joke. fifty cool whip. we couldn't buy the brand -- . >> or the butter toast. >> yes, country clock and blue bell. >> who buys tupperware when you
6:52 am
>> uh-huh. >> politics aside, if i can agree to disagree, i mean, you know what? let's move forward and move on. there are so many things that we need to come together to talk about. >> yes. >> and no matter who wins. >> and we need to talk to each other. that is it. >> and that is a good point. >> and not text or snap chat. >> no. >> talk. verbally talk. yes. >> right. >> and okay. go ahead and check that video out and let us know what you think about it. hit us up on facebook and twitter. it's 6:52 and check the forecast with jimmy out live in scottsdale. >> okay, it's great out here and breezy. the sun is starting to come up. you can see the skies really nice here. and it's going to fool chilly. wind is coming off of the mcdowel's, the cold air is coming down and really feeling it. we're going to have a bit of a transition today. the temperatures are going to slowly start to drop here in the next day or so and let's go to the seven-day forecast. i want to let you know about 85
6:53 am
and as our temperatures start to go down, this is what we can expect. tomorrow, 81 degrees, which is going to be beautiful. we're talking about a wonderful event happening at the biltmore to raze money for aneurysms. it's called a pitch for life. knuckleball this saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the arizona biltmore and a great event. we're talking to survivors here as well of aneurisms. kim, talk about what happened to you? my aneurysm was detected before a rupture. and actually last year in 2015, my surgery was done by dr. robert spetzler on january 15th of this year. grateful to be here and they caught it before it ruptured. >> and rex and robin, what happened? >> eight years ago, i had a ruptured brain aneurysm. and i was in a coma for a month. i was in the hospital for two
6:54 am
carekeepers rex is a good guy he's always, always, always with me. and i am okay now. >> that is awesome. >> catherine, your daughter chloe had a brain aneurysm. >> and my daughter was actually diagnosed in uter, on when i was 32 weeks pregnant and -- . >> she was >> and her particular type was rare and many children die from it upon birth. they don't know to look for it. we were fortunate that we live in a community that with borrows here and they diagnosed her early on and so they were there to take care of her right when she was born. >> and natalie, your father had a brain aneurysm. joe necro, professional baseball player, the foundation which he started, what is this money going for? >> benefiting a genetic study
6:55 am
a four-year study and we're in year two of it. all of the proceeds benefit that study that we're funding there and hopefully with all of the information they're discovering, we can come up with a better detection method. >> and my dad didn't have symptoms. he grabbed the head and said i feel like my brain's bleeding and fell to the floor and that was it. >> and this event is going to be this saturday at the biltmore. where can people get tickets? >> on the it's just the jeannie crow >> great auction items. >> uh-huh. >> and back over to you guys. looks like a good day on the cool side here. >> and thank you, jimmy. let's git a final check of the hot headlines this morning. the man suspected of shooting and killing a show low police officer is dead. ericson hot an officer about noon yesterday and took a 15- year-old girl hostage and barricaded him inside of a cabin. a s.w.a.t. team was called ina after an
6:56 am
the officer who die side 50- year-old darren road survived by his wife, son, and daughter and has been with the show low police department since 2006. and a massive fire broke out around 5:30 in phoenix. a burning of multiple buildings and leaving hundreds without power. that fire happened to be burning around a home near 26th street and thomas road and combustibles made it larger and harder to fut out that fire. >> new this morning, arizona's largest ski area is hoping to have the opening day on friday and the high pressure system hanging over the western states has delayed the opening dates to many ski areas, including arizona snowbowl. and that is if the temperatures allow. >> and the newspaper headlines across the country are all president trump. the arizona republic, which
6:57 am
almost all pre-election data seems to have gotten it wrong and started when florida, moved to north carolina and donald trump dominated much of the midwest. and hillary clinton outspent trump in the election, but his voters it irstoried out in massive question at the -- voters turned out in massive groups at the polls. >> and 68% of people here in arizona are watching 12 todays no that america is not going to thank you to the 850 folks who voted so far. >> and final takeaways, i have to say, the election is finally over, right? >> yes. >> and let's move forward now andco will trait on the big -- and concentrate on the big issues that many people care about, healthcare , education, the economy and jobs. >> yeah, everything. >> and there are many issues to come together and let's work on doing good. >> yes absolutely. and i am taking away from all of this.
6:58 am
anything. anything is possible. anything. >> very true and he has a flip phone to start with it at four years old. >> and exactly. >> and my takeaway is that cher wants to move to jupiter now. you think she can make it there? >> you thought canada was bad? my goodness. >> uh-huh. >> and speaking of canada, the immigration website broke down overnight. >> yeah. >> and many people went down there and googled it again. >> is any yeah. you have to come together. you have to have unity. do the president is going to speak later today and hillary clinton will speak in a half hour and you can catch that here on 12 news and 12o news is always on. >> and thank you for watching, everybody. we'll see you back here in a
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it's trump. >> usa, usa. >> donald j. trump will be the next president of the united states. an astonishing victory, and a opponent, president obama, the washington establishment, and the media. trump speaking to his supporters early this morning. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> hillary clinton calling him to concede, but no speech from her overnight. her supporters devastated. his, overjoyed. america as we know it has


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