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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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several cities right now. this is a live look in portland, oregon. a protest is also going on right now in new york city. several streets are blog in that area as the crowds converge. extra security tonight after donald trump became the president elect last night. our other big story tonight: donald trump the next president of the united states.>> love him or hate him he and his family will be moving to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. here is a live shot of the white house mac how are you feeling about the presidential
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you can vote on . >> the big question tonight: what happens now? our political insider is alive with a look at what the first 100 days of a donald trump administration could look like. and there is a new sheriff in town. >>reporter: donald trump has made dealing with a long list of issues in his first days in office. era three he might tackle and they may affect a lot of people here in arizona. he has said he will terminate every single unconstitutional executive order signed by president obama. this woman is one of thousands of young undocumented immigrants in arizona who could be deported. the mother of a toddler is
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president obama's executive action to protect dreamers. >> for us this isn't about me or him, it is our son.>>reporter: he has promised to repeal and replace obamacare on day number one. >> likely what you will see is a president trump trying to chip away at obama care. >>reporter: he says he doesn't have the votes in the senate to kill obama affordable.>> removing the subsidy would increase the cost.>>reporter: and he will act fast and locking down his biggest prize, with this with nomination to the us supreme court. >> what that nominee needs to have is a judicial philosophy particularly when it comes to the issue of abortion. it will be the next nominees
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>>reporter: donald trump has also promised to give americans the biggest tax cut in history though it has been shown to favor the wealthy and eliminate the common core curriculum in schools across the country. about 200 students walking out of several phoenix schools today marching to the state capital to protest the election of donald trump. sky 12 was over the crowd as the students made their way from metro tech and north high schools. >> without a doubt one of the biggest races of the night, maricopa county sheriff. this was the second time running against arpaio who is held that the since 1993. today i had a chance to speak with he and his wife, asking
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the new sheriff. >> for me it is to go through the door and continue to be consistent. and to look at all the men and women and learn about them. and what their believes are and their experiences maybe and give them a chance of being a part of doing something together.>> you can hear from of the people of maricopa county, including those who supported arpaio tonight at 10 o'clock. the sheriff's office has not seen a transfer of power in 24 years. it won't be easy. >>reporter: think about it, 24 years of the same boss, the same office culture and expectation. soon a new era will began. immigrant activist who helped
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resenting him with a notice today. >> we are here to tell the sheriff he is evicted.>>reporter: over the next two months his staff is expected to prepare. frequencies will need to be prepare. first, when will penzone begin the process of taking over? he has selected a group of former law-enforcement advisors to serve as a transition team to help with the process. talks with the county could begin this week. money next year by firing arpaio. perhaps, if pinto finds ways to cut costs. there will be ongoing legal cost cannot be avoided. the county will continue to be the defendant in a civil rights case and is under court order to implement a series of reform. many believe the office is at least two years away from finishing. and three, what if more
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and deputies that have not been exposed would be investigated by the court monitor or a designated independent investigator. penzone says he will contact the board of supervisors this week to begin the dialogue in making this transition successful. even though the biggest races have been called there are still votes to be counted. according to the reporter's office there is still 470,000 uncounted ballots. the final results. one big winner people all across the country are talking about and that is marijuana. voters in california, massachusetts, maine and nevada approved recreational marijuana initiatives. a similar measure here in
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on the medical side florida, north dakota, and arkansas all approving initiatives. >> tonight, a town is morning the loss of a 10 year veteran of the force who was shot and killed in the line of duty yesterday. the man suspected in his death was killed in a shootout with police. >>reporter: more than 100 peoh part tonight to light a candle in honor of darren reed. he was a 10 year veteran of the police department and part of the navajo county sheriff's office. he was responding to a call on tuesday when an altercation with the suspect occurred and he was shot and killed. the community along with fellow law-enforcement are devastated over the loss of his loved and respected officer who was planning his retirement for
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funeral services are being planned and today hundreds of community members lined up to say goodbye and thank you. we posted on a link to waco fund the account for this officer who leaves behind a wife and two children. governor ducey has ordered that blacks around the state be lowered in honor of the following officer. still coming up, a warning scary situation at a local mall. now that the election is over what happens to all those campaign signs? we have an area of low pressure ringing as breezy conditions across the state. we will find out if that low will also bring us cooler
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a warning for parents tonight, take a good look at this man. police say he was seen suspiciously following children
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if you know anything call police. scottsdale police arrested ruben santiago lopez for a fatal hit-and-run involving a well-known valley doctor. the doctor was hit and killed last year near shea boulevard. he went to mexico after a warrant was issued for his arrest and monday he turned himself in. it is not quiet time to hit the slopes, snowball is delaying is opening day. the area is friday, which would've been the earliest day ever. november 18 if not being targeted as the opening day if temperatures allow. still ahead, signs everywhere. the election is over and it is time to take down all those campaign signs. it is no surprise that some
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results of the election. plus, stan ben gundy took aim at us here in arizona in a postelection rant.
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this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. we continue to follow
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are protesting in several cities right now. these are live pictures coming in from chicago and seattle. protester also going on in portland, oregon. also in new york city, another protest happening in the heart of the city, that is worth several thousands of people had gathered outside of trump tower. several streets have been blocked as the clouds apparently epicenter of what has been trump world. we have been told extra security has been assigned to protect donald trump. >> we want to go to another location in our own backyard, a protest in tempe. we have seen similar situations all across the country and now it is happening in tempe.
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and the excitement is starting to wind down it is time to clean up. we are talking about those election signs. we caught up with the city of phoenix the show is another way to get rid of the signs besides throwing them away.>> driving around phoenix it was clear to see a lot of the signs have been removed, but there will likely be stragglers and today is they want for campaigners to remove them. in the next additional responsibility to take it down. for private property owners they had up to 10 days after election day to take down the signs. and what about the dozen seen across public areas? >> campaign organizers have up to 15 days after election day to take down the signs.>>reporter: they are made of hard plastic and cardboard, so they are recyclable.
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transfer station. each city has a slightly different calendar. glendale, tempe, and pure all must be taken down in 15 days. for the complete list of details go to our website and click on the story. her hair was all over the place. it was pretty gusty out there and we may see that happen again tomorrow. take a look at conditions right now, it looks absolutely great out there. the windsor called a little bit. here is a look at some of those wins. we are not reporting anything right now, but we still have a gust at 13 miles per hour coming out of tempe. the next druggist wind would be santan valley. today we had another important
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low and record for the warmest morning for us. a lot of times when we get winds that are strong like that it creates extra friction and the temperatures tend to stay a little elevated. we have an area of low pressure over the western part of texas. that low will scoot to the west, which is in the opposite direction. it is going to continue to keep breezy conditions, especially over southeastern and help to cool our temperatures down. eventually the low will kick out of here. temperatures tonight, 61 in phoenix. 59 in levine, 60 in scottsdale,
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we have a couple 70s out there, apache junction's high is 79. loss of 70s out there tomorrow. we will stay nice throughout the weekend. lots of sunshine and overall nothing disturbing. next week we see the temperatures, just a touch. thanks a lot. carson palmer did not practice today. he was given the day off. they and healthy for the important second half of the season and arrest during the biweek is the focus of tonight's quarterback speed. >> i think it was a chance for everyone to recharge the batteries. when you get away from it for that long you start to miss it and you realize how special it is and it gives you a different vantage point and how important the rest of the season is. you come back and try to
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that over the last eight weeks and i make those same mistakes. you are focused on everything. i like where we are. we are the underdog. we are going to come out fighting and i am excited to watch us on monday or sunday night. i am excited to watch what happens these next eight weeks. we are excited to play. when you come off a loss cannot wait and we had to wait twice as long as usual. we are ready to go. >> the signs are back home tonight to host the pistons, which means their outspoken head coach is also in the building after going on and anti-donald trump rant and ripping arizona along the way. here is some of what he said
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i have been ashamed of a lot of things that have happened this country, but i can't say i have ever been ashamed of our country until today. he went on to say i am going to walk into this arena tonight and realize that, especially in this day most of these people voted for the guy. i do not have any respect for that. there were some election night losses and wins for our valley teens on the role. eric bledsoe's 31 points were not enough as the signs failed to the blaze is important. in denver max scored his first goal of the season and had to assist. and leaves no one asked them about politics, which is all anyone wanted to talk about. and watch this.>>[ clip playing
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said i can't talk about politics anymore. i think that is a good decision. >> given the nature of this presidential race, do you find it health full -- >> seattle. >> do you have concerns about any locker room problems as a result of this? >> seattle. next. >> you have to love bill ic >> seattle. let's talk about seattle. still coming up, we are going to take a final look at anti- truck rallies happening right now, including one here in
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this is been a day when we have seen protests all around the country in major cities like chicago, seattle, portland, and now there is one in tempe. we continue to follow this as you look at these live pictures. we will have the latest tonight on 12 news at 10 o'clock. >> thanks everyone for watching. we will see you back here later
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. ?? (patterson) nothing unusual so far. everything looks normal. reade, zapata... anything suspicious? (reade) negative, just the support staff coming and going. something's not right. the message said to stand by. i think they want us to wait. i went to the precinct and broke into the crime lab. i stole the knife that killed jones. i was trying to protect you. tasha, i didn't kill him. why can't you believe me? well, i believe you now. the knife isn't yours. it's freddy's. what? how do you know it's freddy's? i saw him with it when he was staying in your apartment.
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and i can't figure out how to put it back without getting caught. put it back? what are you talking about? that knife convicts freddy, you can't put it back now. (gunshots) (zapata) shots fired inside the west end of the building. (people shouting) fbi! fbi! on the ground, now! get on the ground! fbi! (zapata) ohh! (zapata) yeah. it's burton. i got her. stand up. hands behind your back. on me. (handcuffs snapping) fan out, we need to find the rest of 'em. i got doyle.


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