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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> say we kill the beast! >> think of the one thing you always wanted. find it in your eye and feel it in your heart. >> no! >> don't be afraid! >> i'm not >> oh, look at that. we wish week show you all of it, but it's a minute and a half. he's fun fact. it's identical to the original beauty and the beast trailer that came out in 1991. look it up online and compare the two. emma watson is belle and dap
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theatres on march 17th of next year. i know people will be waiting in line. that looks good. and tower the -- and on to the next one. police arrested a woman in nevada after she tried to sell a man a tiger kitten for $3,000 and never delivered. yeah, they went to her home and found a bunk of wild animals -- bunch of wild animals. they found three tigers, a skunk, cougar, and monkeys. police have charged her put her 14 and-year-old daughter who lyes with her in immediate -- who lives with her in immediate danger. because she lives in vegas, does she get them from a show there? >> she has that there. >> yeah. >> and it's time for your juicy question and the answer of the morning. half of women say they hate when hey man does this. here is a hint. some men think this turns a woman on. >> what? >> and they could not be more wrong. what is this? >> really? sing to them?
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>> that would turn us on? >> i didn't think or say that. >> now we know you are single. >> that is the reason. >> oh, my god. blow in the ear. >> i agree with this. >> has this happened to you? >> yeah. >> stay away from the ears. it's not cool. >> what we all know as instant rejection. >> that is right. >> or at least vanessa's ear. >> wow. >> it's 6:16 now. we want to go outside with bother her but she's checking traffic with the real time on the road traffic. hey, jen. good morning. to each their own and not for me on that one. we're on the 60 westbound approaching priest and this is where the crash is that we showed you, the last hit about 15 minutes ago. all lanes are clear as i zoom in here. the traffic is backed up
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are the lights from the emergency vehicles and the crash is off to the right. the speeds down 10 to 20 miles an hour in the area. we have emergency crews here on scene. soy, folks entering the freeway are trying to take it slower this morning. again, the 60 westbound approaching priest is very backed up this morning. let's go ahead and talk about the rest of the valley i-17 southbound. the middle lane blocked for that crash. also, this one we're talking about here and some other places that will notice slowing this morning, the 101 northbound. rightality about warner. in from chandler to tempe and once you pass the 60, you will notice the slowing. the 10 westbound from 16th street to seventh street is
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work and the 17 southbound around the durango curb in the red. we have we're noticing some heavier traffic this morning. for now, let's go ahead and send it out to jimmy. are you an ear blower? >> reporter: think i am, sometimes. 'tiz the season, i am thinking is they're going to be up there again and close to 90 degrees for the high today. that is going to be a warm one. the holiday spirit and help the temperatures go down. for today, 89 and close to 90 for the high temperature. that would set another record high and temperature, back down to 85 degrees and look at that. 69 oh, beautiful.
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into the swing of things, this place is cool. it's called rusty saturday. you like antique stores. this place is incredible. what is wristy saturday? seems like more than an antique shop. many are restored, right? >> they are. >> and we have a lot of vintage industrial recycled products and can't wait to join micky and we have about five truckloads of product. >> how old is the place? >> three and a half years old. >> is that recycled stuff? >> it is. my partnership created into a crown and my friend embellished for us. >> christmas, seasonal, non- christmas? >> are those real lightbulbs? >> they are. >> and that is neat out there.
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antique people. what is it called? >> the big heap. >> where is that? and that is this saturday, right? >> it's saturday from 9-3 friday, saturday, and sunday. >> okay. >> and i'll hand it over to mickey. >> we're good here. check it out, folks. bullet casings. you have buttons and stuff. tram, i am serious. this is like willie wonka and the chocolate factory. >> pick up everything on the christmas tree now and bring it topping money news, more trouble for the u.s. postal service, and are hybrid cars too quiet? >> he's a look ahead in the day numbers news. >> the dow has been up for six days in a row and begins the trading day with a fresh record high, 18,868. now, wall street is watching to see if the post-trump victory rally continues and if the dow will top 19,000. it's 132 points away.
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territory way down by worries of the tech sector under a trump administration at 5218. today and all of this week, there is is one big focus for investors and that is retail. the government is expected to report the retail sales grew last month by more is than a half percent. the postal service reports on earnings for the year today. they have a huge mandatory pension liability on its hands and other outstanding debts and unfunded and cars running on batteries. great for the environment, right? yes, not so great for the help of many pedestrians. they're too quiet and can't be heard coming. so, people have been getting hit or worse, run over. now, the department of transportation has rules to require them to emit sound to warn people on sidewalks or bicycles. vehicle makers have three years to equip quiet cars with alert
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landon dowdy. . still ahead on 12 today, could this be the cure to male pattern baldness? a drug doctors say helped some patients regrow their hair. . >> you want answers? i think i'm eptitled. you want answers? >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth! >> can you handle the truth? we take a hard look at food labels to see how accurate they
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear
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though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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. welcome back, everybody. in your 12 today health check, the adhd diagnosis rate amongst preschoolers leveled american academy of pediatrics recommended a standard approach to diagnosing young children. the guidelines recommend behavioral therapy as a first line of treatment, the use of stimulants stayed constant.
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choices? >> if you are, you're getting half of the information you need to pick the best foods. ellen looks into the truth about food is labels. >> and i'm like wow, this has 10 grams of protein, only 110 calories and look at how big this wrap is. >> reporter: she has always watched what she ate. >> forty chips i would have had 560 calories. >> reporter: after learning to look downthe nutrition panel to the ingredients list. n first ingredient is water. >> reporter: she changed what is in her kitchen. >> that is question i bought this. i didn't have cow's milk in my refrigerator. >> reporter: catherine tallmadge said the ingredient's list is as important, if not more important than the nutrition panel. >> sometimes you find fiber if the mostup likely food in candy bars, for instance. the manufacturer has added fiber to it to say high fiber.
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ingredients label tells you if you're adding nutrients or additives. the truth about nutrition labels, i'm ellen brian. >> and sometimes i think it takes a science degree to understanded those things. they're complicated. >> i know. >> and the percentages may not pertain to you. >> they're based on a 2,000- calorie diet that some don't follow. and coming up later this morning, about 6:45, stick around for this. we'rg joe dana kitchen. he and his kids are going to share a special -- special family recipe. a dish they only eat once a year. can't wait. and still ahead on 12 today, the coyotes want to move to tempe, but they need your help. how much taxpayers are asked to pay for the proposed new arena. and the trump transition is in full swing. what the president elect may have planned for rudy giuliani.
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. right now on 12 today, six kids and three dogs are safe after escaping a house fire. if it was not for one thing, it could have been worse. >> and the valley could reach record high temperatures today. why are we showing you snow video? we'll explain in minutes in a live report. >> and can you smell what the rock is cooking?
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they think it's sexy. >> we'll get to that and more in a moment on 12 today. at 6:30, we begin with jimmy q in cave creek. please don't say we're going to hit 90 degrees today. >> reporter: yeah, we're going to get close to that as well and we're in the city, off of cactus and cave creek boulevard. we're close to town. this is cool, called rusty sat. this is out of license plates and nbc. you have your own key chain with your initial but made out of old recycled license plates. it's cool. the weather today, though s going to be sunny. leave all, about 90 degrees. we're going to hit that record high temperature possibly by this afternoon. and winds are on the light side. but then a big cooldown is going to move into the forecast. that is really going to be optimistic for us. a big time cooldown by thursday and friday.
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antech show this -- antique show this weekend called the big heat. we'll tell murre about that but i hope you have good news for us. i know you have within driving around there. can you stop and give me a cup of coffee while you're out there? >> i'll be happy to, jimmy. i will have it delivered back to the studio here in a half hour. we are on the 10 westbound approaching seventh street and about a half an hour ago, this part of the valley was extremely backed up and open. it looks like a lot of the road work that was out here, especially on the hov lanes has been cleared here as we zoom in with our bird's-eye view. exclusive to 12 today. let's go ahead and pan over to the left. we'll show you e-10 eastbound. -- i-10 eastbound leaving phoenix and here. way out in east mesa, there is a crash on the 202 northbound.
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ago, the u.s. 60 westbound east of priest, there is a crash there. all lanes are open and there is some bottle necking still because of that. other spots in the valley, the 101 northbound through chandler and warner. and the 17. southbound, we'll be here for another 20 minutes or so and we'll let you know if there is anything different to report as far as crashes here on six kids and three dogs in a house fire overnight in phoenix. they are lucky they made it out safely. >> reporter: and this is a great reminder to have working smoke alarms. the reason they were able to get out of the house is because they had work is smoke alarms -- working smoke alarms. it broke out around 7:30 last night and the 18-year-old sister was with her brothers and sisters.
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an infant to a 16-year-old. they got out of the house and they were able to get the three dogs in time. the kitchen wasup gulfed in flames, firefighters were able to get control of the fire and firefighters were able to save approximately 70% of the family. the family is displaced this morning and they're trying arrangements. make sure your smoke alarms are working. brian west, 12 today. >> thank you for the update. and let's check your hot headlines. president-elect donald trump is hunkerd down in his manhattan high-rise where he's preparing to fill key policy post says. mike pence is expected to join the incoming president at trump
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are being mentioned as possible choices for secretary of state. >> it's been one week since election day. in maricopa county, they're still counting votes. county recorder helen purr cell said there are approximately thief thousand early ballots left to be county and there are an estimated 55,000 provisional ballots as well. in the race for her seat, she trails democratic challenger adrian fontez by more than 21,000 votes. an phoenix is blaming the presidential election for a spike in racial incidents on campus. the principal sent a letter to parents this week condemning what he describes is racist comments toward black, latino and muslim students. he denounces the harassment of students who sent president- elect donald trump whom he said was called racist. it's 6:35. today, the state department of transportation is making sure that you stay safe if you head
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more. >> reporter: good morning to you and this is the scoop, guys. pun intended. if snowmageddon happens, clearly you want adot on your side. check out the monster fleet of snow plows. that is brand spanking new. 250,000. they have about 200 snow plows in the fleet, 400 drivers and so when winter weather strikes, arizona clearly adot is ready. we want to make sure you're ready as weld to you. good morning, brandon. you're clearly set. when it comes to driving in winter weather, let's start with the outside and the mechanics of the vehicle. >> and you have to make sure your car is ready and making sure the fluids are set. making sure tires are properly inflated and that your vehicle is in good working order and the babies as well. >> rs tires are good, and you can put chains on those inside
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>> it's important to make sure you have an emergency kit including blankets and extra clothes and food and water. and a first aid kit. >> very important and most important on the side, the dozen donuts. clearly a couple people are hungry. a few are gone. a dozen donuts, folks, will make things better. adot, they're keeping you safe with this no snow campaign. as you can see, the monster trucks are ready and well- donuts. back to you guys. >> brandon, you know as the newest member of team 12, you have to bring food back to the crew. that is the new thing to do. >> i will see what i can do. and flu season began in arizona. the state department of health services is urging people to get their shot. >> and that brings us to the poll question. we had several employees sick the last week, mostly men. we want to know do women handle being sick better than men do? >> still a landslide there.
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go to slash your voice where the women nabbed 83% to the men, 17%. my goodness. yes, place your vote and we'll update the result all morning long as matt shakes the head all morning long. >> man up, guys. that is all i can say. still ahead on 12 today, 90 degrees in the middle of november that can happen. jimmy's talking about record highs in the forecast. >> need an idea for breakfast? perhaps joe dana can out. he shares a special family recipe for pancakes.
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. welcome back, everybody. all this week, we're sharing with you holiday recipe favorites from some of our team. >> this morning, joe dana shares the family's unique twist on pancakes. >> hey, everybody. welcome to my kitchen. i'm excited to show you a unique twist on pancakes. this is a breakfast that growing up my family only made once a year. it was on christmas morning and
6:42 am
my great grandfather john jacob huber settled in the mesa area in the early 1900s. he helped construct bartlet dam. his parents are from switzerland. this is an homage torosities german ancestry, they're german pancakes. it's simple. you need six eggs, a cup of milk, slightly less than a teaspoon of salt, a cup of flour, you will use butter later. now, we're going to start with a 9 by 9 cake pan. you can use a larger one, depeon your pancakes thicker or thinner. you will use from two tablespoons to a half cup of butter, a full stick here. my wife's not in the kitchen, so we're going to go with the full half cup of butter. we're going to plop this in and put it in the oven to heat it up. the idea is we melt the butter before pouring the rest of the ingredients. time for the eggs and there are six in the recipe. the boys will count them down here and in german.
6:43 am
this. are you ready, buddy? >> yes. >> einz, vein, veer -- [ indiscernible ] >> what is easy about the recipe, this their is not a rhyme or reason. pour the ingredients in how you want. you ready, guys? got the flour and milk. >> milk is good for your bones. >> and just under a teaspoon of salt. that is according to my mom's instructions. what is cool about oven-baked german pancakes, they come out mountainous if you do it ri you have to really mix it well to get the air into the batter. remember that pan of butter? it's cooled off a bit. the butter is nice and melted inside. we're going to take the batter and pour it on top of that butter. so you're going to cook this anywhere between 12 and 20 minutes. you want to monitor it as you're going along. okay, it's been about 20
6:44 am
look at that. this looks and smells like christmas morning. so, that is how you make german pancakes, a holiday tradition as my grandparents used to say after every meal, dash met. >> dash met. >> and that looks amazing. i know you're having a heart attack looking at that butter. but the more butter and sugar, the better. >> it's love, right history that you shared with us. >> yeah. >> and you can get this holiday recipe favorite by going to our website at you can share your personal family recipe online. we always love trying now dishes. and coming up tomorrow morning, mark curtis invites us into his kitchen. he and his wife will cook up an amazing price cut and calls it -- and twice a year. >> i'll bet my husband will be all over that. and still ahead on 12
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for november? jimmy has our unusually warm forecast. >> and we're getting an idea of who donald trump may take to be in his cabinet. we'll get the latest from d.c. in two minutes here on 12
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imagine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods
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. welcome back to 12 today. we are on grand avenue just
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towards glendale. these lanes open but not the case if you're heading into phoenix. we have wall-to-wall traffic here. you can see a lot of -- oh, my god. >> hey, everybody. we're talking about record high temperatures for today. unfortuly about 90 degrees. 89, 90, i am hoping we stay at 89. we get to 90, we'll tie the record. we get warmer than, that we'll beat the record. so, it's going to be a warm-up. there is good news. the seven-day forecast, really goes like this. we go about 90 degrees. close to 94 today. tomorrow, 85 under high pressure and starts to weak know. low pressure low pressure dips in and look at the numbers, 69 degrees for thursday, friday,
6:49 am
a bit. maybe a slight chance of rain counsel the road. hey, look at this. -- of rain down the road. a, look at this. we're at this place. it looks like they hand carved the trees into the recycled table. they didn't, rob. you're the creator of this. how did you make the patterns into the wood in. >> it's a natural process. we hook an electrode up to it and burn the electricity and put the turquoise and lay-in into the tree that burnt out. >> almost like bolt? >> yes. >> and what would it cost? >> costs $400. >> and this is beautiful. so awesome. i am telling you we have everything from christmas tries to everything else here from jars and soaps, everything. this is great. and -- christmas trees to everything else here from jars and soaps. everything. this is great. what do we have here? >> three and a half years old, rusty saturday, the big heap
6:50 am
keep. >> okay, rusty saturday. this is -- [ indiscernible ] where is it located? >> on cave creek road. >> okay. >> just south of -- are we north -- north of cactus. sorry. >> okay. great. >> and you have a big event coming up with all the other antique dealers this saturday. >> and this is called the big heap, friday, saturday, and sunday in the town of cave creek. you go to the only stop sign in town and turn north. you will see it out there >> $7 to get in. kids 12 and under free, pets on a leash are okay. >> great, is there going to be food and stuff, to? >> food trucks, snack trucks, beer, win -- come hang out all day. >> great. awesome. that is saturday, right? >> friday, saturday, and sunday. >> the whole weekend. >> thank you, for the weather, too. >> and it's going to be a gorgeous forecast. 'tiz the season, folks, we're
6:51 am
there. thank you, jimmy. it's 6:50. this morning, president obama landed in greece for a weeklong foreign trip. a big part will be spent reactions surge about the sessor. tracie potts is in washington with the latest on the donald trump transition. >> crit symptom is pouring in on pratte-elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as strategist. >> the fact that republicans be appointment is disturbing. >> reporter: it's a favorite of extremist and white nationalists. team trump defends him. >> this is a very balanced, verience isible, very smart man. >> i look forward to having a discussion with whoever they appoint in the administration. >> reporter: president obama declined to weigh-in on ban none but is giving the -- banon and is giving him advice how to bring together a nation.
6:52 am
tone. >> reporter: including the points that mr. trump's campaign finance chair is being considered as treasury secretary. >> a lot of hard work. >> reporter: laura ingram as press secretary and rudy giuliani and john bolton as secretary of state. >> i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be attorney general? >> good, i don't have to decide that one. thank god. >> you made that clear. >> if i can escape, i can escape that one. >> reporter: the tr transition, said insiders, is ahead of schedule. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you. it's 6 too -- 6:52. a final check of the hot headlines. russian state president reported that president putin held his first phone conversation with u.s. president-elect trump. the kremlin said he expressed a readiness to establish a partnership-like dialogue with donald trump's incoming administration. >> the protest over president- elect trump are expected to continue today. arizona remains a red state,
6:53 am
the university of arizona campus to protest that election. the group carried anti-trump signs and chanted aspect trump slogans. -- anti-trump slogans. security at next week's macy's thanksgiving guy day parade in new york city will be extra tied after an article in an isis magazine called for a lope wolf-type attack. the article is calling for the lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into the crowd, calling the parade, quote, an excellent target. the police multilayer security strategy to keep people along the parade route safe. the pinole county sheriff's office is working to find a missing child. this is a picture of 15-year- old austin street. he was last seen around noon yesterday near mountain vista academy. he's about 5 feet tall and weighs 83 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. the family said he has adhd and is bipolar.
6:54 am
to be in court today. ramirez is face thing -- facing a list of charges, including sexual assault and kidnapping n. september, he allegedly assaulted a woman in oldtown scottsdale. and operations are back to normal at sky hashar this morning after two gates in terminal four were evacuated yesterday. gates b and c were closed after a report of a suspicious package. the police acted quickly shouting -- shuts down the area for two hours. >> and we in a separate incident, this phoenix man is behind bars accused of pont a lacer at an aircraft. he told police he was upset with the aircraft noise in the neighborhood. six kids and three dogs escaped a house fire last night in phoenix. it happened near 83rd avenue and osbourne. the firefighters said a young woman living in the home heard the smoke alarm go off and got everyone out safely. and the mayor of flint, michigan, signed an emergency declaration to renew the state of emergency in that city. it's because of ongoing effects
6:55 am
and protests over a very controversial pipeline ned in are spreading -- north dakota are spreading. they marched to speak on the construction of the dakota access pipeline. the capital had to be locked down for a short time. another protest is scheduled for 5:30 this afternoon. and a man whose trial and conviction were put on display on the netflix series is set to go free. a federal judge ordered making a murderer subject brandon dasy prosecutors appealed the ruling in his case. he was originally convicted of murder in 2005, but the conviction has gone back and forth. now, the wisconsin attorney is set to file a motion to block the release. president obama was greeted with a military honor guard and a military band after arriving in greece. this is his final scheduled trip as president. the trip also includes germany and peru. the slowly improving economy can boost travel over
6:56 am
levels not seen in 9 years. aaa forecasts more than 48 million americans will travel. that is expected to be the bussiest thanksgiving period on u.s. roads and skies since 2007. and as you know, thanksgiving is next week. so it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long, the food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at the registers. that helps september vincent due paul to make sure all families enjoy thanksgiving. go to tuda holiday season, we also enter into what is known as the most wasteful season. as americans throw away a lot that can be recycled. today is america recycles day and nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling here in the u.s. >> and the chair turning and the coach's saves are on the voice. it's up to you. the viewers. the season's top 12 performed live last night. the low vote getters will have
6:57 am
if they want to city in the computation. and breaking news in the entertainment road. matt morrow did not win sexiest man alive. >> i know. second. >> instead, "people" magazine chose dwayne the rock johnson. oh, yeah. he even has a new disney movie coming out, mowana. last year's sex symbol was soccer star david beckham. love the rock. >> a good guy and there is next year for me. >> yes. exciting news for game of entertainment weekly, a prequel to hit the series mean in the works. hbo is talking with author george r.r. morton about his idea for a followup to the show. the game of thrones is one of tv's most watched series with nearly 25 million viewers around the world. >> okay. and the final results of our 12 today poll question, which is do women handle being sick and better than men? well, obviously, 85% of them say yes! and that is opposed to 15%.
6:58 am
we bear children. stuff like that. >> the pain threshold. >> yes. >> is very, very high. >> exactly. >> and thank you so much to all of you who voted. >> i will mind my p's and qs. i'm standing between you two. >> right. >> and asking for two black eyes. >> the final takeaways, i was not really looking forward to beauty and the beast, but after seeing that trailer and how spectacular it looks, i can not wait until next march. >> i am excited about the oreo crunch bar that is coming out. i will try it get you one, too. >> yes. >> and there is cinnamon frosted flakes coming out. >> yes. >> as well. >> and all of the sugar. >> this is great food and joe dana's pancakes. so good, too. >> and don't forget, 12o news is on and the favorite social media apps. >> have a wonderful day,
6:59 am
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good morning. new world order? inside the fierce battle to be in the trump inner circle. is rudy giuliani the next secretary of state? laura ingraham, the next white house press secretary? and what about the backlash against top advisor steve bannon calling terrifying. president obama side-stepping the issue. >> it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> who is in and who is out? we'll ask top trump advisor kellyanne conway. excellent target. isis puts out the call for followers to attack next week's thanksgiving day parade in new york in its propaganda magazine. terror officials saying there is


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