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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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you are watching 12news, winner of the rocky mountain emmy award for best evening newscast. the big picture for you. >> both in-year-old jesse wilson never be found? the buckeye boy vanished more than 10 months ago. how much attention is his case receiving? we are therefore a valley man and his homecoming. his family finding closure. >> he died for me. >> opening up her home and heart, adopting five siblings in time for the holidays.
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johnjay of kiss fm. you just finished watching dolly's movie. we will take you one-on-one with the set. the 12news 19 working for you. >> 12news starts right now. >> our big story at 10:00 tonight, the mystery disappearance of jesse wilson. >> the 10-year-old buckeye boy vanished over 10 months ago and police the holidays close in, any hopes of finding him are slowly fleeting -- fading away. >> reporter: almost every store in town is promoting the holidays. it's hard to walk around town without seeing santa claus. four months ago it was much different. jesse wilson's picture was up everywhere. but now, you rarely see it. day by day, things we remember fade. our attention wanders even when
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ribbons, once bright yellow, are now sun soaked, frayed, flyers that covered this area are now few and far between.>> this is the first time i see a sign of him. >> reporter: stores that used to show his face have taken them down. outside his school, there is a yellow grease, ribbons put up months ago remain but over time, many have blown away, gone just like jesse. >> the sad thing is we don't knat he is at. >> reporter: as the calendar turns to december and our focus on the holidays, a community is left wondering, where is he? >> the whole city is really morning for him and wants to know what happened to him. >> reporter: no longer listed among the missing at this walmart, every second passes is another second he is not home. >> we haven't given up. >> reporter: police are still waiting for forensic evidence from the lab while the
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missing since july. buckeye police don't know when that forensic evidence will come back. they hope it will provide answers when it does and they plan to pass out more flyers in the next couple of weeks. kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. you are before the court charged with unlawful viewing of a tape recording of other persons. >> new tonight, police say this 21-year-old navy veteran reported dozens of men using facilities all over the valley, using his cell phone. according to court documents, the investigation began when he caught brandon sorrentino recording him from the next stall at a xerox near i-10 and southern. tarantino denied it and refused to let police look at his phone. after getting a search warrant, cops found 41 recordings inside different patterns including scottsdale's aloft hotel and the talking stick resort.
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hot headlines across the valley tonight, sky 12 is over the scene after a small plane veered off the runway and into the gravel of the scottsdale airport. authorities tell us no one was hurt but the airport was shut down for several hours while investigators combed the scene. >> the maricopa county sheriff's office rescued 40 animals from deplorable conditions inside an east mesa home. dozens of dogs, several snakes, a hedgehog, and a spider were all removed after deputies received a tip saying the animal was being ported so than they could be sold to local pet stores. video from inside the home show floor is carried -- covered in feces and many animals without adequate water. no arrests have been made yet. the arizona department of public safety is sharing a story of survival tonight. these pictures from dps show a rescue of a father and son
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they spent the entire time, about 20 miles east of roosevelt lake, after they slid down a steep hill. on monday, dps use one of their helicopters to pull the two from the area. both were in good condition because they had the necessary supplies to stay alive for days. an arizona couple is making national headlines for doing something incredible. they adopted five brothers and sisters who came from a very tough situation to ke from being split up. >> brenda and kurt have opened their home to dozens of foster children over the years but tonight, they told us they knew their bond with these kids would last forever. >> you can never say anything to them, just that we are here for you and when the time came, they were very excited. essentially, the little ones.
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they love everything we love. we go camping. we go boating. they just love to do what we love. they really fit in. they come from a lot of violence and they have seen too much. >> their father was killed like the week after we got them. know. alcohol, drugs, all that kind of situation. >> even though they were in the foster system, we try to make them part of our family every day. kind of show them what the other side of the world can be like. >> they really were like you know we don't want to go anywhere else. we want to stay with you. so keeping them together is
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that's all they have left is each other. kurt and brenda say they definitely have their hands full but they are so happy to have the kids in their lives. they wouldn't have it any other way. our 12news holiday tracker on patrol right now looking for the best light displays across arizona. this is a live look in mesa near mckillip and gilbert road. he used 30,000 lights. he puts up a halloween display october 1 and then transitions all of this, lighting up on thanksgiving. it will stay this way until january 1. not everyone enjoys the colorful decorations so we want to know our holiday lights annoying or festive. to vote in our poll, just go to the final results revealed at
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you can also send great photos with locations to pictures at hopefully, watching dolly parton's christmas of many colors puts you in the holiday spirit. the country music legend's long- awaited sequel tells the story of her childhood. it debuted tonight on 12news ryan kelly is one of about 500 people who saw an advanced screening just last week in tennessee. what was your take away? >> fi like christmas. but a real rags to riches story dolly parton is. and olivia lane, the nine-year- old who plays dolly in the movie, was perfect for the role. she had the daunting task of playing her idol. they might be 61 years apart but the two stars on dollywood's red carpet are those who than that.
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thing is knowing dolly. >> reporter: she is no stranger to the red carpet, landing several roles in tv and film, most notably playing the nine- year-old version of a living legend. >> being dolly is hard because being a character is hard but having to like be somebody else is really hard. i really wanted to get dolly perfect. >> reporter: she has been spending time with an expert. >> i don't think many people can say i know dolly parton. i think that is the biggest honor i could get. >> reporter: did you have to do anything specific to prepare for this role? >> i watched a lot of dolly movies and videos. i really wanted to capture every little deep corner of dolly because so i can play her really well. >> reporter: but aside from
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>> what do you think it makes them feel? >> i hope it makes them feel warm, happy, cozy, loved.>> i hope that to be with your family on christmas, and everett -- and on every holiday, that is the thing that is most important in life. >> she is well beyond her years. the premier is bittersweet. tennessee is doing with those devastating wildfires. the dollywood foundation has pledged $100,000 per month the next six months to every family who lost their home in that blaze. ryan cody, 12news. trending tonight, a partially blind german shepherd has finally found his forever home. it was just in time for the holidays. >> the five-year-old pooch was the only animal to not be adopted from the arizona humane society over the thanksgiving weekend.
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now. the humane society posted this picture on facebook today showing him with his new owner. >> it didn't take long for the pair to find each other and bond after brian's story went viral and was shared a most 2000 times. >> reporter: honoring a hero for the last time, 12news captures the emotional homecoming and final goodbye that took decades to realize. >> we are there as kiss fm's johnjay gets a surprise visitor. >> and a camera meant creatures instead. >> reporter: and now here is jimmy. >> to not change the channel. take a look at natal circle. i hope i said that right. don't forget to weigh in on our live interactive poll. our holiday lights festive or annoying? go to voice
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they say freedom is never free. that freedom is something that military families know all too well. today i had the honor of covering a homecoming that was 65 years in the making. the return of a soldier with full military honors and closure for a family that has waited for answers for what must have seemed like an attorney -- eternity. waiting until to fly 1244 for a family member most had never
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first class, daniel hunter left the battlefields for korea when he was 18. >> my mother says he will always be 18 to her. it's like a child coming home for her. >> korea was known as america's forgotten war, fueled by the cold war and the spread of communism, america just five years after the end of world war ii found itself embroiled in a fight that they were woefully unprepared for. the chinese an troops turned the 38th parallel into a meat grinder that would claim the lives of 37,000 americans in just three years. on september 28, 1951, daniel hunt became one of them. >> while this is as tragic as it is, it's an opportunity to tell the rest of the world the price has been paid for our freedom.>> it has been 65 years
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and unbelievable day as family welcomed him home but if you ask the question who he died for and what for? in arizona woman, a korean- american woman, we'll tell you it was for her. >> reporter: when you saw his flag draped casket coming of the plane, what went through your mind? >> i thought he died for me, my mom. and why would somebody do that for somebody they don't even know ask that is a hero to me. south korea is what it is today are willing to die for our freedom. i am here to honor daniel hunt and i also want to send a message to all the families that are still waiting for their loved ones to never get help. >> reporter: private hunt never knew the joy of being married or seeing his children's faces on christmas morning but last february, the republic of korea turned over the remains of four unaccounted americans. thanks to dna testing and a
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finally found. >> you know how they say 99.9% sure? they are 1,000,000% sure this is him. >> reporter: back on american soil, this brave soldier, finally home, finally off the battlefield, finally at peace. private hunt will be buried this sunday at the national memorial off cave creek road starting at 1:00 and it is open to the public. here is a look at more hot headlines happening across th from this week's fires is up to seven. after more bodies were recovered in the great smoky mountains. the flames also scorched some 17,000 acres of land and hundreds of homes, forcing 14,000 residents and tourists to get out of harm's way. while some much-needed rain offered relief to the region, authorities more than the fire could still vera's head. thousands of soccer fans
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honor players killed in a tragic plane crash that virtually wiped out the entire team. in unison, the stadium sang out the names of the players killed and shouted "champions." the team was flying to the regional finals when their plane crashed, killing 71. only six survived. dozens of curious onlookers gathered to watch crews rescue a trapped manatee from a storm drain in jacksonville florida. the animal was stuck in a inch pipe for about three hours. rescue crews had to dig around the storm drain record -- before they could lift the manatee out. it has a little bit of bruising but still alive. we're counting down to jimmy was just a few minutes ago until the tonight show kicks off right after 12news at 10:00. felicity jones is his best. only on 12news tonight, social media has given birth
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some, a little more secretive than others shall we say? for example, stocking people on facebook or instagram. >> interesting. after a phoenix radio dj admitted he does it, monique griego helped the show pull off an epic surprise. monique? >> reporter: this morning, we came to the johnjay and rich show to surprise johnjay with a guy he admitted to stocking. that's when you follow someone on social media, know everything about their life, but have never actually met them in person. >> is there anybody you fall on instagram but you know all about but you've never met?>> reporter: johnjay from the johnjay and jay show, talking about a social media habit most people do in private.>> i don't think him alone. >> reporter: social media stocking, also known as creeping or looking, defined by
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people you don't actually know.>> this guy i follow is constantly going to football games. he has the most active social life ever. he is ripped. >> reporter: but what if you saw him out of nowhere?>> i am at a red light and here comes the guy walking across the street and i'm like oh my god there is james. did you have fun at the game last week? >> reporter: a chance encounter leaving his listeners running -- wondering if james, a.k.a. the coolest most popular guy on the planet, actually existed. >> they called and said they are talking about you on the radio, you got to tune in. i think it's awesome. >> reporter: 12news teamed up with producers to arrange a surprise meeting. >> has your guest arrived? >> he is here.>> can i get a hint? >> i'm on instagram. >> was at the guy i saw walking across the street the other day?
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i'm a fan of your girlfriend. >> james is like a want that life. good-looking, amps, cool, tim. >> reporter: social media can put on the pressure to portray a great personal life but james who owns it personal training business says that is not what he is trying to do. >> everybody has their problems. >> reporter: monique griego, 12news at 10:00. >> go that. is that guy flattered or creeped out? >> flattered, come on. >> i think i would be but i think i would be creeped out. all right, it looks like we have got some even colder temperatures headed our way for some parts of the state. we are not quite done with this deep chill here we have been dealing with for the last couple of days.
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degrees. basically, that means it is pretty dry out there. temperatures right now in the 40s throughout much of the valley. it has been a pretty chilly night out there. we will see temperatures dip really low, below freezing through pinal county and pima county. we do not have a freeze warning for the valley but in the rural areas you see and blue, that includes you. 34 to 41 degrees across the valley. another pretty cold might for us, grab the jacket before you head out. tomorrow, 59 degrees to 64 degrees. keeping with below normal temperatures. here comes another area of low pressure dropping down from the north as we head toward the end of the week. for the high country, this means a slight chance of rain by friday. otherwise, the rest of us will stay dry and some of us will get windy. we are looking at a wind advisory along the colorado river so gusts could blow to 50 miles per hour on your way into southern california along i can headed westward. here seven-day forecast looks
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close to 70 degrees by sunday and then next week, we have another cooldown. in fact, our high is only 59 degrees by next wednesday. it's the season to be jolly and it's the season of giving. patrick peterson agreed to restructure his contract. this frees up almost $3 million in cap space for the cards. they will probably re-sign chandler jones to a long-term contract. jones has been a monster addition to the defense. he becomes a free agent at the end of the year. next season, the cards have plenty of problems to fix this year. >> no doubt about it. on monday, bruce arians was very critical of his team, calling them out for a lack of accountability and then some. cameron park has the locker room reaction. they are their own worst enemy. >> we are big boys. if you don't do your job, you get called out. >> reporter: the head coach
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he's honest. he speaks how he feels. >> reporter: so what's the problem? pick a card, any card. how about leadership? >> i will do my part as a leader, try to get everybody fired up. i think we're lacking enthusiasm. >> reporter: or a lock -- lack of toughness and physicality. >> we aren't as physical as we have been. >> reporter: you start by fixing that in practice. fixed here so i think everybody is going to be really locked in and focused and try to get back on track. >> the coaches prepare as well. i really can't put it to words what happens you know?>> reporter: selfishness creeps in according to coach but players see it differently. >> when you want to win and you need a win, sometimes you get out of your role. >> i would be hesitant to call
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definitely have to do a better job of playing team defense. >> reporter: all of this traces back to accountability. >> we are always stressing and being accountable, doing the right technique, being in the right spot, doing our job. >> reporter: but technique only matters -- >> if you show up on sunday. >> reporter: cameron cox, 12news sports. >> thanks a lot. the cardinals are hosting the redskins on sunday with kickoff at 2:25 pm. don't go to bed, we are talking sense basketball and your mbp
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there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough.
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the suns have struggled in late game situations but tonight maybe a sign they have turned the right direction in that regard with a three point lead with a minute and a half left. kevin barker, a big-time shot. later, under 30 seconds to play, again the suns with slim three-point lead. this time, it's are what so, many of the glass. they snapped a three-game home losing streak. on the college hardwood, shaun miller and the arizona wildcats bouncing back from their first loss of the season with a convincing 85-63 home win over texas seven. five players scored in double figures. my mvp of the night, major- league baseball. the owners and players
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midnight. but they agreed on a new, five- year collective bargaining agreement. sending it back to you guys. >> thanks. now to our omg photos. >> police in kansas set out a trail camera to check for dangerous animals but that's not quite what they found. look at this. this wolf in high-heeled boots didn't look too scary as she pranced along the trail. >> police also discovered two evil zombie gorillas in front of the camera. we don't say frolicking enough. >> i mean, some people say it's funny but this is kind of creepy. >> that part right there is very creepy, yes indeed. but it is funny for those who had to go back and watch that. in just six minutes, felicity jones joins jimmy fallon on the tonight show. that's coming up right after
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let's take a look at the final results from our live interactive poll tonight. we asked, are those holiday lights festival or annoying quirks most of you say it's the time of the year. 92% of you love seeing those lights. 8% said no thanks. this video, taken in a scottsdale neighborhood near 86 street and thomas.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- felicity jones.


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