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tv   12 News Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a serious crash leaves a busy intersection flooded.. we've got what you need to know before you leave for work.. and has tucson figured out a way to reduce homeless-ness? the details are coming up in your hot headlines.. plus.. he's a star in the making.. boomer phelps gets his first lesson in the pool and we'vgo adorable video in
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adlib welcome toss weather adlib weather
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hundred degrees.. we like to complain about the weather. so this is your 12 today poll question of the morning. which is worse - hot weather or cold weather? grab your phone and go on over to 12 news dot com slash your voice. we'll be updating the results throughout the morning. this morning.. we decided to punish team 12's bryan west - by throwing him out in the cold.. he's driving around town - checking the weather in your neighborhood.. how's it going
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a bad crash has busted a fire
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northern phoenix - flooding a busy intersection. team 12's nicole zymek is live with the details.. checking your
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it's a story of survival - a father and son stranded in the desert
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slid down a steep hill and got stuck. d-p-s says the two were on a camping trip in gila county - about 20 miles east of roosevelt lake. thankfully - they had enough food and water left over to survive for several days while waiting for rescue crews to spot them. 40 animals have been rescued from a home in mesa. according to m- c-s-o.. dozens of dogs.. snakes.. a hedgehog and spider were all removed yesterday. deputies say someone tipped them off that the animals were being hoarded so they could be s stores. so far - no has been arrested. the arizona humane society held an adoption drive over thanksgiving weekend. it was very successful - all but one dog was adopted... but that changed yesterday.. when the 5-year- old german shepherd who got left behind - finally found his forever home. the shelter shared the good news on its facebook page. tucson has come
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the city has created a fund to pay people for cleaning up the streets. workers will get minimum wage for a five hour shift. right now the program is only for two days a week - but they are hoping to expand it to four. an arizona couple - making national headlines today - for doing something incredible. they adopted five brothers and sisters to keep them from being split up. brenda and curt hew-er have opened their home to dozens of foster years.. but they tell us - these kids are different... adlib
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adlib still ahead on 12 today.. we team up with kiss-fm to give johnjay van es a big surprise. you don't want to miss his reaction. can you spot the goggles? because this kid can't! the hilarious video is coming up in your morning juice.
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in national news..
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after wildfires rage out of control in tennessee. seven people have died from the flames - burning just east of knoxville. hundreds of families have also lost their homes. dolly parton released this video today.. offering financial aide to those affected by the tennessee fires. she grew up in the area and her own theme park came close to being burned down just a few days ago. dolly parton took part in last night's tree lighting ceremony in new york city. the rockefeller christmas tree is 94 feet tall and covered in more than 50-thousand l-e-d lights. the tree will be lit every evening until next wednesday - and
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washington, d.c. will be all aglow this evening when the first family lights up the national christmas tree. a star studded lineup of performers will join the first family to ring in the season, including james taylor, kelly clarkson, garth brooks and trisha yearwood. stalking people online - is one of the many things a lot of us do - but we never want to admit. unless your johnjay van es. the radio d-j isn't shy about his obsession with people he's never met - and team 12's monique griego recently got the chance to surprise him in a big way...
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think i'm alone social media stalking... also known as spying - creeping... or lurking... defined by urban dictionary... as a covert method.. good for discovering a wealth of information about people you don't actually know. 02:10 he's drinking all the time, he's staying up late all the time he's going to concerts, football games - the guy has the most active social life ever... but what if... out of nowhere... you saw them in real life... 02:28 i'm at a red light and here walking across the street and i'm like oh my god - there's james... laughs38 02:44 did you have fun at the game last week - where did you get those camo pants you wore last september laughs a chance encounter - that left johnjay's listeners wondering.. if james - aka - the coolest - most popular guy on the planet - actually existed... "they 're calling me and saying hey they're talking. about you on the radio 46 you gotta tune in tune in 49:10 no not creepy at all i'm
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this morning... 12 news teamed up with the show's producers to arrange a surprise meeting. 25:02 is it the dude i saw walking across the street the other day laughs 12 25:12 he had green - i hope your wearing the same outfit green camo pants - very high blonde hair very chiseled 25:35 hey man nice to meet you 26:00 i'm a fan of your instagram - i'm a fan of your girlfriend - 31:52 james has this life where i'm like i want that life - you know good looking and tan dresses cool while social media - can put on the pressure to portray - a perfect life.. james - who owns his own personal training business - says that's definitely not what he's ng know what someone is going through everybody's got their problems so just be happy be you!> adlib toss morning juice we've all been there -- your rushing to
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wondering where your keys are - and end up being in your hand the whole time. the same thing happened to one little boy who couldn't seem to find his goggles... eventually he figures it out and goes back in the pool like nothing happened... we see pictures all the time of
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phelps in the pool.. but this week he got his first official swim lesson.. michael and nicole phelps streamed the whole thing on facebook live.. and it appeared like all boomer wanted to do was take a nap - but we have no doubt he'll be an incredible swimmer in no time. ti the morning.. if you have this.. there is a 40-50- percent chance that it is more than 5-years-old. what is this? adlib
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adlib traffic adlib weather still ahead on 12 today.. donald trump is giving up the thing that makes him - who he is.. we've got that and more news - when 12 today returns in three
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sending a series of tweets yesterday.. outlining what he plans do to with his multi-million dollar corporation come january. the president- elect says he is drawing up documents that will take him "completely out" of his business operations - adding that the presidency is a far more important task. trump plans to reveal more details later this month - during a news conference with his children. donald trump - getting backlash today over promises he made on the campaign trail. team 12's hallie jackson explains... today.. trump and
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will travel to indiana and ohio.
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two are expected to deliver remarks on their campaign promise to save jobs. this comes after trump reached a deal to keep nearly a thousand jobs in the state. after that - they'll head to ohio to kick off their "thank you tour." still ahead on 12 today.. they may be kids' go-to breakfast meal - but now mom and dad might grab for a poptart too. the new flavor combo that's hitting shelves.. ###break### a mess for your
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a mess for your morning drive in one part of the valley. we'll let know where this is.... big upgrades for one valley hot spot... we'll check out what's in store for p-i-r..... and how much are you going to spend on your four legged friends this holiday season? we're talking


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