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tv   12 News Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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who walks away with a million dollars worth of gold from a truck on a busy new york street. it's 5:30 on this thursday morning. it's chilly out there. christmas tree up. you got to love the combination of the cold and the christmas tree. . it's starting out cold once again, not quite as cold as it was yesterday. temperatures mainly towards the teens in the north. more single digit numbers as the morning progresses but look for two degrees or so chilly as can be.
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we can expect temperatures today under mostly sunny skies. 0 oofrments a slight chance of a sprinkle or two, that is coming up forecast. >> brian west continues our team coverage of the chilly weather this morning. brian, are you losing feelings in your fingers and toes yet? >> you know, it's getting close. i want to show you something. this is the thermometer that our producer wanted me to take out here. this thing is not working but if you check on apple look at this -- we got temperatures on
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minneapolis. cities further north in seattle and san francisco, boston and los angeles, new york is at 53 and miami they're loving it now at 76. we're at a local coffee shop and have seen a couple patrons going in and out trying to stay warm. a couple layers on now. it's beautiful christmas weather and more people coming in getting hot chocolate and trying to stay warm in the very frigid temperatures. i love warm. she runs from the parking garage to her car. ashley, you have been telling me that you like bundling up. >> yeah, it's better than being hot. i'm still trying to get used to the cold out here. >> it's definitely been a shock this week but we're used to it. >> definitely. it's hot and the next day it's cold for the winter. >> reporter: at least compared to the other cities we heat up. >> that's true.
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>> reporter: so this morning people have been come coming in and getting coffee. you have an outdoor station for when you guys get busy. >> yeah, what started the business, people usually come to the cart first and then go inside. >> i can tell you now the difference of this -- it's like a good 20 degrees. we're at hava java. the only true way to stay warm is going in there our car where there's a heater. how does it feel in the studio? >> a chilly 75 degrees. >> a little brisk back here. so funny because you know people in the midwest back east are rolling their eyes at us. >> seriously i know. i'm from the midwest so i know about that. >> whether it's 45 degrees or 100 degrees we lake to complain about the weather. >> this is 12 poll question today of the morning.
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we will be updating results throughout the morning. 60% of people think hot weather is worse. >> i'm right there with you. right now we're checking our roads -- which is worse -- hot are cold? i used to be a huge hot weather fan and we moved to reno and i've been changed ever since. it was so cold. i love the cold weather clothes and now i'm loving these chilly morning temperatures. we're going out to i-17 in peoria now. been cleared but it's slower here because there was a slight back up. because of that the ten in the east valley in the red zone now. off valley freeways to this intersection closure, this is cactus eastbound so your alternate route is green way parkway or northern this morning. let's give you a quick live drive from the eastbound i-10
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and it clears up as you get closer to phoenix. your live drive commute here isn't too bad yet but that's changing in the next half hour or so. still in the yellow zone from the 101 and 7th street. breaking news of a major police situation near the talking stick resort and casino. nicole is live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: tram, two suspects in custody a chaotic hectic night starting here at talking stick resort. we have the salt river police department. can you walk us through what happened? >> a little after midnight police officers from the salt river department were dispatched intood the east parking structure after a report of suspicious vehicle that was occupied by a couple of persons. as the officers approached them
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attempted to flee and struck a patrol car. the vehicle then attempted to exit the parking structure nearly hitting several patrons as they were walking back and forth from their vehicles. as the vehicle was driving directly as one of our officers, they discharged their weapon and struck a second patrol car then exited and made it on to the 101 additional units responded and followed the vehicle as it attempted to exit off of the 101. the vehicle for whatever reason stalled possibly due to mechanical problems and the passengers attempted to flee on foot. salt river police officers were on scene and able to take them into custody. >> were any other officers injured during this incident? >> no, thankfully no police officers injured during the incident. >> was anybody shot? there were several shots fired but were suspects injured? >> no one was injured and the investigation is still going on as to how many shots were
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suspicious about these suspects and what they were doing? why they alerted the attention of security officers to begin with? >> i don't have that information. it's still under investigation and we'll learn more as the investigation continues. >> thank you very much. details still coming together. two suspects apprehended and a hectic chaotic night in front of talking stick resort. we'll follow and give you updates later on in the morning. live in the woman accused of assaulting a flagstaff police officer will not face formal charges. marrissa's attorney says the attorney's office had until monday night to file a formal complaint charging her with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. she says she was punched by the
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officer that she kicked him in the groin. a father and son safe this morning after being stranded in the desert after their truck became stuck. they had enough food and water to survive as they prepared for a camping trip. the arizona humane society held an adoption drive over the weekend and it was very success f. all b and that all changed yesterday when the five year old german shepard found his forever home. good for him. the shelter shared the good news on their facebook page. loving our furry friends finding a forever home. president-elect trump on the road again this morning while his transition team puts new appointments on hold. the latest on that from washington in three minutes. could it be the biggest fight in history? new details this morning on
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and why may weather might want
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the first rally kick off in cincinnati tonight but first the stop in indiana where president-elect trump is taking credit for keeps hundreds of jobs in the u.s.. >> they started talking and being happy that they would be able to maintain their jobs and
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carrier workers call it a christmas miracle, a thousand jobs saved not moving to mexico. the company credited president- elect trump's pro-business policies. he's headed to ind under this afternoon to talk about it. >> oh my gosh, he's not even president yet and figured out how to save 1,000 jobs. i hope every ceo in america is getting the beacon signal from the new trump administration that we're open for bes >> reporter: millions of incentives from indiana governor mike pence paving the way for quick confirmations. >> we're working through december and all the way through inauguration day to make sure we're ready on day one. >> we talked about sba. >> reporter: the parade of potential nominees continue. critics call it a cabinet full of insiders but so far no word on which of four candidates
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. now we're waiting to find out who the rest of the cabinet will be but spokes person tells us those announcements will not come before next week. thanks so much. it's 5:44. let's check the roads. good morning, still clear on this thursday. happy friday eve. i-ten eastbound at 67th avenue where traffic is picking up. even though it's showing red where you just saw that live on the screen. closer to 83rd avenue is where the traffic is starting to slow down this morning. drive times on the ten westbound from queen creek is only taking you 17 minutes. 202 and red mountain are both wide open. let's look to the future cast here exclusive at 12:00 today.
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getting down to 30 miles per hour. out to the east valley the 101 northbound looking good right over the 202. not seeing red with the temperatures outside. jimmy is talking about the forecast. how are things shaping up for the rest of the week. here's a great gorgeous look at the beautiful christmas tree over the hyatt. >> it's definitely cold early on this morning. for the high. let's break this down. 69 is our average and the record is 83 set back in 1949. so i'm telling you, nice cool day and we love it but you need the jackets and maybe light gloves. i like using those when i head out to the live shots early on. you will need that now. as far as outside, a couple high clouds. temperatures in the low 40s
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starting to rise here for today. just a tad bit warmer but the skies this morning are appearing beautiful outside. okay we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s across most of the valley early on this morning. mid to low 30s for buckeye and look for temperatures in the 30s and about 40s for fountain hill. there's pockets and an interesting micro climate. sometimes the colder air can flow down. but low pressure is coming into the forecast and that's making its way right into our area here by friday and into the weekend. tomorrow is giving us another reinforcing shot of cool air across the area. coming up this week, still cold mornings the rest of the week. temperatures below average and of course that friday blast of cool air coming in along with the low pressure system in the area so it's a nice dry one up until then.
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of this but on the cool side. high clouds will be around up and down the california coast making their way towards arizona today. ufc champion connor mcgregor is one step away from
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he held two belts in the uc title but forced to give up one after he didn't defendant id for a year. he said he wants to take a break but may weather would have to come out of retirement for the fight. he said he felt disrespected by fight fans comparison of the two. both of them have talked about the desire to fight each other in the past. if they do, it could be a monster payday. we did talk yesterday and he posted an instagram picture of a million dollars check and he says he still has every bit of it. >> a million dollars check means nothing. >> that would be the fight of the century. oh my gosh. >> people would be all over the watch that. no secret justin bieber doesn't like instagram. he deleted his account last august after a fight with selena gomez.
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never going whack. >> i don't to get my instagram back. instagram is for the did he feel. the devil. i think hell is instagram. i'm like 9% sure. we get sent to hell, we get locked in the instagram server and sucked in and trying to chomp my way out. >> what a comparison. >> i could think of worse things. >> yeah. >> i'm like hey instagram, it's fun. >> the fans were cheering because they were happy he won't be on instagram. >> so you can't connect with the bieber on instagram but you can still connect with him on twitter and facebook. >> i'm so glad i can still connect with him. what is this -- there's a chance that is more than five
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card and socks. holiday decorations like christmas lights? your ordinary reason tments for the tree? i'm just saying. >> i'm sticking with socks. >> okay facebook profile picture -- who is that guy? was this five years ago? . >> that was three years ago. update their profiles all the time. you take a good selfie and you want to make it your profile pick. >> yeah but that good picture, as long as it looks like you, hang on to that. time for your second juicy question of the morning. men are five times more likely than women to do this. the first thought was stay at home with their parents. women move out sooner.
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independent at times. i don't know, what do you think? >> i think it's something simple like a honey do list. >> men are more likely to did this than women, what is it? >> what are you doing more? >> mow the grass? fix the house. >> like changing the sink out and fixing things? yeah, we'll leave that to you. we'll see what it is. new this morning, about the man who created one of the most iconic things in this country, we're talking about -- yes, that's in five minutes. >> that's my all-time favorite sandwich over at mcdonald's. this is the strangest story we'll see all day -- gold and a ton of it stolen off the back of a truck in the middle of the day in new york city. the guy who did it -- police can't find him or the gold. we have the details on this bizarre robbery when we check
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wildfires continue to ravage small tourist towns in tennessee. the death toll seven and more than 400 structures have burned. the creator of the big mac has died. tram loves a good big mac. it was the brain child of a mcdonald's franchisee who decided customers wanted a bigger sandwich. it was so big at his 47 locations in pennsylvania that it was add to the chain's national menu a year later
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least one big mac each week for decades and he was 98 years old. so what does that tell you about the unhealthy burger? besides the secret sauce. >> what's in that. >> police in new york city are searching for a man that stole more than a million dollars in gold in broad daylight. authorities released video of the theft which happened in midtown manhattan in december. with a bucket of gold flakes worth nearly $1.6 million. police believe the man and the bucket of gold are in florida. what's for breakfast? around here we love our pop tarts. >> yes the quick easy breakfast. if you want the same, you're in luck. new flavors are about to hit the shelves and let's just say they're incredible.
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donuts and pop tarts. how much do americans spend on their pets this time of year? the surprising numbers coming up in our next half hour. it's cold out in the valley. we'll tell you which cities are colder than us and there's not many. oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, so cold in here we'll tell you about a great festival happening this weekend and the emergencies -- --
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?? from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays!
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch,
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