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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  December 11, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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another setback. 3 a local organization that's served thousands of children and and adults since 1894 is taking a bold step into the future. thanks for joining us. i'm larry wentz, diana castillo has the night off. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 3 the boys' and girls' home and family services is buying the indian hills shopping plaze on sioux city's northside. the shopping center was once a hub of activity... with the sunshine food market and later a super valu grocery store. various retail businesses and offices have called it home since it was opened in 1975. c-e-o art silva tells siouxland news there are no immediate plans to move into the plaza. but there's a growing need for the non profit's services... treating children and adults struggling with emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric issues. silva says they'll also have to sell their current home... the old saint joe's hospital
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price of the shopping center hasn't been released. more details will be announced this spring. 3 3 sioux city police say they've arrested one of the two men responsible for a brutal home invasion in morningside.21- year- old austin cummings of sioux city is facing four felony charges in the case.he's accused of 1st degree robbery, going armed with intent, assault while participating in a felony and 2nd degree theft.cummings is currently being held in the woodbury county jail on 76- thousand dollars bond.police say he and a still- unnamed second suspect broke into this home on south alice street just after 2- 30 monday morning... beating a 19- year- old man with special needs while holding his mother at gunpoint... then stealing game consoles and other electronics. 3 a school board member in northeast nebraska is one of four people facing charges in a case of animal cruelty.kirk van pelt is charged with aiding in animal cruelty and four counts of contributing to the delinquincy of a child.authorities say van pelt
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a cat and a possum by 4 stanton teens, which was filmed and shared online.van pelt is a former stanton county sheriff's deputy and at this time remains on the school board. 3 "as far as the school is concerned. it's really business as normal. we have to move foward and we have to continue with our goals."the four teens charged in the case will be prosecuted as juveniles... despite pressure from animal rights groups.van pelt faces up to 6 years in prison if convicted. 3 a machine shed in rural plymouth county is in ruins after a crews from 4 plymouth county departments were called to a farm 8 miles southeast of le mars. when they arrived... flames more than 20 feet high were coming from the roof. that roof later injuries were reported. the cause of this massive fire is under investigation. 3
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making its way back to sioux city... but this time in a different form.the sioux city art center is presenting a documentary about american artist and former iowan jackson pollock's famous painting called "mural." "the story of a modern masterpiece" was funded by the university of iowa and shows the mural's travels across the world. pollock's artwork spent some time in siouxland for nearly a year before leaving for venice, italy. today-the arts center's director expressed how excited he is to show the documentary. 3 "i think it was the most important exhibition we ever had at the art center. so we're very excited to have that here and happy to see they documented the whole process and that we're included in that documentation of the mural's story."the documentary will be shown at the art center on december 17th at 6pm. there will be a question and answer session with the film's director and the director of the university of iowa's museum of art. it will then move to the main lecture hall the next day and will stay
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3 the ronald mcdonald house is wrapping up its second annual giving tree event.the event is for families in need of basic household items like hand soap, water and other basic goods.last year was the first time the ronald mcdonald house teamed up with local golden arches restaurants in siouxland to help those staying at the local sioux city restaurant owner and operator says the giving trees are great for the area. 3 "you know, we hear from the customers and the customers appreciate that we have a ronald mcdonald house here in the sioux city area. we're really grateful that we have one here."the items given are helping provide all the families staying at the local ronald mcdonald house with much needed essentials. 3 "these donations help us provide those basic needs and we can't say enough and enough thanks to mcdonald's and to the community for supporting us and for getting those basic needs met for those families that come to our home."the trees were put in stores on black friday and most of the presents were
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can still go to area mcdonald's stores and donate as long as the trees are still up. 3 3 efforts to rebuild a church destroyed in the pilger tornado have suffered another john's lutheran church was destroyed by the dual tornadoes that hit pilger in june of 2014 .construction to rebuild it was underway... but thursday morning high winds blew it to the ground once more. fortunately... construction workers got to safety and no one was hurt. the rebuilding will continue... with insurance helping with the increased costs.pastor terry makelin says he remains hopeful his church will rise again. 3 "this might look bad... we are actually... this sounds strange but we get to bare the cross of christ. you know we are given the opportunity to help our neighbor, to worship, and to suffer. and we'll this is the suffer part."
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weather permits and should be done by mid june to july. 3 3
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3 3 critics of the way iowa law officers seize cash and materials from people... some who are never charged with a crime... have won a victory in the iowa supreme court. 3 the court's 5-2 ruling will restrict the ability of state troopers and deputies to do warrantless vehicle searches that have led to the seizure of millions of dollars. oppents have argued that factors like whether a car is dirty or smells like air freshener... can't be used as justification to detain a driver and conduct a search. one attorney says this will dismantle" authorities' ability to use factors - such trash or a "lived-in" look - to stop drivers. 3 the siouxland interstate metropolitan planning council or *simpco* met with legislators from all three siouxland states at its legislative forum today at western iowa tech community college. 3 the forum discussed topics including medicaid expansion, higher education, water quality, and region work force challenges, each topic was presented by a panel of local
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able to collaborate after each panel discussion. 3 "you know we have been doing thing for a number of years, and the topics always change. but the level of interest and concern for addressing issues that affect people regardless of what state they live, shows how strong the region really is in collaborating with each other"this event gave the state representatives from iowa, nebrask and south dakota time to network and gain more knowledge on the tri-state issues at hand. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... another bad day on wall street ends a bad *week* for stocks overall. we'll look at what's causing the latest round of sell-offs, in tonight's fox means business report. 3 3 but first... the main concern of voters in the 2016 elections seems to be changing. we'll look at what's taking the economy's place as the number one issue coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox
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castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 all of the republican candidates will likely spend much of the weekend prepping for tuesday's g-o-p debate in las vegas.but as dianne gallagher reports... in the meantime... there's no shortage of fireworks on the campaign trail. 3 (carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) "i think donald trump knows how to play the media like a master."republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina came out swinging against the media and donald trump.(carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) "i think he's a pied piper. i think he says things and you all rush to cover it. every single network."but donald trump's controversial statement about banning muslims from the u-s doesn't play well with the majority of americans,according to a new nbc news/wall street journal poll-57 percent of american adults oppose the idea....with just 25 percent supporting it. even so....polls show trump in
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next closest republican rival, senator ted cruz...who- in audio leaked thursday- was heard questioning the frontrunner and ben carson's campaigns.(voice of ted cruz) i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down and i think the lion's share of their supports come to ustrump hit back on twitter, saying"he will fall like all others. (it) will be easy!"the cruz response tweet- the establishment's only hope: trump and me in a cage match. sorry to disappoint, donald trump is terrific.(jason johnson/political science professor) we're this close to iowa right now. i think a lot of supporters will still look at cruz as the viable opposition if trump drops out, but i don't think this has caused a riff between the candidates."the friction between the candidates was enough to prompt trump to hint at a third party run... and ben carson has made a similar threat.(sean spicer/chief strategist, rnc) we're gonna have a great nominating process, everybody will stay in, we will select the best nominee for this party, and we will take back the white house. it'll all work out, i promise."dianne gallagher,
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3 as the candidates cross the country seeking votes... we asked voters 'what's the biggest problem facing this country?'as our national correspondent kristine frazao reports... there's been a major shift in what they're saying. 3 when voters head to the polls next year, there will be lots on their minds. but what's the most important issue?mos: "it's the decline of the middle class"mos: "i have a bias, education"?mos: "the economy"but more and more people it turns out think like the sullivan family. rose sullivan/new hampshire voter "i think national security, safety there's just so much going on and i think most people want to feel safe in this countrypete sullivan"the economy is certainly important but the economy won't matter much if this country comes under attack." in a recent new york times cbs poll, when asked about the most important problem facing the country today, 14 percent of voters said terrorism.that may not seem like a lot but compare that to just last month when just two percent thought so..the same question last
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the economy came in second as a top problem with 8 percent, down from it's first place position last month (12%) and last year (19%). sot: david rehrpeople in america are nervous about what's going to happen in their neighborhoods and communities given what happened in ca when it comes to how this may translate to the election,the same poll found donald trump in the lead with republican primary voters. in a general election, doctor david rehr says it could benefit hillary clinton david rehr"because she served as secretary of state and is probably the most experienced of all the candidates in foreign policy.but, he says, it could be a double edged sword.david rehr"because a lot of republicans will be attacking her saying a lot of these problems started during the obama administration and when you were secretary of state kristine frazao su "historically in national elections the economy is often the number one issue. whether it will re-emerge as such in 2016 rehr says that is unfortunately in the hands of the terrorists and whether
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inside this country or washington i'm kf rpeorting. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our skywatch camera. our streak of warm days is coming to a quick end as we face a wet weekend here in siouxland.chad'll let us know if any of that preciptation will be of the wintry variety, after the
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3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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will move through the area. first it will increase our cloud cover and then secondly bring in a decent chance for rain. saturday's rain chances will move in late in the day. under mostly cloudy skies our afternoon high should be in the lower to middle 40s. rain chances will continue into sunday. to close out the weekend, clouds and rain will keep temperatures cooler, but don't look for too much of a winter threat in iowa. best chance for wintry precipitation will be further to the west across north central nebraska and south central south dakota. highs on sunday should be right around 40. we will get a bit of a break on monday before another system comes in tuesday bringing us a chance for snow
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3 3 tomorrow has the potential to be a *great* day if you're a big fan of krispy kreme's donuts... the reason why after the break, but first... 3 asman says: "even santa might be procrastinating this year.
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business network. more comimimi3 3 good news for the millions of people planning holiday travel... and for the millions putting off their holiday shopping.david asman has those stories and more in tonight's fox means business report. 3 stocks getting hammered. the dow losing more than 300
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another rough week for of the main reasons for all that selling? oil prices. a barrel of crude falling again, now at it's lowest price in six yearsbut one good thing from all this... lower gas prices.the national average for regular unleaded is just above two dollars a gallon.the last time gas prices were below two bucks nationally? march of 2009 and get ready for some crowded airports over the next few weeks.according to a new report, airlines are expecting 38 million passengers for the holiday travel season, kicking off next week.that's up from last year.and putting off that christmas shopping?you're not a lone.that's because nearly a third of shoppers end up waiting until christmas week to buy presents.turns out a lot you have trouble deciding on the perfect gift.that's business. i'm david asman. 3 3 fans of krispy kreme donuts are getting ready to double their orders tomorrow.saturday is december 12th, or any customer
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krispy kreme on saturday will get 12-more glazed donuts free. the giveaway is part of the company's "day of the dozens" promotion, and is now in its third year.if you want to get in on the deal, you can get the coupon through the krispy kreme app on your smartphone. or you can bring a printed copy to the store. 3 3 dow chemical and dupont are merging to create the world's largest chemical company. dow-dupont will be the name of the new 130- billion- dollar company.the plan is to split it up into three new publicly traded companies... an agriculture company, a material sciences company and a specialty products company. dupont's c- e- o will become the new company's c- e- o.dow chemical's c- e- o will be the company's chairman.dow and dupont say the merger will save them at least 3- billion- dollars over the next two years. 3 chad's back with a final check of the weekend forecast after
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3 3
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central nebraska and south central south dakota. highs on sunday should be right around 40. we will get a bit of a break on monday before another system comes in tuesday bringing us a chance for snow
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max, your boyfriend is naked and waving from the dumpster he calls his apartment. make sure it's deke. last time you said that, i went over, and it was just a naked meth head in a normal dumpster. i mean, we had a blast, but still.
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i mean, he thought they were alive,
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