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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 28, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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ice)it's a "word to the wise" for people planning to head out onto the ice for the winter games in okoboji. (putting on the brakes)"i said well, i'll try it. but when i tried it i didn't figure i would last this many years." and a siouxland school bus driver is putting on the brakes after years behind the wheel. 3 an accident this morning in south sioux city has left a man dead... and members of the community in mourning. thanks for joining. i'm larry wentz. diana castillo is off. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 siouxland news reporter nick popham joins us now with more on what happened. nick.... 3 3 larry... that accident happened around 7 this morning when it was dark. authorities say the driver of an s-u-v simply didn't see the man who was walking in the same direction along the side of the happened around the 15- hundred block of atokad drive. the driver... who hasn't been identified... struck and
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perera-ybarra. perera-ybarra had just left the nearby pony express convenience store. employees there didn't want to go on camera... but they say perera-ybarra was one of their favorite customers. and that he often came in the store four or five times a day. because of that... they've the store to help his family.tonight dakota county authorities say the driver did stop when the accident occured... and no charges will be filed against them. larry.... 3 three men from illinois are facing drug charges in le mars.32- year- old cornelius humphries of chicago...28- year- old antwaun smith of crete, illinois...and 19- year- old david davy of evanston, illinois...were arrested by le mars police yesterday (wednesday) afternoon at the econolodge motel.another hotel guest had reported smelling marijuana in the trio's room. they're facing charges related to possession and delivery of marijuana. all three are being held in the plymouth county jail. 3
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graders at crescent park elementary held an unusual fundraiser for the june e. nylen cancer center. and today the kids delivered the cash. 3 this afternoon they presented a check for more than 200 dollars to the center. the kids donated money so they could wear caps and hats in school. the student behind the idea... and the folks at the cancer center... say they're proud of the effort. 3 [kellesse] "it makes me feel like i did, this was a good cause to have a fundraiser for."[karen] "you know every dollar counts that's donated but there is something special about a child donating their money, it's just their enthusiasm and excitement is just contagious."in all... the students raised a total of 223 - dollars and 8 cents for the cancer center. 3 3 a local group has *high hopes* an unusual fundraiser will give them a big boost. big brothers, big sisters of siouxland has been given the "thumbs up" to let
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the howard johnson hotel in downtown sioux city. today a group of experts inspected the building and installed anchors for the ropes. registration for the event starts this monday, february 1st. it costs a thousand dollars and is limited to 90 people. the event itself will take place wednesday, june 15th. 3 3 a local sioux city camp is taking time to celebrate its high hopes held their annual volunteer recognition awards today.those awards honor the volunteers who demonstrated outstanding service to the camp for people with disabilities.last year alone... volunteers spent more than 15-hundred hours at the camp.c- e- o ali langseth says these people are incredibly important. 3 "without volunteers, we would not exist, we would not be able to sustain. it just would not be possible. so for us to take just one day out and thank them to say, you make a difference to us you make our camp possible."in 2015--nearly 200 people volunteered to help in
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the third year camp high hopes has celebrated these volunteers. 3 3
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lakes area have a warning for everyone planning on making a trip to the okoboji winter games this weekend.take care around the ice! the dickinson county sheriff's office says this pickup is the second vehicle to go through the ice on west lake okoboji this week. this week's warmer weather means the ice will be weaker than expected for the winter games this weekend... and they're discouraging people from driving onto the lake. 3 it's been years in the making. this saturday the u-s-s sioux city will be launched from a shipyard in northern wisconsin.... and siouxland news will be there.our jetske wauran is on the road tonight to marinette, wisconsin where the u-s-s sioux city has been under construction since june of 2013. a delegation from sioux city will also be on hand to watch the launch of this new class of combat ship. again... we'll have coverage of this weekend's events tomorrow on fox 44 and saturday on our sister station kmeg-14. 3 it could be one of the most challenging jobs in the field of education... bus driver!
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the wheel... one siouxland school bus driver is calling it a career.our kayla novak joins us now with more on her story... kayla. 3 3 larry, tomorrow is mary ellen staum's last day as a bus driver and even she can't believe it all started with a suggestion from her neighbor. 3 "i said well i will try it, but when i tried it i didn't figure i would last this many years. " mary ellen staum spent most of her 45 year career as a school bus driver. to put that in perspective... some of the kids she drove when she started have kids of their own... and some even have *grandkids*.mary ellen says she does it all *because* of the kids. "by the time may rolls around i think oh this is it, i can hardly wait til school gets out. i'm done. but in the fall just before school starts, i thoought gee, i miss those kids, i think i still want to drive, and then back in driving again." and the kids, absolutely adore her."i
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nice and she knows .... all the families around here." "she is just an awesome person to be around and that is pretty much it." zaden raber runs up to give her a hug every morning and his mom says grandma mary ellen always goes the extra mile. " she is always giving treats, popcorn balls, everything is homemade. a couple years ago, she made them all candy cane mice. she puts time and effort into all the kids and she make sure that they all feel special in their own way." staum will also jump to help if she sees a child fall. "basically all the kids even though i dont know them real close or anything when i am driving the bus i feel like they're my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, whatever but, they all mean a lot to me and i hate to have any of them get hurt you know, so. " 3 she tells me, her last day is going to be one of the hardest
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3 3 seven republican presidential candidates are in the midst of their final debate before monday's iowa caucuses at this news channel.but the front- runner in the state is not one of them.donald trump is skipping tonight's debate as part of a feud with fox news personality megan kelly.he's holding a fundraiser for veterans with fellow candidates mike huckabee and carly fiorina at drake university.for those who *are* there... they wasted no time addressing the "elephant" in the room. 3 "marco rubio, "let's start.. this campaign not about donald trump, he's an entertaining guy... greatest show on earth." jeb bush, "i kind of miss trump, he was a teddy bear to me."ted cruz, "everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. (laughter) now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of 3 the way."we'll have more from tonight's debate coming up at 10 on our sister station kmeg 14.
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3 while he's not taking part in tonight's debate... one of donald trump's main rivals for the nomination isn't ready to let him off the hook.texas senator ted cruz is challenging trump to a one- on- one debate this weekend... right here in sioux city. cruz's campaign says he's reserved a room at western iowa tech community college in sioux city for saturday night. if trump doesn't accept that challenge... cruz will go ahead with his original plans for a campaign rally in that space featuring congressman steve king. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... a siouxland tuxedo shop is expanding... we'll take you to tonight's ribbon cutting. 3 but first... the danger from isis continues to grow as the group expands its reach. the latest on their efforts to expand their striking abilities... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 in recent months, isis has lost much of its territory in iraq and syria to freedom fighters. but now the group is establishing a *new* foothold where it can strike at the west. in tonight's safe and secure report...our national correspondent jeff barnd looks at where isis is planting its flag now. 3 military analysts estimate there are now several thousand isis soldiers in the northern african nation of libya just across the mediterranean sea from rome.. the cradle of christendom.. and the *ultimate* target of the islamic state /sot/lt. col. tony shaffer (ret.)/intelligen ce analyst"there's no doubt that they have threatened the pope several times and i think the pope ought to be taking it seriously. so should europe so this is clearly a logical jump off point libya for isis to begin staging operations into europe."/map/ isis has controlled the libyan city of sirte for months. the city serves as a major base for isis shipping, recruiting, and expansion. sirte sits between
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northern libyan coastline.. and is within a 1000 mile radius of *most* of southern europe, including a *great* portion of italy./bridge/"if attacked by the west, isis has threatened it'll overwhelm europe with a massive influx of libyan migrants. and that *isis* members could likely be among the masses."/sot/bill braniff/terrorism expert"it was using this idea of a destabilizing way of migration as deterents, so that it could continue its state building endeavors."/nat//vo/and after the paris attacks last year where isis claimed responsibility the threats on europe haven't ceased./sot/ shaffer "isis has said the next stop after the initial attacks is rome and there's no reason to doubt their interests." /vo/experts say isis has already targeted several libyan oil refineries to help finance, recruit and expand its caliphate. the islamic state is also shoring- up alliances with *other* african-based jihadist groups like boko haram.. /sot/braniff "so that's connectivity issue across north africa which is really valuable for them to move fighters, weapons and resources."/vo/pentagon officials say they're monitoring the libyan
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coalition partners and considering their military optionsin washington... i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 military analysts say thousands of isis soldiers in libya are seasoned veterans of the wars in iraq and syria. 3 isis also in the news tonight for their connection to another terror attack in the middle east today. alison starling has the latest details in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling.isis is claiming responsibility for the latest terror attack...this one in yemen. a suicide car bomber attacked a government checkpoint close to the presidential palace.the attack was targeting president abdu rabu hadi's residence.the explosion killed at least 11 people -- most of them security troops at the checkpoint.two of the people killed were schoolchildren.and it may sound fake, but a 19 year old in australia will go
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to plan a terror attack using kagaroos.he's accused of plotting to strap explosives to kangaroos and then let them loose on police officers.he's also accused of plotting to run over a police officer.he faces life in prison.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. 3 3 3 taking a live look over dakota dunes tonight on our skywatch camera. wasn't it great to see the sun today? up next... chad tells us if we'll see more of
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 larry and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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have had the last couple of days. most of the area saw plenty of sunshine today with highs in most of the area coming close to the 40s once again. one thing is for sure, no one will turn away the weather we will have the next couple of days. tonight, look for increasing clouds with some patch fog by morning. overnight lows should fall into the mid and upper 20s. for friday, look for partly to mostly cloudy skies. the mild temperatures we have had will continue. look for afternoon highs to top out in the mid 40s. saturday looks like it will be a carbon copy of saturday, so get out there and chip away at the last of the snow and ice. after an early mix on sunday, it won't be too bad with highs in the 40s again. but early next week we will most definitely be tracking a winter storm that
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siouxland. stay tuned over the next few days and we'll keep you informed of how things
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3 3 coming up after the break... what a local store is doing to expand its *wedding* business... but first: 3 asman says: "well, now you can go back in time... if you've got 100,000 dollars to spare....i'm david asman with the fox business network...more
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3 a toy- store icon is getting a makeover... while a long- dormant *car company* is back in business.david asman has those stories and more in
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3 looking to buy a home? well you'll definitely want to look at this...((vo))the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage falling for the fourth straight week. we're now at 3.79 percent, it's the lowest level in more than three months.((vo))and when is nearly 36 billion dollars in sales not enough? when you're amazon.the on-line retailer posting strong holiday sales... but coming in below expectations.that had the stock falling after hours. ((vo))and it looks like the delorean... is going back to the future. literally.the sports car.. made famous as the time-traveling vehicle in the movie, "back to the future"... is hitting the road again.the company plans on making 300 of the classics. one can be yours... for just $100,000.((vo))and barbie is getting a makeover.the iconic doll coming out with three new body types: tall, petite and curvy.the dolls are gonna be hitting stores this spring. ((on cam))that's business. i'm david asman.
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3 a local wedding outfitter is expanding its offerings.tonight "tip top tux" offically opened its "dream dress express" shop inside its floyd boulevard location. they say this will be the only boutique bridal shop in sioux city.... allowing brides to find their dream dress on a budget. the chamber of commmmce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the addition that will allow tip top tux to hopefully fit everyone's needs. 3 "our goal is if you are planning a wedding or a special event or prom that you can come in and get everything you need whether it is a tuxedo a mother of the bride or grooms dress, a prom dress, everything is avaliable right here. "the company has stores located not only in sioux city... but throughout the upper midwest. 3 chad's got a final check of our forecast coming up after the break.
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you informed of hohoho - max, it's the woman at table 2's 50th birthday, and her husband wants us to sing to her. - if i had a dollar every time a man asked me to do something to his wife,
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- i remember when happy birthday first came out.
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