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tv   The Hollywood News Report  FOX  January 31, 2016 7:00am-7:30am CST

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only on "the hollywood news report." , where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. >> this is our world. >> nick robinson hits the red carpet for a special fans greeting of their young adult disaster flick, the fifth wave. >> it's exciting, it's a long time coming. i'm excited to be here finally doing this project. it's a big moment or me. >> this is my first experience, so it's very foreign, but it's amazing. >> so exciting, everyone is super excited about the book.
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>> i'm very excitededor peoeoe to see the movie finally. >> we filmed it about a year and a half ago and the whole cast and crew have been really supportive. it's kind of the dream team. we're just getting the band back together. >> i'm so excited, it's a first come up later bad guy in the movie. >> when you have a great book, you can never put it all on the screen. it's hard to make the decisions. i've always been, they miss my favorite bit, so i'mm careful to keep the great stuff in there without losing the stuff we
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>> i'm happy because i'm a fan of the book. i hope they are as proud of it as i am. >> it's a little bit of everything. it's got the action, the romance , the drama. and obviously you got the huge effects and the explosions and stuff which is what you go to the cinema to see. to have that sound, that image there. >> we have some incredible actors playing these roles. >> j is an incredible director and i had a lot of fun. i learned a lot from him. with all the cast, it was just fun. you have a great cast of people and it was a blast. there are so many talented
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>> we worked very hard to find the best actors we could get our hands on. we find those moments together. >> chloe is an incredible actress and has so much charisma and beauty and charm. it's a really fun, action filled adventure. >> it was an amazing cast. really a special time. we are all good friends now. group of people. celebrate this project that we did together. powerhouse. and yoyo see that she grows at
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>> different than any other young adult type of film. it's something us millennial's can actually love and watch and feel attached to in a way. >> it's very real. it's not aliens and superpowers, it's more a realistic person. >> when we come bacac more from hollywood's biggest films, only
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>> we have returned and we have a lot more news to show, only on "the hollywood news report." >> you must take the next step on your journey. incredible power awaits you. justice is about to be served. >> we will have two justice platters. >> jack black, tested hoffman, kate hudson, brian cranston and jk simmons in kung fu panda 3. >> i like who i am.
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>> there has been a fascination with the genre since bruce exploded onto the screen. you combine that with beautiful animation and comedy and this incredible cast, it is fun to watch. >> jeffrey katzenberg asked me to come in for a character and i said that is the worst title. they showed me this red raccoon. this is a red panda. i don't think i was convinced it was good until they started to show me ideas that they had. sometimes you take something if you have a choice. if you don't have a choice, you take anything if you are an actor. i've learned to stop turning things down because the surface
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go with the people. i felt these people really had something and they were coming from a real place. i think it fulfills the requirements of what entertainment is. that is, get to them without them knowing it. >> you might save the world. >> you don't even know kung fu. >> then you will teach us. >> nobody said this was going to be easy. >> i love his passion and his love for kung fu. that's what i relate to. when i was a kid dreaming of being a rock star or an actor, i looked up to all my heroes in those fields. it's a fun thing to play. >> for young kids, it represents
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harness that kung fu man. he wouldn't be like the typical kung fu guy. i think that is encouraging and makes it relatable. >> it has a lot of appeal to a broad audience. grown-ups, parents, grandparents, whoever. it has a univeveal appeal. >> she is amazing. she is so beautiful. please try to save all other complements until after the performance. >> hasn't started yet? >> look away.
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>> she definitely disappeared into the character. >> it was fun. there's a little bit of someone in their, maybe we'll figure it out one day. >> next time i w wch i will zero in on that.t. >> this is the first time i've done an animated film. what a great character to be able to play the first time out. she is just fabulous. >> i have returned. silence! >> is the other best actor in
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>> i love that character so much. what a villain. >> he'the big ox from another dimension who has a big chip on his shoulder. no one knows who he is. >> his elness is basically all coming from the fact that he just feels so unseen. his ego is really bruised. >> he reminds me of some people in politics. it's all about their ego. i'm not naming names. this is a film for everyone. >> i was excited to be part of the whole franchise because i loved the first two movies. then i learned thahathe guy they wanted me to play is the big new bad guy. it was really fun.
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know at what point in the process of writing the if that was always an idea they had about him or if it was something that kind of evolved, that he would be this big, physical presence and this giant ego, like the evil king of the universe. when people don't know who he is, he is like, wait, what? >> he's back. >> i think this movie has a lot of good things to say. myavorite line is, if you only
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that speaks to -- a lot of us could benefit from that philosophy. >> we will be right back with more of your favorite stars, only on "the hollywood news
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>> we're back. now let's take a look at some more elms, only on "the hollywood news report."
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>> did you guys see that? >> after an alien invasion wipes out all the adults on earth, the children braced themselves for the fifth wave. >> there are so many different elements. >> so multidimensional. >> you have the action, the sci-fi, the drama. one of my favorite scenes is when cassie sees that her dad has just been shot and in that moment she has to gather enough strength to go and save her
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i feel like it's got a lot. >> it takes place now and it's more relatable than the dystopian novels. it was a character i felt the need to bring to life. >> i liked the realism of it. there seemed to be a slightly different elements i have not seen in other movies of this nature. it was a little more realistic. >> the ideas the lower soldiers in the field to instantly differentiate between friend and foe. >> the only thing left to do now is test the optics. tomorrow at 2100.
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four. make me proud, son. >> seeing him have to go through some of this stuff through a protective instinct out of me. it's something we are very conscious of. heavy subject matter. >> our squad had military training, which was pretty cool. >> we did hand to hand combat. i've never done that before. >> why did you bring me here? what do you want? >> my family. i couldn't save them. but i can save you. the way everything has happened, i guess it just makes me feel more human. >> do you need help with that?
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>> it was quite physically demanding, for sure. but i love that, so i trained pretty much every day for three months before and during the movie. >> it was funny because i'm playing a character has no ability. the director kept reminding me, this is not an army movie, like you have never touched a gun before. it was opposite for me. i had to pretend like i don't know what i'm doing. first, you take out the easy ones. kill them as eiciently as possible.
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even if you bug bomb a house, there's always a few cockroaches left. now we are like those cockroaches and the others are picking us off, one by one. >> i hope i can say that i would be able to survive and rally the . you might be able to come and join in the fight. >> i would be helpful in some way. i've learned a lot from chloe. >> definitely i feel ready for an alien invasion. i think i am good to go. i don't know about you. >> it's kind of like the end of
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>> what are you? they took everything from me. this is our world. this is our home.
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>> >> there h to be a way.
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>> thanks for joining us again. let's get back to some morere entertainmnmt news, only on "the hollywoooonews report." >> they travel to dallas, texas to premiere 13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi. >> i've never been in a movov person. responsibility for us was getting it right. >> this is the heartland of america. it's a powerful movie and
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>> michael bay has put together a beautiful film. people will be very shocked when they see it. >> it is an honor to be here, not just to tell their story but to be here with them and have them all have their families here. i was just downstairs holding the baby. just to get to share this moment with them and have them feel good about the product and have them approve of the story we told, there is nothing else that can be said about that. it's the ultimate stamp of approval. >>eople will be surprised, there is a lot of character and heart to this movie. it was very emotional. >> it's unbelievable. it's a dream come true. it's a very moving story.
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>> michael's job was to tell the larger picture. his attention to detail is incredible. his enthusiasm and unrelenting enerer, he is really exciting to be around. >> that's it for this week. join us next time on "the hollywood news report." where news is entertainment, and
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