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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 9, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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nine on fox 44." 3 3 final details are being worked out on a major road reconstruction project in sioux city.and tonight homeowners and business people who will be affected by that work gathered with city officials. 3 and tonight that story is first on fox 3 a three block section of jackson street on the city's ar northside will be torn up for months starting ts spri. 3 3 our kayla novak was at tonight's meeting... and has more on the story. kayla? 3 3 larry, diana... the city and d- g-r engineering are putting the final touches on the reconstruction of jackson street. 3 the project would stretch from 14th street near the garden cafe and select mart convenience store... north to 18th street where the vakulskas (vuh-cul-sksk) law firm is located. they'll be repaving the streets while replacing the 100 year old underground utilities... as well as a few light signals. this will impact traffic, residents and business owners. the city is asking them to be patient during the process. 3 "we want to make sure that we
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bussinesses in terms of access or if there's issues with customers getting in or being dedeyed becaususof construction. . we want totoknow about it as it is happening and we will take steps to correct that or remedy that through the project "the project will be completed in sections that will each take about 2 months. the first between 18th and 17th street, then between 14thand 15th, and the final will be the stretch between 15th and th steet. during the phaseses residents wiwi not be ablblto get ththr hicle in their drivews and it could delay shipments for the businesses. 3 "2 months is a long time. two months... if you don't have business for two months.. you might as well lock the doors and go vacation to greece, you know."they plan to begin this project in may... 3 and hope to be finished by november 1st.diana... 33 3 valentinesesay isn't until sunday. but tonight some local veterans got an early, "heart-felt" gift. 3 they gathered at the siouxland
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cross for a free chili and soup dinner... free groceries... along with free haircuts and blood pressure checks. students and staff at morningside college also made blankets for the veterans. 3 "this is a way to let them know that we appreciate everytytng thth did for . and ititlso givevethem a chance to talk to other vietnam veterans and veterans from other wars. to just discuss what they all went through and it gives them an open door@to make new friends. "the group hosting this event... "support siouxland soldiers"... also wants to say "thank you" to wendys for donating the chili... and to pizza ranch for providing the chicken noodle soup.p. 3 speaking of veterans... today 50 veterans of the vietnam war were honored for their participation in an award- winning series of reports by the sioux city urnal called "vietnam: service with honor."for the last three months, photographs of the veteran's and some of their story have been on display at the betty strong encounter center. this event gave the veterans a chance to talk about their service to the country... and to get a "thank you" for all they did. the veterans were also able to
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and visitors learned more about the sacrifices these veterans made. 3 3 woodbury county's historic courthouse is about to undergo some renovations in preparation for its 100th anniversary in 2018. 3 some of the changes include switching the light bulbs in the building to l-e-d... as well as fixing old globes that are aging and cracking. the chairman of the board of supervisors says these renovations will bring the courthouse into the 21st century... while stl maintaining its historical look. 3 "to me it's the best of both worlds. we're gaining modern efficiencies, but at the same time, making sure that this building reflects the beauty and character of a national landmark which it is."the board brought in a historical architect to survey the building to see what needs to be done to preparation for the 100th anniversary. 3 a siouand native has died in a colorado avalanche. longtime le mars native ron (bray- bander) brabander lost his life friday while riding his snowbike - an off-road
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ski-like's the first snowbike fatality in colorado and second-ever in the country. siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll spoke with some of brabander's friends and former co-workers who say he died doing what he e loved. 3 a go-getter a lover of the outdoors and a bit of a daredevil ron brabander is remembered by many throughout sioux city. "everybody remembers him as a person with a great smile, happy all the time, always willing to help anybody and everybody no matter what it was." "ron lived for being outside and nothing meant more to him than a great snowfall, so i guess if he had to go, it was a great way for him to go." a former gateway and dakota pc warehouse employee, brabander enjoyed working with electronics. "he was very mechanically inclined and could fix a lot of those things, but electronics as well. so, he was a jack of all trades."brabander took care of
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away. he then retitid at the d of 2014 to live out his passion for the outdoors in colorado. "every time hehecould get away from here and go to colorado he did it. he drove a lot of hours for just a quick weekend, but he loved being outdoors with all his different toys. whether it was motorcycle, 4-wheeler, snowmobile, whatever it was, he had a lot of those kind of toys and a lot of friends with similar toys." just one week before his death, brabander emailed his sioux city friends boasting of his newly assembled snowbike and, what he calls, some "spooky situations" he got himself into while riding. despite the tragic circumstance, brabander loved. 3 so far there's no word on a funeral service, but family members are planning a celebration of life for brabander on the 4th of july... on top of one of his favorite mountains in colorado. 3 3
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throughout the evening. as the winds begin to settle down, we will see the temperatures drop into the single digits. as sunrise approaches our chances for light snow will increase across siouxland. fortunately, we aren't expecting big totals from this system. at most an inch of new snow is expected as afternoon highs will once again top out in the lower 20s. the rest of the week will see mostly cloudy skies with a very slight chance of light snow early friday morning. temperatures the rest of the work week will hang in the lower 20s. by the time the weekend comes around we will be flirting with overnight lows below zero. look for a little bit of light snow on sunday as temperatures will begin to 3 it was the first of its kind in the entire untry. and this april will l be your last chance to see this original professional rock and roll orchestra perform live.sioux city's rockestra is calling it quits after 12 years. siouxland news anchor jacob heller met with the group's creator... to find out why it's time to bring this musical experiment to an
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3 in 2004 john luebke had an idea.y goodness gracious we have the people we can do this s in sioux city, and i started puttinit together the next day."a classical sound... paired with the instruments of teenage rebellion."from the beatles to techno."in his basement years later...john's getting ready for *rockestra's* last show."we decided this would be a good time to callllt a day." rockestra was the first rock- and-roll orchestra in the country...born in sioux city. "it's an orchestra because we have strings, we have woodwinds, we have brass and then right in the middle we put a rock-and-roll rythm section."and people responded to the sound at the band's first concerts here at the eppley auditoriri at morningside collegegea band-mate of john's was the
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during a song...on stage."she said 'turn around.' i said 'what?' she said 'turn around!' so i turned around and everybody was standing and cheering right in the middle of the song."sing-along success doesn't come easy. start with songs s most evererne knows.john puts notes to screen...and you have a rock-and-roll orchestra song ready for the orpheum stage. like the venues...the crowds started small...but got bigger. "from 232 it grew to almost one thousand." "it has to be the word of mouth because our marketing budget is, like, $14."the money was one of the things that never really grew.
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to everybody after the very first concert was $12 and 32 cents. and if i forget that, the players remind me, ha ha." a love for music started this rock-and-roll experiment.kept it goin'...until now.2016 will be the year this experiment comes to an end."nobody wants to go out on a bad note, nobody wants to go out when we're barely breathing, we want to go out on top."but even back then twelve years ago...rockestra's members knew this musical experiment was goinna be tops."is it going to fly? oh yeah it's going fly. you wait, this is nothing. it's going to cook."and it will...up until the last curtain call. 3 rockestra's last concert will be saturday april 9th at the orpheum. it's called "anatomy of rock." 3 3 still to c ce tonight...
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a gamble at sioux city's hard rock casino... we'll show you the facility's newest one- armed bandits coming up... 3 3 but first... as the race to choose his replacement sees its second big test in new hampshire tonight... president obama is submitting his final budget proposal to congress. how its proposals were received on capitol hillll. comingngup after the breaea 3 "siouxland ws at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and ouxland's chief
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3 3 polls have closed across new hampshire in the nation's firsrspresidenenal primary of 2016.even as polls prepared to close... there were still people lined up out the door waiting to cast their ballots. a record turnout was projected for this year's race... and so
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for the front- runners in the polls leading up to tonight's primary.for the democrats.. senator bernie sanders of neighboring vermont is projected to handily defeat his rival... hillary clinton.for the republicans, billionaire e businessman donald trump is t t projected winner. but all eyes in *this* re are on who's going to fish *second* as we move on to south carolina in the race to pick the 45th president of the united states 3 3 one of the biggest issues the next president will have to deal with is a rising national debt and an ever- growing federal budget. president obama just released his budget proposal today..... 4-point-1 trillion dollar spending plan which outlines how he wants to see our tax llars spent. 3 our national correspondent kristine frazao thought it might be fun to ask tourists visiting washington d-c how they would slice up the budgetary pie. 3 kf standup"we've kept it simple - 6 jars representing 6 categories and we've asked people visiting our nation's
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country's money should be spent.""how many pennies do i have herer you haha 15 pennies."how would you spread the wealth?a simple question, with not-so simple-answersclink "for me i think they're all important."kat mcdowell/dela ware"social security because i'm 24, will be 25 next month and i'm not going to have any." we combined healthcare and medicare, as well as the military and veterans, plus jars for education, transpsptation and security and labor...and paying off the debt."i honestly feel like i'm gonna focus on paying do the debt we're running around like a teenager with credit card." "i'monna be pretty eve because i think everything needs to be even."in the end neither the federal budget nor our experiement came out even and the winner may surprise you."education obviously because i've been teaching for 40 years."kf "do you students agree?" (group) "yesss." (teacher) "thank you for
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agreed as well."i would put 5 into educatio""education is like the foundation of our country."education won hands down...followed by paying off the debt and then the military, with transportation and infrastructure coming in last. here's a look at last year's actual federal budget - with more categories, and distributed much differertly. clinkat a time when the way we spend our money is front and center"just put the rest in healthcare and social security."a small glimpse at what those not from washington would do.kf standup close: "alright so it's an unscientific study but we really wanted to talk to everyday americans about what they think about the budget and compare that to reality. in washington i'm kristine frazao reporting." 3 3 3 taking a live look out over dakota dunes skywatch camera... 3 we've seen the winds die down... but how much longer will the cold remain? chad's
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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mostly cloudy skies with a very slight chance of light snow early friday morning. temperatures the rest of the work week will hang in the lower 20s. by the time the weekend comes around we will be flirting with overnightht lows below zero. look for a little bit of light snow on sunday as temperatures will begito warm up. highs will eventually climb back into the
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3 3 it's a plan to make life easier for next year's 6th graders at one sioux city middle school... by showing them how school works at the xt level. at's after the break... but first.t. 3 jarrett says: "what's the top
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20-16? the answer might surprise you. i'm gregg
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network.. more coming 3 millions of americans are quitting their jobs..greg jarrett tells us if it's a sign of a stronger economy in tonight's fox means business report. 3 a growing number of americans are handing in their own walking papers.more than 3 million workers quitting their jobs in december.that's the highest amount in nine years. it could be a sign people are confident they can find other work.but if you're thinng of quitting soooo you might want to look for rk at a big company.according to new survey, small business optimism falling in january, with fewer of 'em planing to hire over the next couple months.meantime, sears is struggling. the retailer speeding up plans to close 50 stores because of disappointing sales.the company also considering a bunch of lay-offs.and planning a vacation? how about the city
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names iladelphia the mostst exciting u.s.scity to visit this year! the travel website, lonely planet pointing to philly's historic sites, new restaurants...and its affordability. that's business. i'm gregg jarrett. 3 3 one sioux city middle school is hoping to make the transition from elementary school easier for current fifth graders.25 fifth grade students from liberty, loess hills, crescent park and lincoln elementary were namam "student ambassadors"s". spending the day atatest ddle school learning how their school days would go once they become sixth graders in august. 3 3 *second grade* students at lincoln elementary are sharing their family histories.the students created a project detailing their family's history... and set up a museum to display what they set it up... they interviewed their family members and included an "artifact" important to someone in their family 3 " we have talked about all of their ancestors have probably
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states at some point in time. so when they see the videos they are pretty amazed that possible they could be related to someone that was one of the first settlers 3 those projects went on display today at lincoln elementary school on the north side. 3 chad's got a final check of the forecast coming up after
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3 3
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but a local hotel in sioux city is offering a unique way to keep the election spirit alive.the hard rock hotel and casino has added two new slot machines labeled democracy rocks.these machines are designed so that if you land on the three images with both party symbols-you can win up to six thousand dollars.the slots are right xt to the gift shop and will be there
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