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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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morning.and the judge decided to send both of those young women to prison. 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 18 year old angelica (ann- hell-ick-uh) perez and 19 year old heaven zevenbergen (zev-en- bergen) were both sentenced up to five years in prison for theft in the second degree. 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll was there and has more. 3 natsafter being arrested in august and charged with conspiring to rorothe curity national bank inside the hy- vee store on hamilton boulevard where zevenbergen was an emploe, perez and zevenbergen plead guilty to felony charges of second degree theft. at the sentencing on wednesday, both perez and zevenbergen apologized for their actions and asked the court for a minimal sentence of probation. "i am here today because of the crime i committed. i would like to start out by apologizing to the bank, for everything i've put it's employees and customers through." "i want to prove to my friends and family, my employerernd coworkrks, my peers and role models that i
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horrible, stupid mistake that i wish every day that i could take back." perez's mother testified as a character witness for her daughter saying she committed this crime due to mental health issues. "about a year before this incident occurred, started struggling with severe depression and mood disorder, which her family, her father and i, got her started on antidepressants and seeing a therapist for. zevenbergen's attorney attributes her involvement in the crime to a sexual assault which started a downward spiral of drugs and depression. "things changed for her on october 30th 2014. she was sexually assaulted by three men that held her down and each had intercourse with her. after that her life went downhill."mandi sievers, a manager at security national bank told the coujt this was more than just theft it was robbery. "our customers and employees were robbed of their
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that were directly affected were traumatized." prosecutor james loomis says both women are responsible and asked for the maximum sentence of up to five years because of the calculated nature of the crime. "the clothes were hidden, the money was hidden, she eventually, miss perez, left the scene, but both miss perez and miss zevenbergen both went back to that perry y creek ditch to look for that money. miss zevenbergen indicated that she didn't do all this for nothing and an effort was made to go back and find that money. most of that money was not recovered, has not been found." stand up "judge neary called the crime "senseless" and says he has never seen a case like this in his 13 years on the bench committed by two young women with the possibility of such bright futures." perez and zevenbergen were brought to tears as judge neary issued their sentence"i'm comfortable
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these circumstances that i am not going to suspend this sentence. i am going to imposos a five year prison sentencece withtht the opportunity to say any goodbyes, the women left tearful friends and family members behind to begin a sentence they desperately hoped to avoid. 3 judge neary says he would have sent the wrong message to the public if he simply put the women on probation. he added it was just as hard for him to issue the sentence as it was for the girls to receive it. 3 3 an omaha man charged with murdering his mother and throwing his 4- year- old brother over a bridge last may... will spend the rest of his life behind bars.roberto marinero pleaded guilty to using baseball bat and knife to kill his mother during an argument over money. then silencing his fofo year ololbrother by throwing him into the elkhorn river *alive.* he also pleaded guilty to attempted murder for throwing his 11- month- old
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dumpster. his family says the sentence brings them closer to justice. 3 "justice is not done yet. we got one more."that's a reference to marinero's girlfriend gabriela guevara. she's accused of helping carry out the killings... but claims she had no control over his actions. 3 a lakes- area man is facing a laundry list of charges after leading police on a high- speed chase through three northwest iowa counties this afternoon.58- year- old robert hurd of rural milford fused totopull over for a clayayounty sheriff's puty on highway y 18... instead speeding up and turning onto a gravel road.that chase crossed into dickinson and eventually emmet counties... a 30 mile span that hurd and police cmvered in just over 20 minutes.hurd was arrested aftedeputies used stop sticks to disable his van. he's being held in the clay county jail on a list of charges including eluding and nearly a dozen traffic violations. 3 the sioux city teen charged with shooting a police officer in the leg this weekend is out
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tonight.18- year- old isaiah mothershed had been in the hospital while receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to *his* leg sustained in the he's been discharged into t t custsty of ththpolice... and booked into the woodbury county jail. his first court appearance is set for tomorrow morning. mothershed is facing five counts of first degree robbery and attempted murder. 3 3 it's that time of year again...with city council officials reviewing the annual budgets of all city departments.the sioux city police department is asking the council for enough money to hire two new police officers... whose duties will solely be focused on traffic enforcement.police chief doug young says the new officers are needed... as the city has seen a big increase in traffic with all the construction going on in the area.young's asking the council for 269- thousand dolllls to hire and pay the two officers. hopes have their approval by the end of this month. 3 3 meanwhile, sioux city fire rescue is not planning to make any major changes to its
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looking to create a new position for a public education officer.the new officer's job duties aren't set in stone yet... but will include sharing information with the chief tom everett says they're still determining the job's specifics.... and he hopes the city council will move forward with this next year. 3 3 he's only in 8th grade. but a sioux city teen is getting a big boost towards achieving his dream... the dream of being a navy pilot. 3 the experimental aircraft association has given 14 year old kevin fariri (fuh-ree-isis a "matching g funds award." the award was handed out at martin airfield in south sioux city. this means the group will pay four thousand dollars towards his first lesson... and eventually his pilot's license. farias was selected because of an essay he wrote promoting flying in siouxland... and for sharing his desire to become a naval aviator. 3 "i feel encouraged. so that, maybe in the future, i can get my pilot's license. some things are very tough and some
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focus on everything so that whenever i take the written, i can ace it."his first flight with an instructor is scheduled for this saturday... weather permitting. 3
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back into the 40s.>>3 3 3 siouxland's y- m- c- a is celebrating its 130th year of serving the tri- state region.this morning... the norm waitt senior y- m- c- a held its anniversary celebration... by serving cake...and unveiling a historical display.along with celebrating the past... the "y" is *also* looking towards the future... with a challee for area residents. 3 "well, being a 130 years old d is accomplishment itself. i've found out we are one of the oldest and biggest non-profit in the entire area. so we are introducing a 0 day health challenge, introducing a brand new 130 year annual campaign. and just pushing for more member ships to get out impact and out message out so more people understand what we do, why we do it, and how long we have been doing it. "this event was *supposed* to be last week... but was postponed because of the bilzzard. 3 3 we're not quite to the "ides of march" on the calendar... but that's not stopping sioux
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recreating the famous murder of jululs part of a lesson on the roman empire... the sixth graders at east middle schoolol put on a sort o o"criri scene" displalato examine the evidence and determine "w killed caesar." 3 "its important because we're going to be working on some higher order thinking skills. they are going to be looking at evidence, understanding having a leader. having the pros and cons, who was for and who was against him. why maybe they were upset with change of empire aspect of rome."the "investigation" will continue tomorrow... before students put their chosen 3 3 a much more modern display is going on across town this evening...3rd grade students at clark elementary school on hamilton boulevevd are putting on a presidenal wax museum. all 55 students were assigned a president to the end of the project... they had
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president and present their research.this project has been going on at clark for six years... and aims to teach students early on how to properly research and write a scholarly paper. 3 3 catholics from across sioux city gathered for the start of lent today. 3 honoring ash wednesday, nearly 500 people attended a special noon service led by father brent lingle at the cathedral of the epiphany in sioux city. that s svice wawaone of six held throughoutut the day at the douglas ststet catheral.. 3 3 students at sioux city north high school are e working to help those less fortunate in our community.they've opened a "caring closet"... stocked with donated clothes, shoes and other necessities.those items are available free of charge to those who need it. 3 "it's honoring, it's definitely a great project and the fact that those girls thought of it when they started it is really cool and i'm really glad to be a part of it with the rest of my team."all the items *in* the "caring closet" were donated
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staff... with some help from community members. 3 3 still to come tonight... if you're planning a cruise anytime soon, there's one ship you should choose above all the others. we'll l t you know which one it is... coming up in the fox means business report. 3 3 but first... most of the "baby boomer" generation will celebrate their 70th birthday this year. what that milestone means for their finances and the economy as a whole... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 baby boomers are hitting a milestone this jo ling kent takes a look at what it means for their finances. 3 some two and half million
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year.but their financial health is a mixed bag.mos says: "i'm going to continue to work. i'm an attorney, self- employed and even now i'm able to do these things, go on vacation and stuff and it's great."the boomer generation's essential philosophy was "live for today!" but this idea also means millions have put away too little for the future. more than 4 out of 10 0 those reacacng 70 yearsrsld thth year r rk running out of money in retirement according to the employee benefit research institute.gibbons says: "this is when boomers take a good hard look at their finances and decide how they would like to live their final years. it may mean downsizing, it may mean moving to an entirely different place." surveys show that of the people turning 70 this year, and over the next several years, more are planning to stay on the job than previous generations. gibbons says: "they know they have to fund what could be a very long retirement. they're living much longer than their parents did, many of them into their seventies and into their eighties." by 2022 nearly a
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years old will be working - double the figure in 1992. gibbons says: "they need the extra income. they ununrestimated their costs in retirement, maybe their r healthcare osts are more than they expeed."but for many, turning 70 inspires new interests and passions. gibbons says: "they're extremely active and they like taking in the arts, the culture. it's a different type of lifestyle than their parents generation."mos says: "coming back to new york city again is going to be one of the fun things in our life. this was great this was our, um it was on our like bucket list."and businesses are taking note -- established ands and start up entrepreneurs alike arar creating products and servrves specifically aimed at baby boomers. trend watchers say holistic remedies and activities as alternatives to medication are becoming increasingly popular. in new york, jo ling kent, fox business. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about todas weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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3 a siouxland business icon is getting a makeover. a closer look at wells blue bunny's re- branding is coming up... but first: 3 willis says: "the one thing g that's'sstressing out t american workers the most. i'm gerri
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netwtwtw3 american workers say dealing with "uncertainty" creates a stressful work environment.gerri (jerry) willis of the fox business network is here with that and more in tonight's "fox means business." 3 fear of the unknown... is "freaking" workers out at the office. a new poll finding unpredictabilitty is what causes people the most stress on the job.deadlines and safety are also big worries. well this will stress out some drivers. volkswagen... along with audi and bmw are recalling... nearly one- point-seven million vehicles as part of that takata airbag scandal.if you recall... the airbags can deploy with too much force, injuring drivers and passengers congrats to the "disney dream." the ship was just crowned the best overall cruise by "cruise critic" for a second year in a row. the food, the shows and the service were the big reasons why. all resul were entirely based on stomer feedback. burger king g going from burgers to dogs.the fast food
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hot dogs to its menu later this month. one is a classic grilled dog... the other comes with a chili-cheese topping. bon appetite.that's a look at business. i'm gerri willis. 3 3 a familiar face in siouxland and across the nation is getting a makeover. 3 today at its headquarters in the ice cream capitol of the world... wells enterprises unveiled its new blue bunny logo. "blu" the spokesbunny"... is an updated version of the real bunny that in the 1930's inspired a child to suggest the brand's blue bunny name. the "new" blu is part of the company's efforts to keep the "fun" and "excitement" in ice cream. 3 "blu is our brand ambassador, so we have released the bunny if you can call it that. blu is... you will see blu in our advertising, that is coming out and he is all about fun. so when you see blu there is something fun going on i guarantee it." 3 blu looks like your typical pet bunny...except for the blue color. *and*... in a new round of commercials... you'll
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3 "i think blu is a cute and cuddly little guy. so that will be alright and it will be good that they do have that spokes person for them. it's fufufor the kids and familywells' says shoppers should also keep an eye out for new and returning flavors of ice cream... like bunny tracks and blu's birthday party... as well as new transparent containers. 3 chad's got a final check of the forecast coming up after
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tonight into early thursday. by thursday afternoon we could be seeing a little bit of light snow. temperates tomorrow will be in the mid 20s. chancesesf snow will hang on until rly friday morning,g, but temperatures with mostly cloudy s ses will only rereh the lower 20s. saturday looks to be our coldest day with morning temps below zero and then snow chances starting late saturday night continuing through sunday afternoon. once the weekend is over, it looks like we will be seeing some pleasant weather for early next week with highs pushing
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