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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 18, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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3 in court this morning on a charge of 2nd degree murder. prosecutors alleged he stabbed the victim six times from the head... to the forearms... and the chest.a judge set his bail at 750- thousand dollars.wanatee was arrested yesterday morning and charged with fatally stabbing 51- year- old vernon mace during an argument outside of mace's home on west 1st street. he's also been charged with aggravated assault and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon in a charged with fatally stabbing vernon. also charged with aggravated assault, and carrying a concealed and dangerous weapon in another case. wanatee's case is march 13 on the assault and weapons charges. the idagrove man wanted in attempted murder after police say he hit another man with his car on sunday.
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a tip that he was at a local wal-mart. police say wernerberg fought back when he was arrested and also had to be tasered. he's charged with assault on a peace officer, causing injury and interference with official acts causing injury. that's initial to the attempted murder charge. a sioux city family is homeless after an early morning fire on the north side. just after 4:00 a.m., crews arbied to find smoke coming from a home in the 3500 block of lafayette street. the homes residence had already been evacuated after being alerted by smoke detectors. investigators say the cause of the fire was a malfunctioning electrical appliance in the basement. sioux city police are warning about a scam by some people promising to do yard work.
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men in a light colored truck have been doing tree trimming work in the morning side area. they've also been entering the victim's home, and stealing valuables. police say if you're approached by people wanting to do work, don't let them inside, and call police if you think they're acting suspiciously. more than 200 kids enter foster care every day in the united states. often showing up at the new home with just a sack, or a bag of clothing. >> reporter: earlier this evening, i caught up with the baker family to see how they are helping the transition into foster care, and making it a little bit easier for children. janel and matt baker have always loved children. they've been fostering kids for a while, and when they found olivia in 2014, they knew they
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>> she is about to turn 2 on march 19. she will forever be with us. >> reporter: olivia is the family's bundle of joy. >> when we first got her, her belongings came in a trash bag, or a box, and she was our third foster kid, our other two, the first one, he didn't come with anything, they didn't have anything to bring with him. >> reporter: janel stepped up. this time, adopting a new project that would help these foster kids. she's teaming up with a non- profit group called together we rise. a team of motivated young adults and former foster youth, through the nonprofit, she's raised enough money to cover the cost of more than 50 duffel bags, packed with all the necessities for a foster child to transition from their home to a foster home. >> a lot of kids in foster care have seen their kids just arrested, or you know, are
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situation, and this is something that will maybe ease the transition from one house to another. >> reporter: but the bags haven't arrived just yet. janel has been raising money for the last 30 days, and she's got about two weeks left in the project before the deadline. >> so we would just appreciate it, anybody who feels like they would like to give back, can contribute to the fundraiser. it's a really good cause. >> reporter: all she wants is for these kids to have a better childhood, and live a better life. >> and the goal is for the kids know. that is the end, that's what foster care is for, you do want them placed back with their families. >> so far janel has raised bags. if you'd like more information how to help this cause, we have
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raise campaign in our website tonight the sioux city musketeers hosted the 19th annual face off for charity. the special dinner where the players are the waiters benefits the boys and girls family services. the event also includes a live auction of sports memorabilia, other auction items will also be up for bid tomorrow night and saturday night's hockey game. >> we have great support, sponsors, people in the community, and fans of musketeers that continue to make this a success. i think we'll be back next year, and many years to come, and we'll continue to get bigger and bigger. >> more than $600,000 has been raised for the boys and girls home, and family services during the past 18 years. well we have finally made it to the end of the week, and of course, we've been talking about a big warm up headed our way, it started this afternoon, with temperatures in the lower 50s. you take a look outside tonight.
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tomorrow going to be the warmest day that we have seen and will see for a few more days anyway. satellitimagery showing a little cloud cover. as we head through, look for that bringing us clear skies by tomorrow morning. 31 to the south in lincoln. 60 at this hour in rapid city. there is some warmer air out there for sure. take a look at our evening planner. temperatures start rising once again, 43 by midnight, and maybe as high as 57 by lunchtime. we'll talk all about this warm up, and see just how long it will last, coming up in just a few minutes. thanks chad. the number of iowans dying from heroin overdoses continues to climb. >> now a measure that's moving through the iowa legislature would make a medicine used to treat those overdoses more readily available to first responders. jaclyn driscoll has more. >> reporter: some are calling
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an increase in overdoses on heroin and prescription opiods is sweeping the nation. on monday, the iowa senate passed a bill authorized to use narcan. with no legal liability as long as it was administered in good faith. >> there's no liability on the part of the emergency rescue personnel. on administering that drug, which is designed to intercept how the heroin affects the nerve recementers. >> reporter: something paramedics have used for years. narcan deprives the individual of the high created by narcotics. that's what this does. it blocks the receptor sight, and takes the high away from them. >> reporter: overdoses of
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with narcan, the effects will police ages and fire departments are also being considered to carry narcan, as the opioid related deaths continue to rise. jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. >> they would be sure to implement proper training before using it. those stories and more in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. for the first time ever, a case against an alleged isis supporter is going to trial in a phoenix court, opening statements are underway in the
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his alleged conspirators were killed in a gun battle with police. u.s. troops in iraq have moved into a region where isis just used mustard gas. they are setting p a new base with iraqi troops right near islamic state groups front lines. base. the attack sickened dozens of kurdish troops. and john kerry met with studio representatives for advice on fighting isis propaganda. how to counter what he calls the islamic state narrative. still to come tonight, u.s. airlines making it easier to fly the friendly skies so far this year. how they're doing it, coming up in the fox means business report. >> but first, bargain hunting for groceries and clothes is pretty routine. what about bargain hunting for medication. how you can get around the increasing price of
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the break. castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 fill your prescription... or pay the bills? that's the tough decision more ameicans are forced to make fill a prescription or pay the bills. that's the tough decision many americans are being asked to make as prices for many common prescriptions have doubled. >> cracking the prescription drug shell game to see what's behind the steep increases, and what you can do it get the lowest price. >> reporter: it's a routine denise mock would gladly trade. >> this is every morning. some you have to choke down. and i've asked my doctors, do i
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and based on the things that are wrong with me they say well, unless you want to be dead. one of these pins will last me three and a half days. >> reporter: the bill for the insulin she can't live without is the hardest thing to swallow. >> my insulin went from $45 a month to 178 one month, and then $182 the next month. >> reporter: denise, like many falls through the financial trap door in her coverage, with her basic benefits maxed out, she's left paying 45% of the cost, and even higher on generic drugs. rising prescription prices are forcing more into the gap. with no price controls for prescriptions in the u.s., finding the real cost isn't easy. >> this is amanda, can i help new. >> there's a lot of loopholes, and there's a lot of opportunity in the system right now r people to exploit those
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>> reporter: in the same zip code, even among same retail chain, i discovered different prices. a $94 difference. the difference between generic synbalta. >> they'll give you the price of the generic on their shelf, it just may not be the same generic that the cds has on their shelf. >> reporter: pharmacies often sign exclusive agreements for insures, locking in rebates for volume. >> whatever contract we signed with them, will automatically determine what will be paid. so what the copay is, what the pharmacy is reimbursed. all of that kind of stuff i i set in stone by that contract. >> reporter: large insurers also wouldn't give up what they pay. but i did find insures moving some drugs out of lower priced tiers, or dropping them all together to force manufacturers
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>> if i am moving a drug product into a higher tier, it makes consumers think twice about is this the medication i would choose to be on, which makes them often go back to their provider and request a different agent. >> reporter: gaxo smith cline said they same to strtre the right bbance. where are the best prices? at discount retailers like costco#and local pharmacies, not chain drugstores. good rx, and one rx is help you research prices online. >> you can put in the specific id number, if you know what that is, and they'll give you a list of pricing, within a certain mileage distance. >> reporter: also you can negotiate. ask your doctor for a coupon. some pharmacies will a discount plan, or will price match. >> pharmacists go to school for
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many of them go on and do residency, or fellowship. so they are your medication experts on your team. >> $400 a month for two boxes of insulin, it's wrong. >> reporter: pharmacists call for transparency. >> we've got to find a level playing field, because patients cannot continue to take on the growth in pricing at the rate we're seeing. >> reporter: if you get a new prescription, always ask if there's a generic option. pharmacists say they're really the same product that's produced by a different
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taking a live look out weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the
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you have to make sure you tune in tomorrow at 5:00 to see how chad is going to celebrate alalof this weather. >> it's going to be warm, first of all, so i get to ditch the tie, which is a good thing. >> maybe, no, you do. >> a little bit of a tease. sky watch camera from yankton. not a whole lot of snow left in yankton after seeing very mild temperatures over the last few days. that's it's only to get warmer. 60degrees. upper 50s on saturday, then the 40s return for the end of the weekend, but those numbers, even though nearly 20 degrees cooler than tomorrow, still above average for this time of the year, so just kind of indicates just how warm tomorrow is going to be. satellite imagery, still owing a little bibiof cloud cover out here. what is out there is very high, and it's very thin. so not really impacting things too much tonight. a boundary sitting on top of us. we've got temperatures in the upper 30s right now, but as
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south tonight, we're going to see temperatures increasing towards morning, that's even with a cold front kind of sliding through the area. the latest model showing a little bit of rain showing up south dakota. here in sioux city, we're going to stay dry for sure. we're going to be watching the winds cranking up. they will be coming from the west, so we're definitely going to be seeing a warm wind, and we're going to combine that with plenty of sunshine, which aids in the warming. very quiet to start. ahead of a cold front that may be here late saturday night into early sunday that knocks our temperatures from near 60 back into the 40s to close out the weekend. right now in sioux city, 39 degrees. east-southeast winds 9 miles per hhr. we d dantipate temperatures warming up tonight. right nowow39 in ioux city and lamars.
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still 48 in denison, and 44, the current temperature in norfolk in evening. in the winds in our neck of the woods, haven't really increased a whole lot. still looking at a southeast on average. tonight. wind advisories are out with tomorrow. the forecast calls for temperatures to go up overnight. 42degrees is going to be the official low tomorrow morning. that temperature will crank up towards midnight, and then 60 tomorrow afternoon with mostly sunny skies and it ll stayay windy and d warm. >> finally, minus ththwind. thanks chaha a lot coming up after the break. which financial firm is joining the fight againstalzheimer's disease in a big way. but first -- >> well you want to get to your
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you might another car recall! and... one airline dominating the friendly skies. 3 neil cavuto has the details another car recall, and one
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>> neil cavuto has the details on tonight's fox business report. >> reporter: we've got a major car recall to tell you about, toyota is pulling back nearly 3 million ever its rave 4 and vanguard suv's, apparently, the seat belts can fail during a crash. more travelers are getting to their destinations on time. nearly 8 to 10 domestic flights arriving on schedule in january. by the way, hawaiian airlines is doing the best at this, at 9393 not ththbest day for stocks, the dow stopping a 3 session winning streak, but not by much. if you are looking for a credit card, you are probably hunting for a bonus. 4 out of 10 millennials want a lot of records from a credit card, and a lot of things like low interest rates and where you can use the card. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. an investment firm is working with a local nonprofit
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it will spend nearly $5 million over the next few years to support the mission of the alzheimer's association. that will create a research fund which will provide funding for research to cure that disease. >> this is an exciting partnership with the alzheimer's association of edward jones. this will enable us to provide more information, educational resources, and research possibilities to those living with alzheimer's. >> edward jones will also be the nationwide sponsor of the annual walk to end alzheimer's. if u'd like more information about the alzheimer as association, we have link to their website in this ststy that can be found on our
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a final
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temperatures will be gging up overnight. as a matter of fact when we wake up on friday morning, going to see plenty of sunshine as it's kids go to the bus stop. the winds will also be cranking up. over the next seven days. 60s tomorrow, but staying above average for the next seven
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>> car washers are going - i can't believe you guys are still staring over there. some mothers tend to breast-feed for a lot longer these days.
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