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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 19, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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on a new expansion.(lego sculptures)they're not just for ki. sioux city hosts a dispay of sculptures made from legos.(oscar makeover) and... it's considered the gold standard for actors. but now a new company is making the oscar statuettes. 3 3 a northwest iowa community's
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for a much-needed upgrade on the building and equipment in order to respond more efficiently for emergency calls. when we come back from a call we want to clean our gear and put it in a room where is ay from other contaminants. they are going for a bond vote to expand -- expand the station. >> we're running out of room for our firefighters and out of training space. we fight fires and respond to rescue calls and we need to be prepared for thatall-around. >> reporter: it would be funded through a bond issuance and
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through the fire department. it would bring a total of $3,560,000. >> in 1963 the trucks and vehicles was not designed to do all of the different variety of rescues and rescue calls we have now. >> reporter: of approve the remodeler take a little over a year. set to complete in 2018. currently skies 1100 square feet it would triple in size. >> the community support is awesome. we feel it all year round. we have great community support. >> there will be an open house tomorrow from 9 am to 11 am on the -- at the fire station. voting day is on march 1. police in sioux city have a man in custody accused of
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five bususesses since december. for randall mireles faces eight counts of forgery and two counts of theft. he has been spending counterfeit money since september. and on three occasions the alert clerks confiscated the cash. they found machines used to make counterfeit money in a hotel. he is being held in jail on a $25,000 bond. a texas-based company decided to cancel a $30 million facility. >> the facility would have created hundreds of jobs. jacqueline driscoll spoke with city officials todayn >> reporter: originally scheduled to open in the fall of 2015 at the southbridge business part trinity rail has
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dollar mamatenance facility. the 150,000 square foot facility would have created 250 new jobs and over $1 million in state tax credit. >> it's sappointing we thought trinity was a great fit for our community and a great organization. >> reporter: back in 2014 when trinity rail announced the expansion there was hihi demand for trtrsporting oil. now prices are down resulting in the halt of this 39 halt of this $39 million project. >> what they were going to do in sioux city was rebuilt oil tanker cars. >> reporter: city officials say they have been marketing the $5.5 million railyard held for trinity rail and are confident it will be used by someone else. >> we never really stopped
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officially entered into the agreement. the marketing has picked up in the last few months . it is a fantastic site with rail seseices, utilities and d ststets and. we are confident and other industry will want to locate on that site.>> not everybody has a rail way and railway like we do. we can now market that. >> reporter: both the city and inity rail will continue the project of the market for oil returns. but for now it will not move forward. jacqueline driscoll in sioux city. the site will be attractive to many other businesses. bebedes this news a long time sue city business is gling ahead with expansion. braunger foods has broken ground on a 75,000 square foot facility in the bridgeport
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remodeling an old site. it will serve as the company's new distribution center.>> great reputation. they could have chosen anywhere and they chose to stay in sioux city. we are proud of the fact we can work with them and have a development we are proud of. >> the new facility will be more than ouble the cucuent size of the warehouse and create 15 new jobs. high winds in the weather today which may travel treacherous throughout iowa for high profile vehicles. some eyes were blown off the road and plymouth and dickinson counties today. the plymouth county accident brought i 75 to stop. central iowa shows a semi-off
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wainscot up to 60 miles per hour across parts of the state today. here in siouxland we saw a sustained winds of 20 miles per hour up to 30 miles per hour for most of the day. you can see the visible effefes with flags flying horizontal. street signsnsnd stop flights were shaking the winds have died down tonight. temperatures in the lower 60s. heading into the evening clear skies. a fairly chilly evening. here's the satellite imagery. a few clouds along the i-80 from lincoln up to omaha and towards des moines. a quiet night tonight. temperatures to 44 degrees in sioux city, 44 in sioux falls, 40 in north platte and 42 in rapid city. the weekend planner
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temperatures in the mid-50s, a few clouds saturday night. cooler sunday as a cold front pushes through. the we can forecast coming up in a few minutes. the good weather good news for sue city's pothole repair business. ey have patch 3200 potholes using 67 tons of asphalt. they are working day and night and expect to see a higher amount this year because of the high amount of snowfall. you can report a pothole by going to field services at 279- 6886 . the art of the brick opens tomorrow in sioux city.
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be looked for eveveone, not only kids but adults as well. >> the exhibition is special because kids will be into it. they have legos at home. but it is a very mature exhibition. >> this is one of the largest and most popular art exhibits in the world. it will be on display tomorrow through may 8. iowa has reported its first confirmed case of the zika virus. it has been found in a woman between the ages of 61 and 80 who recently returned from a trip to central america. health officials say there is minimal risk to people and iowa . but anyone who has traveled or plans to travel to latin america and the caribbean should take care to protect themselves from mosquito tes. the iowa case comes after two women in neneaska were
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the fear of clouds -- the midwinter convention of clouds is this weekend. they were implong their clowning scales. the clowns find to their makeup and costume design skills and practice engaging with their audience. >> it is a great thing. it is international and all over from north america. people from the united ates, canada and mexixi.>> reporter they will get underway tomorrow at 9:00 at the shriners auditorium and is free to the public . it should run until
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closer to earth where just a week away from the oscars.
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coming up after the break. after being in chicago for the last three decades the oscar statue is being made in new york now. >> reporter: the oscars are coming up later this month. this guy will be the star of the show. he has been around since the
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new york. how did it feel when you found out you would be making this years oscars? >> it seemed like a really big deal. and you know what? i was right.>> reporter: the academy decided to return the statue back to new york for the first time in 33 years. they are making subtle changes to the design. >> we went back to the original statue from 1927. we scanned it and then blended it with the contemporary, last years version. >> reporter: including making it an bronze. patricicmaloney who represents the district was proududof is new york moment. >> there could be a category for the state that made the
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hudson valley. i hope it reminds people we can make things in america and create good jobs in new york.>> reporter: the nameplates of the runnererneed to be attached next. >> at the award ceremony the recipient brings their statue to a name plate engravings station. they handed to us and we fix their nameplate to the trophy and pass it back to them. >>reporter: regardless of who gets the oscars one person will be a winner that night. >> it is a great honor and we will make them better than ever before. >> reporter: bringing a taste of new york pie to hollywood. >> the 80th academy award ceremony takes place on february 28. a life look at overt dakota dunes tonight.
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half we got "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." "first alert weather" with chad said well -- witchad sandwell reporter: 60s is what we saw for high tempmpatures today. tase a look at the sky watch camera from norfork. plenty of traffic. temperatures going up. 55 tomorrow, 48 on sunday. all above average for this time ofofear. monday night into tuesday we see a little rain with a few snowflakes as temperatures get
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from sioux falls down to omaha things up and quiet today. cloud cover around the i-80 from lincoln to des moines. for the most part in siouxland we will enjoy it quiet night. we will look at a mostly clear sky tonight. temperatures tomorrow morning around 30 degrees. a chilly start. we will warm up quickly. not strong winds tomorrow but plenty of sunshine ahead of the cold front. the backslide will slide through on sunday. that will push our emperatures down bit. cloud cover as well. partly cloudy skies and upper 40s. not as quite as nice as today. 44 used asian 44 degrees in sioux city.
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percent. temperatures across the region 39, and children 37. 44 in sioux city. wins were gusting up to 50 miles an hour this morning and right now ty are about five miles per hour out of the south or southwest. mostly clear chilly night tonight. 32 degrees. variable wind at five miles per hour to 10 miles weather continuing high temperatures at 55 degrees. next seven days no complaints.
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of next week. y y re payinin it looks like the egg industry is finally recovering from last year's bird flu outbreak... ananthat's good news for y yr bank account!gerrrrwillis explains in tonight's fox means business report. it looks like the egg industry is recovering from last year's bird flu outbreak.>> reporter: hit the brakes gas prices are driving higher. the national average for unleaded up four straight days. a gallon will call yoyo$1.70 which is dodo $0.50 from last year. grocery prices are falling in january. egg prices the biggest monthly drop in more than five years. stocks dropped. the dow up 21 points. best games of the year.
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its first ship. more than 700 people have signed up for a rocket blast soaring 50 miles above the earth surface. it will cost you $250,000. thth's business i am and jerry willis. some students got advice on starting a business this morning. cardinal elementary student put on a jumpstart market at the college center and students learn what goes into making a successful small business and they made baked goods to sell at the market. >> we have the fifth-graders here that we mentored the past couple of weeks and teach them what it's like to set up a business. we teach them expenses, costs, profit margins, how to take out a loan in order to operate successfully.
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south sioux city chamber of
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> 3 3 they were shown the ropes from the teleprompter to the
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students were here for about an
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