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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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nine on fox 44." 3 3 residents of a west side neighborhood say they're fed up with a dangerous situation.and they're worried it *may* cost one of their neighbors his *life.* 3 and tonight that story is 3 3 they say sections of west 7th and west 14th streets... which are dirt roads that lead to their homes... haven't been passible since the blizzard a couple weeks ago... with ruts more than a foot deep in some places they can't even get through with a four wheel drive. they say they've called the city... but have been "passed around." now... a frail, elderly neighbor who uses oxygen can't even got to the doctor. 3 "i have an appointment, for tomorrow morning and there no way i can get there. because i could never walk up and down this hill, it's impossible."john heyward has lived in this area for 13
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sold a nearby section of road they once used during bad weather... but it's now been blocked by the new owner. 3 "we can't get home. we're parking three blocks away, walking , all the neighbors are walking to get home, through the woods, through the mud, and it's pretty dark up here., and nobody seems to do anything."heyward and his neighbors hope something can be done to get edwin gilbert to the his doctor's appointment at 11 tomorrow morning. 3 it's an award that's been handed out to fewer than 2- thousand people since 1989... the boy scouts of america [ audio difficulties ] . it's an award that's been handed out to 2,000 people since 1989, the boy scout certificate of merit. >> now we have the story. >> blast march he was able to use his -- last march he was
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to save a life. >> i had a life jacket and he went in the water and saved me. >> at 12 years old kayden became a hero and his mom nominated kayden for a boy scouts of america national certificate of merit given to a youth member or adult leader who has performed a significant act of service that is deserving of special national recognition. >> he's such a role model for him, for my other son. my other son is a scout as well. they both look up to kayden. so hopefully they can grow up and learn and be the scout that he's grown to be. >> reporter: last week kayden was shocked when the midamerican council presented him the award in omaha. >> i would hope it would show other cub scouts and boy scouts to do great things someday.
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and that like they can do anything as long as they set their mind to it. more >> yetto is currently a life scout and just has a little more paperwork to do before he becomes an eagle scout. the only big event taking place at >> thanks, kayla. better day, the only event taking place at grand view park this summer. at today's city council meeting the mayor's youth commission announced it's raised another money to build a beginners disc golf course. the course would cover the majority of the southeast portion of grand view park and proponents say it's great for people who want to learn how to play the game. the project cost $4,500 which came entirely from donations. the school board approved the sale of the old emerson elementary school on sioux city's westside to radio life community church. the church will pay $25,000 for the building.
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at west fourth and george street is also the west side coalition. it will let the church serve a larger congregation on the city's west side. a city high school is getting a big gift to help fund construction of a new building. the estate of john gill is donating $1.4 million to bishop heelan high school. roughly $1 million will help pay for the new building. the rest will endow a science scholarship for students looking to enter the health field. heelan's fundraising chief said gill, a 1951 graduate, expressed a desire to name a library for his mother mary. the new library at heelan will bear mary heelan's name. there are two new construction plans and it will add onto the new fine arts building that opened in 2014. the sioux city air and transportation museum is combining history with the technology of the 21st century. it's using a new qr code system
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most of the items on display. this app is compatible with iphones and android devices. the museum also has tablets available for checkout to anyone who is visiting that museum. and may transition into a wintry mix by tuesday morning. overnight fog and clouds were certainly or dominant weather features throughout the day even -- our dominant weather features throughout the day even though we saw it working into the 40s this time of year. it was a quiet night but plenty of clouds. take a look at satellite imagery, that blanket of cloud cover hanging pretty tough across the area. as we go through the overnight hours we might see a little rain possibly mixing with sleet all before we wake up early tomorrow morning. looking at current temperatures out there now, 35 in sioux falls, 37 in sioux city, temperatures lower 40s down to the south, lincoln 41 and we've got north platte at 40, but as we look at our evening planner, certainly looking at cloud cover and maybe a little wintery mix overnight.
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patchy fog again tomorrow morning. watch for that. temperatures up close to 40 by noon time, but we'll still hang onto quite a few clouds. we'll talk more about your forecast in detail coming up in just a few minutes. police in holt county, nebraska, are investigating a weekend stabbing that left one woman dead and a man hospitalized. the o'neil police department said it responded to a home for a reported knife injury before 9:00 saturday night. two people were taken by ambulance to the hospital in o'neill where a 37-year-old hispanic woman was pronounced dead. a 37-year-old hispanic man was taken to the hospital, but there's no word on his condition. police aren't releasing the names of either victim. the nebraska state patrol is helping local investigators in the case. the sheriff's office in madison county, nebraska, trying to identify human remains that were found in a field 2 miles east of tilden on sunday afternoon. hunters found the remains and the sheriff's office says the body looks like it's been there
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it appears to be that of a man. forensic castings are being done to identify the remains. right now foul play is not suspected in in death. this morning business -- in this death. this morning business leaders in south sioux city got a lecture on the effects of human trafficking in the siouxland. the speaker said human trafficking is one of the most common crimes in the u.s. the coalition is trying to draw more awareness to the problem here in siouxland. to report suspected human trafficking, the coalition operates an 800 number. we've got that for you in this story online at the southern poverty law center is an organization that combats hate in america and publishes its own hate list that has swelled to nearly 900 organizations nationwide. >> as our national correspondent reports tonight, one president of a group on that list questions how the southern poverty law center
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>> reporter: the splc hate list includes groups like the aryan nation and the ku klux klan, but critics claim that hate list includes nonviolent conservative groups like the family research council which opposes certain gay rights, the d.c. based group center for security policy made the hate list this month and its president is crying foul. >> the southern poverty law center decided to target us in this smear and i think it's reprehensible. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years frank athe's group warns some u.s. communities want their law to supersede u.s. constitutional law. the website calls gaffney a notorious islamophobe. a hate group is defined as a group that attacks certain
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>> we do not support the kind of hatred that islamic supremacists give to women, to homosexuals, to religious minorities, to others. >> reporter: no doubt hate is a very potent word. ugly as it can be and depending who is using it, our constitutional law allows any american or u.s. organization to define it as it sees fit. >> you know, we have a first amendment in this country. so people should be free to say whatever they want to say even if their next-door neighbor or you or i disagree. >> reporter: we tried contacting the organization by numerous occasions by phone and e-mail to find out just how it defines hate and who funds their multi-million dollar organization. we have yet to get a response. in washington i'm jeff barnes reporting. after the break u.s. marshals fracking down a young
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down a young women who violated her parole. >> we'll let you know who next in this week's edition of
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transforms 3 "siouxland's most wanted." 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help siouxland's most wanted. >> tonight u.s. marshals need your help finding a fugitive who is wanted for violating her parole, but first our capture tonight. last month there was pressure from the northwest iowa fugitive task force. the surrender is capture 429th since most wanted began. now on tonight's featured
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violating parole on drug possession charges and failing to appear in court. la claire is 5' 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds. if you have any information about mariah la claire please call the u.s. marshal office in sioux city or send marshals an e-mail @siouxland.mostwanted.doj.govorusethemarshaltex t-- or use the marshal text a tip problem. remember the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. tire skywatch camera... taking a live look out camera. >> we saw a foggy start -- on
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>> we saw a foggy start "first alert weather with first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell. >> pretty gloomy day and i hope you have better news for tomorrow. >> i think the gloom will stick around the first half of the day, might see a little sunshine to close things out. look at our skywatch camera downtown sioux city, a little traffic out there on a very cloudy night. the only question as we head into the overnight hours is will we see precipitation? here's a look at our extended forecast. mostly cloudy skies for the day on tuesday with some sunshine coming in late in the day. then we'll have to watch late wednesday night into thursday for another chance of a wintery mix. that will cool temperatures down thursday, but it does look nice as we head towards the weekend, saturday looking for highs in the 50s. here's a look at the satellite imagery. of course, plenty of cloud cover across the region. that is a change that will not change heading into the evening hours. a trough of low pressure is hanging out through the night. we'll see a little moisture, most of it down to the south
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trend, but plenty of early cloud cover that will hang around tuesday morning till late in the afternoon. there's 7:00 tomorrow night where skies are starting to clearly out a bit. heading into wednesday the cloud cover starts to roll back in just a little bit. by the end of the afternoon we'll see maybe a little bit of light snow as we push into the late evening hours wednesday into thursday. again either tonight or wednesday night not going to see much in the way of accumulation, just a little nuisance precipitation across the area. we're at 37 degrees in sioux city under mostly cloudy skies, winds out of the east at 5 miles an hour. looking at temperatures around the area, 34 at spencer and sheldon, 36 lamar, 36 in wayne, 37 in yankton, so mid-30s pretty commonplace, of course, with the cloud cover, not rising or falling too much throughout the evening. winds are fairly light across the area. we do expect the wind to stay fairly light throughout the remainder of the night. your forecast tonight calls for overcast skies, night see a
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33 is -- mix overnight, 33 will be our overnight low with a wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies, breezy, winds north 10 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures will warm up to about 42 degrees with sunshine. we'll see some cool weather probably through the middle part of the week. as we look toward the weekend friday and saturday looking for mostly sunny skies and highs back in the 50s. >> i like that. thanks, chad. well, it operates for four or five months every year solely on the generosity of siouxlanders. >> coming up after the break we're heading inside the warming shelter to see how your
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without a home safafaf winter in siouxland can be deadly if you're exposed to the cold for a long period of time.the warming winter in siouxland can be deadly if you're exposed to the cold for a long period of time. >> the warming sheller provides a place for homeless to stay --
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homeless to stay during cold nights and in doing so it saves lives. our meteorologist cat taylor takes us inside. >> if we need anything at all, they're always here for us, always any time. >> reporter: janelle terdell doesn't tech chill have a home and siouxland winters can reach well below zero. she worries about temperatures like these because they can be dangerous for anyone exposed to the elements for a long period of time. that's when the warming shelter comes in. >> we're not going to turn you away. we will give you a bed or bunk to stay in. our goal is to make sure nobody freezes to death. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago the warming shelter didn't have enough supplies to continue to help homeless citizens. that all changed with a facebook post and hundreds of generous siouxlanders. >> in 48 hours this is what we accumulated not counting what i still have in a storeroom next- door as well. >> thank you.
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like me would be nowhere. >> on an average night the warming shelter has over 100 animals. >> the community comes together. you don't realize how many homeless are actually out there until unfortunately until we congregate them together. >> i think the city is doing a lot for us homeless people. i'm not only homeless. half the time i can't even walk. >> reporter: with the exception of laundry supplies the warming shelter has enough materials to last the rest of the winter, but it still needs one major thing to continue to serve the community. >> right now we have enough money to be open until the end of march. we want to be open till the end of april because iowa winters you just don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: it costs about $17,000 a month to run the shelter. >> all the money that we get, it goes to basically take our bills every month. we have security that stays, two attendants during the
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laundry services and stuff like that. so our average household is an average of 100. so you figure 50 showers a night or more, 50 loads of laundry or more, it just adds up. >> reporter: donations increase the quality of life of sioux city's homeless during these cold nights. >> when they come in, they check in. we don't ask names. we don't ask any questions about that. you'll get a bunk or you'll get a bed. if you request laundry services, we'll wash your clothes for you that you have. you can get a shower. we don't have a kitchen , but we offer you a snack, ramen noodles or crackers, just regular snacks you'd see in a lunchbox. >> reporter: citizen generosity is the only way the shelter stays afloat. >> being nonprofit we do not take any funds from the city, state, federal, county. we are all personal donations.
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that you don't have. could you imagine not being able to get up and brush your teeth or having clean clothes or not knowing where your next meal is going to come from? that's where the moral compass comes in where if i can push and give versus taking, taking, you know. >> this place helps me get to work and get to have somewhere that i can go to and from from work and be able to set my goals a little bit further than what i have. >> i just want to say thank you and i appreciate everything that they do try to do for everybody. >> reporter: cat taylor, siouxland news. >> if you'd like to help the warming shelter, here's how. the best way to donate is by mailing a check to 916 nebraska street in sioux city, iowa. you'll get a letter in return with a receipt and your donation is tax deductible. health watch was brought to you by dunes surgical hospital in association with mercy
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all right, thanks. finally tonight we would like to pass along our congratulations to the winner of our x files ultimate fan package contest. >> the winner is ruth spartek of elk point, south dakota. she is taking home the prize pack containing more than $300 worth of prizes! so congratulations to ruth! thanks to all of you who entered and i'm jealous because
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seen and i really want one. >> the batteries are still good, ruth. it does this. [ the x files theme music ] >> good-bye, box, and all of the goodies inside. thanks for joining us this evening.
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- max, i can't wait to go home and illegally download that documentary about performance art. - and i can't wait to go home and watch here comes honey boo boo. - but first, you have to see this. her name's marina abramovic. in the '90s, she and her boyfriend did this piece called confrontation where they just slapped each other's faces for days. - oh, yeah? my mom and her boyfriend did that too, but they called it, "who smoked the last cigarette?" - no, really, it was pure art. she's a genius. - how about you and i do a little art right now? - [laughs] [laughter] - ah. - [laughs] [laughter] - what are they doing? - i think they might be doing a scene from fifty shades of grey.


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