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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 23, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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right now at 9.....(medicaid change)the governor gets the go ahead to change the state's medicaid program... a change that impacts more than a half million iowans.(changes coming) majojochanges are coming to the more than 100 catholic parishes in the diocese of sioux city.(plea hearing)a northwest iowa man accused of killing his elderly mother may reach a deal with prosecutors. (quick fix)city crews come to the aid of neighbors who o say their dirt road has beeee impassible since the blizzard. (no trash talk) and... he's a deaf athlete here in siouxland who isn't listening to his critics. 3 3 after nearly six months of political battles over the future of >> ter nearly six months of political battles over the future of iowa's medicaid program, the battle may be over
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>> that story is first on fox. the governor's office announced the centers for medicare and medicaid services have approved age program. january 31. now it is march 1, and now, april 1. back in siouxland, the woodbury county board of supervisors works onsetting the county's budget or the next fiscal year. much of the discussion focused on taxes and how much revenue should be diverted to the reserve funneled. they are expected to finalize
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we will have more onto night's meeting on siouxland news at 10:00. >> the county board looking to install the woodbury county courthouse replacing 90 light globes inside the historic building. at this time, the board is looking for a company to do that work because the globes need to be replaced entirely. the new fixtures and the paint used on them will have to meet specific historic standards. >> they become very brittle. most of them have cracks in them. and, it is very difficult even to change a lightbulb in them. >> it is hoped the stain glassed windows and terra cotta can be fixed as well. major changes underway for the northwest catholics. the announces will be announced
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diocese headquarters in sioux city. we will be at the announcement thursday and have the latest on our thursday newscast. the akron man charged with murdering his mother in july of 2014 may be taking a plea agreement. steven andresen has ordered a hearing for the plea taking of the case of jonathan newneighbor. it will be held at the same time as a prior defense moti in the case. the time is monday afternoon in lamar. the bodies of ester and her husband donald were found in their home in july of 2014. donald had died of natural causes but ester had been killed from blunt force trauma. a northeast nebraska man is accused of murdering his wife this weekend. police in o'neal have arrested 37-year-old eduardo pintero on
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around 9:00 saturday night, he and his wife guadeloupe were arguing when eduardo stabbed her multiple times before injuring himself. he was taken to the hospital in o'neal and transfer today the nebraska methodical center in omaha. he is being held on a $2 million cash bond. we had an update in a story we first brought you last night about west side neighbors of sioux city saying the dirt road of their home has been impassable since the blizzard. >> jaclyn driscoll has more. >> reporter: city crews began working on west seventh street overnight packing dirtrtand ground up asphalt onto west seventh to make the road passable. residents say this dirt road has been out of commission since the blizzard earlier this month with ruts more than a foot deep.
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even with four-wheel drive. i have a four wheel drive and most people have trucks. >> reporter: for as long as residents have remembered, this road has been a dirt road. >> some are satisfied to live on a dirt road. they are okay with that. they make it work. others really do want pavement of some sort. a hard surface so they don't run into the problems these folks ran into which i think the city is correcting. >> reporter: sioux city has a total of 67 miles of dirt roads which are a continuous and difficult task to maintain. field services manager ed pickens tells us it is@a constant struggle but one the city tries to keep up with. some people make the mistake of hiring private contractors to put salt on the dirt roads which the city won't do. that is because the salt imply turns the dirt into a wet, , muddy mess. that is even more difficult to maintain.
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city to maintain, but it also making simple tasks for some residents next to impossible to complete. >> they can't get up here to take me to the hospital, i can't walk down, you know. [ laughter ] and getting to the grocery store. and everything. >> reporter: city works with local and emergency provider to keep the streets open. those resisints and his own department would like to see more of these strefts paveed. it is a very expensive proposition. pretty quiet night out there this evening after seeing temperatures reach the middle and upper 40s thanks to plenty of sunshine this afternoon. we take a look at our sky wawach camera. things pretty quiet this evenink and we expect them to stay that way through the night. satellite imagery, cloud cover hanging tough over the eastern
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into the central part of the state. back across nebraska and south carolina. things have been clear into the early evening. we are down to 31 degrees in sioux city. clear skies. 32 lincoln. a little cloud cover to the north in sioo falls. tonight, we will look for a little cloud cover to come back. temperatures around 26 degrees by 6:00 a.m. we will see temperatures warming up but we will add the cloud cover in by noontime. temperatures should be into the middle 30s . we will talk about the rest of the forecast this week and see if things stay as nice as they were today coming up. the city council is looking to erect a few cell tower in the 900 block of south rusten street. residents who resent the tower presented a petition to the council saying a value of up to 80 homes in the area ll be
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but they decid to move forward with the project. student ins the morning side area will get specialized lessons starting this fall. spaulding park elementary will become the fifth specialty school at the start of the school year. while other schools focus stem education. coating, the arts. spaulding park will focus on environmental sciences. >> we will have an outdoor classroom. a lot of hands on gardening. agricultural components to the work they will do. great spaces outside and inside to bring the environmental science to life. >> reporter: the fielding behind spaulding park also played a role in this designation. tax season is in full swing as millions of americans are filling out that paperwork hoping for a return and not a balance due. >> that is the likelihood of getting audited. our national correspondent
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>> reporter: tis the season for taxes. and for some, fear of a possible audit. >> there is an urban myth that the irs is like the gestapo. >> the odds of getting audited are pretty low. >> reporter: the odds are less than 1% for middle income filers. they go up with income level. unless a person reports having no income e at all. and audits are not as arduous as you may think. >> what you see in the movie is probably the irs agent knocking on your door. but a lot of the times you just get a letter from the irs. >> reporter: and just because the irs sends you an audit letter doesn't necessarily mean you will owe more money. >> a lot of times they may just have a question. >> reporter: whether or not you get audited comes down to your action. not just your income. like taking excessive deductions.
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income or taking an early pay- tut from a retirement account. the best way to prepare is with good recordkeeping. >> the time to do tax planning is not in march. but in the 12th months proceeding march. >> reporter: i'm christine fradel, siouxland news. if you have any girl scout cookies laying around, you would win a prize. >> but first, a siouxland athlete is planning to play basketball this fall. more on connor's incredible story after the break. >> you are watching siouxland news at 9:00 on f f 44 with larry wentz, diana castillo, and siouxland's chief
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this is siouxland news at 9:00 eighteen years ago.o. connor henze (hen-zee) lost his >> 18 years ago, connor hensey lost his ability to hear whn he got sick as a newborn. >> now the senior on jefferson's basketball team says if anyone wants to tell him he can't do something, he is just not listening. >> reporter: at six foot six, senior carter hensey is an imposing player on the basketball court. the leading rebounder gives husky fans reasons to cheer. [ cheers and applause ] but he can't hear hem because he has been death sincecehe was three months old. >> i was really sick. i had meningitis. >> we were told he would be deaf. there was a great possibility he was mentally handicapped. couldn't walk. couldn't talk. nothing. and, may not even live. >> they found out, i almost died twice when i had the disease.
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>> reporter: at the age of three, connor met jenny clause who has served as his interpreter throughout his childhood. but the husky's head coach says he needs her. she does more than sign the plays into connor on game day. >> as a coach you are watching so many different things and jenny is just watching connor. she will say you are telling him to do this and he is not doing it. it is great beuse she tattles on him all the time. >> reporter: connor remembers the day the coach first went after him to play. >> i felt inspired and elated. it didn't mean that i was on it. i had to work my butt off to be on varsity. >> if he wasn't death. any high school in our area would be drooling over him. he is the biggest athlete i have ever had here.
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trash talk is big, connor is unfad. >> if they are saying things i ignore them. actually, i can't hear them. >> we are doing an in-practice scrimmage. he used to wear his ccuilla implant. then they are getting cloud and he just unplugged it. said i can't hear you. plugged it back in and went what? >> reporter: what is next for connor is college. he will be going to galudette university in washington dc. it is the only higher education institution where all programs and services are specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students. >> it is complete opposite soft what he is used to. because there, you need an interpreter if yy are hearing. >> i want an education career with a major in education and minor in sports field management. and i would like to play basketball for them for the next four years. >> i think he will play.
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>> will you miss him? >> yes. very much so. >> reporter: wherever he goes, connor will always have a cheering section right here in siouxland. whether he can hear them or not. in elk point, chris neyenhouse, siouxland news. >> fabulous story. taking a live look. >> the sun returns today. but so did the wind and chances of snow.
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>> first alert weather. with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell. >> chad says we may have a repeat of last week. >> in what way? >> warmer temperatures. >> sounds like a beg there. we are also going to see a night into thursday. so we have to watch for that.
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warmer weather is on the way. we just have to get there first. it will take a couple of days to do so. our sky watch camera, looking at sioux city. a very quiet night. generally clear skies for the post part. that has helped temperatures to cool off. 40 tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. then tomorrow night, we could d see, yes, a little bit of snow. we will certainly keep our eyes on that. doesn't look like it will be a big problem for us. then we will put that to bed and wake up to friday and saturday with absolutely gorgeous weather. plenty of sunshine. highs near 60 on sunday or saturday. then a cold front comes through. that knocks our temperatures back down into the 40s and we may see another rain snow mix sunday. so again, just a gentle reminder we are still not out of the month of february just yet. cloud cover is pushing off to the east. and we have clearing going on up and down the i-29 corridor. where we have seen the clearing, we are seeing
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as we put the maps into motion, things will be quiet. a little cloud cover coming back through the early part of the day. wednesday. as we work our way into wednesday afternoon, looks like mostly cloudy skies. you can see a little light snow showing up across northeast nebraska. southeast from south carolina. and there is 10:00. still just a very narrow ribbon of snow hanging around the area. so again, we may see some flakes but we are not expecting it to accumulate too much. looks like the cloud cover will hang around through early thursday, through the afternoon, the cloud cover starts moving out and we will be looking at plenty of sunshine to wrap up the week. weather looks great friday and saturday as well. right now, we have clear skies, 31 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. relative humidity at 79%. take a look at temperatures out ere. 33 in spencer. 32 in lamar. wayne is the coolest spot. they are checking in at 29 degrees and the winds which
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afternoon have calmed down a little bit. a north wind of 5 to 10 miles an hour. it is a little breezier at sheldon and spencer. about 10 to 15 miles an hour winds. so, for tonight, we expect a light wind to continue out of the north. 26 is what we are looking for as our overnight low on a rather chilly night. tomorrow, increasing clouds. it will be aabit breezez high t tperature will top out 40 before the chance of a few snow flkes moves in late in the day. keep your eyes on the weekend because of the weather. especially saturday, looks really good. >> i told yoyo. [ laughter ] well, just because it is winter here doesn't mean we can't eat like we are on vacation. that story is still to come.
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>> girl scout cookies rising rents... and a possible "savings emergency" in america. >> a possible savings emergency in america. >> david has the stories and more in tonight's fox news
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>> reporter: for some people, the rent is still too high. rental prices rising again in january. but not guilty as much as we have been seeing lately. one of the main reasons, a lot of new apartments have been hiting the mamaet. meananme, we could be looking at a savings emergency. according to new survey, around half of americans have just as much credit card debt as money saved for a rainy day. and if you are looking to move, look at the lone ar state. austin, texas is named the best state capitol to live in. the report looking at things like affordability, education, and overall quality of life. all you amateur bakers listen up.p. the girl scouts ararbringing back their annual cookie recipe contest. send in your best recipe for any kind of baked goodies using girl scout cookies as ingredients. if your dish is chosen you could win $500. that's business.
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greece without even leaving well, as we wake up wednesday morning, kids will head out to the bus stop looking for a little sunshine mixing in with the clouds. make sure they have a jacket because we will be out to a chilly start. temperatures shohod be at 26 degrees. highs around 40. we may see a few snow flakes late tomorrow afternoon. guys? >> all right. thanks chad. finally tonight, it's a good time of the year to go on
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afford it, you create your own. that is what they have been doing nearly 20 years at the siouxland center for active generations. this time, it is greek cruise week featuring a number of activities including a food tasting contest. >> larry and i were among a number of celebrity judges tasting greek bread, dessert, and appetizers. they were all winners in our judgment. >> the one i really liked, it was like a greek donut hole with honey and nuts.
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