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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 25, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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several churches by 2016. iran will conduct a rocket test in the next few days. but some say they are iolating a resolution. siouxland humane society rescues small dogs from a loving owner who can no longer care for them. >> this is siouxland news at 9:00 on fox 44. >> major changes coming to the hundreds of catholic churches across northwest wa. church leaders say starting next year, they are reorganizing the diocese to accommodate a decline. i'm diana castillo. larry wentz is off. there are 108 parishes within the catholic diocese with a new proposal. there will only be 67. this means 40 parishes will move to oratory status. they will remain open, but no longer hold sunday mass or used
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it will only afact parishes in northwest and southeast regions of the diocese which are home to 43 parishes losing mass. it will go into efefct in the summer of 2017. >> it is moving from a ministry to buildings. we spend a lot of time running from church building to church building and trying to keep those structures also together. to focusing on a ministry for people. to make our priests available for pastoral ministry. things important to them. >> the diocese expects feedback from parishioners. each pastor will form a leadership team of people actively involved in the church. they will receive feedback from the parishioners. >> at that point, we will receive feedback on thing that's look good or could be changed under the proposal.
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seriously obviously and ll make adjustments and refinements to the plan. >> in sioux city, they will move from eight parishes to four. sacred heart will remain the same. sacrament and michael will be combined. immaculate conceceion and nativity will be combined to be mate r dei. a group of friends in northeast nebraska is coupling together to benefit their friend with breast cancer. jetske wauran has the story. >> reporter: she was officially pronounced in remission. she had going back and forth to
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now her latest test ans reveal most of ththcancer s moved into her bones. wewere told the largest tumor is wrapped around her sternum and pressing against her heart. jones has a positive outlook. she says one of her favorite hobbies is painting. today, i met with her closest friends in emerson, nebraska who are teaming up to organize that benefit for her. >> it hits home. she is our age. and, people our page usually don't get breast cancer. and, we have taken a lot of pride in dodog this and we want everybody to come out. >> we all got together to talk about what we are going to do with the silent auction and raffle. >> reporter: jones is currently on medical leave due her circumstances. she is also taking chemopills at home. now if you would like to help
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april 10 in emerson, nebraska. diana? >> thanks jetske wauran. perspective entrepreneurs in siouxland got a chance to compete for start-up money this evening. the annual swimming with sharks competition is part of entrepaluooza week. >> this is a perfect game indoor or outdoor for all ages. the best part about it, it takes up less space and it can hang up as a decorative item for the team or whatever image you want to put on the board. >> reporter: tonight's event was sponsored by brower clinic. an arrest has been made in a nearly two-year-old crime and they are thanking g dna evidence. jojoph lankright is one of two
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may of 2014 tieing up and robbing if manager of a local bank. they found a band aid worn by one of the robbers and sent it in to the state crime lab. it identified lankright who is now facing charges of first degree burglary and first degree robbery. he is held on $100,000 bond. a suspect in the more recent robbery case is also behind bars tonight. police say 30-year-old adonis bebe broke into an a artment and stole cloloing and electronics before being forced from an apartment t by a resident who identified him to the police. he was still in possession of some of the stolen items at a warming shelter. bess is charged with second degree burglary, fourth degree theft. he is held on a $50,000 bond. finally, a man wanted for escapes from sioux city's work release facility last month is back in jail tonight.
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placed on escape status january 26. after failing to return from an outpatient treatment program. he was on work release while serving a ten-year sentence for roery. petty was arrested by sioux city police and is currently being held on a $1,500 bond at the woodbury county jail. sioux city police are warning customers of a singing hills gas station to monitor their credit and bank accounts. officers say a credit card skimming device was found at one of the gas pumps at the cubby's gas station during an inspection. while the device has been removed around all the other pumps checked and cleared, there is no telling how long the device has been there and in use. the best wayto avoid becomomg a victim ofofsuch devices is always pay inside and use cash. cloud cover today kept our temperature ins the mid 30s . we haven't seen a lot of movement yet this evening but
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are expecting to see mostly clear skies or a few clouds early tomorrow morning. a blanket of cloud cover. through the night tonight, that cloud cover is going to continue to become a little bit thinner. 29 right now in sioux falls. 32 here in sioux city. 26 lincoln, as we work ououway through the evening, e skies will slowly clear out. partly cloudy skies by hid night. lower 20s tomorrow morning. but look at the sunshine outer there. in full force by lunchtime tomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid 40s . we have a fantastic weekend in store for the area. we will talk all about it coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks chad. today is the first day of the 59th annual siouxland home show. it is underway at the sioux city convention center downtown feoffing displays and exhibits from dozens of area companies and cocoractors. the home show is pupu on by the home builder's association of greater siouxland which is using the money raised from
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cause in the community. projects for patriots helng to build oj renovate homes for wounded veterans. the home show will reopen tomorrow from 1:00 to 9:00. then 11:00 until 9:00 on saturday and wrap up between noon and 5:00 on sunday. students at mater dei school in sioux city showed off their mastery of overcomplicated machinery. students in mr. sackman's saturday night class built rube goldberg machine. they used items like toy cars, dominoes, and linken logs to design and build their machines. painters have completed painting a vietnam war era jet. it will be on display in
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it took two weeks for the air guard painters to completely restore the fighter jet which was used in myrtle beach, uth carolina as a trainer jet for pilots going to vietnan. it will now be in display and no longer flown. if you want to see more images of it, go to the photo gallery on this story on still to come tonight at 9:00, chevy is trying to spark sales of the volt electric car. what they are doing coming up in tonight's fox news business report. >> but first, just a few months after the deal blockingngiran from developing a nuclele weapon, the nation appears to be investing in bullistic technology. the latest coming up in tonight's safe and secure report. >> you are watching siouxland news at 9:00 on fox 44 with larry wentz, diana castillo, and siouxland's chief
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on fox 44. 3 we're monitoring reports of a mass shooting at a kansas workplace this evening. >> a mass shooting at a kansas workplace this evening. the first reports came out around 5:00 tonight from the xcel industry plant in the town of hesto in wichita. at least four people are dead includeinghe shooter and 20 others injured. it took place at ur separate scenes in and around the plant which makes lawn mowers and other equipment. iran says it will conduct a rocket test in the next few part of what it calls a space launch program. but it is raising eyebrows in washington, with some saying touch tests violate the u.n. security council resolution. in tonight's safe and secure
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correspondent takes a look at what is at stake. >> reporter: a show of force. leadererlaunch a storore facility. new information, the islamic republic plans another test. a space launch in the coming days. >> this space launcvehicle will have a range of maybe four to five thousand kilometers. there is no chance it is for satellites or putting monkeys in space. it is the icbm. >> reporter: they are not prohibited by the iran nuclear deal, but the former cia analyst says it is no doubt iran flexing its muscle. both with other bullistic muscle tests conducted last fall and a recent letter from an iran general to president hassan. >> the reason they are making these statements is they would like to get concessions out of
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>> reporter: additional sanctions release. now raising concerns from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> are they trying to target our friends like israel? how are they trying to threaten the balance of powers in the middle east against other moderates in e arar nation? >> this is not leverage. this is s cause for sanctions. and punishment by the international community. >> reporter: still, some call it propaganda. they say so far there has been no violation, though no doubt world leaders will be watching and waiting. the future of a delicate relationship hanging in the balance. in washington, i'm christine frezel reporting. the five remaining republican presidential candidates are on the stage at this hour.
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rubio, john kasich, and ben carson squared off. the leader in the delegate count was the leader of the two senators as they try to pull up massive upsets. taking a live look out over arnold park tonight on our great lakes count tops an kitchen sky watch camera. we suffered through a cold windy thursday, bubua warm
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chad "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologogt chad sandwell." 3 3 >> it was a pretty cold day. i avoided going outside. >> we had the north winds that were fairly strong throughout the day and the cloud cover. tempatures didn't move a whole lot. a three to four degree spread is all we saw. and it is going to stay pretty chilly tonight. the cloud cover is trying to hang on.
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the battle as we head through the overnight hours. the sky watch, brought to you by jc roofing showing a pretty scold conditions. what we are looking for as we head through the overnight hours is a pretty quiet night. degrees, though the cold front comes through sunday, still looking at the lower to middle 50s . early next week. tuesday into wednesday, we are watching a wintery mix possible. a cold front comes in. there's not a lot of model consensus with this. stay tuned to this as we work our way through the weekend. we will try to pin it down for you. sioux falls, omaha seeing cloud cover hanging around this evening. it will be around a couple more hours but through the night, skies begin to clear out as a warm front nudges through area early tomorrow morning. might see a few clouds early on.
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we will see plenty of sunshine. temperatures pushed up close to 50 tomorrow afternoon. then saturday, we will see more of the same to start. plenty of sunshine. west winds coming in during the afternoon hours. the looking for the middle to upper 60s . a little cloud cover out to the west. that will be headed our way for sunday. and as that boundary gets a little closer, might squeeze out a few rain dropsful rite now in sioux city, 32 degrees. cloudy skies. light nd at 3 miles an hour. temperature wise, 30 at sheldon. 29 at spencer. also 29 for wayne. these temperatures are expected to cool off quite a bit. clear skies in norfolk there. a cool spot at 24 degrees. winds pretty light out there. anywhere from 5 to 10 miles an hour. overall, winds are going to stay fairly light for us the remainder of the evening so
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for a few more hours. a chilly night as lows dip down to 22 degrees with the light winds becoming southerly. tomorrow, wins pick up a little bit. sow west, 5 to 10 miles an hour. we are looking for an afternoon high of 49 degrees. we will see temperature ins the 60s sunday and monday. >> absolutely love it. especially mostly sunny tomorrow. also to come tonight, what brings these dog to sioux c cy your home.e. but firsrs... >>he one thing making people
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mortgage interest rates inch downward downward again. gives consumers an incentive to buy the volt. this is the business report.
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turns out, it is all about the people you are working with. according to a new survey, liking coworker is the main factor in overall job satisfaction. that's coming in ahead of things like salary and benefits. meantime, some happy news if you are looking for a home. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage is falling again. we arenow just above 3.6%. that is the lowest level we have seen in 13 months and chevy trying to jolt the volt. they are giving discounts on their electric car. it is starting at $34,000. and your wallet won't be getting a break if you are going on spring break. prices for spring get aways are coststg more thth year including air fare, hotels, and restaurants. that's business, i'm david azma. the apple tch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer that apple had hoped for. apple doesn't publicly disclose
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new report from market intelligence firm, they ship about 1.4 million of them during the last three months of 2015. back july, ceo tim cook told analysts they were convinced the watch would be one of the top gifts of the holiday. the apple watch comes in three models. the cheapest, the apple watch sport, costs $349. apple had comment on the report.
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society is helping fulfill an >> i think we are going to continue to see cloud cover throughout the evening. it will start thinning out early friday morning. watch out for the chilly temperatures though. we will be around 22 degrees. so a chilly start. but don't worry. things are going to improve quickly. looking at mostly y sunny skies friday and saurday. temperatures warming up close to 50 by the end of the day diana castillo? if you are looking to adopt a rescue dog, the siouxland rescue dog has a dozen new options available. those 12 dogs had been living at a home near shanondoa in southwest iowa before being surrendered to the humane society on wednesday. their previous owner has rescued dogs and kept them many years but he is going into
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dogs to find loving homes. the 12 dogs currently available at the siouxland humane society include labs and lab mixes. and hopefully, you guy cans find it in your hearts to go out there and adopt one of those beautiful dogs. thanks for joining us this evening.
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