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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 8, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> what can we do for years? >> and now "bbc world news." >> president obama says india should have a face at the top table of world politics. >> the relationship between united states and india may be one of the defining partnerships that the 21st century. >> word of a cholera explosion in haiti as the epidemic rejects -- reaches at port-au- prince. and the end to all long stalemate in forming a government. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later for you and -- as a hardline cleric encouraging attacks on americans. we have reports from where he is hiding in yemen. and more than its weight in
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gold. how it could provide a boost to spain's struggling economy. the u.s. president barack obama has said he will support india and in its bid for permanency on the u.n. security council. the pledge has been opposed by pakistan, which has accused the two countries of playing a "power politics." we have this from delhi on the growing ties between the united states and the world's largest democracy. >> as a ceremonial welcome for barack obama at the presidential palace in delhi. at this, he says, is one of the most important relationships in the world. american power allied to and
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massive that country with an economy growing at 9% a year. and that rhetoric was translated into one firm commitment india wanted to hear, a seat at the top table. >> in the years ahead, i look forward to a reformed security council that includes india as a permanent member. >> the applause was a lengthy but followed by a warning. with power comes responsibility. speaking out against the oppression of democracy in places like burma is essential. >> if i could beat frank, india has often shied away from these issues. -- if i could be frank. i have no doubt that indians and americans will live in our more prosperous future because of the bonds we have forged today. >> the indian prime minister had a reminder of some of the
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pressures mr. obama is facing at home about jobs being outsourced to india. the prime minister was quick to put things right. >> india is not in the business of stealing jobs from the united states of america. this is truly an example of all win/win situation for both countries. >> there was also time for the president to visit the memorial to mahatma gandhi, and then described as a source of inspiration. memories of the past and a partnership now looking firmly to the future. the range ofking is issues and which washington and delhi have direct impact. afghanistan, the world economy, dealing with china. it makes a difference when they agree, and when they do not.
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chris morris, bbc news, delhi. >> after earlier attempts to woo india, david cameron is heading to china for what is being called the biggest trade delegation in living memory. he will be joined by colleagues and 50 business leaders and discuss the strained ties between the two nations. at mr. cameron will find that while western countries are still struggling to get out of the downturn, china's leaders face a different dilemma. coping with the demands of a fast-growing nation. >> it is dinner time. 200 cooks, sweating over their stoves. feeding the appetites of the hungry nation. they are moving from the provinces with dreams of doing
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better. one day, i want to have my own business. i want to be a boss and bring my family to live in beijing. back home, and the $200 a month. here, i get 1000. >> hard to believe 20 years ago few in china could afford to live out. -- to eat out. >> she works in the climate change your neck and says the growing gap between rich and poor is growing. china's leaders have much to worry about. this nation's soaring welt is written in its skyline. have a beijing is being turned into its own version of manhattan. -- half of beijing is being turned into its own version of
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manhattan. hundreds of millions are being lifted out of poverty. their lives and expectations transformed. some have gotten very rich indeed. this man has -- this woman has built many of the city's skyscrapers. doing well means growing pressure for political change, she says. >> better travel, better and flies. people want more freedom. people want to say it more say -- have more say in their lives. they want to make their own decisions. that is an expectation. >> as the feast upon roast duck , the difficult balancing act -- rich and poor expecting change
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in their lives. bbc news, beijing. >> an outbreak of cholera has now spread onion port-au-prince, although there has been no official confirmation the disease has reached the city. latest figures from the haitian government suggest 545 have died because of cholera and more than 800,000 have been treated in hospital there. >> haiti's densely-populated capital, where survivors live in tent cities alongside longstanding slums. now haitian officials are addressing suspected cases of cholera here and in the capital. outside, i met jonathan, who has cholera symptoms of watery diarrhea and vomiting. >> we lost many people in my neighborhood. about 9. >> also suffering from vomiting and diarrhea.
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she says it is filled the where she lives. people lived in such crowded conditions, the disease can spread rapidly. it is passed on by contaminated water and infected feces. many black toilets and clean water here. -- manylack -- many lack toilets and clean water here. >> the hospital is already at capacity. >> on a helicopter trip north, we saw the effects of the last hurricane. the river is thought to be contaminated by cholera. the helicopter is the only way to get into northern haiti. it is inaccessible by road still. there is cholera here, and now
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in the aftermath of the rains, there is fear that cholera can spread even more. the doctor is trying to find out how many have died from cholera. 18, it seems. cholera prevention kits are handed out. >> we have so, chlorine, water purification tablets, and other devices. >> given how hard it is to get to the remote regions of haiti, the true numbers of cholera cases may be > official numbers suggest. abc news, port-au-prince. -- bbc news. >> israel has made public plans to build more than 100,000 housing units in east jerusalem. the plans for new apartments were made public during a visit by the prime minister to the u.s. the dispute over settlements building has scuttled an effort
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to relaunch the peace talks between israel and palestinians. 10,000 fled across the border from burma to escape clashes between soldiers and ethnic rebels following the elections on sunday. boats are still being counted, -- votes are still being counted. the poll was bought -- was boycotted by the main opposition group. there were reports of irregularities. pakistan's scientist has reappeared in london. he received threats after he won the national. the cricket board will open an inquiry into the matter. the archbishop of canterbury has confirmed that five anglican bishops are to lead the church of england and convert to
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catholicism. they will join part of the roman catholic church set up by the vatican for disaffected anglicans. the men, who were jr. retired bishops, are opposed to the plans to ordained female bishops. >> pope benedict anchor the leader of the church of england, the archbishop of canterbury, when he invited anglicans to convert to catholicism. five bishops and will taken up on the offer. they oppose women serving as bishops, and they were anchored -- angered by the lack of sufficient exemptions to serve under a woman. >> to go to the roman catholic church or any other church -- that is fine. that is entirely their truest. and maybe a little pre-emptive for some people.
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we do not even know entirely the arrangement that would be made for those people, the minority, who remain in the church who are against women ordination. >> but anglicans now considering leaving their church say their concerns go further than the ordination of women. they claim the church of england has given up our range of traditional beliefs and practices that made it part of the universal church, with roman catholics. >> there are questions about whether it can claim it is part of the when holy roman catholic apostolic church. it is making universal church is that the lesser churches have not made, and are not to make. therefore, i think it has moved away from that. >> anglicans will be able to join especial faction of the roman catholic church in which they can keep some of their traditions and practices. their departure will leave the
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church of england a little bit more liberal and a little bit more protestant. bbc news. >> you are watching "bbc world news." still to come -- qantas airbus a380 are grounded after three days when it aired leaks are found in injuns. -- engines. >> here is michael bristow. >> he finally emerged from his compound, his prison for the weekend. the police left suddenly without notice or explanation. he was greeted by a handful of friends. they were in the mood to celebrate. he was more to finance. >> i think the times are already changing. now many people, especially young people are very courageous and have a lot of confidence to face this now
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withering, very outdated government system. people can freely show their smiles and have the courage to voice their own opinions. >> the activists were at the studio in shanghai. the area has been torn down as a punishment for his activism. police told him as a man he would not be allowed to enter beijing. he is a big name in china. he has an exhibition in london at the modern gallery. he is the name -- he is the man who helped create the stadium used and the olympics two years ago. now he is being given the reputation of being his government's -- one of his government's fear says critics.
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the british prime minister david cameron is allowed -- is about to arrive on in china. the artist believes world leaders have a responsibility to make sure china becomes a more civilized country. michael bristow, bbc news, beijing. >> you are watching "bbc world news." these are the stock -- these are the top stories. president obama has endorsed india's bid for a permanent place on the u.n. security council. there is growing concern among doctors and health experts that an outbreak of cholera has reached port-au-prince. >> a hardline islamic cleric thought to be hiding in yemen has encouraged attacks on americans and says "no permission is needed to kill them." anwar al-awlaki, who was born in
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the united states, delivered his message on an extremist website. jeremy bowen is where the cleric is being tried in his absence. >> it does not matter that anwar al-awlaki is not here for trial. the authorities say he is taking on al-qaeda the way the americans want. >> his response was to release and new video from wherever he is hiding. anwar al-awlaki urged his followers to kill americans. he has already inspired attacks, according to investigators. inside the court, they let in his co-defendant, on trial for in his life for killing of frenchmen and wounding another last month. they read out what they said was
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his confession, detailing how anwar al-awlaki incited him to kill a foreigner. >> are those your words, the judge asked that -- asked? >> no, he said. he claimed the confession was beaten out of him. he said the shooting happened because of a political disagreement. later, i managed to speak to them. the verdict is ready, he says. "it is of farce. they want to appease the west." he said he had 120 bullets and asked why he killed only once if al-qaeda was directing it? here, yemenis it seemed less
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anwar al-awlaki concerned-and more concerned about how the west might respond to mp3 @ there are accusations against anwar al-awlaki. they include e-mail contact with the u.s. army psychiatrist who shot dead his fellow soldiers in the u.s. last year, and the list goes on. it is possible that al-qaeda has something to do with the intent on the life of the british ambassador here on this road, on that corner down there, earlier this year. it is about more than plugging security gaps at the airport. yemenis are complaining they did not create al-qaeda, but all of them are getting the blame. their consent is needed for what ever happens next. as one western diplomat put it, and what we can just kill our way out of this crisis -- we can
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just kill our way out of this crisis. >> united states has banned printer cartridges and toner from all air-traffic. a ban on all air cargo from yemen has been expanded to include somalia. the u.s. says the measures will remain in place until screening procedures in both countries are improved. a top-level conference of iraqi leaders met today and northern iraq. its aim was to find a way out of the political deadlock which has held up the formation of a new government for more than eight months. eight months after the inconclusive elections in march. it is the first time they have on that at the same time since those elections. from baghdad, we have the story.
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>> they were all there, all the
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main players in the current struggle over who should the new government and help our should be shared. with only the president between them, the incumbent prime minister, nouri al maliki -- that is him on the left, found himself in the same room with his challenger for the first time in five months. it is the contest between now and that is at the core of the problem. one two elections,
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but mr. maliki is closer to forming a coalition government. yet >> we can build an canpendent and stable -- we build an independent unstable iraq. agrees it should be a government of national allawi once but mr. our real share of power if he is to join it and maliki government. >> we have to be partners in making strategic political decisions. ofhout the participation all iraqi political blocs, nothing was decided. parliament had to meet and use as speaker, which they cannot do unless the right of passage
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is agreed. >> at least 15 have been killed in a series of bombings across iraq. 37 were wounded. earlier 10 died in at the center of the country. the airline qantas has reported finding oil leaks in the engines of three airbus a380s. weeklane was grounded last and will remain on the ground in three days. reports. >> i do apologize. >> it turned into a mid air crisis. the jet was forced to make an emergency line with the -- landing in singapore. >> the whole fleet is still grounded. >> the focus of our investigation has narrowed to the possibility of an oil in the turbine area. however, investigations in other areas are continuing in order to rule out other potential issues. have to come to the science museum to be reminded of rolls-royce.le of
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it has a first-rate reputation in the world market. experts say it is early to assess the full implications. >> there is no doubt it is a embarrassment for rolls-royce. how much it will cost them. >> the share price tells its own story. sharply on thursday after news of the qantas emergency. today, it recovered some of the losses after rolls-royce said it made progress in understanding the causes of the engine failure. they marked the anniversary with the celebrity pilot john travolta. rolls-royce will not be coming to the party just yet. >> can as i speedy solution to economic crisis? saffron is a crucial ingredient, but it could also be a crucial ingredient to getting jobs back. ed families are growing this precious flower to boost their income. >> harvesting saffron is slow and backbreaking work. each one of these delicate flowers has to be handpicks. spiesthe most expensive in the world. it is making a comeback in the world. >> people in this area have always had a bit of land. it meant extra income for the year. of that hasl changed. the recession has left millions of spaniards unemployed. so they go back to the land. when the flowers bloom, it is all hands on deck to gather them. they have to be plucked and
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dried. just a few decades ago, 60% of thefamilies grew saffron, space that is critical for the perfect paella. >> i was about three years old when i started peeling be little roses. >> and now her children are involved, too. but the prices for the spies at an all-time high, farmers can sell their crop fourth $4,000 a kilo. the only problem -- he needs to pay tens of thousands of flowers for that. bbc news, madrid. >> more news whenever you want it at our web site -- /news. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.
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