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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 18, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> deal or no deal? ireland looks set to receive tens of billions of dollars worth agreement yet. >> we're looking at what the best options are, both for ireland and for the euro area in general, and we want to be open and constructive with that engagement. >> football's world governing body vans two officials accused of asking for money in return for world cup boats. italy declares it has captured 28 of the country's most wanted mobsters. welcome to "bbc world news" -- broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also run the globe. the islamic insurgency. we have a special report on
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north caucasus where russian reporters are fighting fears daily battles. -- fierce daily battles. hello to you. it is a sad turnabout for a country which was one of europe's fastest-growing economies, but after days of saying no, ireland looks about to say yes. the governor of the central bank said he expects the government to accept a very substantial loan worth tens of billions of dollars to support its banks. the>> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the are pressing dublin -- the eu an dimf are pressing arlen to accept help. >> demonstrators gathered outside the dublin department of finance as ireland's grip on its own financial affairs started to slip.
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before today, ireland had been saying it did not need emergency european aid, but this morning came the first sign that the irish government would accept help. >> it would be a large loan because the purpose of the amount to be advanced or to be made available to be borrowed is to show that ireland has sufficient firepower to deal with any concerns of the market. that is the purpose of it, so we are talking about a substantial loan, for sure. >> talks all day in dublin, involving officials from the european central bank, the european commission, and the international monetary fund. >> we're looking at what the best options are, both for ireland and for the euro area generally, and we want to be open and constructive with that engagement. i think the government at the end of the day will make decisions based on the outcome of discussions which are ongoing today and over the next few days. >> ireland's closest neighbor is the u.k., and the government is ready to help.
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>> our banks are very connected to the irish banks. we have an interest in not just the europezone being a success, we had an interest in ireland being a success, so i certainly did not want to rule things out. >> ireland's budget deficit is currently 32% of its gdp. ireland is expected to eventually asked for a loan of between 80 billion euros and 100 billion euros. the interest rate is expected to be around 5%, well below the current bond market rate. some believe that ireland will pay a high political price for any funding from europe. >> the idea now that you have got and will have for the next five years, 10 years, from the european union, from the imf literally looking over the shoulders of the irish bureaucrats, making decisions about taxation, about spending. i think is really deeply shameful.
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>> from the irish high street, the days of high spending are over. shops are being forced to cut prices. at this family-run business inside dublin, they have survived 40 years of ireland's economic ups and downs, but nothing quite like this. >> horrible to sink -- think that we were so high and so proud of where we were that we should be where we are at. it is simply bad government. nothing that we cannot come back from, and we will. we will be back up there again. >> if the irish economy is going to recover, it is likely to be too late for the current irish government. it only has a three-seat majority in parliament, and the expectation is that the government will fall early in the new year. its only hope of survival seems to be to get a good thing from europe, and that is why the ongoing talks are so crucial. >> a suspicious package has been
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intercepted in the luggage hall of an airport in namibia where a flight to germany was being loaded. security cameras detected batteries attached by wires to a fuse and clock, but it is not clear whether there was also explosives inside the suitcase. it was on a berlin flight to munich. germany stepped up security yesterday on intelligence that an attack on the country was being planned this month. president obama is saying he is confident he can get enough votes to push a new nuclear arms treaty with russia through the u.s. senate before the new congress convenes in january. it's make up then will be much less favorable to him. he describes the treaty as a national security impaired. just over a year after it filed for bankruptcy, general motors looks reborn today as a public company. gm is now trading again on the new york stock exchange after the biggest share sale in u.s. history. remember, a massive bailout by the u.s. and canadian government
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all but nationalized gm. two members of the fifa panel will decide where the world cup will be played in 10 -- 2018 and 2020 to have been suspended after allegations that offer to sell their votes. they will not be allowed any part in football-related activity for three years. the representative from tahiti has been suspended for a year. both denied the allegations. >> the most prestigious prize in the beautiful game, but the battle for who hosts the world cup has been tarnished in recent weeks by claims of collusion and corruption. today, fifa took strong action against two of its committee members. then from football for three years and fined over 6,000 pounds for offering his boat to undercover reporters from the "sunday times" in return for cash -- for offering his boat --
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for offering his vote. the man in charge described it as a sad episode but said despite the bidding process, it seemed to be fair. >> it is important to the future. it shows that we are the structure of the economic community, which was appointed since day one to monitor the process. >> fifa might have started to repair the damage to their reputation, but the decisions taken to they have done little to help increase chances. the two band members could well have backed england in the boat here in two months' time -- the two banned members could well have that in england in the vote here in two months' time. england's bid is now worth about the impact of an investigation by the bbc's panorama.
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england 2018 say it is unpatriotic, but the bbc says investigation fifa is in a public interest. but boosted by a positive evaluation report this week, england's hope the feel-good factor around the team they are sending to the vote will get them over the line. keeneland can win this battle for 2018, that is for sure, but even in suspending the two executive members today, there was criticism of the english media and the "sunday times" in particular. >> england 2018 have always believed they have the best bid, but the contest is also about politics and dealmaking, and having the best bid may not be enough. >> have the rolls-royce engines on airbus a-380 planes will need to be replaced -- half the rolls-royce engines. this is after an engine exploded
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in mid-air and forced an emergency grounding. greece has unveiled new spending cuts aimed at cutting its budget deficit to comply with the terms of its european union and imf bailout. 40% of savings will come from reduced spending on health and defense. sales tax will rise. state-owned enterprises will be sold off. swedish enterprises have issued an arrest warrant for the founder of wikileaks. he is wanted for questioning in connection with an allegation of rape. an earlier warrant was canceled in august. celebrity autographs have proven to be a sound investment during cash-strapped times, it seems. autographs from the rich and famous have become a valuable commodity as investors seek alternatives to cash. values have increased more than 300% in 10 years.
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the italian government is saying it has captured 28 of the country's 30 most wanted mafia criminals. police are said to be closing in on the two still at large. one reason for the success can be found in plain old rubbish. there is some flash photography coming up. >> known as the baby, the latest high ranking alleged mobster captured this week. believed by police to the financial brains behind me infamous klan. prompted the interior minister to announce the extraordinary progress being made by law enforcement in the fight against organized crime in the past two years. >> a number of mafia members arrested is 6754. 28 of whom are on the list of most dangerous criminals. we are only missing two from that list. mateo messina and the net is
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tightening around them. >> these are the two missing from that list. a leading member of the sicilian mafia, and a key figure in the naples-based camora. why are police being so successful against organized crime now? one reason is rubbish, literally. the minister revealed that police surveillance teams are using fake bin bags to plant hidden cameras and microphones to record mob members talking to each other. >> tricks of the trade like that are part of a much wider program of police activity. the italian government has made the fight against the various forms of the mafia a priority. no one here is saying that organized crime has been defeated, but it is now under
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the same pressure. >> stay with us if you can. still to come for you, astronomers believe they have discovered a planet that comes from outside our galaxy, lured by the pull of the milky way. first, the number of migrant workers coming into britain from outside europe should be increased by up to 25% next year. it is warning the british government if it wants to meet new immigration targets, the number of students from outside europe and people who come here for family reasons will also have to be cut substantially. >> today's report from the migration advisory committee is just about migrant workers from outside the european economic area. specifically, those called tier 1 workers, who have specialist skills, and tier two workers, those with specific job offers. suggests cutting the total from
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around 50,000 to between 37,000and 43,000. for that, only a small percentage of the 293,000 non- european migrants who came to live in the u.k. last year. >> it is important that work makes its contribution to this, but it cannot be done by reducing the work in flow long. it has also got to be students and family. >> but none of these choices are easy. for instance in particular brink value funding to universities and colleges, and in big companies and academic institutions have been lobbying hard to be able to recruit the most talented individuals wherever they are. >> the home office says it will give its response soon and insists limits can be introduced that will not damage the british economy. the ministers except that bringing down net migration will
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not be easy. >> briefly, billionaire entrepreneur donald trump says he is thinking seriously about running for president in the u.s.. he says he has no choice because other countries are ripping off the united states. he made his money in properties. he stars on the reality show open " the apprentice." latest headlines for you this our -- the eu and imf pressing dublin to accept financial help. there are fears that uncertainty would damage other rocky european economies. the country could accept a loan worth tens of billions of dollars. the governing body of fifa has suspended two committee members in connection with corruption allegations. our senior russian official has told the bbc infamous terrorists with links to al qaeda are trying to tear the whole of the north caucasus away from russia. the president of russia's most
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restless republics said insurgents want to turn the whole region into an islamic state. our moscow correspondent sent this report. >> it is the new front line in russia's war on terror. security forces are battling islamic militants across pakistan, fighting operations. the insurgents hit back with suicide bomb attacks and targeted killings. >> the name of the extremists is
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to tear the caucuses away from russia. many of them have been to taliban training camps. they have links to al qaeda. they want to turn the whole region into an islamic state, but we will defeat them. >> russia feels most at risk in the mountains. villages like this one are viewed of islamic fundamentalism. it was a rebel from this village thought to have organized the suicide bomb attacks on the metro this year. people here say that they were persecuted. this man's son was killed by security forces. they said he had been caught helping insurgents and was shot, but he claims his son was tortured to death. >> what the authorities want us to do is to turn our backs on fundamentalist islam. then they will leave us in peace. but we are not going to. >> what is happening here is happening across the north caucasus. radical islam is spreading. from the mountains to the cities. the result is a religious war against russia. in the largest mosque, the imams preach tolerance.
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the message has not brought peace, and that is because it is not only religion that is feeding the conflict. this police captain agreed to tell me what he thinks is behind the violence. fearing reprisals, he asked for his identity to be concealed. >> the authorities do not lead people any choice but to fight. there are no decent jobs around. there is corruption everywhere. there is no independent court system. armed confrontation is the only way people can defend their rights. >> moscow claims outside forces for war in the mountains, but russia has its own problems to solve if there is to be peace in the caucasus. >> astronomers believe they have detected the first planet originating outside our galaxy, the milky way. the planet and its star, they say, once belonged to a separate
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galaxy devoured by the milky way several billion years ago. details have been published in the "journal of science." >> far far away in the remnants of a forgotten galaxy like a star and perhaps a planet. these artists impressions show what the solar system may look like -- a jupiter-like sphere orbiting a dying sun. the plant was detected using this telescope in chile, one that nearly 500 astronomers claim to have detected beyond earth's solar system, but this one is different. calculations are right, it is the first that can be labeled truly extragalactic as both plant and starr are once thought to have belonged to a separate galaxy that was gobbled up by our own galaxy billions of years ago in an act of intergalactic cannibalism. >> the nice thing about this discovery is this was once now
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not in our galaxy, and now there is every reason to believe that planets are quite widespread throughout the universe, not just in our own galaxy but in the thousands of millions of others. >> it is not just the exotic origins of this new planet which are getting scientists excited. the new find offers a radical -- rather grim glimpse of things to come here for now, the planet seems to have survived a rather rapid expansion of its star into what is called a red giant, but other planets like ours may have been consumed in a fireball. several billion years from now, a similar fate may await our own solar system. >> seems london's westminster abbey could well be the venue for the wedding of prince william and kate milton. she was photographed coming out with a group of rock courtier's last night. -- the wedding of prince william
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and treat -- and kate middleton. >> a day of his rather than hard information. the prime minister said it would be a great to teach and to have a bank holiday to mark the wedding, and the bride herself was seen here at westminster abbey. i should tell you that there is flash photography in this report. it is not conclusive, but it certainly seems to be pretty close. kate middleton emerging from a side door of westminster abbey, having been shown around by officials. if it is to be the abbey, and we should know for certain tomorrow, then it will be a choice in keeping with centuries of royal tradition. the church of kings is where coronations have taken place, where many royal weddings have taken place, where many royal funerals have taken place. many kings and queens are buried there. many national figures are buried there, and it is entirely
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appropriate that the marriage of the eventual end to the throne should take place in such a splendid throne. >> westminster abbey was, of course, where the funeral took place of williams' mother. he was then a 15-year-old boy grieving alongside his younger brother harry. yet, william has returned to westminster abbey on a number of occasions since. he was their most recently a few weeks ago at a service to mark the seventh anniversary of the battle of britain. he wore his ref uniform, which presumably he will wear for his wedding. then, the trickier question of finding a convenient date. march has been tipped, and certainly for the queen, the month is relatively clear, but there is the possibility of an historic state visit to ireland. april is also fairly clear, but on the 21st of april, is the queen's 25th birthday, and easter falls on the 22nd to the 25th of april. may is also a possibility, and
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dates will be being looked at the end, but from june, the royal diary looks crowded. on june 10, prince philip celebrates his 90th birthday. june 11 is dripping with color, and from the 14th to the 18th of june, the queen entertains at windsor. then, on the 21st of june, each is william -- it is william's 29th birthday. it all seems to point to a wedding date sooner rather than later. that leads to the big issue of who will foot the bill. security will fall to the police and military, but in all probability, most of the other significant costs will be covered privately either by the prince of wales or the queen. >> one of the things that may have influenced them in favor of westminster abbey, if that is their choice, is that despite its size, when you get in the choir area right in front of the high altar, it is a surprisingly small and intimate space. anyway, we will know for sure about the where and when with
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luck tomorrow. >> my diary seems to be clear, currently. do not know about yours. ec a window, let us know. it is a musical feat matched only by the beatles and the monkeys. susan boyle has joined their ranks, being the first british woman to top the british and american album charts for the second time. ♪ ♪ a perfect day >> it has been an extraordinary year. >> ♪ then later, when it gets dark ♪ >> 10 million albums sold, and within 10 months, a second number one album on both sides of the atlantic. >> the last 18 months have been absolutely fantastic. >> but her home is still, for
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the time being, the same little house she lived in when she auditioned for "bridge and -- "britain's got talent." >> is pretty amazing. i have had a bit of help from other people. >> while the sales are not quite as fast as they were for the first, it has rather confounding those who thought the she would be just a seven- day music wonder. >> a year ago, they thought she was a one-hit wonder, huge amounts of exposure, but to get another number one on both sides of the atlantic is truly amazing. >> indeed. her record label says the only other british act to have done this is the beatles. one of the original judge is feels there is more to her than just a hard moving story.
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>> we are talking about someone who is genuinely now a world- class commercial selling artist, and that is what people thought she would not be. susan is a genuinely brilliant singer. >> music, though, is a fickle business, but for those are around her in blackburn, nothing can take away what she has already achieved. >> she has been an inspiration to a lot of people. i think a lot of people around here knew she was talented, but never thought it would become a spectacle. >> indeed, no one could have predicted this, least of all susan boyle. >> you will find much more on that and all the international news anytime you want it, online ad you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. you can see what's coming up on our facebook page.
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