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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 3, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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university student for hours on a bus were charged and if convicted they may face the death penalty. the 23 year old woman died last week. it has sparked a debate in india. >> protests go on on the rape that has shocked india. lawyers set up to handle the case get their first trial. none are prepared to defend the five men charged with murdering and raping the student. >> it is heinous and in respect to the girl victim and as a message that we want to send to society, we want our society to be safe and such criminals will not get representation.
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>> no one is at home at the shack where the bus driver was living. the juvenile suspect al ledgedly caused the worst violence. the neighborhood under a cloud of shame. they say attitudes to women need to change. >> the problem sis with men, says this woman. and their bad intentions. after boarding the bus, the medical student was raped for an hour and died of her injuries. it sparked days or protests -- and being out of touch with changing attitudes. >> the horror of this crime is incomprehensible. but it has highlighted a
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growing cultural clash between those who want more equality and those who want to keep them in place. >> those wanting more equality say there is a long way to go. >> we are trying our best to change the human mind. >> the first test is the trial for the gang rape. they say several politicians accused of rape should be brought to trial. >> for more, i spoke with the author of "my two indias." thank you for joining us again. how prevalent is sexual violence against women? >> it is quite prevalent. it depends on how you define it. a woman is raped every 20 minutes in india.
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at least 75% of women in one survey had been victims of sexual harrassment. it could be inappropriate touch on a bus or subway. >> in her daily life a woman may face this? >> there is the issue of rape, the brutal attack that sparked the outrage but what propels people into the streets is the everyday life of a woman in india -- it is unfair, unjust as you conduct your daily life. >> that suggest changing -- making sure that what happened doesn't happen again isn't about laws but the culture of the country. where does that come from? >> there have been a lot of
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proposals floating around as a result of the attack. chemical castration, the dat eath penalty faces the five men -- but you are right. it will be an attutditude change that is sought here. that is going to -- come with time. india is a society that seems vast modernization in a short amount of time as women make strides in the workplace as the reporting of sexual assault increases. what has not met them halfway is society willing to accept their advancement and as equals. >> could this case spark a sea change in the country, as we see senior political leaders carry
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on and say this is not acceptable. >> they are responding to this in the lens of rape and sexual assault and see the judicial system as part of the problem, and some of the corrupt injustice -- there will need to be broader admission but the conversations happening across indian families now, how mothers should raise their sons and the roles women should be playing and the freedom to be out at night -- that is a conversation, no matter how man ngo's work on this, the protests this case has drawn -- that is the conversation india needs to have. >> thank you. >> a quick look at other news.
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in syria, dozens are feared dead after a car bomb exploded at a petro station in damascus. this was in the bazar district with sunni muslims and other ethnic minoriteis. the owners of a drilling rig that sank in 2010 have reached a settlement with the u.s. justice department. transocean will pay to resolve their holpart of the deepwater horizon disaster. john boehner has been elected speaker of the house for the next two years. it was 24 hours after he drew
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criticism over his actions to resolve the fiscial clif. uni nazir was killed in pakistan -- he is one of the leaders accused of sending fighters into afghanistan but was seen as a friend in the pakistani state. for more on the use of drones, we have -- from the south asian council. how important a figure was this man? >> it is a huge, symbolic act. he has been replaced by someone else. the key message is the u.s. will follow and take out people crossing the border. if he was a friend to pakistan or if they were allowing him
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to operate because he wasn't attacking pakistan is a different matter. but his people along with similar groups were on the fringes, harboring elements that continue to attack the pakistani state. >> we have seen criticism of the u.s. drone policy -- would you expect more of that? a> in recent months there is heightened cooperation and visits from the head of inter- services and i believe they may well have understanding on the type of targeting that is permissable if the u.s. helps pakistan with the pakistani taliban, then perhaps the u.s. can get away with its own
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targeting list. >> this strike raises two issues. there are questions about the legality of u.s. jone strikes -- drone strikes on pakistan and the ambivalent idea that there are good taliban and less good. ardo you think those issues will come up again? >> on legal issues it is ambiguous. the pakistan government says they don't want drone strikes but if it works out at a practical level they may accept them if there is joint targeting. >> this has happened before. and the u.s. has gone back to not acknowledging they are operating the drones. that is what they have re-
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introduced. and the question of good and bad taliban, if there is a chaotic civil war in afghanistan after the transition of coalition forces it will be bad for afghanistan but a disaster for pakistan. >> a man described as an al- qaeda operative in great britain was sent to the u.s. nazir was accused of planning to set off bombs in manchester but the fbi believes he is part of a planned attack on the u.s. subway system. >> police move in on a group planning to attack within days, knocking down the doors of an internet cafe in manchester.
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after this operation in 2009 noone was charged despite retailed -- detailed searches. nazir, who was extradicted to the u.s. today was one of those arrested. >> threre was compelling evidence about him -- but not to be used in court. he could not be sent to pakistan on fears he would be torture.d d. >> he was collected to as econd cell, and he was plotting to blow up the subway. they talked about a forthcoming wedding when discussing the attack. ahbead nazir was using the same words when discussing his plot
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and is part of the same network. the former reviewer believes the u.s. can make a case where britain can't. >> the level of cooperation is high but i expect that in this case the americans have high- quality intelligence that can be translated to court trial. >> he now faces charges of providing material support to a orist cell for an attack on british soil. >> tax rates -- after this week, you'd be forgiven to think we'd heard enough. depardieu wasard granted leadership in russia
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after leaving france over a tax on millionares. he says he is delighted. >> it was when vladimir putin burst into song that his friendship with the french actor became apparent. ♪ on blueberry hill ♪ >> gerard depardieu was applauding and now is -- noone thought the star of "green card" would get russian leadership. depardieu fell out wit hthe french government on high tax rates, threatening to move to georgia and montenegro and he
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produced this response from putin last month. >> he considers himself french and loves his country and his culture. i am sure he is going through hard times and i hope the yare y are over soon. >> the kremlin has signed a decree granding depardieu russian citizenship. >> he likes his drinking. it is the russian way. he's a normal guy. let him come here. it is a rebuke to the french. >> to qualify for the 13% tax rate he will have to live there six months a year or just accept the citizenship and move to belgium. leavingrd depardieu --
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france. still to come on tonight's program, cattle rustling takes a twist, a bernie madoff with boots. >> three people were killed and two injured in a shooting in a swiss village. the gunman ahd a history of mental illness. >> a small alpine village whose usual peace was transformed into violence when the gunman fired at least 20 bullets, first from his apartment and out on the street. police were called by witnesses who reported shooting and people lying on the ground. >> three people died. three women, age 32, 54 and 79. -- and one of thee
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killed was married to one of those injured. >> ambulances could not get to the scene as the shooting continued. swiss police fired back and injured him. he is now under arrest in hospital. it is said he knew the victims nad haand had retrieved psychiac treatment in the past. the guns he used on wednesday, rifle and swift hunting rifle, were not registered. it raises questions about swiss gun law. voters denied stronger laws
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years ago but both gun related suicide and domestic violence with guns is high in comparison to neighborhing countries. >> cattle-rustling sounds like a story from a cowboy movie but in today's american west, it is not fiction. cattle theft has increased since the financial problems and the rustlers are getting increasingly sophisticated. >> in the heart of texas cattle country, the weekly rituals of the sale barn. ranchers and feed lot owners eye the animals at the heart of the
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most important industry. a single cow can raise $15,000, an attractive prospect. in recent years, the number of stolen cows has risen, $4 million last year alone. marvin wills is trying to stop it. they have to be quick to keep up with today's rustlers. >> they ran them on horseback and took them wehre they needed to. there are cattle here that can be at the sale barn in paris, which is 300 miles away. >> out among the pens, the market inspector calls him marvin's eyes and ears, watching for a stolen animal,
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recording everything for his database. >> if someone brands over another brand, and on the ears, if they cut the ear off, like cut it off, they get rid of the notches, so it is gone and you can't prove anything. two red flags there. >> cattle-rustling is as much a part of the texas landscape as little towns like this. they have created perfect conditions as the drought raises the price of cows and more people turn to crime. northe largest brokerage in of austin saw $750,000 of cows stoen in a series of fraudulent
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transactions. >> he was bernie madoff with boots, doing what bernie madoff would do in his ponzi scheme. he never got caught. >> they take a dim view -- sentencing them to 20 years, and another got 99 years. the code of the west still counts for something. if you break it, the rangers come after you. >> 99 years for cattle rustling. serious sentence for the bernie madoff -- >> provocative -- from "pulp fiction" to "inglourious basterds," he has spent 20 years enteraining audiences.
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our arts editor sat down recently with quentin tarantino. >> what's your name? >> django. >> and you're the one i'm looking for. >> "django unchained," the new film by tarantino about slavery in the south, told like a spaghetti western. >> i am a big fan of the director of the original "django" and his west is the most violent, brutal, and surreal west and no character is guaranteed safe passage and when i thought of the closest equivalent of that west that he pre sented, i thought, being aslave a slave in the antebellum south.
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>> in my world you have to ge t dirty. >> violence is a key subject of your work. >> it's the genres i work in. i have no moral problems. there are two types of violence in the film. dere's -- the violence that epicts what could happen to slaves, and that is ugly. and hard to watch. but then there's the cathartic violence. and it is surreal and big and operatic. >> so many movies are about the small guy taking on the big guy. is that how you see yourself in
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the world? >> maybe i felt that way at the very beginning but i'm not fighting with anybody. i have it lucky. i'm a lucky artist to do what i'm able to do and have people me but tput ust put up with work with me. >> tarantino is not universally popular, as some find the violence abhorrent. not the director, as anyone would --g this >> i want to see "django unchained" but may not handle the violence. if you'd like to reach me on the bbc team, find us on twitter. thank you for watching.
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