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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 4, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news america." world news"bbc america" i am david willis. egypt swears in a new interim president. >> the generals and the new president need to come up with results quickly. political honeymoons here are short. >> a mandela family feud plays out in public. his grandson is forced to return the remains of his three children to the original resting place. fire up the grill, it is in the u.s. day
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no celebration is complete without a few choice foods. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. fullast 24 hours has been of historic and dramatic scenes in egypt following president morsi's ouster by the military. the top judge has been sworn in as the temporary leader. it comes as the military launched a crackdown against the muslim brotherhood. >> they put on an air show as after thent down first full day of military control.
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it was a celebration of a takeover that went so smoothly that some egyptians believe the generals must have started working on the details not long after the ousted president took office a year ago. there was another display in the morning, just in place anyone did not know who was in charge now. it was timed to coincide with the public revival of an old alliance. the security forces ringed the constitutional court for the swearing-in in of the new interim president. he was picked to be the interim president by the generals, presumably because he will be quantitive. the court was the muslim brotherhood's most obstructive enemy. last year, he scrapped a law which stop former members of the mubarak regime from standing elections. and putting an
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ally into the presidency might be the easy bit for the egyptian army. they have an even worse inheritance from the one that made president morsi's job so hard. egyptians are impatient for better lives. top priorities are keeping the peace and the economy. the generals and the new president need to come up with results quickly. a honeymoons here are short. >> many egyptians to support democracy will not call what has happened a military coup even though soldiers took power from elected president. they include egypt lost most internationally recognized leader. >> they know they have been called by the people to avert civil war. it is a painful measure. nobody wants it done. his owni undermined legitimacy by the client
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himself a few months ago as the pharaoh. this is not a democratic process. >> there is no point of having a election and if you want change, you go to the streets. >> yes, but you have to make some changes to avoid what is happening into somalia. >> accost cairo, dozens of muslim brothers have been detained. 36 of them, including the former president, have been giving travel bans. a spokesman cap is language conciliatory. >> we knowledge that we have made mistakes. theknow the economy and mubarak regime. everybody knows the story. that when you're is not enough to repair everything. >> among the lines of the morsi supporters, there is much more public anger and impatience.
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>> they are constraining us. the people, they have a lot of energy, they are against what happened, we are against this, we excepted democracy. to egypt exists now. one is made up of the supporters of the former president. the other is interior square and all of the egyptians who believe that their country and their revolution has another chance. someone needs to bridge the gap between them or egypt will not be able to solve its anonymous problems. >> president obama says else egypt returns to democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible.
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of all sidesmands in the heavily polarized country will be no easy task. james robbins reports now on the road ahead. who won theno doubt contest on cairo streets. anti-morsive the protesters exactly what they wanted. he is gone. drifty after, as people back to something like routine, how does egypt recover? how do they have a stable democracy after the failure of the first experiment? >> what now needs to happen, what we need to have happen now in egypt is for democracy to flourish and forge a new democratic transition to take place and all parties need to be involved in that. that is what we will be saying very clearly to the egyptians. >> what does it look like now? the timetable is vague.
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the return to democracy and free elections are the destination. for now, there is an interim administration acting as caretakers and there will be a national reconciliation committee. drawing up a new constitution will be the most challenging task. will they try to prohibit the establishment of an islamic state? that will raise questions about the military strategy. will the army take a backseat? if they'd -- they risk alienating all of those who support the muslim brotherhood. lex president morsi is legitimate elected democratic residence in the country. they will resist this kind of coup. >> egypt's top general is promising not to exclude anyone or any movement from egyptian politics.
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the army's political dominance does pose a dilemma for its principal paymaster, the u.s.. president obama is deeply concerned. you will not use though word coup. this might signal the ending to the countries support for the military. egypt is in training a dangerous time in his search for democracy. so far, it has proved impossible to unite the vast majority of the people behind a vision they can share. intor more on the scene rear square tonight i spoke a short time ago with the bbc middle east editor. the tumultuous scenes yesterday, what is the scene there tonight? what still very busy. not quite as dessert and hectic as it has been. .eople are slightly tired now
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this side of egypt is celebrated, happy. ,here is the other egypt supporters of the muslim brotherhood, supporters of , that believei that they're legally legitimate elected leader has been kicked out unceremoniously. at the moment, he is in detention along with dozens of other high muslim brotherhood officials. warrants have been issued for hundreds of members of the muslim brotherhood. what is likely to be the mood
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for the next few days president morsi's supporters? >> well, they are very unhappy about what has happened. some of them are impatient. one young man said that he will be constrained. we have a lot of energy, we need to use it. the muslim brotherhood is a conservative organization. they tend to take the long view. however, there are young guys on would like who something a little bit more urgent. they may well decide to take matters into their own hands. when you force them, they say they are worried about being attacked themselves.
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>> thank you for joining us. for more on where the political process in egypt goes from here, i spoke a short time ago with a senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council on foreign relations. he joined us from new york. you were among those that said that the president should be given more time. what worries you most about the events that are now laying themselves out in egypt? >> i think the president should have been given more time. the most worrying factor is the complete breakdown of the process of holding institutions. what was built over the last year during the revolution, however flawed the constitution. this was recently notified. and the presidency itself. an important building block towards a more
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democratically viable egypt. that is the difficulty there is a nation divided between the muslim brotherhood and their supporters and the broadly secular organizations. this was not the case in egypt two years ago. this is a real cause for concern looking ahead to the short to medium-term. >> you you have said that president morsi has failed ordinary people. in many cases, they have gotten worse. given that situation, should he have been allowed to cling on? best ofs not the presidents, but his argument would be that he had the judiciary, the media, the military stacked against him and of course a divided opposition.
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this would be along the lines of reforms that he had promised before he came into power. why the a reason egyptians elected a four-year term presidency. at least two and a half years. it is up to him as elected president to resign. this is supposed to be a democracy. i think those institutional imbalances are at the core of the kind of chaos that we will see unfold in egypt. >> what if the muslim brotherhood is not participate in the new political system? >> that is an excellent question.
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this is a vengeful grumpy response the day after their man was ousted from power. they are all about trying to take militar political power. they will participate, is a question of time. conditions are right, they will participate. are the largest political force in the country. it is only right that they participate. i suppose they will say that they will not want to impose any conditions. whatever the requirements are, whatever the outcome is, there will be a situation in which they will participate and they should. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> in south africa, the bodies of three of nelson mandela's
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inldren have been reburied their original grapes in the village where the former president corrupt. earlier this week, a court ordered the remains to be exhumed and returned to the village after they removed by mr. mandela's grandson. >> three of nelson mandela's children were reburied here today, rock back to the cemetery where the president will one day be laid to rest. this prompted other relatives to go to court. today, the grandson had
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condemned his relatives for challenging his authority. , they decided to jump on the mandela wagon. >> well-wishers outside of his hospital today. the infighting has reached hereto. relatives are trying to find documents that he is in a vegetative state. that is not true. >> he has a two into his lungs so cannot speak. but, he is moving his mouth, he is trying to speak. that he wastisfied responsive to what i was saying. wasoday, nelson mandela sounding upbeat. he isetimes,
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uncomfortable. but, he is fine. the best gift which he has given to this nation again is the gift of unity. >> that unity may not extend to nelson mandela's relatives but there is say strong desire to focus on his achievement and on his legacy, not on the squabbles of his relatives. tonight, i'm another candlelight vigil for the man in everyone's thoughts. >> you are watching "bbc world news america", still to come -- point and click. the computer mouse has changed our lives. we remember the man who made it all so easy.
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british police say they have a new evidence in the madeleine mccann case. they have opened a formal investigation into her disappearance. she disappeared and portugal in 2007. sarah campbell reports. >> is now six years since his little girl became the focus of the world's media. shewas nearly four when disappeared from the families ground-floor apartment in the days -- since she disappeared from the families ground-floor apartment. , thee days that followed parents remain suspects. by 2011, there was still no progress. it was at that point that the home office announced that the offices from the met police .ould do their own review
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they would identify a number of people of interest from the countries included the uk. >> those 38 people from a number of european countries. obviously, the inquiries that we undertake will understand what role if any they played in madeleine's disappearance. over the last two years, the review has told me is that there is no clear definitive proof that madeleine mccann is dead. from the family says that they warmly welcome the shift from review to investigation. hopefully this will bring whoever is responsible for the reduction to justice. for her parents, the priority has been keeping their daughter alive in the public consciousness from the little girl she was to the 10-year-old whose appearance they can only -- whose disappearance they can only guess at now. the metropolitan police say
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they are completely committed to finding out what happened to her. >> it is an invention that we clicked almost every single day. we are talking about the computer mouse. died at its inventor the age of 88. his ambition was to change the world through computers. >> you are about to see a few use the most advanced computer in the world. if you as an intellectual worker. >> he had invented 20 years
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before. >> it moves the mouse. i don't know why we call it. .> he made no money off of it in the 60s, computers look like this. it was not until they shrank a bit that they became popular. the concept of point and click has stayed the same. >> this allows the personal computer to go to the mainstream. the forehand, you had to type in complicated commands. with the mouse, you can just , moveat you want to see the pointer over and click on it. >> more than a billion one have been produced. his digital rodent lives on. it is independence day here
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in the united states and this fourth of july is a special one for lady liberty. the iconic statue reopened should the public today more than eight months after flooding during superstorm sandy force it to close. people are firing up their grills and we are taking a look at three of the foods that are essential to the fourth of july. fourth of july and hothousands of backyards, dogs sizzle on the grill. the hotdog is distinctly an american invention, loved by the masses. this began as a coney island food stand. he sold hotdogs based on a recipe invented by his wife.
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he would sell it with a critical cut french fry or sold it in the hamptons stuff with lobster and 10 times the amount. the culinary equalizer that brings satisfaction and nostalgia to the richest and poorest residents of new york city. >> corn on the cob is summer food and summer only. >> it might be the ultimate summer food. it is inextricably connected to picnics. fourth of july cookout. and mid-july street festivals. koran in all of its forms is part of the american identity. used for cornstarch, it
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is used by the truckload and used in every movie, it is eaten right off of the cob. it is one of the only foods that i was encouraged to meet with my hands. >> let's consider what makes ice cream so leasing. it is creamy, it has lots of sugar and fat. sometimes it has crunchy things sometimes it is smooth. on a hot day, it is delightfully cold. i'm a cold day, it me of summer. it comes in an overwhelming variety of flavors. and wethe sweetness don't have to be taught to be like it. summer is sweet without or with a scoop of ice cream. scream, we all scream for ice cream.
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, a very happyat fourth of july from all of us here at world is america. thank you for watching and please tune in again tomorrow. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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