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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 25, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." welcome. in turkey's minister one has announced a major government reshuffle. the resignation of three ministers earlier on wednesday after a probe into corruption. here are the details. >> it is a corruption scandal that is shaking the very core of the turkish state. economy, theof the interior minister, and the environment minister all had to resign. the charge, that they along with their sons have been involved in high-level fraud involving illicit money transfers to neighboring iran and bribes
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for construction projects. they debt -- they have done nothing wrong they insist. in a news interview on turkish television, he blamed her to want -- he blamed the prime history himself. if he should resign, so should the prime minister. it would be good for the country, he argues. not so says the man who has been prime minister for over a decade. we are facing an attack against the kurdish people and the turkish public. -- the turkish people and the turkish public. this is an obvious conspiracy. conspiracy or not, the government had been totally unaware of the police investigation into the alleged thieves. last week, dozens were arrested, including the sons of the admin -- of the ministers who resigned today. $1 million was found inside of
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their homes. another $4 million was found in possession of the ceo of the state run houck bank. resentment toward the government is still fresh from the huge protests that gripped istanbul last may. with local elections due in three months, this latest scandal could be the latest threat to the prime minister's government yet. >> what exactly has happened? bring us up to date. >> we have had some major developments in turkey. three ministers earlier today resigned. government has gone for a complete reshuffle, changing about 10 ministerial additions.
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when one minister resigns, instead of just presenting, he alleged that the prime minister was aware of what was going on and should be stepping down as well. >> what are these resignations all about? >> one thing that is at the core, these three ministers are alleged to be at the core of this corruption scandal that has now gripped turkey. a couple of days ago, some money was found in the homes of these ministers. they were arrested, along with the businessmen and the chief of a major bank. and there were allegations that if they were aware of what was going on, they should be shipping down as well. -- stepping down as well. there have been protests asking for their resignations. >> what is the prime minister going to do next e -- going to do next?
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forhe pressure is mounting his resignation. the opposition wants some answers. i think there will be a wait and see. that is the only answer that we can come up with. several other appointments. and the eur minister minister have an replaced -- have been replaced. some interesting appointments there. >> thank you very much. more on that to come. more than 30 have been killed and 50 injured in christmas day bomber tax in two christian areas of baghdad. the first bomb went off in a christian district. the minutes later, a device in a parked car exploded outside a church in the middle of
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christmas mass. >> a christmas day marred by violence in baghdad. -- it became aht stronghold for al qaeda. an organization that they can't -- that considers christians infidels. christians had to flee their homes and desert their churches. things seem to have improved since then, as some of them have begun to return. but they are still targeted. morning, christmas day in baghdad, where there have been christians since the first century, a church was bombed. arestians in that region massacred and attacked, driven in whiche from an area their presence has always been , richly contributing,
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and faithful. and in other areas of baghdad, christians celebrate christmas. some were optimistic, but anxiety was not far away. before the u.s. invasion of 2003, there were more than one million questions living in a rack. but since saddam hussein was toppled, that member has have, because -- has been cut in half, because many have left the country. christians have lived here for centuries. they are not part of the sunni- shiite conflict over power, but they have found themselves victims of attacks by sunni extremists, like those about qaeda, and subject of intimidation by militias. it has been too much for them. x egypt's former president -- >> egypt's former president mohamed morsi is now considered to be a member of a terrorist group.
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is the latest from the interim government following an attack on tuesday that killed 16. here is news from cairo. is what the egyptian cabinet statement said. yesterday,massacre which left 16 dead and more than they will declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. the cause for this action has egyptiansgated among of all classes and sex for maybe two months ever since the office that was in support of the hominid morsi. it is no wonder that egyptians of this decision was a lot relief that could be sensed at once on social media, especially twitter. antigovernment demonstrators in the ukraine held a rally to protest against an attack on an
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opposition journalist. he was left in a ditch with a broken nose, concussion, and bruising. we should warn you, you might time of -- you might find some of the pictures in this report distressing. >> a beaten and bloodied face at the hands of unknown attackers. this is tatiana after she was found by police in her car in a ditch. reports say she's suffered a broken nose, concussion, and severe bruising. this unverified footage from a dashboard camera mounted in her car shows an altercation with another vehicle that lasts for several minutes. the 34-year-old told police she was run off the road, forced out of her vehicle, and hit by a group of men. activists gathered outside the interior ministry to denounce the attack. the assault took place after she published an article revealing information about top government officials.
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taking into account high- profile investigations touch and had carried out, and her recent high-profile publications, i would say with certainty this cool criminal act was not an accident. urgedaine's president has police to find those responsible for the attack. he has been involved in antigovernment protests that defied the country. and those who back a free-trade deal with the european union. delivering the first christmas address as pontiff from the balcony of the basilica. thousands other to hear him talk about conflicts and natural disasters around the world. he paid particular attention to the humanitarian effort in syria. from the vatican, here is a report. >> pope francis paused for a moment. this would be his third christmas day address -- first
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christmas day address. he seemed to want a chance to take in the moment, to absorb the sea of people that had filled st. peter's square. sweep -- ton to speak, he focused his attention on the world's war zones. he recalled the suffering in sea ruffled -- in syria. >> many lives have been shattered in recent times by the conflict in syria, fueling hatred and vengeance. let's continue to ask the lord to spare the beloved syrian people for their suffering. and to enable the parties in conflict to put an end to all violence. gain access to humanitarian aid. >> the pope talked about violence in several parts of africa and he highlighted the troubles of two countries that
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are in the news this christmas for the worst of reasons. >> ring piece to the central african republic, often forgotten and overlooked. you also want to bring peace to that land, torn apart by a spiral of violence and poverty. homeless,ople are lacking water, food, and the bare necessities of life. foster social harmony in south sudan, where current temp kitchens -- current tensions numerousady caused conflicts and has threatened peaceful existence in that young state.
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heard the pope speak to issues away from the war zone, concern for women suffering domestic violence, and for migrants who make dangerous journeys in search of new lives. he called on believers and nonbelievers to unite in the cause of peace and the achievement of a better world. >> one christian community that affected and in particularly difficult years, and saw the bloodiest attack against the menik had -- the country's history. -- against them in the country's history. it will be a traumatic christmas for so many here. was goingago, it shopping with their children ahead of the festivities. this year, they visited their graves.
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they were among those killed in the bloodiest attack on christians in pakistan's history. at their home, they show the notes the nine-year-old daughter had written and left around her room just a night before she died. here are the trophies won by his 11-year-old son. >> we had so many dreams for him. he wanted to be a pilot. he was so intelligent. we had so many hopes. >> now his picture adorns the side of the church where he was killed. together with the faces of all the others, just because their faith they lost their lives here. you can still very clearly
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see the marks of the ball from the explosion. this was around the time just after sunday service that two suicide bombers blew themselves up, one right here where 80 people were killed. attack so shocking it led to condemnation from all over pakistan. visiting now to pay his respect is a former ship of rochester. he grew up in past 10 -- in pakistan. he considers the attacks on churches not just here, but in a rack, egypt, and serious, too. isolateds not an attack. this is why i say this is systemic. we are facing a false ideology that is going to ruin this nation and many others.
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still churches here are trying to pull together in the face of the extremist threat. but this year in pakistan, the services are taking place behind barricades and barb wire. fears for the future loom large. >> stay with us. still to come -- not here family is this christmas. the arrival of the baby gives everyone a chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. prince georgef gives the nation new hope for the future. >> lots of people matter here.
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the population is young and growing rapidly. >> once one of europe's growing cities. >> stockholm is my city. >> rangoon is my city. >> hello there. you are watching bbc world news. the turkish prime minister carried out a major reshuffle of
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his government after three of his ministers stepped down in connection with an investigation overcorrection. killed ine have been bomb attacks targeting christians in baghdad. here in the u k, queen elizabeth talks about the birth of her grandson, prince george in her traditional christmas day broadcast. she says the arrival of the baby gives people a chance to think about the future with renewed hope. she also talked about the 60th anniversary of her coronation and urged everyone to pause and reflect on their own service and duty. >> morning service at sandringham church and pretty much everyone was there, with one exception. left ineorge had been his nursery. more interested, his parents told the crowds, in the wrapping paper than the present. at five months, who can blame him?
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in her christmas day broadcast, recorded a couple of days ago in buckingham palace, the queen says it is a time to take stock. >> we all need to get the balance right between action and reflection. back across 60s years. >> i myself have cause to reflect this year. on my ownster abbey pledge of service made at that great church on coronation day 60 years earlier. ask all of this i promise to do. -- >> all of this i promise to do. but after reflecting on the past and the many changes that have occurred since she came to the throne, a nudge toward the future. shown charles was deputizing for the queen at the commonwealth summit. and then the new third in line to the throne. >> here at home, i own family is a little bigger this christmas.
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the arrival of the baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope after the christening. we gathered for the traditional photograph. >> this is video footage, which has not been seen before. it is significant because it shows three future monarchs. >> it is a happy occasion. bringing together for generations. when13 has been the year there was an almost imperceptible transition from the queen to her kiss -- to her successors has become visible. it is a transition that will continue very slowly in 2014. >> it is not just the queen knew has been delivering a christmas message today. edward snowden has been in the news all year for leaks of covert surveillance i -- of covert surveillance.
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here is an alternative christmas message. foreseenoss of privacy by george orwell in his novel "1984." hi, and merry christmas, i'm honored to speak with you and your family this year. recently, we learned that our governments working in concert have created a system of worldwide master valence, watching everything -- mass surveillance, watching everything we do. endangered with this kind of information. the types of collection in the book, microphone, and video cameras, tvs and watches, are nothing compared to what we have today. we have sensors in our pockets that track us wherever we go. think about what this means and for the privacy of the average person. grow upborn today will with no conception of privacy at all. they will never know what it means to have a private moment
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to themselves. an unrecorded and unanalyzed thought. and that is a problem, because privacy matters. privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be. recording today will determine the amount of trust we can place in both the technology that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. betterr we can find a balance. and master valence and remind massovernment -- end surveillance and remind the that understanding is always better than spying. the christmas message was broadcast here in the u k on channel four. british troops are preparing to mount efforts in afghanistan.
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our correspondent karen allen is within british troops with -- in helmand province. >> there last christmas in afghanistan. uniform restrictions eased. there is a gesture of thanks. arrived with a bang, marking the start of a charity run to lift the spirits of the troops and family back home. his weapon at his side, a reminder that though christmas may not have brought snow, this is still hostile terrain. the end may be in sight for the long war in afghanistan, but there are still signs of attacks that the soldiers know only too well. the cost has been counted in lives lost. and despite the activities and presents this christmas, that
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sacrifice has not gone unnoticed either cormorants here. >> even though we are thinking , we are thinking really hard today about all our fallen comrades. had a chance to enjoy a christmas lunch. the british combat role in afghanistan draws to a close. this will be a christmas they will never forget. >> you can see more on that at the bbc news website. and don't forget you can in -- can get in touch with myself and others. from many parts of the world, christmas day is long over. for others, it has barely started. each fish and immunity has 25 as the day to
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celebrate. here is a look back. ♪
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