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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 9, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." oscar pistorius faces a tough day in court. to prosecution pressures him take responsibility for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. 20 people are stabbed at a high school near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. a teenage student is suspected of carrying out the crime. and his first official function, prince george rebels in a royal ls indate -- rebels -- reve a royal play date and is already making quite the impression. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. the oscar pistorius murder trial
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in pretoria. today, the athlete faced tough questioning about his version of the events on the night he killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he insists he mistook her for an intruder when he fired four shots, but the prosecutor continued to press him. our correspondent, andrew harding, reports. >> for today's, he has been a remorseful, fragile and you're in court. the prosecution decided it was time to remind people who the real victim is. days, he hasr two been a remorseful, rigel -- fragile figure in court. >> i made a mistake. >> you killed her. you shot and killed her. won't you take responsibility for that? say it -- "i shot and killed reeva steenkamp."
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>> i killed my lady. >> that was just the start. next up, amateur video footage of pistorius with friends. and to reinforce the point, a photo of her head wound, too graphic to show here, came up on the screens in court. relatives were distraught. reeva steenkamp's mother simply bowed her head. pistorius refused to look. >> no, i will not look at a picture. as i picked her up, my fingers touched her head. i remember. i don't have to look at a picture. i was there. >> i think it is uncalled for. i see no basis for that. >> the athlete broke down, sobbing. the focus been moved to the
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toilet door, the one that oscar pistorius shot through four times. today he told the court he had done so accidentally. killdid not intend to anyone. i shot my firearm before i had time to think, before i had time to comprehend what was happening. >> this goes to the heart of the case. admittorius is forced to he fired deliberately, then the prosecution can argue they have proved it was murder. news, harding, bbc pretoria. >> for more on today's proceedings, i spoke a brief time ago with a criminal defense attorney who has worked as a consultant in south africa. he joined me from new york. that was a very traumatic day in court. what do you think the prosecution was trying to achieve by cross examining oscar pistorius so relentlessly? >> they continue to cross examine him very relentlessly, but what he was trying to do today was to change the momentum
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of the trial. so far, oscar pistorius has been trying to get sympathy out of thepublic, the sympathy of judge and assessors by weeping in court, vomiting into a bucket -- maybe you think that is genuine emotion. i think the prosecutor probably thinks that is an attempt to gain sympathy. he is trying to shift the focus back to the person who died, back to the victim, to say this is not about oscar pistorius and how he is suffering. this is about the terrible crime and the murder he committed. this is about the poor girlfriend who is now deceased. >> unlike an american murder trial, this will be tried by a judge and not a jury. how does that affect the prosecution's strategy? >> that's right. it is different in south africa. in this case, the judge has to assessors that will assist her in determining the guilt or innocence of mr. pistorius, and it is the vote among the three that will be deciding. as far as a different strategy, generally speaking, you take the opinion that judges are less susceptible to sort of the
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emotional aspects of the case, suppose, a jury, but in this case, the prosecutor has been very aware of sort of the emotional theatrics that the story as has been putting on so far and seems determined to really go head-on and come back that by again refocusing the issue and going back to the death of ms. steenkamp as opposed to pistorius' emotional anguish. >> does oscar pistorius have a claim to self defense? >> in theory, he could. it is a two-part analysis, really. the first question that has to be asked is whether or not he genuinely believed he needed to exercise self-defense under those circumstances. the second question would be whether or not he acted reasonably under the circumstances from an objective standpoint. the first question they are working here right now is obviously -- was he trying to va, or is it ree
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possible he thought he was defending himself from an attacker? the first part of the analysis is whether or not he was aware of the possibility that maybe he was wrong who was behind the door. if at any point in cross examination he concedes that he considered the possibility that maybe it was reeva or not a burglar but a child or someone using his bathroom -- if he concedes that any point that he wasaware of a risk that he making a terrible mistake shooting at the door and went ahead and did it anyway, under that case, he will not be able to use self defense. >> how crucial is evidence from reba stephen -- reeva steenkamp's phone in the last critical seconds of her life? >> it could be very critical, and certainly, the time she was saying it. he testified that she was asleep and had been for some time, but if there are from records that suggest she had been calling or texting up until the minute of her death, that would completely
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blow apart his story, and it may also provide insight into the motive or why pistorius -- four -- for why pistorius went into such a rage. we do not know what precipitated that reaction, but those records could give some insight into that. >> thank you so much for joining us. more drama from that trial tomorrow. in the united states, a teenage student is suspected of stabbing 20 people at a high school near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. five victims are reported to be seriously injured, but all are expected to survive. the 16-year-old was wielding two knives before he was subdued and arrested by authorities. a morning of terror at franklin regional high school. shortly after 7:00 a.m., a student armed with two knives went on a stabbing spree.
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>> i walked into school, and it basically saw kids running and i was told to get out of there. >> i looked through the nurse's window, and i see some kid holding his stomach and, like, running. so i walked out into the parking lot, and there is a kid laying down, and he was holding his side, and there is a teacher on top of him screaming "help." >> when the news broke, worried parents rushed to the scene. >> panic right away. my stomach just dropped. not knowing what is going on and what is happening. >> every day when she walks out, i worry about something like that for her and for other kids. >> a teacher restrained the attacker as he roamed classrooms and corridors. within minutes, police were on the scene. >> i can tell you what we saw what we got there was a hallway that was pretty much in chaos, as you can imagine. a lot of evidence of blood on the floors and in the hallways. we had students running about,
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,rying to get out of the area but subsequently, upon checking and seeing what we had, the media calls were put out to ems from surrounding areas to get there as soon as we could -- immediate calls were put out to ems from surrounding areas to get there as soon as they could. cuts andustained bruises in the scramble to escape. >> and were all my forms, most of them to the lower abdomen. they seemed to actually almost have a pattern. most were to the right lower abdomen and the right flanks. >> the 16-year-old student was taken away by police for questioning. police are looking into reports of a threatening phone call between the suspect and a classmate the night before, but for now, a motive remains unclear.
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>> the school is already worried about shootings. now this. today, president obama traveled to the fort hood military base in texas to help console the community there in the aftermath of last week's shooting spree. a soldier killed three others before turning the gun on himself. the memorial to lace on the same spot where president obama eulogized victims of another mass shooting in 2009 -- the memorial took place on the same spot. toaustralian ship detected more signals in the southern indian ocean, increasing the likelihood that they are coming from the black boxes of the missing plane. phil mercer has more from perth. >> the belief the indian ocean -- deep beneath the indian ocean, a critical breakthrough. two more acoustic noises in the same broad area where other
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stronger transmissions were recorded over the weekend. engineers say the earlier signals were consistent with those from an airline black rocks flight recorder -- black walks -- black box flight recorder. >> i am now optimistic that we the aircraft or what is left of the aircraft in the not-too-distant future. >> earlier this week, recovery teams were scouring a stretch of ocean almost twice the size of great britain. 2/3new target zone is about smaller. the new challenges to reestablish contact with the signals far off australia's west coast. if and when the location of those unknown pulses is , onlyiently narrow down then will the underwater search for records begin.
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australian authorities to warn that more days of slow and painstaking work are still to come. 239 passengers and crew were on board the flight. most were from china. some of their families believe there has been a cover-up by malaysian authorities. search for the truth is not just for ourselves," said a representative of the chinese families, "it also so this kind of disaster can be avoided in the future." the mood for the recovery mission has never been more positive, but the batteries from areflight's black boxes almost certainly starting to fail if they have not already. the search continues for any trace of the plane that simply vanished. >> in other news, ukraine's interior minister has predicted that the crisis in the east of
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the country will be resolved within 48 hours. he said that will be achieved either through negotiations or force. pro-russian activist continue to occupy government buildings. exploded ins have the syrian city of homs, killing 25 people. the state news agency reports that 100 people were also injured in the attack. the news agency said terrorists were responsible. tomorrow, talks between venezuela's president and opposition leaders are due to take place. the demonstrations have been triggered by high levels of crime, surging inflation, and food shortages, but so far, nicolas maduro, the hand-picked successor of the late hugo chavez, has been unable to stop the unrest.
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>> pitched saddles in downtown caracas. almost 40 people have been killed since the clashes began. both sides, but in particular government forces, using live ammunition. this should be one of the but therichest nations, petrol now fuels molotov cocktails. this is what is happening nearly every night in the capital caracas. running battles in the streets between the heavily armed government troops and their opponents running down the alley ways. things have gone on like this for about two months, and it is affecting the lives of everyone here in the capital. >> by day, reasons for the unrest become apparent. milk thomas lauer,
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and fred, but there is no sugar for this man -- hours for milk, flour, and bread, but there is no sugar for this man. in the western city of san cristobal, they now clear the way to barricades after weeks of intense clashes. it was here that protests began after a student demonstration against rising crime was brutally crushed by the army. the military is back in control. the cost for some has been high. common gonzalez holds the blood glasses her son jimmy was wearing when he died -- carmen gonzalez. she insists he was shot by the army while protesting on the streets. the government insists his death was an accident. "he told me he loved his country but could not live in a dictatorship and felt he had to do something about it.
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the government will pay for what they did to my son." rallies called for the downfall of what they say is increasingly authoritarian, even dictatorial regime. calls rejected by venezuelan officials, who say democracy is being deliberately undermined. >> these calls for the overthrow of the government are hostile and totally unacceptable because in venezuela, we have democratic checks in place to change our government if that is what people want. >> the government draws its support from working-class suburbs, but hugo chavez spent millions on social projects. these people pay homage at a shrine of the former president, but his dream has faded, and venezuela is still divided by class and ideology.
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>> you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come in tonight's program, welcome to the changing face of california. with hispanics now the leading ethnic group, programs -- programmers and politicians are going all out to grab their attention. a bombing today at a busy market on the outskirts of islamabad killed at least 20 people and injured approximately 100 more. >> antiterrorist police and bomb disposal experts investigating the scene of the bombing. the explosion left a deep crater in the thick concrete. there were nuts and bolts mixed with the explosive to increase its power to kill and maim at a time when trading was at its busiest. the interior minister came to see the damage caused by the deadly explosion in pakistan's
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capital. >> this was a dastardly and very criminal act against the poorest sections of society. totally unprovoked, totally illogical, but we will get to , and, god of it willing, we will get the people who are behind it. >> the only evidence now of the bombing, but it could hardly have come at a more sensitive time. within -- with the efforts now under way to bring an end to the insurgency in the country. the question now is whether that will be put in jeopardy, and if so, who wanted that to happen? >> the pakistani telegrams have denied any involvement in this bombing, but does the interior minister think it could never a less -- nevertheless affect talks with them? have anan action does impact, but we have to get to
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.he root cause of the problem inevitably, perhaps, a bombing adds tomany casualties the sense of a capital unnerved. residents wait to see what the investigations reveal. >> in recent weeks, california reached a demographic landmark that has been decades in the making. people of hispanic origin became the largest ethnic group, overtaking whites for the first time in the states history -- state's history according to local government figures. where california leads, american often follows. >> behind the scenes at america's most popular local tv station, and it is in spanish.
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is in losel 34 angeles where the hispanic population is already bigger .han any other ethnic group the whole of california is now passing that landmark. >> this is the first step of many in what will definitely be a century that will be significantly altered by hispanic opinion -- hispanic public opinion and hispanic political involvement. >> but it goes beyond the spanish language, and the theret media market out is latino. most are young and speak english . brand-new stations like el rey know their target audience. it is not the first time hispanics have outnumbered non-hispanic whites.
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less than 200 years ago, upper california was part of mexico. this is one of the remaining spanish missions, build by the colonizers to bring christianity to native americans. after mexican independence in 1821, these became privately owned ranchos to try to attract mexican settlers, but after just 25 years, the united states invaded and won a war which went on to create california as its 31st state. then came the gold rush, and the proportion of hispanics here dropped dramatically. >> the two cultures have been growing together for years. >> this morning, the children went to school in los angeles -- over 72% of the children are now latino-origin children.
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they are the future cops, the nurses, the doctors, the lawyers, the soldiers. they are your future citizens. >> and though the politicians , this tea party republican wants illegal immigrants deported but also wants the latino vote. that makes it awkward. upifornia is not keeping with its changing face. latinos lag behind in political representation and education, something their news channel is trying to change. to the first official function for britain's prince george. i just -- at just eight months cawed tonderstandably greet his viewers. he seems to be stealing the spotlight and the battles --
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rattles. >> he was not afraid to assert himself, but then that is perfectly normal for an eight-month-old boy. he is crawling, and people who were watching said there were moments when he seemed to be not far short of watching. for george, it was something new -- a brief but sometimes for tourists -- boisterous start for what will be a lifetime of talking to people and being the center of attention. he was brought to a specialized to a group, 10 babies of roughly the same age as him. first, he seemed a little bashful, more interested in his mother's hair than his new playmate, but then a girl caught his eye. not an entirely successful encounter -- she retired in tears. george tried again with someone else. wanted, soa toy he he reached out and grabbed it. once again, mom had to come to the rescue.
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>> he owned the place, basically . >> george at eight months, starting to learn about the world around him but still oblivious to what his own future holds. for now, he seemed happiest laying with his rattle -- playing with his rattle. now that he has completed his semi-first public engagement, george can relax. he will not be seen again in public until he leaves new zealand with his mother and water in about a weeks time -- with his mother and father in about a week's time. >> the baby does like the rattle . that brings today's program to a close, but you can find more on our website. thanks for watching, and please, we will see you back here tomorrow.
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