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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 22, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> for nearly 150 years, we have believed the commercial bank owes its client strength, stability, security. so we believe in keeping lending standards high, capital ratios
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high, credit ratings high. companies expected it then -- companies expect it now. doing right, it's just good business. union bank. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. tensions run high in eastern ukraine where three pro-russian areas after a suspected shootout and now a local guilty of being found torture. a week after almost 200 children were kidnapped from a school by islamic militants, they are desperate for help. the manager of manchester united is sacked after less than a season. he has had too many losses and now the american owners have pulled the plug.
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welcome to our viewers on public television here in america and also around the globe. inight the peace deal ukraine is under threat as tensions mount between ukraine and russia. the country's acting president militaryd for a new operation against pro-russian militants in the east of the country after the bodies of two people come including a local politician, were found tortured to death. it comes as u.s. vice president joe biden was visiting kiev, warning against more provocative behavior. >> the headquarters of the eastern ukrainian uprising tonight as the shaky easter truce came to an end. just a few minutes earlier, the acting president announced he was resuming what he call the
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in therrorist operation rebellious east. the president said he was relaunching the operation after the bodies of two people were found. they had apparently been tortured. one of them was a local politician. filmed here in the black jacket a few days ago, he supports the government in kiev, and disappeared soon afterward. he has now turned up dead. party asom the same the acting president. but -- vice president joe blamed --ly brain -- >> we call on russia to stop supporting men hiding behind ,asks in unmarked uniforms sowing unrest in eastern ukraine. east, the uncontrolled
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today.of a wife her husband was one of three men shot by unknown gunmen while manning a rebel check point. >> the deaths have only further increased the strong feelings and tensions in the region which is already brutally exposed to risk of opening up a rift in ukraine, a rift that will be harder to bridge each time blood is shed. for the area around this town that the kiev government targeted in its unsuccessful military operation last week. attitudes have hardened since then. this is the self-appointed mayor of sloviansk today. will have only one kind of
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dialogue. we will destroy them. >> as the debts mount on both sides and the rhetoric gets stronger, the time to resolve the crisis is running out. >> it doesn't sound very hopeful. more on the vice president's trip and all the events in william i spoke with taylor, former american ambassador to kiev. thank you very much for coming in to join me. daniel saying in that report that time is running out with what happened today. do you think it has already run out? >> i think it has run out and the international community, the united states is going to have to lead on this and take strong action. that means putting more harsh sanctions on russia to make it clear that this kind of aggression cannot stand. x and the killing of the student -- these two politicians, do you think that could be the straw that breaks the camels back? >> there clearly is a sense of urgency to the government in
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, for them to do this when vice president biden is there is brazen. it cannot go unanswered. i think the united states needs to act right away. it would be great if europeans were to follow. correct you know ukraine, you served as american ambassador there. at those pictures, thinking about what joe biden said about the men in masks, wearing uniforms that don't have insignia on them, who do you think those men are? >> there is no doubt, we have seen exactly this operation in crimea. >> but in crimea it was russian forces. >> exactly. the president has now admitted forcesere were russian there. the same people who are in eastern ukraine right now. it is very cleared his russians. >> of these are not ukrainians that are pro-russian. >> there are some that are there , but these are led by, organized, equipped, directed by russian senior people in their
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special forces. job now inn your washington talk to people who are still engaged in the issue? what is your sense from the white house? are they ready to move now with those tough sanctions you have described against sectors of the russian economy? >> i think there is a debate within the government, and i think the momentum is moving toward making these decisions and imposing the sanctions. >> do you think they will be able to get europe on board? greg so far, when the americans the eut sanctions on, has followed. the american should not wait for the europeans to act. america should do what they've done twice before, put sanctions on, make a strong argument for the europeans to follow. >> how does this play out over the next few weeks? say america does go ahead with sanctions and europe follows. what does president putin do
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next? problem, no one understands president putin. i wish i had a different answer to your question. inmight surprise us again eastern ukraine. it would be a terrible mistake for him. he would be further isolated. look how he has been isolated so far in the u.n. and the g-8. government, the ukrainian people, the ukrainian nation is now united against russians. mistake, but he has made mistakes before. >> thanks very much for coming in. >> events are moving fast on the ground in ukraine, it seems. the united nations says the ongoing conflict has a disturbing echoes of events in rwanda 20 years ago. the un's top humanitarian official said piles and piles of town laste left in a
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week following an attack by fighters loyal to the vice president. the u.n. described the killings as athletically targeted and said it could be a game changer in this fight. now for an update to a story with first brought you last week. parents of the schoolgirls abducted by islamist militants in nigeria say the number of girls kidnapped is much higher than the official figure of just 100. family say that more than 180 schoolchildren are still missing. so far, only 43 have managed to escape. reports.spondent >> yet another destroyed school in northeast nigeria. this area is so were mowed and dangerous it took a whole week to get the first pictures out. -- so remote and dangerous. this midnight raid on the school was different. the gunmen forced female students out of their dormitories that were then
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torched. that downloaded more than 200 s and drove lorrie them away. a few managed to escape. one of the girls said they initially mistook the attackers people who had come to help you request we thought they were soldiers. our friends and i jumped from the vehicle and ran back home they did notalized look right. >> i got through to the father of one kidnapped girl. [indiscernible] >> it translates as western education is forbidden. thousands of students have been forced home. last week the nigerian military said it was doing all it could to locate and rescue the missing girls. since then there have been no official statements.
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now relatives and friends are telling me they are increasingly desperate and they feel helpless as they wait for news. christians and muslims are saying the same prayers for the girls to be set free. ross, abc news, lagos. >> think about that, 180 schoolgirls kidnapped and still missing in nigeria. >> three journalists have appeared in court again on terrorism charges. the man including a former bbc correspondent denied allegations of aiding the now outlawed muslim brotherhood. human rights groups say the trial is part of a crackdown on the press in egypt, where journalism has become an increasingly dangerous occupation. this report from cairo. >> caged men, facing another day in court. trial is asay the farce.
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the court was shown recording in english of one of the reporters in cairo. what they were saying from the defense is that the videos were translated wrongly. there are also interviews with supporters and leaders of the now banned muslim brotherhood. al jazeera says it's reporters have to cover both sides of the story. take a look at the man who is opening the cage. death is noteads, the worst that can happen to men. >> the journalists remain here at this prison complex. it is a high-security facility. they have now been behind bars for almost four months. the journalist you're in egypt say that these days, winding up in jail is just one of the risks. >> this is the last photograph of a 22-year-old taken just before she was killed doing her job.
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reporting on this protest in cairo by brotherhood supporters. you can see some of them setting off fireworks. according to a journalist who was there with her, they started shooting. >> a friend and colleague took off to the scene. he said he doesn't know who the bullet tot her neck came from behind the demonstrators where the police were in position. a hostile crowd gathered. like the recording, no wonder he has stopped reporting from the
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street. longer report on anything. the journalist from al jazeera's arabic channel was detained last august but is being held without charge. his wife tells us he is so weak he can barely stand. he has been refusing food since the 21st of january. she says he is prepared to die for the sake of a free press. [indiscernible] die to protecto freedom of the press. >> yes. >> she has joined her husband on hunger strike. this is her 40th day. an angry protest in downtown
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cairo. this time journalists are the story. they held a banner with photos of 10 colleagues killed in the past three years. the interior ministry is now giving a look proof vest to journalist terry critics say it would be better if they stopped shooting them. watching abc world news america. still to come, china is not a stop on the president's asia trip but people certainly have their eyes on his aims. traditional aboriginal welcome waiting for the duke and duchess of cambridge in the australian outback on tuesday. they were visiting the red sandstone mountain previously known as ayers rock. members of the local community
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performed a traditional dance and presented the royal couple with gifts which included a wooden spear. nicholas mitchell has the story for us. >> it's the must do experience a pretty much every visitor to the so-called red center of australia. william and catherine posed for photographs in the evening light as their trip to australia starts to wind down. earlier they received a traditional welcome from local aboriginal people. theirs is said to be the world's oldest surviving culture. their lands have been returned to them but there are still very real problems in reconciling the original inhabitants with the direction of modern australia. william and catherine were presented with handmade gifts. a shield for him, wooden toys for george. low in temperatures in the 30's, that is around 90 degrees fahrenheit, they headed off to uluru.
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ayres rock is a place of great significance to the aboriginal people. it is treated with great respect. william and catherine walked for a short distance around its perimeter. by now the sun was sinking and it was time for the couple to move to a position to boot -- to view the sunset. what a baby george and all this? he is at home with his nanny at government house in canberra where mother and dad go out for a night to themselves. followed by night of what is , glamorousping camping at an exclusive resort. >> it is one of the biggest brands in the world, but today manchester united is making headlines for its move off the football pitch.
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the club has sacked its manager after less than a year on the job. everyone knew was going to be the to try to replace legendary alex ferguson, but this is a calamitous fall from grace. >> just 10 months ago he was the chosen one, the hand-picked heir to the manchester united thrown. theater of dreams has become the stuff of nightmares. sunday's defeat would prove the final result. as the players arrived at the training grant, he was sacked. manchester united at david moyes has left. the club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty, and integrity he brought to the role. after sir alex ferguson's retirement, it was always going to be the toughest of acts to arrived withoyes
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the plea for patience. -- >>the club stood by me the club stood by me. your job now is to stand by the new manager. >> he could never escape the shadow of his predecessor. he was soon struggling on the pitch. defeats to liverpool and manchester city trenton area protest last month and now the club's american owners have acted. for now, united, who just your go was celebrating a title, or in turmoil. following this man who is often described as it impossible job, and for david moyes, that is exactly how it proved. this onore on all manchester united, i'm joined
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from new york by football analyst tommy smith. was david moyes the wrong choice or was it an impossible job? >> when you follow somebody who has been there for 26 years, you are always in a sticky wicket. how do you figure you're going to improve? i thought david moyes was very courageous and taking the job. you cannot win with this job. next no one was going to have any time off. didn't actually leave him a team that was in very good shape, did he? had lost aer united little bit of its sheen last year. it didn't look like a team that would normally be a manchester united team. i think he just decided it's time to go. the fact that he appointed moyes
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, he handed him a poisoned chalice, as far as i'm concerned. >> was there anything more he could have done? quick she started off very badly. it backfired in a big way. he also talked about getting several other players. had he gotten those players in, he might have had a chance, but i think the fact he didn't get those players in and then his training regime, the senior players didn't want to hear about it. , theyy he was doing it did not want to hear about it. you lose your senior players, you're in real trouble. arrived, he was not the winner in aberdeen. david moyes unfortunately for him has never really won anything.
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>> tommy smith, full disclosure, my husband has been a manchester city supporter since the age of seven. he woke up very excited this morning, but this could be the u, right?d for man >> that is the big question now. this is a very special job. it's going to take a very special manager, manchester united don't need one or two players. they need a half-dozen players. the players who have said we will spend something like 200 the money hewith spent already, he got nothing for it. the question is now, who are they going to trust to spend that kind of money and what kind of players are they going to bring in? i don't think the brand is damaged at all. quick something we will watch their closely on this side of
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the atlantic and of course back in the u.k. as well. thanks, tommy. from football to foreign policy. tonight president obama embarks on a weeklong tour of asia. the white house says it is part of the rebalancing of u.s. strategy. one familiar theme, many of the countries he is visiting are concerned over beijing's recent expansionist mood. you can be sure that every stop on the trip will be watched very closely bear as well as our china editor now reports. >> the countries aircraft is based in his hometown, but he cannot get close enough to see the real inng, so he made this model hopes that his grandson will leave -- will live to see china
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rule. -- china's not strong enough, and there's nothing we can do about it. video from the top guns of the people's liberation army on the eve of president obama's asian tour. respect the neighbors and to focus american minds on what it might cost in future to dominate. >> when china wakes, it will shake the world. the americans cannot bear it. we have worked enough and we are recovering our might. >> president barack obama's coming back to asia. he is conspicuously not visiting china. >> future diplomats and engaging underoom have grown up and asia dominated by u.s. power.
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now they are looking at the old map with china at the center circle by efrin shall neighbors. by deferential neighbors. >> this ferry only goes across the bay. and the east from here waters are controlled by the u.s. navy. americans often say china should be grateful to the u.s. for keeping the peace in asia for the past 40 years. has allowed china the space to grow rich and strong. that is not how the chinese government sees it, nor the chinese public. they will be watching president obama's tour across the water, alert for signs he is encouraging the territorial claims of others, and dreaming of the day when china is strong enough to enforce its own claims in these seas.
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>> congratulations to our new china editor. thanks so much for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow night. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of
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