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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 25, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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expertise. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is abc world news america. the prime minister accuses moscow of wanting to start world war iii. teaman forces and hold a of military observers captives. families who have made it to lebanon are forced to make for food. we will assess the lasting popularity of the rubik's cube.
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>> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. a new wave of sanctions over the crisis in ukraine. the tensions reached new heights. thatrime minister claims moscow was to start a third world war. powerful rockets roaring into the sky in southern russia today as the kremlin publicly flexes its muscles yet again. to the russian foreign minister of a huge america making a land grab for ukraine. >> the west wants to seize
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control of your grant for its own political ambitions and not for the interest of ukrainian people. >> it is the pro-russian melissa that is causing the problems in ukraine. they took a group of seven military hostage claiming they were spies. ukrainian army says they are vents to close the prevent the armed revolt spreading. with russia immediately called -- but russia immediately called on kiev to halt the military action. a helicopter was destroyed on the ground, causing troops to fan out across the airfield.
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the around rest was an attempt by moscow to discredit residential election in ukraine. >> russia has instead chosen at a legitimate choice of armed violence to try to achieve with a barrel of the gun and the force of the mob what could not be achieved any other way. they have tried to create enough chaos in the east to delay legitimize the elections. up the general this quiet here. >> the people have gone daft. no one is listening to us. the government is not listening to us. the region has a proud history of coal mining and our agriculture.
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with the prime minister accusing washout wanting to start world war iii and america threatening moscow with further sanctions, this beautiful landscape has suddenly become the front line in the old rivalry between east and west. latest on the ground in eastern ukraine, daniel joins me. based on your reporting of what you have seen on the ground, do you think the momentum is with the pro-russian forces or with the ukrainians? certainly the ukrainians are still struggling to get any kind of control in eastern ukraine. what we're seeing is a ukrainian army checkpoint being set up on the road quite close to where they have the most militarized of the rebel towns. they are not able to do anything more than searched the cars on the road. from what we could see on the ground today they are not really doing that they are just really
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a token show of force. the armed militia is quite dominant. this is not all of eastern ukraine, and much of it it is going on -- life is going on normally. the day to day life is carrying on, and as we head towards those elections i think there is the the electionsat will function reasonably normally in eastern ukraine. there may be a bit of a fear -- thethat things will question is, once we get past those elections, where there there will be further aseff orts to destabilize the region. that is where those crisis will come. >> as they gather on the border for military exercise are the
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people you speak to worried about an invasion? >> people are genuinely worried about invasion, absolutely. i think it is a real concern here that those russian troops may come over the border. there is a sense of excitement amongst those people who are in favor of russia, some people and down to the border to welcome the troops with flowers. there is a bit of execution of the russian troops may cross the border, but i think there is a bigger geopolitical decision for russia to make then whether the people here are worried or happy about the prospect. what might hold russia back is the extraordinary serious consequences which america and the european union are pointing out to the nazi moment -- pointing out to them at the moment. >> for more on the reaction to the latest developments i spoke to former u.s. state department official david just a few moments ago. military observers being
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detained by pro-russian forces. >> it is an escalation. you never know for sure whether this is directed or not. i think there are pro-russian elements on the around who want to escalate, who are trying to n attempt to force the hand of russians and get support in. i think this is an escalation, i think the russians will carry maneuvers in the past couple of days. >> do you think those are military exercises or an eminent invasion? >> i do not think there are likely to be an eminent invasion. i think the russian strategy right now is very much to work through these special operations forces, moving into particularly pro-russian towns and villages,
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and mobilizing the population at opposition to the government. i do not think that the russians are getting ready to go win, but i think that the maneuvers are about preempting and preventing the ukrainians from taking action to reclaim these territories. there is a military purpose here. >> a new round of sanctions against moscow, but they nor the last lot. quite i do not see new round of ancient is going to be the vision -- sufficient to determine vladimir putin right now. >> what about the russian economy? >> it is quite alterable. it is weakening already. they were downgraded yesterday by s&p, the russian central bank was responded today by increasing rates. i think that there is a real vulnerability here. i think president vladimir putin is willing to accept these economic cost right now.
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he is writing a tiger. -- riding a tiger. >> will those elections legitimize ukraine's government havingou can accuse of taken power by a coup? >> i think trying to disrupt elections historically is not easy to do. the most recent example of how hard it is was the failure of the taliban to really destabilize the recent elections in afghanistan where the government is extraordinarily weak. -- will therebe be lower turnouts in eastern ukraine, absolutely. but i think it will not be easy to really destabilize this. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> tonight the russian aircraft
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has entered and ukrainian airspace several times the length past 24 hours. called upon moscow to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation. >> north korea announced today that it has taken a 24-year-old american tourist into custody. customs duened and to his rash behavior in the course of going through formality for entry. the news comes while president obama is in south korea where there are already heightened concerns that the north could conduct a nether nuclear tests sometime soon. i spoke short time ago to patrick who is a senior adviser at the center for a new american security. i asked him about the timing of a possible nuclear test. question is typically tied to send a message to president obama and president park.
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westernersften taken and americans hostage or detained them for illegal reasons. it is a police state of is that there are lots of reasons to detain people, but it is able to announce to the united states and south korea that it is watching. >> do think they just do you think they would carry out a nuclear test while he is in south korea? >> i think he is capable of it, but i do not think he will. this arrest may be what he needed to do to feel like he provoked and pushed act against the alliance. >> what exactly are they going to do that he is going to pay any attention to? >> targeted sanctions would be the key, but they depend on china. right now our relations with china are a little more tenuous than we would like. the president's trip and reaffirmation of the u.s. alliance did not sit well in beijing. >> time as the bus to have influence over pyongyang.
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-- china is supposed to have influence over pyongyang. theyina wants stability, are worried about us causing instability, they're worried about north korea causing instability, but either way china is going it alone for the cooperating -- more than cooperating. on the not want to agree kinds of restraints we wanted to put on north korea. i would have to admit that they would have to moratorium. >> are those talks just dead in the water now? >> they are dead in the water. north korea is not serious about them, they will have a fourth nuclear test and that will come after the president's trip. >> what is the white house is 's against worried? -- biggest worry? >> economic.
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it is a transpacific partnership with the trend authority that and if itent needs, does not come through the president's leg easy looks -- legacy looks different than the intended. the president needs that trade deal with japan. >> he does on you does not seem to be getting it -- and he does not seem to be getting it. it is not well handled. in the korean peninsula, diverse and south korea have discovered the bodies jacketsrls in life romney ferry that sank earlier this month. they had at least cleaved into a single room meant to hold 38 people. than 2.5 million people who fled syria since the start of the civil war, security and poverty have become rowing
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problems. one of the major growing populations is in neighboring lebanon, they are sending their children into the streets to beg. on a beautiful day like this, families come out to enjoy the sunshine. five-year-old nami is working. if she does not sell roses her family will not eight. -- eat. she pedals them with a cousin who was 10. they can getd, enough to pay, but not enough for food. >> am i happy? does it matter? we are a family of eight.
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andve to support my family my brothers and sisters. i accept my fate. i used to love going to school. i hope the war ends. i want to go home. they live in a squalid a single room. on the street he is always out of sight watching the children, he does that much for them. it eats me up inside, but we have to find food. when he gets tired and take over but i do not sell as much as her. people buy more from a child. the children have a few more
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-- they have an overwhelming majority of families that send their children onto the streets. >> flowers, flowers. she is out until the early hours every night. no family member comes to keep an eye on him. alone. loa -- get arresteders and trade upon -- preyed upon. they have little chance of going back to school. their stunted lives are casualties of the syrian civil war. various children unable to sell those roses on the streets.
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come, south africa prepares to celebrate 20 years of democracy. >> the u.s. supreme court upheld on affirmative action in the courts. to 1965, thatck era when the civil rights movement was in full swing. only five percent of college students were african-american. it was also the year president johnson gave an executive order that government contractors must take steps to hire more minorities, and practice otherwise known as affirmative action. academia began to follow suit and debate has mostly centered on how colleges used to pack this to admit minorities.
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fast forward to this week when the u.s. supreme court upheld the right of michigan voters to ban affirmative action in public universities. that is what michigan voters want, what about the rest of america? >a survey last month found the lob pass majority support affirmative action on college campuses. but there is a racial and partisan divide if you dig down a little deeper. black americans are the most --ortant alone by hispanics supportive, followed by hispanics and then white. of the most in favor. why do people think affirmative action is a good idea? last year a survey by cbs news found that about six in 10 people says that embraces diversity. about two intense as it is to make up for past discrimination. so far there are eight u.s. states with ready broadband on affirmative action.
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this supreme court ruling could encourage more states to follow suit. >> on sunday south africans will be celebrating freedom day which marks a moment 20 years ago when millions of black voters that part in free and fair elections. the apartheid system had left the majority of the black community much forward than the ruling white minority. two decades later some rc a country transformed. our driver. he made his money from coal mining. ,e used to be a goatherder
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but he now holds a phd in chemistry. looking back of a good him managed to achieve all of this before the advent of democracy? >> i do not believe that i would have been able to reach the pinnacle of my achievements if apartheid was still there. i remember there were times when i was growing up that i had no home. i would sleep outside like you would see the street kids today. >> south african democracy has unleashed the potential of its greatest asset, its people. no matter how educated you work of you were not allowed to get the jobs. in 20 years we have achieved, by way of structure what a lot of
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nations take hundreds of years to develop. the follow the apartheid has really liberated and provided growth. >> under apartheid it would have been unthinkable to see this, a young black couple how something here in a former whites only suburb. they are proud of their achievements, but they also feel guilty for those they have left behind. >> i have cousins who still go to the same goal that my father went to. we did not have the option or the opportunity to go to the school i went to. there are millions of south africans who are still unemployed, in poverty, and the and the quality levels are still unacceptably high. but by and large there are
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middle income people who are suburbsnto these because of the high levels of education and also because the color of their skin does not exclude them from coming here. africans black middle class has caught up with the white counterpart, especially in education. not only is it bigger in size, but it has a bigger spending power than any other group. bbc news, johannesburg. allhe best selling point of time, the rubik's cube, is 40 years old. a new exhibit opens tomorrow in new jersey. ♪ the rubik's cube is as an volokh of the 80's as pac-man or madonna.
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this toy brings back a flood of memories. americans have it as part of their lives. quite this exhibit at the liberty science center outside of new york celebrates orting years of -- 40 years of rubik's cubes. puzzle became a phenomenon. it took the inventor a month to solve it his first time. >> if you succeed, that is the best feeling. you could do something without any outside talent. 43 quintillion combinations. it is still a test that haitians patience,of
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and intelligence. >> you're one of the fastest. can you show me? >> absolutely. ready, set, go. secondsceled in just 10 -- he can to solve it in just 10 seconds. you can also do it blindfolded. seconds to and 32 complete it after studying it. >> and is the best-selling puzzle toy. one billion have been manufactured of and one out of seven people around the world have tried it. while it may be frustrating complicated to solve, the appeal is very simple. >> it is fun to hold. you can see people just playing with it even if they are not trying to solve it. it appeals to our sense of something thatl
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-- it appeals to something in our brain that wants to bring order out of chaos. >> i can only do one side. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of
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