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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 12, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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and tailored solutions for small businesses and major operations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from capitol hill in washington. -- defense ministry washington considers the crisis. >> there will be short-term immediate things that need to be done militarily. our national security team is looking at all the options. >> angelina jolie joins a global summit to end sexual violence and conflicts in south sudan, where thousands of women are at risk.
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the wait is over. the world cup is finally here. it has been day day of clashes. -- a day of classes -- clashes. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. president obama says he's looking at all options to tackle the islamist insurgents advancing on baghdad. while military action is on the table, sending in ground troops is not. his comments come after days of advances by the insurgents. key cities inured a rack and thousands have been forced to flee. gone to >> bloody chaos in iraq. this has brought the u.s. to the brink of military intervention.
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two and a half years after american forces left. iraqi government is struggling on several fronts. large swathes of territory are in the militants' grip. government troops have fallen back in disarray, humiliated. isis was triumphant. the spokesman proclaims the jihad will continue. .et ready, o baghdad, after iraq, he says, iran is next. iraqiw, this is the government's answer, airstrikes. this alone will not retake the lost territory.
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no surprise that the roads into kurdish controlled areas are choked. initial glut of terrified people has abated, but there is a steady flow through this checkpoint. behind them, they leave the beginnings of what isis calls its islamic emirates. is one nothing less than to redraw the map of the entire middle east -- want nothing less than to redraw the map of the entire middle east. that prospect flies -- frightens those who fled. others simply loathe and fear isis in equal measure. the family of a murdered , the three-year-old's father was shot and killed a year ago. they braved a field of fire to escape, rather than live under isis.
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they left their bread baking in the oven and ran. the woman describes a harrowing escape. the army discarded their uniforms because of isis snipers, she says. but then the snipers fired on everyone. governmenttol, loyalists rush to join up. it is barely conceivable, but baghdad could fall to the jihdaadists. the americans will not take that chance. >> as we reported earlier, president obama is considering how to deal with the insurgents. in the u.k. they have offered humanitarian assistance, but stated they will not participate in military action. what help might america give iraq? here is our security correspondent, frank gardner. >> iraq is in danger of being
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torn apart. militiamen from the shia majority have been fighting the and alorces of isis, qaeda splinter group. the baghdad government has appealed for help. iran said they are considering it, and so too is president obama with conditions. >> there will be short-term immediate things that need to be our militarily, and national security team is looking at all the options. this should also be a wake-up call for the iraqi government. there has to be a political component to this. >> reaper drones could be deployed. helicopters,s. shared intelligence. in this complex fight, washington says there will be no u.s. boots on the ground. are syria and iraq
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experiencing violent insurgencies, increasingly sectarian, mostly between sunni and shia muslims. the sunnis are concentrated in the north and the west. sunni groupnatical present in iraq and syria. byiraq, it is being helped that sunni resentment against the government. this month, they have taken iraq's second citys. genesishis could be the of a new islamist ministate, one in the heart of the middle east. >> this is a mafia situation we have faced in iraq. the security of the region is in question. >> british troops spent eight years in iraq after the controversial us-led invasion of 2003. will they now be heading back? absolutely not, says the government. >> we will support the united
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states in anything that they decide to do, we are in consultation with them. i stress again that it is for the iraqi leadership primarily to respond to this. this is a democratic country with an elected government and considerable resources. iraq's armies simply ran away from the fighters of isis. if this fight comes to the capitol, isis may have found that it overreached itself. frank gardner, bbc news. >> for more on the military options being considered by the u.s., i spoke with democratic senator joe manchin. the airstrikes is something that has been talked about trade it's more powerful than anything else that can be suggested. i don't think there's an appetite. i have not sensed the appetite from the armed services committee in the united states sentence -- senate for us to
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have u.s. boots on the ground. i have often said if money or military might could change that part of the world, the united states of america would have done it by now. we have spent enough in resources and sacrifices of our soldiers. that has not changed. if anything, it has gotten more intense. >> america spent nearly $25 billion helping iraq's forces. what do americans think when they see iraqi soldiers deserting that help? >> -- hope? >> they are hoping for a better outcome than what we have had. i don't think anyone has asked in our meetings today and no one regimentsour basically just deserted, would not even fight, not even engage. you wonder who is monitoring this. these are answers we need also. with that being said, you asked about the airstrikes. we will see if that is what is required. if that is what is required and
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we know they are able to take up the fight, the iraqis themselves, the people we , if they are able to do that and push them back -- >> you think that would be the right option? >> airstrikes would be the thing that we would be able to assist and help. hopefully we can get other countries to help us too. >> how much support is there for helping iraq on the armed forces committee? basically there are a sovereign nation, they have that right. they did not accept or want our help. i did not want to stay there. i'm thankful for the direction they had gone. there's never a right time to get out. you would like to see sooner or later that they are willing to fight and die for their country, not just because of the religious sect they may be a part of. we need to see that commitment, and we have not. thinkstor mccain said he
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the entire white house national security team should be sacked because this is an entire -- this is a colossal failure. >> that is his opinion. i respect that. i don't have the same opinion on that, because that is saying we kept troops in there in perpetuity. i'm not of that mindset. again, if money or military might with had it, we would have done it. how long is long enough, how should we say -- how long should we stay, and what is the right time to get out, there's never a right time. >> you have many veterans in your state. what do they think when they see baghdad being threatened? >> i would think there is -- they are as stunned and shocked as i am. i'm going to be going home this weekend. being able to talk to them directly and find out their feelings about that -- i still don't feel in my heart that they are thinking, we have got to go
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back in there. sooner or later, we are going to leave. iraqiaqi people, the government, they have to decide. they have to decide this is a country worth fighting for. do they want to have terror the rest of their lives and faith that, or fight back? we are willing to support and help in anyway we can except putting troops on the ground. if that's what we can do to regain control of their country, it is something that will be considered. >> thank you for joining us. themore note on iraq, former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in on what she thinks needs to happen within the country on an interview in the bbc program "newsnight." >> there need to be a number of steps that the government must take to demonstrate that he is committed to and inclusive iraq, something he has not done to date. the army, which has not been
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able to hold territory, has to have an injection of discipline and professionalism, something the u.s. has been trying to help with. he has to be willing to demonstrate unequivocally that he is a leader for all iraqis, not for a sick carrion slice of the country -- sectarian slice of the country. >> the world cup is officially underway in brazil tonight. there have been clashes between police and protesters. the first game is being played in são paulo. how electric is the atmosphere? >> the atmosphere has been fantastic. it all seemed a bit understated, rather quiet. as the day has gone on here in são paulo, the excitement and fever pitch levels have risen. the decibel levels have gone up. more and more people pouring out
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onto the streets. the sound of whistles, firecrackers going up into the sky. you really do sense that the brazilians who have deck himself andhemselves out in green gold are really up for the football and want to watch what is going on, and supporting the national side. >> presumably brazil's government is hoping the kickoff will diminish the intensity of those protests. any sign of that? well, you know what, there was one protest today of any note in são paulo. 300 people.250 to normally you would say, that's irrelevant. the way made a story is the riot police reacted to such a small group of political diehards. they went in with tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets. is the next ordinary
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reaction to a few people. i suspect that is exactly what the demonstrators had hoped for, and it might act as a recruiting sergeant to bring other people out onto the streets to protest in greater numbers. >> are you seeing fans who have traveled to brazil from all over the world? >> yes, and that's the lovely thing of international tournament like this. you see the flags, you see the shirts from everywhere where there are people playing. japanese fans a little bit earlier on, they had flown halfway around the world to be here to support japan, even though realistically they have little chance of winning. italian fans, french fans, you name it. interestingly, even some people have come to brazil to be part of the world cup even though they say they don't have a dog in the race. their team is not playing, but
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they want to be soaking up the world cup atmosphere. the most fantastic tournament, and that is why it continues to attract these huge audiences around the world on television, but particularly, people want to come here to sample the atmosphere. >> which game are you personally looking forward to the most? have got to declare an interest. i'm an england fan. i am obviously going to be watching those england games very closely. the other game i'm really looking forward to seeing, a match on sunday, a is argentina versus bosnia. bosnia's first visit to a world cup. game willhere of that be quite something. i'm really looking forward to that. >> anglin-italy for me. thanks, john. you are watching "bbc world news america." have to come, mexico may
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made it to the world cup. --is the younger players a court in pakistan ruled that the nation's president can leave the country, even though he's facing trial for treason. he returned from exile last year. wanted to take part in elections, he found himself under arrest now. when he returned from exile to pakistan last year, he hoped to make a political comeback. it went badly wrong for him. he was not allowed to take part in last year's elections. the former general was arrested and facing a mounting series of charges, including treason. the authorities have banned musharraf from leaving pakistan. now the same high court has
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ruled that he can go. not for 15 days, and the government can appeal. mr. musharraf's lawyers hope that he might be allowed to leave earlier. given his ambitions, would he be leaving reluctantly? >> he would want to participate in political life. does not want, he to remain a convict. he wants to clear his name. that's the type of person he has come across to me. as armyal musharraf chief came to power here in a bloodless coup. he said he wanted to modernize pakistan. in one of his controversial tacklings leader, islamic extremism. the army has expressed disquiet about the former chief of staff being hauled through the courts. the former general's opponents if in theirpy,
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view, he escapes justice. his fate is back in the hands of the prime minister. abc news, karachi -- bbc news, karachi. today actress angelina jolie and the british foreign secretary joined forces to host a landmark summit in london, ending sexual violence in conflict zones. among the countries under scrutiny is south sudan on. inre has been a sharp rise sexual assault since fighting between two ethnic tribes erupted last december. the u.n. says up to 24,000 south sudanese women are at risk. karen allen has this report. >> conflict has made this woman a refugee in her own land. beneath the surface, we find another sinister threat, rape on a massive scale not seen here before.
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women here are being sexually abused, singled out because of their tribe. tens of thousands are now packed into camps. jane is breaking a taboo by speaking about sexual assault. she cowered in the grass, clutching her nine-year-old son, as her sister-in-law was gang-raped and shot dead right in front of her. >> four of them raped her. she was screaming in a loud voice. shekeep on screaming, until lose her voice. she was not able to scream again. >> 31 women were allegedly raped that day. it happened in a town that is now virtually deserted.
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when rebel forces seized the waso station, the manager forced to hand over the controls. the commander took to the airwaves, inciting men to rape women. protecting civilians is a top priority in a new u.n. mandate. attacks are taking place right outside the camps meant to provide sanctuary. this is an observation tower, and it's on the periphery of the cap. -- camp. we have had a number of cases reported to us where women claim they were raped by government soldiers behind there. one case, a woman claims that she was held, dragged through the undergrowth to a shipping container way beyond their, and repeatedly raped. >> this is not the international community's problem to fix. this is the south sudanese problem to fix. they have got to build their country, and make sure the population is safe.
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>> there are very real fears that women could be denied justice for the sake of peace. the authorities have promised action. bbc news, south sudan. of conflictfic cost there. returning to the world cup, tomorrow mexico will take to the field. go all pegging them to the way. the mexicans have done exceptionally well at the international game in recent years. jason margolis went to mexico .ity to explore the success >> these boys hope to carry on mexico's winning tradition. cupnation won the world twice in recent years. but not that world cup. mexico won the under 17 competition in 2005 and again in 2011. thatouth coach says
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triumph was a big deal for mexico. in mexico, the passion for soccer is widespread. then, women, children, they all follow soccer. ramirez now directs the prestigious academy in mexico city. some of the nation possible best young players come to train here. the boys may be mexican, but their dreams lie elsewhere. >> i want to be a professional football, hopefully in europe. and to play for mature it. that's where the best players in the world are -- madrid. that's where the best players in the world are. >> perhaps the boys don't talk about playing for the mexican team because of the team's failures. they barely qualified for this year's tournament. ramirez says that the man have to want it more. i think our mentality is what is holding us back. they are not warriors enough,
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not disciplined enough, not humble enough. in mexico, the player earns well, has a new car and a good life. he's not interested in fighting anymore. far begin playing in mexico away from manicured lawns. the man is making a television documentary about mexican football. he says there is more to the national team's failures than just money. he says the mexican men are disadvantaged because they are smaller than africans and europeans. and they don't play well together as a unit. >> mexicans and not found their style yet. the germans are very precise. argentines are strong. brazilians are smooth. mexicans do not have a style. >> still, hope springs internal in mexico. >> i think the team can make the
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quarterfinals at the world cup for sure. no other team besides brazil will have as much support in the stadium as mexico. that hopeful outlook seems to be in the minority. the boy answered the way the most did when i ask if mexico could do well at the world cup. >> [indiscernible] now, more international youth victories may be as good as it gets for mexico, unless the man can again play like they did when they were boys. >> i bet that you are wondering what is happening in that opening game of the world cup down there in brazil, which is between the host and croatia. we are in the closing minutes of that game. is 3-1 to the host brazil, a very tense beginning for brazil because it started [indiscernible] they are currently ahead 3-1. that brings today's show to a
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