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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 14, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." a cease-fire in gaza. they will consider if they will end the fighting. the judge of england votes to allow women to become bishops for the first time. a decision that has prompted controversy in celebration. china's expanding network. high-speed trains delivering a business boom. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. after a week of conflict in israel and gaza, tonight egypt has released a proposal for a
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cease-fire. it comes after a weekend of sustained rocket attacks that have seen house and the palestinians leave their home. spending their day in gaza and has just sent us this report. >> this is a typical street and a better off part of gaza. not too densely populated by local standards, but still crowded enough for one bomb to hit more than one target. a group of men chatting on a front step. the men into friends without realizing were also under israel-based surveillance. probably by the same drones that seconds later fired the missile that killed them. the recording stopped. when we arrived not long after, the family and close relatives of the prime minister was one of the neighbors was shocked and
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angry. the israeli military identified the hamas fighters. theirs was not the only blood spilled. today where it happens you can see how shrapnel spread out across the missile killing zone. his uncle said they killed him when he was in a civilian place, not fighting or in tunnels or under the borders. >> he shuns his two friends who israel says were involved in rocket fire. they were killed instantly. just a few doors up on that stuff there, three other men, neighbors in their fit these and they were killed, two. -- in their 50's. no one has claimed they were hamas fighters, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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back in gaza, a palestinian human rights campaigner said israel's strategy is hitting the homes of wanted men guaranteed innocent people would die, to. >> they know they have committed war crimes crimes against humanity, intending to destroy houses were civilians living in it. article 52 paragraph three. like the israeli bombardment went on this morning. israeli accused of not distinguishing between military and civilian targets. the israeli government has said if palestinians died, it is the fault of hamas. >> we are dealing with the fact that hamas is a terrorist group that is fashioning its own people and civilians to hide weapons and missile launchers and shoot israeli citizens.
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this was the funeral of a man who have a finance would say were involved in the business. israel calls them terrorists. until the cease-fire comes it looks as if there will be many more civilian funerals to. >> for more on the egyptian proposed cease-fire to end the fighting, i spoke a brief time ago to a reporter in cairo and ask what the chief -- what the egyptians were suggesting. >> the egyptians came up with the draft just before four in the ministers came up with an emergency meeting, an outline for a truth they want to come into effect at 6:00 tomorrow morning local time. they are calling on both sides to begin to cease hostilities at that time and want a full cease-fire to come into effect after that if the sides agree.
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if they do they are then and fighting high-level delegations from israeli and palestinians to come here to cairo for more substantial talks within 48 hours. those talks would address issues like longer-term security concerns and confidence measures. it is just a draft, a blueprint but the furthest we have seen in terms of progress in this past week in which gaza has seen so many israeli rockets falling and which rockets have been falling on israel but in which critically the palestinian death toll has been soaring. now, we do not have a firm commitment yet from either side. we are told the security will meet tomorrow morning to begin to consider the proposals but there are positive indications. an additional has described hamas as weekend. has said rockets have now been destroyed. hamas or its part has spoken of
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diplomatic movements. unofficial said they are studying the proposals. there are some indications early indications out of the proposal but it could gain traction, but we are still at a very initial stage. >> thank you. right before egypt proposed its plan for a cease-fire, i spoke to the chief palestinian representative to the united states about what it would take to stop the violence. what are the conditions under which there could be a cease-fire? rex i think in order to reach a cease-fire israel has to seize its massive campaign airstrikes and bombardments of the gaza strip. the latest figures indicate one hundred 75 palestinians have been killed. 1300 wounded. i'd of those killed, one third are women and children and three quarters are civilians. in order to give time for the different parties who are trying
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to broker this, this campaign must end. in return, the fire from the gaza strip should also be stopped. >> what are the conditions under which a cease-fire could take lace? the release of prisoners? what is it you are looking for? >> until now it is not clear. i could not really explain what are the elements needed for a successful cease-fire. each party has a different set of demands. the palestinian leadership also, in order -- they are already intervening. the president has been in touch with hamas and so many parties. >> do you really have any influence? >> it is not the unity government yet. it is formed after elections. this is a national consensus government that would not include anybody from any
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particular delegation. of course. the president has been on the phone with the head of the political bureau of hamas, and we are talking two different people and other parties as well . of course we are exerting our efforts for a cease-fire. >> palestinian's are dieting in this country. israel accusing hamas of using palestinians as a human shield. do you approve of the tactics? >> first of all, let me elaborate. we cannot be an intermediary it here. we are part of the palestinian people. they are killing innocent civilians and we have to put an end to that as soon as possible. gaza would've the more densely populated areas in the world.
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640 square kilometers, almost 1.8 million people living there. even if there were instances in which rockets were launched from within the population centers this does not justify this action by israel. >> do you think egypt could be the broker here or is that difficult now? with the new government, has everything changed? >> the egyptian president yesterday met with tony blair and tony blair met yesterday evening to brief him on the meeting. the egyptians always play an important role. i do not see any cease-fire being reached without involvement from egypt. l>> discussing the two state solution. what will break the cycle of ale peace talks followed by violence? >> very simple. israelis and palestinians must end the conflict.
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you were in gaza in 2009 following the 2008 and 2009 campaign. then we had 2012 and we happy 2014. not only in gaza but in the whole palestinian area. reaching a dignified peace is what allows them to be independent, free and sovereign. >> thank you very much. >> and other world news, ukraine says a military transport plane shot down in the east of the country was probably hit by a rocket fired from russian territory. we have not been able to independently verify these pictures but they do appear to show the plane being hit. they have made no public comment. the united states army has confirmed sergeant birdsall --
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bergdahl will return to regular duty. released in may after five years of captivity. in exchange for five taliban. the british foreign secretary has stepped down from his role amid a number of changes made by the prime minister. he has been foreign secretary for the past four years. he will stand down as a member of her lament. salvage teams in italy have refloat it -- refloateted the cost of concordia off the coast of italy. the halls were filled with compressed air to with it. it will be towed away to be scrapped. overturned by a vote of the church of england to allow women bishops. an issue that has deeply divided the church for decades.
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this comes 20 years after the church of england ordained women priests. mark easton has the latest. the leadership asked for restraint and sensitivity but those who have been campaigning for decades could not disguise their jubilation. the archbishop of york and canterbury could not resist. 20 years since the first women priests, the established church has finally agreed women could also be bishops. >> i have been campaigning for women in the church for them to be suspect did -- respected and valued. this is such a wonderful thing that has happened. >> the crucial vote was overwhelmingly in favor. >> the motion has been carried in all three houses. >> there has been unity. the church of england searching for a way to reconcile
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traditional religious beliefs and contemporary values finally held but incompatible views. this woman from canterbury was among those who feared they were rejecting the word of the bible. >> have we said the bible does not matter anymore and the world we now follow? >> the others thought the church was broad enough to embrace different viewpoints. >> the church now needs the different and special gifts of women in holy orders, not because of justice that because of our need as christians and the churches need. >> the yes vote is a triumph for the dealmaking skills of strategic thinking of the archbishop of canterbury. a former oil industry executive. the compromise was found with professional mediators and conflict management experts. opponents will be able to request a mail to show up.
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the first female bishop could be named by the end of the year. >> the lord be with you. >> and also with you. >> it may seem unremarkable these days but the idea of a women was -- woman was highly controversial just a year ago. a change church leaders agreed i would just one vote. the first woman ordained -- ordained in 1994 but more than a decade for the paved the way. in 2012 the ruling body voted down the proposal, supporters losing out by six votes. the archbishop of canterbury said the church of england lost the measure of credibility that day. this famous picture shows the anguish of one supporter. >> this was in our chamber last time. it really made canterbury angry. the tone this time was very much
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more welcoming. >> one church, one faith the hymn says. this was a historic vote to keep the church of england together to reconcile beliefs ancient. >> mark easton reporting now for what is a big day for the church of england. eight years after the first pitch up was elected in the united states. you are watching bbc world news tonight. more needs to be done to flee the more than 300 girls seem more than three months ago. it has been 100 years since the first commercial air flight and the air show in england is commemorating how the aviation industry has evolved since then. it is there that we filed this report on the last century. >> on the first of january, 1914 the simple airboat biplane made
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of wood piloted by 25-year-old tony janice carried them to st. petersburg, florida as a paying passenger and together they flew into aviation history. things moved quickly after that. oil, dutch and kale took to the sky making it the oldest carriers still flying today. soon the great flying boats used by britain's imperial airway and pan am had introduced true aviation linking europe to karachi and san francisco to manila. when the first kangaroo is between australia and england opened, a ticket costs the average two-year salary. today about a week's wage. only in the 1970's the commercial aviation truly open to to the world. the boeing 747 was the first widebodied aircraft. it offered long-haul travels for
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the masses. today airlines carry more than 3 billion passengers per year. not just people. last year they transported $6.4 trillion worth of argo. that is a third of all global trade. >> it has also been 100 years since the beginning of the first world war. in paris commemorations were combined with a steal day celebrations. bastille day marks the start of the french revolution in 1789. >> three months now since nearly 300 schoolgirls were abducted by militants in nigeria trumpeting international outrage and huge social media campaign.
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today the pakistani schoolgirl campaigning in nigeria urging extremists to free the girls. she was shot by the taliban in two years ago and has been meeting some of the kidnapped schoolgirls. we report from paris. >> they were an unlikely match. she a third of his age physically tiny, he and the hacked, his political trademark. president jonathan clearly not expected she would be so tough and focused. he promised to do his best to get the missing girls back and meet the parents, something he has not yet done. this whole business has been a profound and there is meant for president jonathan, which is why journalists like me were not allowed into the meeting in case we might have called out questions to him about why there does not seem to be any progress on getting the girls free. afterwards i pointed out the
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president promised to meet the parents and free the girls. >> he said to make sure it is a possibility. >> before this, she met several of the parent herself. a powerful link between them. >> is a motion brought to mind their own experiences. the parents believe the government simply does not care about them. suppose our daughters were the children of someone important he asks. they still beat visitors and the forest after 90 days.
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the authorities insist they are working hard to free the girls. >> the level of deployment through the search. with the level of cooperation we believe we will find a solution. >> he told me a great deal more needed to be done. flex>> this country has called the president their father. the father has a responsibility to take care of his children. this is the future generation. and you ignore these girls, it means you're not thinking about the future of the country. >> he met a small group of girls with an kidnapped with the others but had succeeded in escaping. the depressing fact is after three long months, the only kidnapped girls who are freed
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now are the ones who managed to get away themselves. >> lending her powerful voice to the campaign to bring back the girls. china has a larger network that the entire european union or the united states. the network set to double by 2020. it is a big part of the economic strategy in china. and notably countries to trade directly with central asia and europe. our china editor reports from chengdu. >> asia's biggest railcar base in southwest china. each of the container is filled with computers closed even cars.
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until recently everything went east to shanghai and then europe by sea. now heading west to pull cutting the journey time from six week 22. the logistics boss tells me west china has always suffered economically from having terrible transport links with the world. >> strengthening the connection will speed up and industrial transformation and boost global competitiveness. >> high tech are getting the message. not just hardware but software is moving in. jacob maynard works with markets in europe and north america. >> the transformation has been revolutionary. it has opened up a lot of opportunities to come out here. before it was a nightmare. now it has opened up. more convenient to go west and east. >> until recently, china has
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always relied on foreigners for railway engineering. even a decade ago it was european know-how that started to move into high-speed rail. now china builds its own. tonight the technology is stolen from others. >> one of china's new generation of bullet trains already 12,000 kilometers of high-speed track and once to die in -- double that by the end of the decade. critics worry about corruption, safety and the price tagged. this has already cost 500 billion dollars. the government is not listening. they want to exploit the technology a broad. >> chinese media call him the railway salesman. the prime minister pushing for contracts whenever he goes abroad. here in the u.k. last month. china has already won high-speed
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is ms. elsewhere in europe. ambition does not stop there. west across china through central asia, a train straight to your rep. the ultimate goal for the china's railway builders. at home, the bullet trains averaging 300 kilometers per hour. if they could match that on a track to europe, london or paris could be only two days away. in a decade this railway newcomer has come from the back of the pack to undercut and eight market leaders on their own doorstep. >> extraordinary. that brings today show to a close. find much more on our website. for all of us here come and thank you for watching and please tune in tomorrow.
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>> >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, and union bank. and charles schwab. >> there is a saying around here, you stand behind what you say. around here you do not make excuses. you make commitments. when you cannot live up to them, you own up and make it right. some people think he kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets has gone missing in places where it is needed most. i know you will still find it when you know where to look. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce.
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