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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 27, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses
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and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america." crimes inferior. the unfccc regime of heinous acts and the islamic state of recruiting child soldiers. and afghanistan politics are a mess after both presidential candidate a lot of about inquiry, leaving the country into even greater than -- limbo. lawrence and henry who have been married 80 years. so, did they ever think it would last that long? i did not think it would last a
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week. [laughter] >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. in syrias in the war are committing unimaginable atrocities according to united nations investigators. the report says they have held frequent public executions, which they forced even children to watch. at the same time, the u.n. says this. government has continued new -- continue to use. weapons against its opponent. tothe outside world has been three years observing the syrian war. this was this morning as it became the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe. recruited i the islamic state. -- by islamic state.
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a boy seems to be shooting this howitzer. clear frontays is a to civilians. >> among the most disturbing findings are large camps were children, mostly boys from the age of 14 are recruited -- recruited and trained to fight in the ranks of isis along with all bolts. -- along with adults. >> the syrian regime also condemned. air forcee notorious intelligence detention facility in damascus. pictures have emerged of detainees who died under torture. the syrian regime, the report says, is also committing war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity. the un's report says the war has morphed into multiple come is
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shifting reports. have caused civilians immeasurable suffering. it says government forces have systematically committed murder, forced, rape and disappearance and have used chlorine gas is a lethal weapon. omittedbel group's have massacres and war crimes. recruiting and using children in hostilities. the u.n. says the international community has failed 30 civilians but the rise is causing new urgency and alarm. the united states, which is attacking is in iraq is considering joining forces in syria. it is much more embedded with the civilian population and will be extremely difficult to attack targets in
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the area without causing casualties.civilian >> after three years of described -- destruction and killing the rise of the islamic state seems finally to convince the west the spreading severity -- civilian war is a direct rip to its interest. jeremy bowen, bbc news. >> for more on what it would take to defeat an islamic state, member of the national security working group and joined me from pennsylvania. you look at the u.n. report that suggest the islamic state has recruited child soldiers and had them in the training camps. it makes the white house how situations about how to attack the islamic state all that more complicated, doesn't it? i think what we need and the administration is trying to fashion now and have to it
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elevate the development is a comprehensive strategy. the airstrikes have had an impact when they are coupled with a fighting force on the ground. butome cases iraqi forces mostly the kurdish forces. i think we also have to consider a whole range of other strategies. is financial support, which is really be the most may finance terrorist organization ever because they are part terrorist organization, parts army. and there are criminal organizations that smuggling and using resources like oil and gas on the black market to provide a steady stream of finance. toyou have written a letter the white house urging the president to as you say make clear to countries in the region
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that continues financial support of isis could lead to financial penalties for citizens of those countries. which countries are you referring to? >> could be several but no question when i read today in the newspaper that the administration had a coalition effort, including the saudi's and britainns itself, i was glad to see turkey on that list. unfortunately some of the path fromfor jihadist to go europe or another part of the world into syria or iraq tends to be through countries like turkey. turkey has a major role to play in interjecting and stopping the flow of terrorists, and also a real stabilizing force in the region. countries do you think are directly responsible
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for helping the islamic state financially? which other countries are you referring to? >> it is difficult to be precise . there is certainly reporting in turkey. are lot of days the turks working with us to ensure they are helping in the effort. if this is not a broad and comprehensive strategy to cut off the finances, to target isis with the airstrikes based upon good surveillance and info, as well as the coalition effort the administration is leading, it will be very difficult to begin with. >> a year ago you said you would support of airstrikes in syria. would you support them again now? you are suggesting you would. what specifically with the goal of the military airstrikes be?
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>> it is more complicated this year in the sense that last year the debate was the use of chemical weapons by this. regime, which you just reported is now starting up against. that is one question. the other question, is it a good policy for us to be targeting isis within syrian territory? you almost have two questions when it comes to airstrikes. if the intel tells us and surveillance we are conducting tells us we can strike isis in have a substantial impact, i certainly support it. that has to be based upon intelligence, which is difficult to gather within. . >> thank you for joining me. in afghanistan, yet another setback and resolving the disputed presidential elections. havecanada who took part
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now withdrawn service from a u.n. supervised audit. the process was part of a u.s. brokered deal to defuse tensions. now continuing the audit alone from kabul. >> tensions are high as afghanistan still struggles to find a winner in an election that begin with the first round back in april. reiner fights the train rival party workers are almost a daily adventure bench where the recount is taking place. candidates has walked out, saying fraud has not been dealt with. decided to has boycott the election process. process.prolonging the that is their problem. we and our team will withdrawal
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ourselves from the fight. >> the audit will go ahead without the other candidate either. there was a presidential style meeting with the head of u.s. armed forces. he has agreed to a un's request to pullout of the process. they say they want a level playing field. the most powerful ally is this .ormer warlord it is now a successful businessman and governor of the northern province. by mementosnded from his past as a guerrilla commander. if the fraud goes on, threatening a wave of protests. if that does not work, what he calls an orange movement, effectively a revolution. >> if they are not clever enough to listen to the voice of the people, we will start an orange movement. there will be a wave of people.
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meeting supporters from across in the land for my life is so often broken out, that may not be possible. they're notd if listen to, then they will do what they have done against the russians and taliban, they will do the same thing against a fraudulent government. rumhe decision to withdraw observing the election audit process means many afghans will never accept it. it makes major street protests far more likely. >> the breakdown in law and order would only encourage the taliban and make international headlines more quickly. failure to deal with the fraud here could have catastrophic consequences. >> for more on the impact, he
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served as the ambassador to canada and france and now at the new america foundation. what do you want to say to your countrymen in afghanistan? >> what i would want to tell them is we have reached the moment point, a critical or afghanistan. i think the demand by at villa - fair to some.m the u.s. wants to continue with the process regardless of who is participating and who is not. i think the u.n. has responsibility to make sure the two sides return to the table. to finish the recount and validation. this is what started with of the love he cut he had been telling the u.n. for a long time -- ab dullah because he had been telling what his criteria was
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but that did not work out according to demand. >> i want to point out the political uncertainty is emboldening the taliban. do you think that is right? past fewliban over the months have taken advantage of this political pension. have been active in 15 afghan provinces. having said this, not having a credible election, not having a result that is acceptable to most afghans and can ensure a little cold stability can be -- arous because we have lot of people were very angry. they think the election commission did not do their job properly and out the u.n. is in the hot seat because everyone is looking at the u.n. and international community to fix the problem. >> they were suggesting this
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does raise the prospect of more street protests. you have to tell the band and bold and. is there any possibility that afghanistan can emerge from the process as a country that is relatively stable and peaceful as we look at the prospect of international forces? >> everyone in afghanistan obviously is looking for a peaceful and transparent and credible process. what we have sat -- had is a process -- process full of loss. a smaller window open, and i think the afghan leaders need to step out of -- i think president karzai needs to step out of the ring quickly because he seems to be in the ring with the candidate's and has not played the role everyone expected him to play. i think the u.n. should also be impartial as possible, and the two candidates need to not only work on technical problems that
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exist, but also finished the political deal they are signed up to. >> thank you for joining us. >> a look at the other news now from around the world. heavy fighting taking place in southeast ukraine when pro-russian levels -- rebels seized the town. it lies on the keep port city. ukrainian officials said the villages have come under heavy shelling. three people have been reportedly killed in the city after shells at the main street. israel and the palestinians have both claimed victory after that declaration of a long-term cease-fire in gaza. the israeli prime minister went on television to say hamas had its hit hard with none of demands excepted. he added israel will respond vigorously against further rocket fire if the cease-fire is not observed. hamas holding a victory rally of its own in gaza.
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praising the fountain -- families of all the relatives who had died during the seven week conflict. trucks have now crossed into gaza from israel and egypt. the first time they have done so from egypt in seven years. world newsching "bbc america." arel to come, the taps running dry in california where a drop is causing people to dig deep for new solutions. the head of the international monetary fund, christine lagarde, under formal investigation in france that dates back to her days as the france prime minister. this is that they spewed -- thestreet over the sportswear company adidas. -- at dispute is the sportswear company adidas. most powerfuls woman, christine lagarde returning to her job at the imf
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under formal investigation. the focus, an arbitration panel set up during her time at -- as france's prime minister which ruled the state paid a business than 400 million euros in lossesation for alleged in an earlier deal. that ruling in 2008 spark questions about his political influence and whether his support of the former president has led to special treatment. the investigation that followed was welcomed. concern for the investigation underway. we are a democracy. i obviously want all of these questions to be clarified. i have every confidence in the process, at least because my conscious is perfectly clear. >> formal investigation implies a more formal inquiry but does not always lead to charges or
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trial. she has said she will appear against the decisions. several others including former chief of staff, have artie been placed under similar investigation. in bristol, england, the rare and highly valuable work of the street artist has given new life to a boys club in his hometown. the mural was sold for $600,000 at auction after a full dispute over who it belonged to the fund helped avoid foreclosure. california is suffering from the worst drought in a century. taps are running dry. authorities are drilling ever deeper and more often in search of groundwater but having little success. it is a problem many say will only get worse. >> nothing. lex two months ago olivia
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fergus's taps ran dry. the ground water level dropped the on the reach of her well. now only air comes out. and if she is not alone. >> i never thought it was going to happen to me. i was washing dishes and i just heard a noise like air coming out. here i come outside and there was no water at all. >> hundreds of households affected. then he cannot afford to dig deeper wells. -- many cannot afford to dig deeper wells. >> it is really hard. farmers, two.e this rig is digging a well 400 meters deep. it costs half $1 million.
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without rain, tapping groundwater is the only way to keep crops alive. with unregulated drilling, no one knows how long it will last and the laws of farmers want wells. like it is booming right now. probably triple the normal workload. we are booked out for 12-13 months. if you do not drill wells and farmers cannot farm the land, it will go back like originally was. >> california central valley is one of the most rich agricultural areas on the planet. the trees need water and the farmers say the government must build more was a farce. >> i have done a great job of increasing the population that have paid no heed to the infrastructure support for doubling the population we had in 30 years. i cannot tell you if there is
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climate change or if it is a new normal. i cannot predict it. decisions make any based on guessing what the weather will be for the next 10 years. >> sometimes the best way to make measurements is from space. here at the jet propulsion laboratory. >> satellites being used to track groundwater reserves across the world. the data collected shows california is in big trouble. >> it is really bad. it is bad because we are seeing a tremendous loss of groundwater in the central valley. fourerage two to kilometers per year. most of that groundwater. i expect it will accelerate over the next year because of the severity of the draft. i absolutely expect this will become the new normal.
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itwhere we are standing should be underwater. this is just a fraction of the capacity. it is a third lower than it would normally be at this time of year. until the rains come and the reservoirs fill up again, the farmers will continue to rely on precious groundwater to feed their crops. until there is nothing left. >> now, to a couple who has more than list of the test of time, reaching the 50th wedding anniversary is not enough but they have been together for 80 years. the couple from northern england are both more than 100 themselves. they met when helen was just 15. what is the secret to their success? a lifetime spent having the time of their lives. maurice and helen
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believe they have been dealt the luckiest of hands. celebrating 80 years of marriage. lex i did not think it would last a week. helen 101, one, -- maurice 102. >> after about three hours my mother said to me, who is going to throw him out, you or me? >> it was love at first sight. they courted for four years and married on this day in 1934. >> what is the secret of this long marriage? >> we are pretty tolerant of each other and we do love each other. >> the most useful thing is i agree with her. >> that is not true. ago in 1934 bread
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was $.10 a loaf. theirever once forgot anniversary and shared everything. >> you mustn't be hard on each other. you have to give in a little bit so you give in a little bit. >> for generations of family have come from 80 years of marriage, known as an oak wedding anniversary. fruits,e the longest of grounded in the deepest of affection. >> do you still love each other? >> oh, yes. >> duncan kennedy, bbc news. that is a couple who still looks like they're having fun together. they look amazing.
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100 two. amazing. that brings the show to a close. much more on our website. from all of us here, thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you to the business
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