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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 28, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is bbc world news america. >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation giving all profits from newman's own to charity in pursuing the common good and union bank. years, we believed a commercial bank owes its clients strength, stability, security. we believe in keeping lending standards high am a capital
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ratios high, credit ratings high. expected it then. doing right, it's just good business. union bank. >> and now "bbc world news america." this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. the turkish prime minister says they will not be putting boots on the ground to fight the islamic state. the battle for the syrian town of kobane rages on. toll in >> people are going into these ebola treatment centers. some of them are simply disappeared without a trace. until thek to go midterm elections. we are in new hampshire were
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some top names are flying in to rally support. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. fromht, about 150 fighters kurdistan are on their way to join in the battle against the islamist date to the town of kobane. to get there, they will travel through turkey. here is her report. four weeks, serious kurdish fighters have been outgunned and outnumbered by the so-called islamist state on the turkish border.
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waves have stopped the town from falling but have not saved it. the eyes of the world have been on turkish tanks symbolizing its refusal to enter this fight. pressure, the turkish prime minister set down for a rare interview to make his case. surprised and shocked and some international media expecting turkey should do something should define what turkey should do. if the turkish military goes into kobane, many of the media or international parties would criticize, but if other countries, americans, europeans want to send their troops, they never said no. >> they said repeatedly that they will not send. if they do not want to send
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ground troops, how can they expect turkey to send troops? allies want access to their air bases but the prime minister was categorical. turkey will not get involved in military operations unless the u.s.-led coalition also targets resident assad's forces in other parts of syria. why is it so symbolic for us? just art oft to be the game to satisfy for a few , investing in public opinion just to save kobane. > save thee want to syrian people regardless of sick arian background. the brutal kobane, war is in its fourth year.
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demand fort standing a no-fly zone is now gaining ground. but no one agrees on how to help syrians end this war. bbc news, istanbul. the battle on against islamist state, i spoke with a senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council on foreign relations. had the turkish prime minister asking what seems to be a fair question. why should he commit ground troops when the u.s. and its european allies won't do the same? >> the idea behind the turkish ground troops is that kobane and isis are on turkey's doorstep. certainly, they have reason to be concerned about committing ground forces. in theay be retaliation turkish streets and they don't believe that the western strategy, as it said out really deals with the problem in the
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problem from their perspective is the assad regime. >> they have called for assad to go and the western strategy to include that but there is not a meeting of minds between washington and istanbul. >> there is not. the turks have pursued a principled position on assad must go but themselves, they have not been willing to do too much. they've called for the u.s. and western hours to bring assad down but they have not offered their territory to do that. they said please bring him down but do it from other countries, jordan for example. >> they are on their way from peshmerga. of a concession is that to travel through their territory? >> he said he would not permitted to happen but it is an effort on the part of the turks to shore up their iraq he turkish allies. they did not fare very well against isis over the summer and now there didn't thrown in the
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battle inco bonnie -- in kobane . they believe it will help lyrically. >> how well they help with the only kurdish nationals? >> this is all very complicated. one of the main interest here is in fact suppressing kurdish nationalism within turkey that does not preclude an alliance with iraq you kurds who are helping them or at least had been helping them any peace process. >> the turkish prime minister said his idea of a no-fly zone is gaining traction. >> it's not entirely true. basically what he's talking about are some positive signals from the u.s. state department in particular from secretary john kerry. the pentagon and the white house has said it's not really an option for the united states. >> do you think it will make a difference now? in otherid not do well
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areas. the hope is the combination of pkk,urdish peshmerga, the all of these kurdish groups can make a difference. >> how key is turkey strategically in the region and all of this? >> they aren't extraordinarily important power in the region. their power has deteriorated markedly primarily because of its position with regards to egypt and the coup. they are not distinguishing themselves in the current fight with regard to iraq and syria because they've been so reluctant to take the kind of america and its arab allies believe are necessary to defeat the islamist state. >> stephen cole, thank you so much for joining us. upight, the u.s. is stepping security of buildings in washington. in a statement, the secretary of homeland security said given world events, prudence tates
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heightened vigilance. in other news now from around the world, thousands of people in hong kong have turned up for a rally outside of the government headquarters to mark one month of protests. they have observed 87 seconds of silence for the time they fired tear gas on protesters. they are calling for full democratic elections in hong kong. people living on hawaii's big island are preparing to evacuate as the lava creeps closer. it is moving at about nine meters per hour and has already reached the first home. that hass this volcano been erupting continuously since 1983. the second dallas nurse who became infected with ebola while treating an iberian patient who later died was released from a hospital in atlanta. hours later, president obama praised health care workers saying those who go to africa should be applauded and thanks because only a response there
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will stop the virus at its source. among the countries hardest hit is liberia. last week, we brought you the story of a woman taken from her home suffering from symptoms of the disease but they have been trying to discover her fate. this is how it ends. how a daughter bid farewell to her mother and even after death, ebola robs it to the dems of their dignity. followed her and her ambulance crew as they went in to remove a suspected ebola patient from her home. every day, she comes face-to-face with this terrible reality of ebola. the patient is lying on a mattress. it is stained with her sweat and other bodily fluids. it is soaked with the virus.'s name is
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her boyfriend ran off when her symptoms became acute. she is 38 years old. she's fighting for her life. we spoke to one of her housemates. us she is a food seller at the local market. she has no children, no family in monrovia at all. is put in the ambulance and driven away. amid the chaos of the outbreak, health facilities have become overloaded and people are becoming difficult to trace. two days later, we go off in search of annie. we visit one of the main ebola treatment centers run by the world health organization. we are looking for a patient -- was brought into they tell me they cannot say anything citing patient
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confidentiality. are havingmily trouble finding their relatives once they are admitted. this neighborhood has been hard hit i the outbreak. -- hit by the outbreak. his sons developed ebola-like symptoms stake prehospital and vanished. i searched everywhere, she says. i checked the lists of all of the clinic and they were not there. thea has already claimed lives of her husband and three other children. desperately against the yards, she clings to the hope that her two sons may have survived. if they tell me my children are dead, she says, i will accept that. i just need to know.
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isolated case. we've heard other stories both in this neighborhood and other relatives,nrovia of loved ones disappearing. what's happening is people are going into these ebola treatment centers and some of them are simply disappearing without a trace. annie continues. we are driving across town to find the nurse who put her on the stretcher and took her to a treatment center. she should be able to tell us which one. on the way, we are overtaken by a pickup truck laden by orange body bags. she has been attacked while collecting another ebola patient. you look like you are limping a bit. they fear the treatment centers. they fear disappearing and never coming back. butis in pain, she says,
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her suit was not ripped in the assault so she should be safe from the virus. she said she delivered her to a clinic run by the charity. we are trying to find her and we cannot. after 4:30 p.m. >> did she regained consciousness at all? >> she was very bad off. best runbably the facility in town. if she is there, she will be in good hands. when we call nss, they say no one by that name has been admitted. back to her neighborhood. it's an area controlled by gangs and former soldiers. sellingrned her living beans, spaghetti, and milk. we are looking for her housemates.
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make contact with her and she agrees to meet us outside the home she shares. the people from the hospital called, she said. she did not make it. annie died the day after being admitted. the mattress on which she struggled to the last days of her life has been dragged out to the yard. the rest of her belongings have been dumped behind an outhouse. she has no plans to move out of the house they shared. life goes on. annie is no longer one of the missing as she grows the growing list of the dead. the outbreak shows no sign of abating. reporting gatehouse on one of almost 5000 victims of ebola in west africa.
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you're watching "bbc world news america." a dangerouse, passage to europe. taking two egyptian waters hoping to escape but thousands playing with their lives. a british man who saved the lives of more than 600 jewish children during world war ii has been honored. nicholas winter arranged for trains to take the children out of occupied czechoslovakia. in prague console, a fanfare for an ordinary man to whom so many oh so much. -- in prague castle. he reached out to pluck the most vulnerable from danger. 1938 whilst in a visit to prague, he became aware of the threat facing jewish families as hitler's armies drew closer. working with the british and
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zcech authorities, he wanted to rescue as many children as he could. eight trains traveled the 700 miles to the british isles who agreed to look after the children. every day here in london, thisands of travelers pass reminder of his achievements. it was here in liverpool that friendlyt set foot on soil. nicholas himself never sought recognition. he is a modest man. he said he simply did what anyone would have done. >> i wanted to give everybody the opportunity to exaggerate everything in the way they are doing today. the country where the story began cannot forget and cannot ignore a hero. he is returning to his quiet life with another reminder of
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the love and respect that will follow him home. robert hall, bbc news. ♪ >> an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants reaching europe by sea, the european union is about to begin its biggest ever exercise to determine migrants. 3000 have died trying to cross the mediterranean this year and aid agencies say the number of drownings could increase. it by80,000 have made sea, three times as many as last year. a growing number apart from the northern coast of egypt as we report now from alexandria. alexandria, called the pearl of the mediterranean. once the center of learning and
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culture, now an illegal gateway .o europe sources say traffickers use this harbor when the coast is clear. it's one of about 20 apart your points in northern egypt. when the migrants arrive here, they are put on fishing boats. these take them out to a larger vessel in international waters. they wait there for two to three days while hundreds of people got on board. it's only when the ship is packed that they began the voyage to italy and then they are at the mercy of the traffickers of the open seas. this amateur video is alleged to show syrian refugees who fled war at home facing terror on the ocean. here, a para less transfer at sea. these migrants were said to be
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hoping to reach sweden. we don't know if they survived the trip. those richard here are believed to have perished. one palestinian family. 23 of them left egypt in early september. they are among the 500 people thought to have drowned. traffickers rammed their boat after a dispute. now, he has only his pictures and his memories. his family was driven from gaza friday -- from hamas but had endless problems in egypt so his loved ones turned to the traffickers. >> i was completely against it. but they kept saying there was no future here or back home in
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gaza. he had this dream to get to europe and to have a decent life for themselves. said we hope to god that we will be united one day. we hope to hear that they are all right. >> abu knows his family made it to safety. he is syrian and asked us to hide his face. his four-year-old daughter is now at school in germany. his wife and children left alexandria on a trafficker's boat and july. he could not afford the 1200 pounds fair but has already to cross thes mediterranean. to arrange. easy
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it is a chain. ofan't say i'm not afraid the crossing, but if i give them money, i'm going to try again. campaigners here say these are friendly seas for people smugglers who are expanding their trade. authority admits only one trafficker has been sentenced to jail in the past five years but says the law is not strong enough. bbc news, alexandria. >> the desperation that drives migrants. back here in the united states, just one week to go until the election. at stake is control of the u.s. senate. it is simply too close to call. nationalround on
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issues like ebola and the islamist state. will that be enough to snatch the seat from democratic hands? for answers, we traveled to the granite state. >> the veterans hall in new hampshire at election time. the natural habitat. even though he hails from arizona, this feels like a homecoming. at presidential candidate the first in the nation primary. he is campaigning for scott brown from massachusetts who has crossed the state line in a bid to abide his political career. they believe focusing on national security is the way to do it. >> if you want to change the direction of our state and country, you want to make sure that our allies trust us. you want to make sure that our foes fear and respect us. i want the united states to be
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respected, feared. and i want the ability to be the leader to help restore america. >> the republicans have been hammering home on the president's reckless foreign policy. countryeft the vulnerable to all manner of threats they claim whether it's from ebola were the islamist state. this war and focus has helped brand. americansericans see being beheaded, it gets the american people's attention and that is reflected in the polls. >> a don't call us the granite state for nothing. i never backed down from a fight for the people of new hampshire. >> a former governor trying to tap into the state pride motto, liveby the free or die. in an electoral landscape, whenever you nationalize or internationalize the race, you come up against that stubborn old adage that all politics is local. regards this farmer who
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scott brown as a blow in from out of state, what americans call it carpetbagger. >> i voted for jeanne shaheen when she was governor. she cares about the state. she takes care of us, you know? where did scott brown come from? he apparently did not make it in massachusetts so he's trying his luck here. we need him to go back to massachusetts. let us keep our own new hampshire natives here. >> they have always loved a close contest whether it is a full body contact all it takes or touch football. a small state has long had a disproportionate stay about who ends up in the right hand but is crucial in determining which party controls the senate. nick brown, bbc news, new hampshire. state bringing today show to a close but you can find much more on our website. for me and most of the bbc team, visit us on twitter. from all of us here on "world
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news america," thank you for joining and please do turn in tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, and union bank. at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: president obama is warning state quarantine rules could undermine efforts to stop the spread of ebola. we look at how the epidemic is affecting business and trade worldwide. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. and i'm judy woodruff, also ahead this tuesday: the money, the finger-pointing, and the hostile t.v. ads in north carolina's hotly contested race that could help decide control of the senate. >> it's kind of depends on how you view politics. some people view it as a sport, right? so it's my team verse your team, so whoever has the most money can have a better ground game, because now you need money for television, print, social media and everything else.


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