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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  PBS  November 23, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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from washington, "the mclaughlin group." the carrest immediates, hardest talk. >> issue one, immigration showdown. >> so we're going to offer the following deal. if you've been america for more then five years, if you have children who are american citizens or local residents if you register, pass a criminal background check and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes. you'll be able it apply to stay in this country without fear of deportation. you cran get out of the shadows. >> president obama then reminded the american people about the origins of our
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nation. >> my fellow americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. we were strangers once, too. ed whether our forbearers were strangers who crossed the atlantic or the pacific or the rio grand, we are here only because this country will comed -- welcomed them in and taught them to be an american is more than what we look like, what our last names are or how we worship. what makes us america is a shared commitment to an ideal that all of us are created equal and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will. >> the question, is the president right. is this executive action american idealism in action. pat buchanan. >> we're also a nation of laws and we have a consz stewings. barack obama has said legally he did not have the legal or
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constitutional authority. he is behaving as a rogue president. he's di viegd the republicans, no doubt about it. he's sticking it into their face after their victory and saying i'm going to do what i want to do. the problem is he has poise sound the well with the republicans for the next two years. maybe he thought there was no alternative. i think, this will be, along with obamacare, one of the signal achievements of the ocean. i think it's going to back fire on him politically and i think it's going to back fire on the democratic party. >> i think it's a huge step this president has taken, not only for the 4 million lives who will be affected and among us taking care of our children, mowing our lawns, doing all kinds of work. it's an appropriate policy step. he cited a number of
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presidents, republican and democratic presidents have taken. the only difference this is a larger group of people. the country is larger and the immigrant population has drone. the republicans have an easy answer. they can pass their own bit. the congress isn't working. the republicans have methodically have made sure ever since they took over the house in 2010. now they're paying the price for that because power will move to the executives and the courts. if congress can't get it back together, i think the president is right to take action and not let these huge problems continue to fester. >> the issue here is this is the full circle of the presidential candidate of 2008 about changing the tone of washington. it's executive overreach to a huge degree. whether the president's policy is right, it's not right in procedure, and i think it's a great disservice, not just to the executive branch and this
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presidency himself but also a notion of american law. you have to remember this is a harvard law graduate who has done this in such a disdaneful way and he has poisoned the well. barn and mcconnell -- boehner and mcconnell were talking about opportunities going forward and now i just don't see it happening. >> i sit here as an immigrant myself coming from a different country and i was fortunate to be able to get into this country and stayed here ever since, obviously. i think it's a great opportunity for people to do that, but the way i did it, of course, was the legal way. i think this will have to be taken into account. there will be, i suspect some legitimate support for what he's doing but politically, i think it's a huge, huge mistake because he has now poisoned the well of his relationship with congress for the rest of his
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presidency and that, it seems to me, there will be repercussions and very difficult issues that come new this country that will not be able to resolve because of the hostility. >> excuse me. the well was already poise sound. the republicans made a decision early on to oppose everything the president did. if they disagree with it we might not confirm an attorney general, any of your issues. that's like a third grader's response. that's like stomping your feet and holding your breath. you think the country will reward that? they will only argue with him on procedure. they won't argue with him on the substance of what he has done because what he has done is correct. >> if you can't get it through the congress of the united states, you cannot do it unilaterally. he told them for years i can't do this, fellows.
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i would like this do it, but i can't. it's unconstitutional. he's a constitutional lawyer. >> help didn't include the parents of the dreamers. they have careful legal back. there's been no successful action taken on the extension of legality of the dreamers. we don't have a rogue president. we have a rogue congress, if anything. >> what about the optics of it. he's alone, enters a door, walks down a hallway. take as position. >> you guys can get around this. you can pass a bill. in other words i'm going to do it, but if you pass a bill you can get it done yourself. help doesn't have the authority to do it. >> you remember a movie called "high noon." >> gary cooper. >> he went into a city and his life was in danger.
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>> he had a badge on. no one backed him up except for grace kelly. >> he walked down the street and waited for someone to take a shot. >> frank miller. >> you think there are overtones of that? >> i don't know some how or another i didn't think of that. i'm missing something, john. >> reminded me of gary cooper. upunderstand? >> no gary cooper did not come to mind. >> he was ready to move. >> he would have been is the down except grace kelly shot the guy. >> okay. republican response. >> in response to president obama's executive action on immigrant reform, including granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, republicans are gearing up for a fight. one proposal that's gathering
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steam is to prevent president obama from funding the documentation prerequisites of his amnesty, namely preventing funding for formal i.d.'s and social security numbers that would allow illegal immigrants to find work and receive benefits under federal and state laws. tom cotton explains. >> we are fully funded our military spending bills, the last six years and put restrictions on what the president can do in terms of transferring terrorists. yet not let the president use taxpayer dollars to get social security numbers and work permits to illegal immigrants. >> how will president obama respond. >> they filed their lawsuit on obamacare and try to piggy back this on as well. this will be a major talking point in the republican primary. there will be a show of hands.
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will everyone take the vow to overturn the executive order. maybe there will be one or two who won't take that vow. if jeb bush is in that lineup, maybe that will make him stand out and he will give us a different republican party but this is going to define the republican party going ahead for good or for ill. >> i think pat is right in the sense it will fracture the republican party. you see ted cruz using it for '16. my real issue it has burned those bridges with boehner and mcconnell. they did exist after mid-terms. that was under a lot of pressure from tea party. now the president e selectionly -- essentially have told them get lost, i'm not interested. good-bye, congress. >> you remember my question? i think the residue of this is
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very negative for this country. i think it's going to be extremely difficult to address a lot of issues as a result of the breakdown in whatever constructive relationship would have existed between the president and congress. that is not what the president ought to be doing. >> i think what you're doing is a breakdown in democracy between the two branches, who will be at war with each other on everything except what is essential. >> in april republican house speaker john boehner mocked his on colleagues for rejecting immigration reform. >> the appetite amongst my colleagues for doing this is not real good. here's the attitude. oh, don't make me don't this.
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oh, this is too hard. >> the question, speaker boehner right? is it just quote, unquote too hard for republicans in the house to pass immigration reform reform. tom? no. but the president has made it a lot harder. senator rubio going out on will limb. there have been republicans willing to buck the trend. >> took back the limb. he backed away from it. >> boehner and mcconnell. >> boehner promised the president for a year that he would take it up. finally he went to the president and said i can't do it. the president said if you can't do it, then i will. this is a campaign president this president cannot walk away from. >> john, there is a war inside the republican party. the corporate republicans, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, those guys, they would like it get it off the table. they don't have any problem with it. it's the base of the problem and the base of middle america.
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they're losing a country because they have this unchecked across the border and the commander in chief won't do anything about it. >> middle america will be looking a lot different over the coming years. nobody's coming across the border anymore. we don't have a good economy. people overstay their visas. >> is this immigration executive action within the president's proper authority or does it exceed the president's proper authority. pat buchanan? >> it's an impeachable act but they should not impeach them. >> congress can decide who is eligible for citizen ship. the president is using his pros cue toral authority. >> the president is supposed to be a president. this is an unmitigated insult to american constitutional law, and it is. >> i agree. i think it is a fundamental
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disruption in the way our government was supposed to work. >> i share your view. >> terror in jerusalem. >> the jerusalem on tuesday was the scene of a horrific slaughter. two palestinians murdered, four rabbis and an israeli police officer at a west jerusalem sin na gosmght three -- synagogue. the attackers were then shot dead by israeli security forces. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu condemned the attack. >> angered by israel's revival of the practice of doe industrying homes belonging to
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palestinian assailants, palestinian president mahmoud abbas denied the attacks at the synagogue. palestinians are furious at ongoing elements of the right to dpean prayer right -- gain prayer rights. at present only muslims are allowed to pray at the site. despite this, he said it won't change. palestinians are using it to justify attacks and jerusalem is suffering. in october, two separate incidents, palestinian drivers rammed central jerusalem killing a total of four people, including a 3-month-old baby.
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the question, has the violence in jerusalem crossed a new threshold. mark? >> yes, it certainly has. with you saw there was pan absolute -- an absolutely outrageous attack on pel in -- people in prayer. this was an absolute massacre of innocent people. that has escalated the tension between the arab communities and the jewish communities there that we will are a see -- we're going to is lot of fallout. >> it's targeting religion and not just the israeli state. is that true? >> no certainly, the israeli state, to provide a home for the juice after what happened -- jews after what happened to them. hebrew is their regular language. the majority of the population is jewish, without question. there's a group who are
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orthodox and a number of them were killed. it's mercyless. >> look, you've got the political, the war in gaza, the atrocities, kids being lynched basically and new this here rec thing that happened horrific thing that a -- horrific thing that happened in the synagogue. whether you will get an agreement between the israelis and palestinians, especially after gaza where some of the rockets went near the airport and they shut it down. i don't see any leaders who are ever going to give up that west bank. >> is there mane connection between isis and radical islamic terrorism against jews?
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>> well, the political theology of hamas, for example and isis share a hatred of jews and people they believe as apos states against the fate. but this attack reflects the fact as much as there is a prep found political agreement, there is prep found hatred for the very essence of judaism. the murder of these rabbis at the mosque is the greatest symbol of that and it does affect the environment beyond. >> earlier they's year four -- this year four people were killed at the jewish museum in bruls sell -- brussels. the killer was a french muslim who had fought with isis in syria. >> it's terrifying in europe,
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the rise of islam but also the rice of general antiimmigrant hatred and you have that combined with the pop last backlash -- populace backlash in the row strx of the economy -- restriction in the economy. jews feel like they're being singled out and muslims feel like they are being singled out. >> the muslims are not being singled out by the jews. it's the muslims attacking the jews. >> 10 times as large as the jewish population. second jen operation muslims, some of these folks who are going over to sore yay and fight -- syria and fighting, it's becoming very rat calized d-radicalized. >> isn't just jews and israel
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and attack. >> today hasn't sell mittism is on the rise. in belgium jews are warned not wear their religious adornments in public. in germany, neonazi groups issued a formal request for the number of jews living in the city. while the request was disregarded, it speaks to a trend. even in britain, jews are worried. >> why is what we see in a demonstration, what does that affect the way you feel about how safe you are? who because hitler was right and things which -- i don't what that has to do with the policy in gaza and that's scary, as a jew living in the 21st century in modern brent to
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encounter that. >> will other european countries follow suit? do you understand why sweden did it? there's a much more sympathetic people in the european political class, but going back to the antisemitively, it's not recognized as such. the hatred for jews beyond any construction of israel. >> the french leaders, the germ nan leaders are sing out. the fringe parties on the left and the right are embracing the attitudes. >> i don't think that it's antisemitively.
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the idea of a palestinian state is endorsed boit israelis -- by the israelis themself. >> the president is quoted in the quote, never at any time since the end of world war ii hams anti-semitism manifested itself on the continent of europe. >> there's a large muslim poplation in europe. they immigrated for economic reasons and they are the core of this but there's always been a residue of antisemitively. it's coming back against. >> obamacare on life support. >> to pass a new law, you need a positive score. in washington, d.c. the congressional budget office or
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cbo, a strictly -- proposed new laws. the cbo scores a congressional bills impact on the national debt and the cbo also clarifies whether a bill includes new taxes. here's how one of the architects of the affordable care act, aka, obamacare describes how that bill side stepped the cbo review. >> this bill was written in a torture way to make sure they didn't mandate the taxes. so it's written to do that. in terms of -- to get a law that says healthy people will pay in. it would not have passed. okay. just like -- people's lack of trns paren sigh is a huge political advantage. call it the stupidity of the
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american voter or whatever. >> with his comments now in the public eye just as the healthcare exchange is open for 2015, president obama's landmark law has again become buried in controversy. >> question, at the conference early this morning president obama dismissed mr. gruber as quote unquote some adviser who never worked on our staff, unquote. is that an accurate portrayal? >> no it is not. it's called i'm trying to get this guy as far away from me as possible because he's got some real evidence that i may have been lying to the american public. >> they didn't want to use the word tax because that would have killed the bill and the the way legislation is written upput the best face forward. when george w. bush passed the prescription drug benefit they're until the allowed to nesh hate lower prices.
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that was part of a deal with the pharmaceutical. unfortunately, it's sausage making and the guy revealed the whole sausage making to the public. >> he was paid by the health and human services as a consultant in shaping the law. one of the people whose ideas he was drawing on to create the affordable care act. i have another note here that obama on saturday dismissed the professor jonathan gruber, some adviser who has never worked on our staff. jonathan gruber earned $6 million when? >> over 3 or four years. what gruber said was very simply is we put one over on
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the stupid americans and that's what a lot of americans believe. they didn't understand it. nancy pelosi said we have to mass it to find out what's in it. this is damaging both to the obama program and the president. this guy is an extract of liberalism. he's did the great moral compass. >> he also advised on the romney bill in massachusetts and as of today 7 million have healthcare who wouldn't otherwise have it. i'm defending the obamacare and the result of it. i think gruber is an academician. >> the issue shows us that the administration, as i said earlier, it turned out to be completely not true.
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>> you think he overstated it. >> no mi generation is pay -- my generation is paying a lot more but i accept on the republican side this delusion that we have amazing healthcare even though we pay twice what any country pays and we need this wake up on both sides and get healthcare reform that actually addresses these issues, cover people who can't afford it. >> do you think you can formulate one? >> i have written extensively about it. >> all right. can we all get in on this deal? >> he's hour griewb -- our dpriewb -- gruber. >> the hex president, even if it's a republican will low of the executive rights in place. >> senate democrats will attempt to leak the cia report. >> the collapse of energy price
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also put grace pressure on russia's economy and putin himself. >> next year the supreme court will rule against the legality of the obama care subsidies on the federal exchange. happy thanksgiving, gobble, gobble. bye-bye.
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this week on "moyers & company" -- >> john roberts gets it so deeply wrong in his understanding of history and he gets it so deeply wrong in a way that has really hurt us, because he keeps striking down campaign finance laws. >> this corruption is an american issue and we can find a way to unite us against a fight that nobody on the merits can defend. >> announcer: funding is provided by anne gumowitz, encouraging the renewal of democracy. carnegie corporation of new york, supporting innovations in education, democratic engagement, and the advancement of international peace and security at the ford foundation, working with visionaries on the front lines of social change worldwide.


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