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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 24, 2015 3:59pm-4:29pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, metlife premier client group, and sony pictures classics, now presenting "grandma." >> i cut my credit cards up. i made a wind chime out of them. all coffee drips. you don't have to say drip coffee, that is a redundancy. oh my gosh, it drips. >> you want a tattoo? >> that i can do. >> any idiot can see that you need to be supervised, am i right? >> are you saying i am any idiot? i am going to be there because this is my granddaughter. >> "grandma." >> come on, you morons, move it. >> rated r, now playing only in theaters. >> and now, "bbc world news
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america." >> nigeria's president tells the bbc the country's war against islamist militants in the north has been all but won. -- i assure you, we have dealt with them. >> and why so many colombian males are keen to keep up appearances. very warm welcome to you. we start in afghanistan, where security forces say they have fighters inlegram the battle for send in -- sangin in helmand province. is taliban maintains sangin
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still under their control. the town, which is strategically important, is a key transport region, linking the capital of helmand to the province's northern districts. more afghan forces have arrived to help. british forces are also on the ground in an advisory capacity. american warplanes have carried out airstrikes against taliban positions. fighting is taking place in other parts of helmand. nato formally ended its comment mission in afghanistan in december of last year. has beenthe taliban gaining ground, including capturing, albeit briefly, the northern city. a spokesman for the afghan interior ministry says that government forces are making good progress in the battle for sangin. >> there is fighting going on in helmand, especially in sangin. since yesterday we have been conducting special operations by
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special forces. they send special operations in, which had sang a good result, killing lots of taliban, including their team leader. we are focusing a lot on operations. yesterday we were able to reinforce and send reinforcements to sangin, where our forces were there for about three or four days. right now the only focus is to --e sure that those attacks we are trying to focus on ground operations as well. eventually the help was there face theey had to tough challenges or threats by the taliban. sangin has been a contested area. we have had a lot of challenges in the past. not the first time that sangin came under attack. last year, the year before last,
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the taliban return to launch massive attacks on sangin. we were able to provide ammunition and help to the forces, they were stuck in sangin. there was a great step for three or four days. it is always like we are facing challenges in how mine. not only sangin. there were other parts were the taliban try to attack security forces. the resources we have an provinces such as helmand, we do the best make sure our forces get the right support and timely, so that is our main goal during the operation. >> with fighting ongoing in sangin and other parts of helmand province, what is the news like in the provincial capital? i'm in the capital of helmand province.
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this is the province where millions of dollars were spent on foreign aid. recently, this city has been shaken by taliban attacks, and even now, 10 kilometers that way is the frontline where almost every day there is fighting going on. a 2 hours drive that way to the north is the sangin district, 150e until last night, over afghan security forces were surrounded by the taliban. yesterday by special forces advised by a handful of british advisors. you see a lot of hustle and bustle here, happy children. but really, under the skin, this is a city on the edge. person has been killed in
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the u.s. state of north carolina after an argument erupted at a crowded shopping mall. the afternoon before christmas, dozens of police vehicles were deployed in the mall in the city of charlotte after reports of shots being fired. frantic customers ran out of doors seeking shelter. an unnamed eyewitness told a local broadcast that a gunman had been shot by an officer but police have not confirmed any details. tornadoes have ripped through parts of the southern united states, killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens more. the fierce storms have left devastation in mississippi and into tennessee, as well as leaving thousands without power in indiana and arkansas. >> there is a tornado in front of us! >> settle down. reporter: the storms raged across seven states. >> looks like there is two.
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oh, wow. >> oh, think that is a tornado going up. >> won the font to a troubled 100 miles across land in mississippi, where at least six people have been killed, including a seven-year-old boy. others heated hid in shelters. >> the roof came off and i was holding my dog. >> i lay down on the ground. emergency services searched through the rubble for those missing. some towns were completely destroyed. >> it is heartbreaking to see the families that have lost their loved ones here, lost their homes. this is a bad time of year to do that anyway. it is certainly about time right now. -- a bad time right now. reporter: storms this time here
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in the south are not unusual for the ferocity has taken many by surprise. but in one home, there was little hope. -- a little hope. the christmas treat was still standing. >> other news now. police in china have issued a security warning over a potential threat to westerners. the u.s. and british emcees are also issuing warnings for their nationals to exercise heightened vigilance over possible terror-related threats. they have information suggesting that westerners could be targeted on or around christmas day. announcedputin's has that russia will build a series of nuclear plants in india over the next decade. mr. putin was speaking at a joint press briefing during talks with the prime minister narendra modi about the deal
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signed during mr. modi's trip, many of them defense-related. italian authorities in milan are banning car travel at city centers next week because of air pollution. experts blame the smog on the unusually calm, dry weather. in iraq, security forces are trying to drive out the last islamic state fighters from the city of ramadi. government troops and sunni tribal fighters have taken control of several districts and helped by airstrikes are dancing towards the main military center, but progress is being hampered by suicide bombers, fighters, and booby traps. -brokered a u.n. initiative could see several thousand rebel fighters and a families, including members of i.s., a lot of a district in the south of damascus in and around
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a refugee camp. the deal, which is still at a delicate stage, involves agreement between rebel fighters and the government. our middle east editor has more. >> they could start as early as christmas day, tomorrow. it is a deal that will involve some isis fighters in the intricacies and complexity of what is going on in syria, but particularly in this camp. some of the fighters there pledged allegiance to isis and there was a big battle about eight or nine months ago in the camp. conditions became almost unlivable for the people trapped. the secretary-general of the u.n. described it as the deepest circle of hell. from the human perspective, this is about making the camps safe there,or people still 15,000 to 18,000 people. the syrian government has one of the big threats on the doorstep. this is the closest that i asked
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al-assad's to bashar palace. they reached a point of stalemate where it looks like they don't feel there's anything left for them to fight for their . they get their wounded out, they get the families out. some of them will go to raqqa but the majority will go north to idlib. january will see potentially a big peace conference. the syrian government may be there. this may be looked back on as a small positive sign. katty: our middle east regional editor. do stay with us on bbc news because we have much more on the impact of the war in syria. we will be following the incredible journey of a syrian girl by boat, buses, and a wheelchair across europe in search of sanctuary. we saw this in on wave
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approaching the beach. people starting to run. suddenly it was complete chaos. >> united states troops are trying to overthrow the dictatorship of general manual noriega. the pentagon says the mission is to 90% successful but it failed in the objective to capture noriega and taken to the united states to face charges. >> hammer and sickle was taken away. the russian flag was hoisted over what is no longer the soviet union but the commonwealth of independent states. >> the day broke slowly over lockerbie. you could see what happens when a plane eight stories high falls from 30,000 feet. >> christmas has returned to albania after a communist ban lasting 20 years. thousands went to midnight mass in the town, where there were anti-communist riots 10 days ago. news." is "bbc world
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as fighting continues in the key afghan town of sangin, the government says they killed a top taliban commander and dozens of ministers. at least 10 people have been killed and four more injured after a particularly dangerous storm hit the south and midwest of the united states. nigeria,dent of muhammadu buhari, has told the bbc that technically, the security forces have won the war against islamist group boko haram. he came to power in april on a pledge to defeat the group by the end of the year and says the militants could no longer nonconventional attacks and have been reduced to suicide bombings. but boko haram is reported to have killed more than 1000 people over the past 2 months. well, you canri: put it in a nasty way if you
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the states are free from boko haram. have 2 to three local governments. boko haram has decided to use ieds, indoctrinating young guys to go and explore these bush explode these -- go and explode these. they have been reduced to that. but articulated, conventional attacks on centers of onmunication in towns and so , they are no longer capable of doing that effectively. i think that technically we have
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won the war. back into their neighborhoods. we have our committee on the , peoplelocal government are going back. the major problem is rebuilt tatian -- rehabilitation. ,ver 1.5 million people displaced persons. the infrastructure, the health center, a number of bridges below. boko haram is an organized fighting force and i'm sure we have dealt with them. fire investigators are examining the burned-out remains of part of hospital or at least 25 people were killed and more than 100 injured early on thursday. the fire broke out on the first floor of the general hospital in the saudi port city.
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the fire ripped to the hospital in the middle of the night. some of the most vulnerable patients took hold of the intensive care ward. eyewitnesses say it quickly got out of control, leading -- leaving little time for those inside to escape a fire. >> understand to me and informed me of a short-circuit on the upper floor. security and maintenance supervisors and headed towards the area. at the foot of the stairs we were met with smoke them out allowed screens from the men and women upstairs. reporter: inside, the devastation is clear. the charred remains of the medical agreement are the only remaining signs in these wards. fire investigators are working to establish exactly what happened and how the blaze went on to claim so many lives. we know when the fire started
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but we don't know if it was caused by an electrical fault or something else. following instructions from his highness, the governor of the province, a commission inquiry has been set up and the results will be announced as soon as they are available. this year, saudi arabia has seen a string of deadly public infrastructure failures. most prominent was the crush of the hajj pilgrimage. there was a crane collapse at the grand mosque. again, saudis have taken the social media to criticize the government for this tragedy. the rulingiticism of family and the government is founded upon, the mounting death toll from accidents like this can only increase pressure on them to improve the kingdom's safety standards. >> a court in thailand has sentenced 2 burmese migrant
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workers to death for the murder of 2 british tourists. they were killed on the island last september. jonathan head reports. jonathan: arriving at court to hear their fate, two young burmese man charged with a horrific crime on a holiday island. they had been doing what so many at their age,do backpacking through thailand. their battered bodies were found last year on this beach early one morning. from the start, the police investigation was marred by accusations of incompetence. the crime scene was never sealed. evidence was poorly handled. police statements were confusing. and when they detained the two suspects, they were put through a bizarre reenactment. they both also retracted their earlier concessions, saying they had been threatened and beaten. there were many doubts expressed
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about the prosecution case, not just by the defense lawyers, but also by international forensic , and did you about the centerpiece of evidence, the police dna tests, which they say were unreliable. none of that was sufficient to sway the judges, who insisted the tests were up to international standards and enough to justify a guilty verdict and the death penalty. the emphatic outcome of this drawnout trial day some satisfaction to the family of david miller, who attended the hearing. >> we believe the result today represents justice for david and hannah. it is our opinion that the evidence against the 2 is absolutely overwhelming. satisfy their selfish desires and murdered cover-up that fact. they showed no remorse during the trial. jonathan: there was a different expense for the mothers of the
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two convicted men, visiting from myanmar. in court, the defense lawyers failed to convince the judges of the flaws that they sate riddled the prosecution's case. now they plan to appeal the it, process which could take years. jonathan head, bbc news. >> more than half the refugees that have fled to europe this year are from syria, escaping the war back home. countries have welcome to the new arrivals including germany, where one young stephen cole found sanctuary. she was pushed across europe in a wheelchair. ♪ in a new country, it is a season of change. three months after reaching europe, she has found a new life. itgermany is as i expected to be. like, beautiful.
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my life is regular as i wanted it to be on the girl breaking up earlier and going to school everyday. reporter: this was how she arrived, suffering from cerebral palsy, her epic journey from the middle east made in a wheelchair , with her sister and family friend. i first met her in september stranded on the hungarian border, but with big dreams. >> to go out and see -- yes. i want to meet the queen. and on she traveled across european borders. into detention camps. to know where you are going? >> no. to some camp or something.
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reporter: you have no idea, though, or where they are going to send you after this? >> i don't know. i'm lost here. herrter: until germany and reunion with the beloved brother already seeking asylum. she shares this flat with her older sister. she dreams of walking and the start of physical therapy. but her parents are still living as refugees in turkey, where they fled to escape the fighting. if i ask you what your christmas wish is, what is it? >> to see my parents. that's it. hereve the family reunion and everyone around me. she has come this far
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by force of her own personality, the love of family, and the kindness of strangers. there is no telling what she may achieve in the years to come. in colombia, how you look matters. the country prides itself on being the home of two winners of the miss universe contest. grooming and beauty treatment are also big business for men. we met those who are really putting the man into manicure.
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>> what a good idea. christians celebrate the
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birth of jesus come there are suggestions that the image we have of him is actually wrong. on the left of your screen, you see the traditional depiction in the church's stained-glass window with long hair and a beard. on the right is a reconstruction of a 2000--year-old skull from the galilee area and this is more likely what he actually looks like. take a look at the full story on our website, now, here in the u k, the race is on to be crowned christmas number one. justin bieber, whose song has been at the top of the charts for the past two weeks, has urged his twitter followers to .uy a charity single mashup of coldplay's "fix
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you" and simon and garfunkel's "bridge over troubled water" is raising money for charities. the winner will be announced on christmas day could santa's whereabouts -- mrs. claus has visited countries in asia and ound forast and is b africa, europe, and the united states. children across the world have been tracking the big man's progress online thanks to the north american aerospace defense command. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, metlife premier client group, and sony pictures classics, now presenting "grandma." >> i cut my credit cards up. i made a wind chime out of them. all coffee drips. you don't have to say drip coffee, that is a redundancy. oh, look, it drips. oh my god, it drips.
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>> you must not have a lot of friends. >> you want a tattoo? that i can do. >> any idiot can see that you need to be supervised, am i right? >> are you saying i am any idiot? i am going to be there because this is my granddaughter. >> "grandma." >> come on, you morons, move it. >> rated r, now playing only in theaters. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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