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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is bbc "world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and hong kong tourism board. >> want to know hong kong's most romantic spot? i'll show you. i love heading to repulse bay for an evening stroll. it is the perfect, stunning backdrop for making romantic moments utterly unforgettable.
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i've lived in this city for years, but hong kong still makes me fall in love with it time and again. >> and now, bbc "world news america." ♪ >> this is bbc "world news america." reporting from london, i am katty kay. terror strikes in the heart of europe. at least 31 people are dead and dozens injured in a series of bomb attacks in brussels. are these the men responsible? belgian authorities are searching for the man wearing the hat on the right of this image. the other two are thought to have blown themselves up. in havanara trevelyan where obama celebrated the end of the cold war. the new conflict demanding his attention. the thoughts and
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prayers of the american people belgium,h those in condemning the outrageous attacks against innocent people. ♪ katty: welcome to bbc "world news america." are taking place across belgium following the deadly attacks on brussels. the islamic state has taken responsibility for the bombings at the airport and the metro. there were a series of attacks in the belgian capital, leaving at least 31 people dead and many more injured. the first went off in the departure hall of the brussels international airport. as people ran toward the exit there was a bigger explosion. authorities believe it was a suicide bomber. at least 10 or killed. an hour later, a third explosion
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on the brussels metro by the offices of the european union during rush hour. at least 20 were killed in the metro and many more injured. the explosions come 4 days after the arrest of the paris terror suspect salah abdelslam. the belgian prime minister has called the attacks a dark moment for his nation. the europe editor reports on the day's events. >> it's ok. it's ok. correspondent: when a shaky voice tries to sound reassuring, calling out from clouds of smoke that it is ok after the debris of devastation. you know that it is not all right. it is not all right at all. seconds before this mobile phone footage was filmed, these suitcases were in
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travelers at check-in. a busy morning for businessmen and family setting off for holidays. new.he bombers k belgian police released this grab from a security camera. this man is a key suspect. past 8:00 a.m., the bombers set off 20 explosions. at least one of them detonated by a suicide bomber of the belgian authorities believe. watch this father grabbed his infant before running for cover that he is not sure exists. the survivors here, their bags and long no longer held any nearestce, just their and dearest and their own lives. then there were the selfless and the brave. this man is a baggage handler.
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>> i heard a gunshot and what sounded like arabic. boom." heard " anonymous explosion. two old people who came toward me, i save them. i put them in the lift. they did not want to let go of me. i could not take them with me, there were too many people. correspondent: while he was saving lives, elsewhere in the city another group of bombers was trying to take them. [crying] correspondent: a nightmare come true for every train traveler. people here were in between metro stops when a bomb went off in the central carriage.
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survivors had to pick their way through the darkness. praying that they would get to safety. when they clambered back to daylight, the horror of what happened really hit. >> i'm in shock. i was in the first carriage. i saw an explosion, a flash of light, then the metro exploded. the windows came in, the doors opened, and everyone drop to the ground. -- dropped to the ground. correspondent: the dazed and pavement,vered the usually trodden by civil servants. this took place at the european union headquarters, then it's on the european parliament -- minutes from the european parliament.
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turned into a city of sirens and the center of fear . these police cars are rushing to the metro station. under -- unreported reports aresualties mounting. are on highrators alert after the perpetrators of the pair's attacks were found in brussels. the so-called islamic state said that it masterminded the attacks in both countries. the presumed message today is knowing a safe. not here, not anywhere in europe. in this black moment for our country, more than ever i call on everyone to show calm and solidarity. we are facing a difficult challenge. we have to face it together. this attack has struck belgium, but it was your that was targeted -- it was europe
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and that was targeted. we have to realize the gravity of this terrorist attack. similar to paris after the attacks, people in brussels are determined not to give in to terror. many are scared. >> how are you feeling? >> as a mother, it was scary. when we found out about the news, our children were at school. you're really scared. especially when they are at school. we are very scared, what would come next? the airport, the metro -- then you don't know what is coming. i think people are ready for extreme measures. whatever it takes to keep people safe. told mendent: this man he would walk everywhere. no more public transport for him . he blamed the belgian state for lack of intelligence and decisive action.
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as messages of condolence and support for in from around the world, the people of brussels gather in the city center to show solidarity, support one another, and pray for better times. bbc news, brussels. katty: city, country, and continent in shock. thebrown joins me from center of brussels. a lot of people around the world i'd be asking, after everything belgium had been through in connection with the paris attacks, how could this happen under the noses of the security forces? of other european security agencies have said off of the record that they think belgium is a weak link. the belgian police and counter terrorism services are a weakling. it is interesting the attacks were outside the international
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, where two bombs went off at 8:00 a.m., and an hour later one outside the metro .tation at maelbeek it is interesting that these attacks come four days after the pariss of one of the key terror suspects, salah abdelslam . there is speculation that today's attacks were some sort of revenge for that arrest operation by his accomplices, or they were aware that salah abdelslam, who is now being interrogated, that he them and given away future operations. so they thought they should bring forward whatever operations they had planned. that is why they carried out operations today.
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katty: what does brussels feel like tonight? in the hours afterward, the belgian authorities took measures to shut the country down. ben: we had trouble getting in from london. the euro star service across the channel was suspended. it is a difficult country to get to. all flights to and from the airport at brussels international airport were canceled. it will not reopen until thursday. the hole transport network in brussels was shot down. it is very tense. around the airport, for the last couple of hours, we have seen truckloads of army troops -- a dozen trucks packed with soldiers. you might say that it is too late, but security is being ramped up. i would say that belgium is also a country that is traumatized, frankly. maybe after the paris attacks
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they were bracing themselves, but they are utterly shocked. there are people holding candlelight vigils. jones has made an address to his people appealing for -- the king of belgium has made an address to his people appearing for calm and dignity. katty: we said this was belgium, but it could have been anywhere else. are we right in thinking that this has ramifications for the continent? it makes europe feel insecure. ben: that is the aim of the people behind atrocities like have seen today. to keep people guessing. never knowing if they could be a victim. if they are sitting on a beach enteringa, having outside a cafe in paris, going to a rock concert, or getting on an airplane at brussels airport. never knowing when they could be
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the victim of an explosion or a gun attack. if this is the work of the islamic state, and they have ed responsibility, their aim is to keep people guessing, not only in europe, but around the world. attack is being felt in other continents, too. for america, the events in europe are a reminder that this continent looks increasingly the set eye problems. amongst some americans, it feels a desire to retreat from the world. a common team in the election campaign. even in the middle east keep drawing in the united states. even president obama on his cuban trip found the mood of celebration punctured i europe's attack. the cold war is over, a new conflict demands his attention. the thoughts and
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prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity, condemning the outrageous attacks on innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend belgium to bring to justice those responsible. it is another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless faithionality, race, or in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. will, defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people around the world. katty: president obama speaking in cuba. laura trevelyan is in havana covering the president's visit. it seems every time this white house tries to pivot it to asia, latin america, or focus on cuba, the events in the middle east redirect them to the conflict
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that has engulfed belgium. it seems they cannot get away from it. it is what the former british prime minister harold mcmillan called "events, dear boy." last night president obama was at a state dinner. then when he woke up he was briefed by white house staff on the events that happened in brussels. he was on the phone with the belgian prime minister, questioned the white house staff about the appropriateness of the y's events that had been meticulously planned. the president went to a baseball game with raul castro. side-by-side, they led all those in attendance in a moment of silence. he came here to tell the people of cuba that he was burying the
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last remnant of the cold war. here, a new threat is casting a shadow over his visit. katty: perhaps after these attacks in brussels, it is worth pausing to remember how significant president obama's visit to cuba is. it is a moment for america and cuba to celebrate a thaw in their relations. laura: it is. remember, the cuban revolution happened in 1969. you see murals everywhere that makes you feel as if it were yesterday. it feels frozen in time here. everything from the cars to the buildings. i coming here, president obama newolding hope for a future for cubans. when he spoke to them from a theoric setting, he was first sitting american president to speak to the cuban people for
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88-years. the last was calvin coolidge. president obama used the address to say to cuban leaders they must continue the process of change or they will let down their young people. pres. obama: there is a revolution in cuba. a generational change. many suggested i come here and asked the people of cuba to tear something down. appealing to the young people of cuba to build something new. [speaking spanish] laura: the future of cuba allies in the hands of cuba's people, president obama said in spanish. that is something that the twentysomethings of cuba, that
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he might have been speaking to, have taken firmly to heart. katty: it seems like the cold war. even though it was a long time ago, it was a simpler time. let's go back to brussels. these are live pictures. the center of brussels, where residents of the city have laid flowers. you can see cands burning. flags from around the world are being laid in brussels by residents, remembering those who lost their lives and standing in solidarity. let's hear from some of the people who were caught in the attacks -- how they feel about what happened to them during the course of the day. minute awayway, one from one of the explosions. i heard the first explosion. >> i was having my break.
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we just heard a loud bang. everything was shaking. we looked outside of the window and there was smoke coming out of the departure hall. >> we ran away. we were running very quickly. my colleague jumped into the carousel behind the check-in desk. >> the second one exploded. this one really, really exploded . really, really. >> there were 2 people working at the airport. they told us to come inside. >> people started running. the only thing was people running to save their lives. something had gone wrong. a woman's voice was shaken on the intercom.
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that is when i knew we should move. >> did you see or hear the explosion? throughut i walked glass, smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. we had to walk through puddles. we were evacuated. for my someone said, this was an evacuation. >> i left my luggage, i left everything. where something -- or when someone will start shooting at people. ien i saw people running didn't care. that is when i realized it was serious. katty: security has been stepped around europe, including in the u.k. there is a heavier than normal presence at heathrow. correspondent: they are images -- images that will
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frighten travelers. softckers focusing on targets. just like a decade ago, picking a normal people. can you ever make the transport system safe? we are familiar with airport security checks. critically, the brussels bombers never went through them. still large parts of airports, before you get through security, that are open, public places -- where anyone can walk in, carrying a bag, posing as a passenger. it is not only airports, it is the underground networks as well. it is almost impossible to keep a hole transport network completely safe. you are seeing police patrolling britain's railway stations and airports. the prime minister insists that
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their well prepared. raised the security threat higher than it already is. we believe that an attack is likely, that is the case for some time. will keep the situation under review. some airports in the middle east screen passengers before they are allowed in the building. time you come up with a solution, there is a problem associated with it. correspondent: that can create its own problems. queues outsided the terminal. you are amassing a group of people, another perfect target for ballmer or drive-by shooter. correspondent: there is only so much you can do to make these kinds of areas safe. >> where few have larger volumes of people, it is difficult to protect them from an unknown
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attack. intelligence is key, but we don't always have that intelligence, or it is not shared with the people that should have it. correspondent: the government is warning britain's not to travel to brussels unless it is essential. brightens not to travel to brussels, unless it is essential. katty: we heard ben brown earlier say that security officials feel that they'll jim is a weak link. why? deeply rooted problems with the jihadists. recently, the numbers going to iraq and syria are high, the highest in western europe. 100 and brussels alone. you couple that with weak state institutions -- a divided government, poor information sharing -- then you have a problem. katty: american officials are looking at the continent as a weak link. >> there is a problem of information sharing.
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keep theirecurities information, they do not always put it in a database. you might have someone hitting the border. that doesn't always happen. that is one of the issues that is really challenging europe. the issue of coordination and information sharing. katty: after 9/11, american security forces were forced to start sharing information. you think this attack in brussels will do the same thing for european intelligence services? >> that is where the talk is. will they deliver? europe has other challenges at the moment. the ability to act is difficult with so many different countries. since paris, and now brussels, the pressure is growing to do more. katty: thank you for joining me in the studio. the impact of these attacks in brussels has been felt across the continent.
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tonight, we leave you with images of a continent lighting up in tribute. in paris, the eiffel tower was lit with black, yellow, and red -- the colors of the belgian flag. a similar tribute at the brandenburg eight in germany. the walls of the fountain in rome. today, it was belgium. all european capitals fear it could have been them. feels jitteryat tonight is expressing solidarity against a common enemy. there are security concerns the world is watching. if there's any hope, out of these attacks it will be that american security services and do better next time. program to ahis close. do can find the news on our website. us on twitter.
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we have continuing coverage of the attacks on belgium. i am katty kay for bbc "world news america." thank you for joining the program. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation -- pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and hong kong tourism board. >> want to know hong kong's most romantic spot? i'll show you. i love heading to repulse bay for an evening stroll. it is the perfect, stunning
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backdrop for making romantic moments utterly unforgettable. i've lived in this city for years, but hong kong still makes me fall in love with it time and again. >> bbc "world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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