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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 8, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, national geographic channel and aruba tourism authority. morgan: i have always been fascinated by god. ♪ morgan: why do people all around the world worship their god so differently? i am setting off on a journey and i want to take you with me. ♪
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morgan: we all ask ourselves this one fundamental question, who is god? announcer: "the story of god with morgan freeman" on the national geographic channel. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." thekey remaining suspect in paris attack is arrested in belgium. authorities are also saying if he may be the man in the hat. for a greater understanding when it comes to modern life and the modern realities it faces. and we will show you the courtroom drawings which have become a part of history.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. the key remaining suspect in last november's paris attacks has been arrested in brussels. for other men were also taken into custody. areorities are saying they looking into if he could be the man in the hat who was captured on video right before the bombing at brussels airport. >> they've caught someone, they've cut someone, the voice filming says. police surround a man outside. he is pinned to the ground. theher passerby also filmed officers making an arrest. this is one of several today. the man bumbled away, even as in the background, families continue to stroll past. this is where this latest arrest
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happened. investigatorsan have been making real progress and drawing even more connections between the men who carried out the brussels attacks and the paris attacks. this is the key suspect now in custody. the first arrest notice for him in connection with the paris attacks. on the right, tito days before paris, mohammed a brainy a petrol station heading to paris. he was the driver delivering this car, used by the paris attackers. he has been hunted ever since. prosecutors now say he is also linked to the brussels attacks and safehouses used by the brussels bomb makers. >> fingerprints and dna were retrieved not only in the , but also in the
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vehicle that was used in the paris attacks. >> prosecutors are trying to filmed at this is he, brussels airport. seconds later, the men to his left, suicide bombers, blew themselves up. the so-called man in the hat .led from the airport police have been trying to identify him ever since. exactly three weeks ago, belgian police made this arrest, europe's most wanted men. police now have their prime suspects both in custody. >> the two last important people involved in the attack in paris and brussels. that means most of the people
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involved in the attack are dead or under arrest. arrest, whatlatest is also now clear is that the attacks on brussels and paris were the work of one extended terror cell. lauea: for more, i spoke a brief the former deputy national security advisor and now chairman of the financial integrity network. a suspect in the paris attacks has been arrested. authorities are looking at if he could be the man in the hat the paris with attacks. how significant is this arrest? >> regina principal reasons -- it closes the loop around the networks that were involved in the paris attacks in november as well as the brussels attacks, and it does give this broader picture of a deep network in both countries that perpetrated these attacks.
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and operationally, he's very important in terms of intelligence. with home has he been speaking? how deep and wide is this network? what other operations are potentially under way? what may be coming out of syria from this network that has traveled rather fluidly? how long will it take authorities to figure out if he is the man in the hat in the video that authorities released yesterday from the brussels airport? >> i imagine authorities have not just the footage we've seen but likely other footage, perhaps from eyewitnesses, other forensic evidence, so i imagine it will be rather quick. he also may cooperate. this may be a person who is willing to declare his role. often we see a braggadocio, a willingness to explain their role with jihadis.
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authorities have been burned by the fact that they were not aggressive enough trying to get information about future attacks. they will be trying to get as much information about what they do know as just what they do not know as opposed to forensics about the past. laura: you make the point that there is a lot of bragging go on. now that they have two, are they likely to inform against one another or clam up altogether? >> it is hard to tell. a little bit of the prisoner's dilemma. will one implicate the other? the other thing is authorities can use them not necessarily to implicate each other, but to test one another. from one, admission from the other, that allows authorities to test information and understand what is truthful and what is not. laura: another 4 men were .rrested then there was the attack in brussels. how will they be handling all
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these suspect they have now? >> this could potentially trigger attacks that are already under way. this could signal to other elements of the network they are still looking for others, so there will be a lot of tension over the weekend to try to understand what other threats are there. they will also try to understand more deeply these networks. there was an assumption that if you capture those who were , you have closure, and i think we have learned that is not the case. these networks are broader and deeper and there are support elements we have yet to discover, and european authorities will be looking for that. laura: pope francis has set out a key document on modern family life, which could impact millions of catholics around the world. it calls for understanding on issues like divorce and says individual conscience should guide the faithful on sex and marriage, but for some, including gay members of the church, the document did not go far enough.
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father martin, pope francis is calling for the church to be more welcoming and less judgmental of single parents and of gay people and the divorced. what will the impact be? asking thein: he is church to meet people where they are and is also asking for discussion, so i think people will deal more welcome, particularly people who have felt estranged or marginalized. have said this could even be a revolution. those are strong words. father martin: the primacy of conscience as the final arbiter has been somewhat neglected or ignored in the past few decades, and i think people have seen the church as just something based on rules. now the pope is reminding us that god really works through the movement of your heart as well. that is the kind of quiet and subtle way of changing the discussion.
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laura: based on what the pope has said, would you invite divorced catholics to receive holy communion? father martin: what i would like to do his first pray about the teachings, second may be preach about it, and finally reflect on it. that is the part i think was missing from the general discussion. it is up to that person in good conscience to pray about it and decide. laura: and yet, the pope has very firmly closed the door on same-sex marriage. is that disappointing? father martin: it could be, but i also say look at what the document says. he says before all else, lgbt people need to be respected, and he also called or no violence. we are looking at this from the perspective of the west, but that is a very strong challenge -- both things, respecting lgbt people and standing up against violence, which has not always been the case in the catholic
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church. laura: conservative catholics say the pope has produced a muddy document which is replacing the laws of the church with vague talk about ideas and values. what you say to that? isher martin: i think that wrong. the rules are still there, but the pope is saying peoples lives are often muddy and church and pastors need to listen to them and help them. it really is moving away from just an emphasis on the rules, which he says in a very vivid phrase -- more laws have them used as stones to be thrown at people and we cannot do that any longer. laura: thank you very much for joining us. a big day for the catholic church. in other news from around the world, it has emerged that an american being held by the syrian authorities was released with help from russia. the u.s. state department has thanked moscow for the role it played in freeing the man. he traveled to syria in 2012.
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the russian foreign ministry said after his release that he was handed over to the u.s. embassy in moscow. authorities in the united states are renewing their legal battle to force apple to unlock an encrypted iphone. the u.s. justice department is to appeal a court ruling preventing it from forcing apple to help access to data on a phone used by a drug dealer in new york. in march, the fbi dropped its legal action after investigators managed to break into the handset. announcedia's king that a bridge linking his country to egypt will be built over the red sea, connecting the two sunni arab powers. he made the announcement during his visit to cairo, saying the bridge would boost commerce between the allies. we have been following fallout from panama, the leaked documents from a panama law firm revealing how some of the rich and powerful hide their money. iceland has been called to resign because of public pressure. the paper trail has led to
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increased scrutiny. >> the british virgin islands where the union jack still flies , and symbols of the queen are everywhere. this tropical paradise is an unlikely injured room of global finance. there are around 500,000 active offshore companies in a territory whose population is just 28 thousand. with so many of the firms mentioned in the panama papers registered here, the british virgin islands' reputation is being called into question. at the heart of it -- one law firm. >> hello? i've just run the buzzer. in here, butple
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the moment they caught sight of our camera, they disappeared through the door. we are still waiting to find out if anyone will speak to us. the doors open, many remain closed to us. in his first interview since the leak, the british virgin islands premier told me an investigation has been launched. how'd we know that this is one loan bad apple and there are not many more out there? then this. the premier seemingly implies that those who leaked the data were the ones at fault. the british virgin islands has
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made a fortune through the business of setting up shell companies where the owner identity is not known. there are 18 companies for every individual man, woman, and child on this island. these mailboxes may look anonymous, but in some cases, they are the headquarters of businesses that have been registered here. >> there will always be liars and cheats and fraudsters in the world. >> this fraud investigator explains that while the culture of the industry is changing, some are for secrecy. 1980's, no970's and one knew. that was the point. since then, a bargain has been made. here is your license to form companies. you get to have this license on the condition at you know who your customers are, and if they are dodgy, you dump them and report the suspicious activity to the police. that is the bargain and it seems we have been let down in part by some of their activities.
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>> the league is heaping pressure to reform, here on these pristine islands, a haven for more than just tourists. lauea: of course, we will keep you up-to-date with all the developments following the release of the panama papers. you are watching "bbc world news america." as rio gets ready for the olympic games, a rare look inside to see how the preparations are going. leaderetan spiritual said the only way for the world to confront terror attacks is through greater contact between different sides and mutual respect. wake ofpeaking in the the brussels terrorist attacks. >> i think violence in the name , we should make more
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closer contact with people with faith. one of my commitments is to try .o promote genuine harmony harmony isenuine developed amid basis of mutual respect, mutual admiration. >> the chinese government has put a lot of pressure on governments around the world. for example, do you think written is placing its business interests ahead of what you believe should be its moral obligation -- do you think ?ritten -- do you think britain >> of course. it is understandable. the new friends who have a lot of money -- it is very important. it is understandable.
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>> but doesn't disappoint you? >> no. sometimes our world is a political power, including military power and economic power, and it can seem more important than truth and justice. this is reality. so ok. laura: with just four months to go before the summer olympics kickoff in rio, there are still concerns about the city's readiness, from political turmoil to warnings about the virus. zika
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rio is still in a race to be ready for the olympics. transport links to the venues are way behind schedule. ticket sales have been poor. with the organizers do want to show off is the olympic park. it is clear buildings do not have the wow factor of previous events. they do, though, look like they should be completed in time. the aquatic center looks great, but there are huge crises country is facing right now that has led to concerns about how they will impact games. a fierce political storm is raging in brazil. no one knows if the current president will be forced from office before she gets to open the games. among recent political resignations has been the government head of olympic security.
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>> no other country has lived through such difficult political times so close to the games. basically review the games at every second. that does not mean there is a negative impact or that we will compromise the games. it has an effect because it has to. with our partners with the government. with these guys every single day. >> there has also been a dramatic collapse of the brazilian economy. over one million jobs have been lost. projects have been affected. among them, a plan to clean rio's waterways. and, of course, brazil has been hit by another major crisis. they are spraying to kill mosquitoes because many hundreds of thousands here are now thought to have contracted the
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zika virus. women are being warned to stay away. fabiano or rivero won gold medals in beijing and london. she heard when the games came to her home city there would be huge excitement, but for now, people have other concerns. now,m sad because right not everyone is focused on the games and making sure they are a success. i'm sad because my country is going through a difficult time. >> the importance of hosting the olympics was to showcase the positives the country had to offer, but the games instead may just have drawn the eyes of the world even more to brazil boss kermit turmoil.
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laura: today, it was announced the embattled brazilian president will not attend the torch ceremony. the ceremony traditionally marks the countdown to the event in august. a rocket blasted off a short time ago with a cargo ship down for the international space station. mainstage booster landed itself on an ocean platform. it means future flights could be much less expensive. this marks a resumption of chips by the privately owned company after a launch accident last year. 4 previous attempts had already failed. but not today. the cargo ship is now due to arrive on sunday at the international space station. charles manson, oj simpson, their legaloff -- dramas were headline news, but
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many images were created by courtroom illustrators. many of those drawings have been donated to the library of congress here in washington. >> the trial of court leader charles manson was a sensation, but his gaze was captured not by cameras but an artist. >> the hall of justice where they wait in long lines for the chance to witness the trial of charles manson. >> absolutely, these drawings are art. it takes a great deal of craft courtroom, watch proceedings, and capture gestures, ticks, emotions, to
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.apture that moment in time you cannot do that with a camera. >> almost 100 courtroom sketches spanning four decades have been sent to the library of congress. they chart the critical moments of famous trials. fraudulent investor bernie made off being taken away. film director roman polanski facing rape charges. >> the people in the state of california, plaintiff, versus michael joe jackson, defendant. we find the defendant not guilty. >> this is a very famous movement of michael jackson in 2005 being acquitted of molesting a child, but it's not as dramatic as you might think. >> well, it is. it's a very, very quiet moment. jackson is gently wiping away a tear, and you can see his defense team shared in that relief. i do not think they expect he is going to be acquitted. bythe sketches were donated trial lawyer tom gerardi. >> these capture it all. it shows the jury deliberating, shows the lawyer arguing, shows the accused sitting at the
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table. it captures the very moment of the trial. manhey taken into custody a they suspect as the uniform are. >> which, then, are your favorite? >> the oj simpson painting is very interesting, especially now with so much attention on the trial itself. martha stewart has a certain feeling of not concern and worry, but one of having to get exonerated. standard art is but also serve as evidence, and eyewitness view of the american justice system in action. with courtroom artists ringside seats are often very helpful to courtroom reporters, i can tell you. you can find much more on all the days news at our website, including the latest on our top
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story, the capture of the last in theaining suspect paris attack. from all of us, thanks for watching. have a great weekend. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, national geographic channel and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, the pope issues a landmark manifesto on family life, urging greater tolerance for divorced and remarried catholics, while firmly standing against same sex marriage. then, inside the most overcrowded prison in america-- can reform help alabama out of a dangerous system that's reaching a breaking point? >> the truth is, we've got thousands of people in jails and prisons who don't need to bene there. and we haven't found the courage yet to get them out. >> woodruff: and it's friday. david brooks and ruth marcus are here, to analyze the week's news. all that and more, on tonight's pbs newshour.


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