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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 27, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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learn more at >> and now, bbc "world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. foreign policy under the spotlight in the u.s. presidential race. for america calls to be more unpredictable when facing enemies like the so-called islamic state. mr. trump: i have a message for then. their days are numbered. i will not tell them when and i will not tell them how. republican ted cruz and announced that carly fiorina is his vice presidential pick. how to save africa's elephants from poachers. and in illegal ivory trade is putting these animals under serious threat ♪.
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laura: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the gbe. in the u.s. presidential race, foreign policy has not been center stage. today, front-runner donald trump outlined his proposal in a speech in washington. it comes after a night where he swept the board in five primary contests. he was not backing down, saying other countries must pay their fair share for security and theedoing most of obama administration's policies. correspondent: you normally takes to the stage with music and cheering. today, donald trump emerged from a curtain. he is now reflective and thoughtful. first, something familiar. a swinging right hook at what had gone before. legacy of the
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obama/clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion, and disarray. a miss. -- a mess. correspondent: what was the big idea? the direction i will outline today will return us to a timeless principle. my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. natospondent: he wants countries to spend more on defense and says he will defeat the so-called islamic state. mr. trump: their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i will not tell them how. we have to be unpredictable, and we have to be unpredictable starting now. .hey are going to be gone
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isis will be gone if i am elected president. they will be gone quickly, very, very quickly. correspondent: this is donald trump as we have not seen him before. reading from a script, spelling out his objectives of what a u.s. foreign policy would be under a trump administration. it was along on ambition, but short on details of how he would get there. >> donald trump go away. correspondent: there were protesters outside and many in the washington foreign-policy establishment. to them, donald trump was not doing it. this was a speech for the wider american public. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. katty: the former u.s. ambassador to the united nation's presided over donald trump's speech and joined me. ambassador, welcome.
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when you introduce donald trump, you said that he was a provocative voice in foreign policy. he said that he wanted america to be more unpredictable. you want the leader of the free world to be provocative and unpredictable? >> i think that he moved away from being provocative to a degree. mainstream of the u.s. foreign policy. he presented a coherent statement. .e are a divided nation i hope that when the elections are over, and because the democrats will have their own views the minute we can get to what he said. if he was serious about our mission and our roles in the world. was it his strength to say that america's allies in nato and asia must pay their way or support themselves. do you support that?
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>> i support fair burden policy. the president has been saying for some time that allies need to do more. i would not go as far as mr. trump saying that if they didn't we should walk away. i think the alliances are a net positive for the united states and very important in a containing global security. laura: a cornerstone of donald trump's policies, you hear it at all of the rallies, willed the wall between mexico and the u.s. to keep out illegal immigrants. do you support that? >> he didn't say that. laura: he was very subtle and sophisticated. >> i would have to move in the direction of a coming more mainstream. a lot of our leaders have said that illegal immigration is not in our interest and must be stopped. whether building a wall is the best way to do it needs to be
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debated and discussed. you see a clear shift to the mainstream. laura: as a very prominent muslim american, probably the u.s.prominent to serve in public life as the ambassador to the u n, could you support a complete and total shutdown on muslims entering the u.s. while we figure out what is going on? he did not use that phrase today. ask, or have someone like me, given what you just said about the, to convene this .eeting is in itself a move i think that we ought to be obviously careful about whoever we admit to make sure that that person is not a threat to u.s. national security. laura: but not all muslims? >> that i obviously would not support. we need muslims.
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we need muslims to defeat al qaeda and isis. i thought for the first time he talked about muslim partners. not as far as some of us would like him to have gone, but he has made a move in -- on that issue. you served in a donald trump administration, maybe as secretary of state? >> i will serve my country. i love the united states. it has been very good to me. i want to pay back. if it was donald trump, or someone else -- even a democrat -- i would -- laura: a democrat? even hillary clinton? >> if my serving would help america, i would not rule it out. laura: do you think donald trump will be the republican party?
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>> it looks likely. today, he looks like he is in a stronger position than a few days ago. laura: ambassador, thank you for joining us. donald trump was not the only one making news in the republican race. appearing in indiana, which votes on may 3, ted cruz announced that carly fiorina is his vice presidential pick. they only problem is that ted cruz's death to the nomination is less clear because of last night's losses. cruz: after a great deal of time, thought, consideration, and prayer i've come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on a ticket with my vice presiden tial nominee, carly fiorina. gary o'donoghue is in
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indiana. i spoke to him a brief time ago. ted cruz is behind donald trump in terms of delegates. how is carly fiorina supposed to help? gary: i think that she is supposed to help. he acknowledges that naming a vice president at this stage it was unusual, not something people normally do. you have to go back 40 years to the last time someone named m.v.p. at this stage, and that vp aten later -- named a this stage, and that was even later. she brings him some appeal in california, where she has spent a lot of her life and where she ran for office, for the senate in 2010 -- unsuccessfully. and crucially and importantly, she balances the ticket in gender terms. if ted cruz were to win the nomination, the likelihood that
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he will face hillary clinton -- and carly fiorina has shown herself capable of going after hillary clinton. there are very good reasons for ted cruz wanting to bring her alongside. she was keen to be in. she said she would do it with all her heart in a complete way. she has already been stumping for him, and you can bet your bottom dollar that she will go for this. laura: and she help him in indiana where you are? indiana is crucial. ted cruz and carly fiorina have been ratcheting up expectations. they know after last night, the losses in five states and new york, ted cruz acknowledged that he was not getting to 1237. he said the donald trump wasn't either. the game is to stop donald trump . indiana is central to that argument. 57 elegance next tuesday, ted
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cruz has to win here. the austrian parliament has approved controversial new measures to control the number of migrants entering the country. the bill allows the government to declare a state of emergency in the event of a sudden influx and a path to reject most of the migrants at the border. it raised tensions between demonstrators at the road crossing in the outs. dennis hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in prison . that is for paying hush money to a victim who said the former high school wrestling coach and abused him as a boy. before the sentence was handed down, dennis hastert and headed for the first time that he sexually abused boys when he was in illinois high school teacher from the 19 axes to the early 1980's. a female suicide bomber carried out an attack in the city of
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birth in north turkey. there have been a number of bombings by islam state militants. they have focused on the capital of ankara. kenya will burn one of the against ivory stockpiles in the country's history. messageant to send a that the government is serious about saving elephants. 40,000 are killed in africa every year so the tusks and be sold. for how much: longer will elephants roam the need for the slopes of mount kilimanjaro? these giants of the natural world have been coached so fast that in a generation most could be gone. the greed for ivory drives their slaughter across africa. the contents of this room are from thousands of dead elephants , from kenya and across the continent.
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an illegal ivory trade worth billions of dollars to versus the globe. the globe.s some of it starts here. are close to the national park kenya. we are heading off to meet three men that are involved in coaching. one who says he has a stash of ivory he is trying to sell. two of the men were involved in the assets of killing the elephant and taking the ivory. a secluded spot and asked for complete anonymity. >> we choose an elephant by killing the biggest one. correspondent: how easy is it to kill an elephant with a poisoned arrow? is very strong. you have to find a soft place to shoot. correspondent: 19 sells the ivory. >> we go to brokers who pass it
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off. we get $50 for a kilogram, but they sell it for more. correspondent: kenya has reduced poaching, but master says it is not easy to stop. >> when we sell the tusks, we give them the money. correspondent: do feel regret that you are killing these animals that are endangered. .> i don't regret it i feel i am right because they terrorize us. they come into our farms and we don't get compensation. we end up with no food and no money. correspondent: the port is the main route for ivory trafficking , not only from kenya but from across africa. .e spoke to a shipping agent how much is it to smuggle a consignment of ivory? .> $10,000 is the minimum it is not only one person that gets the money. there is security, officials,
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and guys who have to be given some thing. you never know who is behind it. it if is not this money, it is the arabs or the -- if it is not this while heelys, it is the arabs or the chinese. correspondent: ivory dogs have found 64 kilos of tusks in air freights. convictions.ofile the ivory clean has denied running an organized crime ring. stillrruption and those buying ivory, which is killing the elephants. , bbc news,ithead kenya. you are washing -- you are watching "bbc world news america."
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the, tonight's program -- celebrities as politicians. inis a trend and india -- india, too. why the crossover is so successful. parts of thailand are suffering from crop failures. some areas have not had running water or more than a year. we visited one hard-hit community in the northeast of the country. is how shent: this gets water for her family. day, every day, she makes this journey to and from a distribution point. sometimes it is free, but often she has to pay for it, with money that this farmer and single mother doesn't have. thailand's dry zone two years into the drop. -- into the drought.
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water jars. they are near empty and to the water is contaminated. .he taps ran dry a year ago the additional cost has driven her to the brink of despair. >> it is so difficult, because i have to run money on my own. i cannot keep up with the bills. i had to take out a loan from the government bank, and i have to pay interest on it just to feed my family. correspondent: i am in the midst normal times, would be the source of this area's water supply. at the end of the dry season you would expect water levels to be low. look at it now. two years of low rainfall have shriveled this reservoir,
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cutting water supplies and killing much of the rural economy. drough isable indeterminable drought is on everyone's mind with the hope the rain will soon be here. bbc news, thailand. 100 days until the start of the summer olympic games. reese has handed over the flame in athens to the organizers from rio de janeiro. it will arrive in brasilia next week for the start of the 95 date tour around the country. the relay will take it to 300 cities before arriving in rio on august 4. at this moment of excitement, what is the mood in brazil. i spoke to juliet in rio. , why the lack of enthusiasm for the olympic
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games? 100 days to go. almost there. here, people are concentrating all of their attention to the political crisis and the problems brazil is facing at the moment. it is the combination of problems that is making the situation here quite difficult for brazilian. -- for brazilians. we are seeing president rousseff facing impeachment proceedings. we don't know who the president will be during the olympics in august. that is telling of the political instability at the moment. there is an economic recession, the worst in decades, affecting the preparations. the committee has had to slash its budget by 30%. people are focusing more on that. still seem a little
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bit far away, or at least not the priority of the moment for now. laura: do you think there could be a change in the public mood as the opening ceremony approaches? >> yes. organizers hope that with the torch arriving on tuesday to the country and touring the whole country -- it will travel over 300 -- travel to over 300 cities, it will get people in the mood. when it comes to the event itself, it will be different. there was a press conference with the mayor of rio giving lots of reassurances about the readiness of the city. 98% of the olympic park has been concluded. in terms of sporting venues, it seems like things will be fine, delays inh there are specific venues. there are delays in legacy and infrastructure projects that are
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concerning. i think the general mood is quite grim. people are doubtful about what is going on here and we will see if that'll change in the coming weeks and months. laura: thank you for joining us. in the u.s., film stars in politics is nothing new. ronald reagan even made it all the way to the white house. america is not alone. it has been atate trend for half a century. the bbc pop up team travel to the indians date during an election season to see what made former movie star so successful in their next act. >> it is not just the united states that has big-name media celebrities as politicians. >> i'll be back. to examine why here in the south of india film stars are dominating the political scene.
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1967, we have only had a chief minister of this state from the film industry. are thend successful actor turned politician's here. the chief minister. theourse, his stepsister, prime minister. we have come to a rally for the party that runs this state to find out how fanatical their supporters are and how they feel about their leader, a former film star who is this region's prime minister.
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we are off to meet politicians who were once film stars to find out what they think is the secret recipe for success. .> one thing is a film they have to go and interview themselves. they have to go themselves and interview themselves. they listen to the people. the transition was very easy. being in politics and being a politician is a tough job. the minute you come into politics you have to put your ego aside. you can not accept any kind of first-class treatment.
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>> not everyone here thinks that actors turned politicians are good thing. >> why not a doctor who has been qualified? an engineer? why can't an educated person come to pass? this is what i want -- come to power? this is what i want to know. film is what is happening. how important will movie stars be in the future politics, we can't say. but they will be there. laura: from the silver screen to elected office. broadcast tooday's a cle. you can find out more on our website. if you want to follow me on twitter im @lauratrevelyan. i would love to hear from you. thank you for watching and please tune in tomorrow. ♪
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